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Xunlei Limited
Traded as
Industry Internet, multimedia
Founded 2003; 15 years ago (2003)
Founders Sean Shenglong Zou
Headquarters Shenzhen, China
Area served
Number of employees
1513[1] (2014)
Website xunlei.com

Xunlei Limited (NASDAQ: XNET, Chinese: 迅雷; pinyin: Xùn Léi; literally: "thunderbolt") , founded in 2003, is a global leading innovator in shared computing and blockchain technology. Started more than a decade ago with its patented P2SP technologies for downloading acceleration, including Individual and corporate users are benefiting from multiple products of Xunlei, which include digital entertainment, cloud acceleration, cloud storage and cloud computing products. With its technological competence in delivering smart, efficient and safe internet experience, Xunlei is ever expanding its customer base. Xunlei is making giant strides and emerging as a technology leader in the world blockchain application. Venturing modestly into the world of blockchain technology in 2005 in China, in a short span of over a decade, it stands out in global blockchain technology space. By offering a portfolio of multiple products and services, Xunlei delivers an efficient, smart and safe Internet experience for its users worldwide. In 2015, Xunlei started to expand into the blockchain sector and launched China’s most popular and widely-used blockchain-based applications, becoming a leader in blockchain technology in the world.

As China’s largest data transmission service provider, Xunlei creates a leading cloud-based acceleration product matrix architecture in downloading acceleration, network acceleration and uploading acceleration, offering consumer-level products and services including Xunlei Download Manager, Xunlei Live Streaming, Xunlei Media Player, Xunlei Game Accelerator etc. Built upon the technology innovation, Xunlei has leveraged its resources and technological strengths to enable smart optimization of content delivery acceleration and deliver great user experience.

Also, as one of the pioneers in cloud computing and blockchain, Xunlei released shared computing-based products in April 2015. A mega-node shared computing network built upon Xunlei’s Minecrafter and OneThing Cloud is now in place. Leveraging its strengths in innovative technologies, big data and computing resources, Xunlei’s shared computing platform StellarCloud, provides numerous corporate customers and partners with leading advanced technological services, and successfully leads the industry’s technical progress and service upgrade. Xunlei has also launched ThunderChain, a high-performance blockchain infrastructure capable of handling millions of transactions per second (TPS) with confirmation capability in seconds, which dramatically improves the overall performance standards of the blockchain technology.

Xunlei is committed to technological innovations and enhancing the users’ experience in digital age via its products and services. Xunlei will continue to explore the future of Internet through its strengths in shared computing and blockchain technology.


Developer(s) Thunder Networking Technologies (a.k.a. Xunlei Networking Technologies)
Stable release

Microsoft Windows: (10 November 2017; 6 months ago (2017-11-10)) [±][2]

macOS: (27 October 2017; 6 months ago (2017-10-27)) [±][2]

5.20 (18 June 2016; 22 months ago (2016-06-18)) [±][2]

5.33 (28 February 2017; 14 months ago (2017-02-28)) [±][2]
Operating system Microsoft Windows, macOS, Android, iOS
Size 32.23 MB (Windows)[2]
Available in Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English with a language pack
Type Peer-to-peer file sharing
License Closed source adware
Alexa rank Negative increase 606 (As of 6 June 2016)[3]
Website xunlei.com

Onething Technologies

Shenzhen Onething Technologies Co., Ltd. (Onething Technologies) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of XunLei (U.S. Stock Code: XNET) and a front-runner in shared computing around the world, devoted to amplifying the power of human mind through technical innovation.

Onething Technologies’ mission is to redefine the cloud computing sector and internet-based content delivery services, ushering in an era of shared computing. Catering to the rising demand for digital media content globally, Xunlei and Onething Technologies have launched the smart hardware for personal users, i.e. Xunlei Minecrafter and OneThing Cloud, in addition to shared computing platform StellarCloud for business users. The company utilizes the blockchain technology to integrate XunLei Minecrafter and OneThing Cloud, with StellarCloud, creating China’s first million-node content distribution network that can deliver content to a potentially infinite number of end users. Following the proven success in mainland China, Onething Technologies has been expanding into overseas markets, including Hong Kong SAR, Southeast Asia and other developed countries.


Products and Services

OneThing Cloud

OneThing Cloud, a private cloud specifically designed for people who pursue the digital entertainment life with high quality, provides people with quick download, instant storage and removing, file management, remote control, multimedia entertainment and other functions.

  • OneThing Cloud, the best partner of mobile phones, can help users enjoy the massively expanded memory of mobile phones. Photos, documents and videos stored in mobile phones can be quickly and synchronously accessed at anytime and anywhere. Users can buy mobile phones with the smallest memory, and enjoy the achievements of maximum memory through OneThing Cloud, including taking more photos and storing more videos;
  • OneThing Cloud can function as a PC with low energy consumption and cost. Phones and TVs can serve as screens for OneThing Cloud, through which, the user can access and enjoy digital entertainment, business presentations, storage and other functions and save and opt for computer usage at home.
  • OneThing Cloud, with light-NAS function, is a portable storage with strong data security. Without U disk or mobile hard disk on hand, users can also conveniently access, call and edit documents in hard disks or U disks connected with OneThing Cloud via mobile phones;
  • OneThing Cloud is a private download tool that does not need to pay for acceleration. Users can enjoy lifetime-free and ultra-fast speed download privilege; and search resources of the entire network through OneThing Cloud.

OneThing Cloud is an intelligent and environmental product, which also shoulders the function of shared computing nodes.

With the rapid development of big data, Artificial Intelligence, 4K content, AI, VR and other technologies, the explosive growth of demands for CPU, bandwidth, storage and other computing resources has been unprecedented while the driving forces of reducing computing cost have steadily become less effective- Moore's Law has almost lost its power, which generates a sharp social contradiction. The revolutionary model found by Xunlei is the shared computing. That is, the users can share their idle computing resources when using OneThing Cloud by participating in the OneThing Cloud User Reward Program. These idle resources can be transferred into shared computing services through Xunlei's innovative technology, thus greatly reducing operating costs for internet companies and being widely applied in the field of CDN.

Being attracted by the powerful product functions and social values, many users are stampeded into buying OneThing Cloud which has obtained a high favorable rate of instant acceptance both in Mainland China and Hong Kong SAR.


StellarCloud is the next-generation distributed cloud computing platform launched by Shenzhen Onething Technologies Co., Ltd, which creatively integrates sharing economy, blockchain and cloud computing, creating the first mega-node “cloud computing network” in the world. Leveraging proprietary technologies, e.g. Stellar Scheduling, Weak Network Acceleration and Network Dynamic Defense, in addition to the advantages of unlimited nodes over traditional cloud vendors, StellarCloud provides powerful and cost-effective cloud computing solutions such as edge computing, function computing and content delivery network (CDN). StellarCloud also shares its unlimited-node capacity with its enterprise users, enabling efficient and cost-effective access to idle resources contributed by personal users, including bandwidth, storage capacity and CPU. StellarCloud not only redefines the product and service model of cloud computing, but also ushers in the new technological revolutionary era of “shared computing”.


ThunderChain is a high-performance blockchain infrastructure launched by Shenzhen Onething Technologies Co., Ltd. Leveraging the company’s patented distributed technologies and over a decade of experience, Xunlei creatively combines shared computing with blockchain to handle millions of transactions per second (TPS) and realize confirmation in seconds.

Based on ThunderChain, corporate and individual developers can easily create blockchain applications featured with trustworthiness, openness, transparency and traceability, achieving significant increase in efficiency. ThunderChain, as the world’s prominent blockchain technology, can be applied in a spectrum of scenarios in order to empower the real economy.

Chinese Name: 迅雷链

English Name: ThunderChain

Category: High-performance blockchain platform

Time of Release: April 2018


1.Handling millions of transactions per second

ThunderChain, based on Xunlei’s proprietary homogeneous multichain framework, is designed to be the first in the blockchain industry to realize confirmation and interaction among homogeneous chains and enable multiple transactions to be executed on different chains in parallel, making it possible to concurrently conduct millions of transactions per second (TPS).

Currently, Ethereum processes approx. 7-15 transactions per second while Visa processes around 5,000-8,000 transactions per second. By contrast, ThunderChain is capable of handling millions of transactions per second, supporting a much larger user base and a spectrum of application scenarios.

2.Fast and reliable confirmation in seconds

An optimized practical byzantine fault tolerance (PBFT) is adopted by ThunderChain as its consensus model which results in low latency and makes it possible to generate one block per second. PBFT, as a consistency algorithm, is able to avoid soft fork, ensuring stable operating performance.

3.Easy access and strong compatibility

ThunderChain supports smart contracts written in solidity language and is compatible with Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), making it easy to transfer applications from other blockchain platforms.

4.Resilient scalability in response to traffic bursts

The multichain structure is highly scalable, making it easy to handle greater concurrency when business is consistently expanding.  

5.Cost effectiveness and one-stop development solution

The fully-equipped blockchain underlying system is capable of performing all types of logic operations, significantly reducing the cost of application development and minimizing migration and maintenance, ultimately helping enabling developers saving operating costs.

6.Strength sharing to build the world’s leading blockchain ecosystem together with developers

ThunderChain creates a world’s leading blockchain ecosystem by leveraging Xunlei’s proprietary distributed technologies for decades, involving hundreds of millions of users and sharing more than a million active LinkToken holders.  


Along with the rapid evolution of big data, AI, 4K content and VR technologies, there is an unprecedented and explosive increase in the demand for computing resources such as CPU, bandwidth and storage. Meanwhile, Moore's Law, the driving force of declining cost of computing, is losing its power, resulting in sharp social contradictions.

Since 2014, Onething Technologies, a wholly owned subsidiary of Xunlei, has been exploring “shared computing” and views computing resources such as bandwidth, traffic and storage space as a source of productivity while the majority of such resources are not fully utilized in our daily life. Xunlei first launched Minecrafter, a smart device that helps Internet users share their idle bandwidth and storage space. Leveraging Xunlei’s proprietary technology, the shared resources are transformed into a giant cloud computing system. Xunlei describes the model as “the wave of cloud computing that everyone can participate in”.

In 2017, Xunlei released OneThing Cloud, an innovative smart device that not only provides more secure and faster personal cloud storage service but also helps users share idle computing resources. OneThing Cloud integrates the blockchain technology into shared computing model, exploring useful blockchain-based applications that create social value. The blockchain technology ensures an open, transparent and traceable process when users share their idle resources with companies, remarkably increasing efficiency and fairness and attracting an increasing number of users to participate in shared computing. Today, there are more than 1.5 million users involved in shared computing model, making OneThing Cloud a popular C-side blockchain application that provides actual benefit with customers.

ThunderChain is a vital part of Xunlei’s ongoing efforts to reshape the business world with shared computing and blockchain technology. When OneThing Cloud users enjoy storage and downloading services, they can voluntarily share their idle upstream bandwidth and storage space while rewarded with LinkToken. LinkToken is served as an incentive recording the amount of resources shared by the users. Xunlei’s StellarCloud and Nebula CDN make it possible to match idle resources with the needs of corporate customers, utilizing such resources in a meaningful, efficient and transparent way. During this process, corporate customers can benefit from cost saving through sharing idle resources and the individual users can get incentives. Currently, over one hundred corporate customers, including iQiyi and Xiaomi, benefit from such cost savings. ThunderChain not only provides a platform for blockchain developers to launch their products and services, but also expands the range of applicable scenarios for LinkToken. Corporate and individual developers can be rewarded with LinkToken by creating blockchain products and services. Corporate and individual developers can use LinkToken in exchange for StellarCoud services. Such value loop will help corporates and developers reduce costs.  


The ThunderChain has significant implications for driving the development of the blockchain sector. It addresses the performance and efficiency issues effectively and scales up the TPS capacity tremendously, making it possible to create blockchain applications in a spectrum of scenarios in real-life situations.  

It is widely believed in the industry that blockchain technology only creates value when combined with applications and business scenarios. However, there are concerns over whether blockchain networks are capable of meeting the needs of real-world use cases. For instance, Ethereum currently processes approximately 7-15 transactions per second while Visa processes around 5,000-8,000 transactions per second. Many business scenarios require hundreds of thousands or even millions of transactions to be processed per second. The differences in processing rates are one of the key factors hindering the wide adoption of the blockchain technology.

ThunderChain is poised to address the challenge. Leveraging a remarkable increase in the number of transactions processed per second, Xunlei’s super blockchain infrastructure ThunderChain meets the needs of many applications across industries and fully supports a variety of business scenarios including the public sector, healthcare, education, social apps, travelling, anti-counterfeiting, and copyright.

In addition to its superior performance, ThunderChain supports smart contracts for all types of logic operations with no additional servers required, significantly reducing the development cost and minimizing effort in migration and maintenance. All of these features save costs for users, expand the range of potential blockchain-based applications and promote the widespread adoption of the blockchain technology.

Blockchain 3.0

The blockchain technology is believed to bring about reform to the future of the global technology sector. Like Internet technologies in the 1980s, the emergence of blockchain-based applications at corporate level has already demonstrated its technological advantages and great potential. However, just like what Mail, Netscape and Gopher, the blockchain sector needs the deployment of large-scale applications that can be used by a large number of end users.

Bitcoin’s rise to popularity – largely due to its investment value – can be categorized as Blockchain 1.0. Ethereum’s adoption as a decentralized platform for a limited set of applications, is symbolizing as Blockchain 2.0. However, the scope of applications that can be run on Ethereum and other similar blockchain platforms is largely limited to content delivery. ThunderChain is categorized as a Blockchain 3.0 platform for a couple of reasons. First, with strong concurrent processing capability, it is remarkably different from Blockchain 1.0 and Blockchain 2.0 technologies. Meanwhile, ThunderChain’s high-performance blockchain solutions provide developers with a number of advantages, including cost saving, fast deployment of smart contracts and easy development of blockchain-based applications. In real business scenarios, ThunderChain is a powerful technology.  

The era of Blockchain 3.0 is believed to be marked by its integration into the real economy, real-world scenarios situations and widespread adoption. There are many so-called blockchain 3.0 products boasting of empowerment. However, these products remain basically in the in-basket and find it hard to justify themselves simply with a white paper. Xunlei’s ThunderChain has been deployed, and in the process of attracting more developers from China and overseas markets to develop and migrate blockchain applications. The real era of Blockchain 3.0 may have already come to us.

History of development

Xunlei released ThunderChain on April 20, 2015 at the QCon Global Developers event in Beijing. As the world’s first million-TPS blockchain technology, ThunderChain is built upon Xunlei’s mega-node cloud computing network. It is based on homogeneous multichain framework with an optimized PBFT algorithm and is capable of handling millions of transactions per second concurrently. ThunderChain helps developers go beyond the limit of smart contracts and promotes applications in real economy.

A number of topics were discussed during the conference, including blockchain talent, value of application and implementation. Speakers included Li Ming, Director of Blockchain Research Center at MIIT China Electronics Standardization Institute; Chen Wenguang, Professor of Computer Science at Tsinghua University & Deputy Director of Aershan Blockchain Research Center; Yan Guang, Director of Risk Advisory at Deloitte; Chen Lei, CEO of Xunlei & CEO of Onething Technologies, and Lai Xin, General Engineer of ThunderChain.

“China has become a global leader in blockchain technology”, said Chen Lei, CEO of Xunlei & CEO of Onething Technologies, “Xunlei is working with InfoQ to bring global blockchain talent together to explore more possibilities and drive the blockchain sector forward”.

Guo Lei, Editor-in-chief of GeekBang & President of InfoQ China, believed it’s important to facilitate the deployment of blockchain applications in a down-to-earth manner. Xunlei, as one of the first movers in blockchain, has been focusing on promoting social development through innovative downloading tools, shared computing and blockchain technologies. Geekbang also announced a strategic partnership with Xunlei to boost joint efforts in technology adoption, talent development and developer ecosystem.

Xunlei Blockchain Applications Global Challenge

In response to the call for the blockchain to “go real”, Xunlei and InfoQ China are co-organizing Xunlei Global Blockchain Application Competition 2018 to promote the role of the blockchain in empowering the real economy. Top blockchain developers will be invited to leverage ThunderChain’s capability with a chance to win up to RMB 1 million prizes. Xunlei aims to explore blockchain talent and innovation-driven projects globally and create useful blockchain applications across all industries.

According to Chen Lei, CEO of Xunlei & CEO of Onething Technologies, Xunlei is aiming to inspire creativity and share ideas in blockchain innovation through this competition and empower the real economy with blockchain applications by leveraging Xunlei’s leadership in blockchain technology along with its platform and ecosystem.

Officially kicked off on April 20, the competition consists of the screening round and the final round, covering competition projects with Blockchain + multiple sectors including public welfare, healthcare, education, game, social contact, transportation, commodity identification, copyright, etc.  The competition is aimed to identify top talent and innovative projects in the blockchain space. The individual developers and teams have a chance to be rewarded with prizes up to RMB 1 million and interact with industry experts for financial support and professional guidance. The judges include Li Ming, Director of Blockchain Research Center at MIIT China Electronics Standardization Institute, Yan Guang, Director of Risk Advisory at Deloitte, Chen Lei, CEO of Xunlei & CEO of Onething Technologies, Chen Wenguang, Professor of Computer Science at Tsinghua University & Deputy Director of Aershan Blockchain Research Center, Tian Hongfei, Founding Partner of Good Hope Capital and Wu Zhifeng, Researcher at International Monetary Institute of Renmin University. Judges will be guiding and mentoring all candidates from project planning to implementation.

During the press conference on April 20, CCIA Blockchain Committee was nominated as the counselor for the Xunlei Blockchain Applications Global Challenge co-organized by Xunlei and GeekBang. The committee has agreed to provide support and guidance to ensure the success of this event.


LinkToken is served as an incentive to record resources shared by users of OneThing Cloud. It can only be obtained by sharing bandwidth, storage, and computing capability, and developing blockchain products and services on ThunderChain through OneThing Cloud intelligent hardware.

LinkToken is a link between various types of blockchain technology applications. Xunlei’s ThunderChain expands the applicable scenarios for LinkToken. Corporate and individual developers can acquire LinkToken by developing blockchain products and services. LinkToken can be used in exchange for StellarCoud services. Through this, corporates and developers can benefit from cost saving.  

Based on OneThing Cloud and LinkToken, the blockchain technology application has conservation of resources, effective use of idle resources and other significant advantages, which greatly helps enterprises reduce operating costs. For application scenarios, it also features a wide range of applications and extensive coverage of businesses, including CDN, PASS services, virtual machines, databases, cloud storage and many other scenarios, and presents expectable prospect in the construction of shared computing ecology to meet social computing needs with low cost.

Xunlei is committed to exploring, promoting and implementing various types of applications of the block chain technology innovation with LinkToken. LinkToken shall only be a link to the exchange of resources in the shared computing ecological cycle, and it will not provide currency exchange service.

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