Yeongjong of Goryeo

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Yeongjong of Goryeo
고려 영종
King of Goryeo
Reign June 1269 – November 1269
Predecessor Wonjong of Goryeo
Successor Wonjong of Goryeo
Born August 1223
Kingdom of Goryeo
Died ?
Consort Deposed Queen Kwon
Issue Prince Hanyang
Prince Ikyang
House House of Wang
Father Gojong of Goryeo
Mother Queen Anhye
Religion Buddhism
Yeongjong of Goryeo
Hangul 영종
Hanja 英宗
Revised Romanization Yeongjong
McCune–Reischauer Yeongjong
Courtesy name
Revised Romanization Gan
McCune–Reischauer Gan

Yeongjong of Goryeo (August 1223 – ?) was temporary king of Korean Goryeo dynasty.


His first name was Wang Gan (Hangul왕간; Hanja王侃), but later he was renamed Wang Chang (Hangul왕창; Hanja王淐).

He was Gojong of Goryeo's son, and Marquis of Angyeong (Hangul안경후; Hanja安慶侯). In 1253, he was promoted to Duke of Angyeong (Hangul안경공; Hanja安慶公). In the years 1253, 1259, 1265 and 1266, he made multiple visits to the Yuan ruler in China as an envoy.

In June 1269, dictator Im Yeon was deposed in favor of Yeongjong.


  • Father: King Gojong of Goryeo (3 February 1192 – 21 July 1259) (고려 고종)
    • Grandfather: King Gangjong of Goryeo (10 May 1152 – 26 August 1213) (고려 강종)
    • Grandmother: Queen Wondeok of the Kaesong Wang clan (1167 – 1239) (원덕왕후 왕씨)
  • Mother: Queen Anhye of the Kaesong Wang clan (? – 1 June 1232) (안혜왕후 왕씨)
    • Grandfather: King Huijong of Goryeo (21 June 1181 – 31 August 1237) (고려 희종)
    • Grandmother: Queen Seongpyeong of the Kaesong Wang clan (? – 1247) (성평왕후 왕씨)


  1. Deposed Queen Kwon of the Andong Kwon clan (폐비 안동 권씨)
    1. Wang Hyeon, Prince Hanyang (왕현 한양후)
    2. Wang Cheong, Prince Ikyang (March 1248 – August 1344) (왕청 익양군)

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  • 영종 (in Korean). Doosan Encyclopedia.
Yeongjong of Goryeo
Born: August 1223 Died: ?
Regnal titles
Preceded by
King of Goryeo
Succeeded by
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