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The Yankuntjatjarra, otherwise written Jangkundjara, are an indigenous Australian people of the state of South Australia.


Yankunytjatjara is a Western Desert language belonging to the Wati language family of the Pama-Nyungan languages.


According to the estimation of Norman Tindale, the Yankuntjatjarra's tribal lands covered approximately 22,000 square miles (57,000 km2). These lands took in the areas of the Musgrave Ranges, with their eastern frontier around the Everard Ranges[1]

Social organization

Yankuntjatjarra kinship terminology shares many common terms with the words for kinship in the Pintupi and Pitjantjatjara dialects.[2]

Alternative names

  • Jangkundjadjara
  • Jangundjara, Jankundjadjara, Jankunzazara,[3] Jankuntjatjara, Jankuntjatara, Jankundjindjara.[2]
  • Yankunjara, Yangundjadjara, Janggundjara,Jangwundjara. (typo)
  • Nankundjara (typo?)
  • Ankundjara
  • Everard Range Tribe
  • Alinjera. ('north')
  • Kaltjilandjara. (a Pitjantjatjara exonym, but referring to the most southwestern of the Yankuntjatjarra hordes).
  • Wirtjapakandja[1]



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