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Young Greens
Óige Ghlas
Chairperson Nadia Reeves Long
Secretary Dan Hatter
Founded 2002
Headquarters 16–17 Suffolk Street,
Dublin 2, Ireland
Ideology Green politics
Social progressivism
Mother party Green Party
European affiliation Federation of Young European Greens

Young Greens (Irish: Óige Ghlas) is a youth political organisation in Ireland that acts as the youth branch of the Green Party and the Green Party in Northern Ireland. The Young Greens believe in social and economic justice for all as well as environmental sustainability for the future. As a youth party they focus on issues that disproportionately affect young people including education, housing, drug use and reproductive rights.[1]


The Young Greens were formed in March 2002, as a group of students from the four main college campuses, which focused on the environment and social justice. It soon branched out to other college campuses and other themes, like opposition to the Iraq War and support for the Kyoto Protocol and Fairtrade. It campaigns for protection of the environment, human rights and more funding for education. The Young Greens conduct campaigns on a local as well as national level.[citation needed]

Member groups

The Young Greens currently have five member groups throughout Ireland. Three of the branches operate out of third level institutions. The current branches include;

  • Young Greens Dublin[2] is the main branch of the Young Greens and operates in Dublin and operates out of the Suffolk St office of the Green Party.
  • UCC Greens Society[3] is based in University College Cork
  • Young Greens NUIG[4] is the newest branch of the Young Greens being ratified as a branch in 2017.
  • Trinity Young Greens[5] is the branch that operates in Trinity College, Dublin. They work closely with the main branch due to their proximity to one another.
  • Northern Ireland Young Greens[6] are based in Northern Ireland and are affiliated to the Green Party of Northern Ireland.

As of 2017, an Institute of Technology, Sligo branch was in the process of being established.[7] It is hoped[by whom?] that a University College Dublin branch will be set up soon.[citation needed]


The Young Greens operate as defined in "Young Greens - Óige Ghlas Constitution". The current constitution was adopted in 2017.

Membership is open to students engaged in second or third level education and all residents of Ireland between the ages of 16 and 30. Young Greens operate autonomously of the Green Party (Ireland) and membership of Young Greens does not confer Membership of the Green Party (Ireland).

All Member Groups of the Young Greens meet at least once a year at the National Convention, it is here that the Executive Committee is elected, the annual budget is approved and the constitution is amended. The meeting place of the National Convention is rotated between Member Groups. The last National Convention was held on 21 October 2017 and was hosted by Young Greens NUI Galway.[8]

The Young Greens are ran by an Executive Committee, elected annually at the National Convention. The Committee meets at least six times a year. Any Member Group not represented in any Executive Position may elect an Ordinary Member to the Committee to act as a delegate with full voting rights. A member of the Young Greens Executive Committee is elected by the Committee to be the representative of Young Greens at the Green Party (Ireland) National Executive Committee.[citation needed]

The Chairperson of the Executive Committee acts as the chief public representative of the Young Greens.[9]

Policy focus and campaigning

Policy areas the organisation has focused on include:[10]

The Young Greens were involved in protests against the proposed re-introduction of third level tuition fees[11][12] and campaigned for a commitment in the Renewed Programme for Government that they would not be reintroduced.[13]


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