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Yuri Kozyrev, Russian: Юрий Козырев, (born 1963 in Moscow) is a Russian photojournalist. Kozyrev is based in Moscow, but spent an extended time in Baghdad for Time.[1]


As a photojournalist for the past 20 years, Yuri Kozyrev has covered every major conflict in the former Soviet Union, including two Chechen wars. Immediately after September 11, 2001, he was on the scene in Afghanistan, where he documented the fall of the Taliban.

Kozyrev lived in Baghdad, Iraq, between 2003 and 2009, as a contract photographer for TIME Magazine. He has traveled all over Iraq, photographing the different sides of the conflict. Since the beginning of 2011, he has been following the Arab unrests, traveling in Egypt, Bahrain, Libya and Yemen.

Yuri Kozyrev has received numerous honors for his photography, including several World Press Photo Award for pictures from Chechnya, Iraq, Beslan, Libya. He was the recipient of the Overseas Press Club Oliver Rebbot Award in 2004 for his Iraq coverage. In 2006, he was the recipient of the ICP Infinity award for photojournalism and he won the 2008 Frontline Club Award for his extensive coverage of the Iraq war.

In 2011, Yuri won the Visa d'or News for his body of work: "On Revolution Road". Since February, Yuri traveled to Egypt, Bahrain, Yemen and Libya to cover the Arab revolts for Time magazine. With this prize, organized by the international festival of photojournalism Visa Pour l'Image, some of the most renowned international picture editors acknowledged the best report published between September 2010 and August 2011. He also won both Trophee and Public Prize at the Prix Bayeux-Calvados for his work "Dispatch from Libya".


  • 1999: 1st prize World Press Photo General News[2]
  • 1999: 3rd prize World Press Photo General News stories[3]
  • 2003: World Press Photo 1st prize General News Stories World Press Photo.[4]
  • 2004: World Press Photo, 2nd prize, Spot News stories.[5]
  • 2004: The Overseas Press Club's Olivier Rebbot Award for "The Iraq War".[6]
  • 2006: Infinity Award for Photojournalism[7]
  • 2008: Main Frontline Award, sponsored by Canon, for his photographic essay on the Iraq War.[8]
  • 2008: World Press Photo 1st prize Portraits[9]
  • 2009 Overseas Press Club a Citation (Honorable Mention) in the Robert Capa Gold Medal Award for the pictures from Iraq in dispatches
  • 2011: Visa d'or News Award for coverage of the Arab Spring for Time.[10][11]
  • 2011: Bayeux-Calvados Awards for war correspondents: War Photographer Award and Public Choice Award.[12][13]
  • 2011; World Press Photo 1st prize singles https://web.archive.org/web/20120302161131/http://www.worldpressphoto.org:80/photo/2012yurikozyrevsn-1?gallery=2634&category=57
  • 2011 POYi four major first-place awards in the Missouri School of Journalism’s Pictures of the Year International competition: news feature, best freelance/agency news picture story, the Arab Uprisings impact award and freelance photographer of the year.

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