Zhaojue County

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Zhaojue County
昭觉县 · ꏪꐦꑤ
Chinese transcription(s)
Country China
Province Sichuan
Prefecture Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture
Time zone UTC+8 (China Standard)

Zhaojue County is a county of Sichuan Province, China. It is under the administration of the Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture.

Atule'er Village

The remote Atule'er Village[1] (Atulie'ercun, 阿土列尔村) [note: also tranliterated as Atuleer, and Ado Ler] , in the Zhi'ermoxiang (Zhi'ermo Township Branch, 支尔莫乡)[2] of Zhaojue County was the focus of Chinese news video[3] and photojournalism that became international news in May, 2016.[4] Due to the 200 year-old village's isolated location, perched like the seat of a chair with near-vertical cliffs both above and below, village children must use a series of handmade ladders to scale the 2,625 feet (800 m) cliff to reach a school in the river valley below. Parents supervise their children during the crossing due to the potential hazards. The school, which serves ages 6–15, had 15 students as of 2016.[5] Students travel between their school and their residences every two weeks, and for the school period reside in dormitories on campus due to the ladder situation.[6]

In 2015 Chen Jie of the Beijing News photographed the children on the ladder. The pictures went viral on the internet, prompting local authorities to announce that they will construct a staircase to serve the students.[7]

Villages such as Atuli'er are often dubbed Cliff villages due to their height and remoteness.



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Coordinates: 28°03′N 102°50′E / 28.050°N 102.833°E / 28.050; 102.833

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