Wings for Life World Run

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Wings for Life World Run
Wingsforlife munich.jpg
Date Early May
Location Multiple locations
Event type Road
Distance Various
Established 2014
Official site

The Wings for Life World Run is a running competition held on the first weekend of May since 2014 to collect funds for the not-for-profit foundation Wings for Life. The entry fee goes completely to the foundation.

The Wings for Life World Run is peculiar in that participants don't have to run a specific distance like in comparable competitions. A car rides on the track half an hour after the start. Overtaken participants are eliminated until just one, the winner, remains. The run also takes place in 34 or 35 locations around the world at the same time and is broadcast live on Red Bull TV.

The Wings for Life Foundation and the Wings for Life World Run

The not-for-profit foundation Wings for Life was established by the two-time motocross world champion Heinz Kinigadner and the Red Bull founder Dietrich Mateschitz in 2004.[1] Its goal is to find a treatment for spinal cord injuries and paraplegia. Therefore, the foundation supports research and studies about spinal cord and spinal cord injuries financially. Anita Gerhardter is CEO. Founder Kinigadner himself is concerned because his brother and his son, both motocross riders too, are bounded to wheelchairs after injuries.[2]

After two years of preparations the first Wings for Life World Run was started on May 4, 2014 to raise funds and at the same time arouse attention on limitations and medical problems of paraplegic persons. Following the success of the first edition the race is now an annual event. According to the official Website the idea to organize a worldwide race where the last man standing would be the winner, came during a lay-over at the airport in Moscow.

The race is open to everybody, professionals as well as members or non-members of running clubs. The entry fee is donated entirely to the foundation, the main sponsor Red Bull covers the costs of the event. The fees vary somewhat depending on the choice of location and the time of sign up. 40.00 GBP are due to take part in Great Britain, 50.00 USD to take part in the United States, but it is also possible to augment the donation during the registration process. So far 3 million and 4.2 million euro of donation have been collected in the two first editions.[1]

The Motto of the race is:

"Running for those who can’t."

"World" Run

The name Wings for Life World Run comes from the fact that the race takes place in 34 or 35 different locations around the Earth at the same time. That means that runners in Europe or Africa run around noon while participants in Asia and Australia in the afternoon or evening. In the Americas the race is early in the morning or even during the night.

The "Catcher Car"

The Wings for Life World Run is outstanding because there is no prescribed distance to cover for example 10 kilometers or 42.195 km like in a marathon. Thus runners of very different levels can equally take part.

100 km are prepared at each location. All participants start at the same time, a so-called "Catcher Car" rides on the track 30 minutes after the start. The speed is 15 km/h at first and increases step by step. Once a runner is overtaken by the car, the race is finished for them. Busses bring eliminated participants back to the start area. Thus what counts on the sport side is not the time needed to cover a given distance but the distance covered before the Catcher Car overtakes one.[3]

The last remaining female and male runners at each locations are the local Wings for Life World Run winners and gain the right to start the following year at a location of their choice. The woman and man that ran the longest distance worldwide are the Wings for Life World Run Global Champions and are rewarded with a trip around the world as special prize.[4]

The conditions and tracks vary quite a lot. The Catcher Cars are steered precisely using global satellite navigation hence a comparison between the different locations is nonetheless possible. The following table show how fast the car rides at what time after the start and how far it is at each speed change.

Speed of the Catcher Car [3][5]
Time after the start HH:MM Speed Equals the distance
00:00 to 00:30 0 km/h 0 km
00:30 to 01:30 15 km/h 0 to 15 km
01:30 to 02:30 16 km/h 15 to 31 km
02:30 to 03:30 17 km/h 31 to 48 km
03:30 to 05:30 20 km/h 48 to 88 km
from 05:30 on 35 km/h more than 88 km

Wings for Life World Run 2014

The first Wings for Life World Run took place on May 4, 2014 in 34 locations around the Earth. The start was given at 10:00 UTC everywhere. The British track and field world champion Colin Jackson was race director.[6]

The competition became a success. Especially the men's race for the global title was very close. In the end Lemawork Ketema from Ethiopia won with 78.58 km he ran in Austria. That distance was just 90 m more than the Peruvian Remigio Huaman Quispe who ran in Lima and 180 m more than Evgenii Glyva from Ukraine who ran in Austria together with Ketema.

Elise Selvikvåg Molvik from Norway covered 54.79 km in Stavanger to claim the women's global championship. It is worth mentioning that, according to the official website, she was just 18 years old at that time and had never run more than 30 km in competition. 54.79 km meant also the 42nd place in the combined male and female ranking. Nathalie Vasseur from France became second with 51.26 km in Hennebont, the Moldovian Svetlana Shepeleva became third with 48.29 km in Alanya.[7]

All in all 35397 men and women, among them several celebrities like Mark Webber and Aksel Lund Svindal, took part and ran 530928 km together.[8]

Male winners of the Wings for Life World Run 2014 [9]
Location Winner Age group Distance (in km) Global rank
Turkey Alanya Turkey Murat Kaya M40 55.93 38
New Zealand Auckland New Zealand Braden Currie M25 45.34 140
Spain Barcelona Spain Chema Martinez M40 55.56 40
Slovakia Bratislava Slovakia Boris Csiba M30 50.22 68
Romania Bucharest Romania Eugen Constantin Sorop M25 58.86 21
Australia Busselton Australia David Kennedy M35 43.89 168
Mexico Cancún Mexico Crisanto Grajales M25 43.17 185
South Africa Cape Town South Africa Coolboy Ngamole M35 59.88 16
Portugal Comporta Portugal António Sousa M40 46.82 119
Germany Darmstadt Germany Markus Mockenhaupt M30 56.87 32
United States Denver United States Hunter Paris M30 55.37 41
Austria Donautal Ethiopia Lemawork Ketema M25 78.58 1
Netherlands Drenthe Belgium Fréderique Lotin M25 54.31 44
Brazil Florianópolis Brazil Cesar Miguel Momesso dos Santos M30 44.78 151
India Haryana Kenya Isaac Kipernoi M25 41.11 250
France Hennebont France Thibaut Baronian M25 59.35 18
Taiwan Hualien Taiwan Chih Chun Li M35 48.05 103
Georgia (country) Kakheti Georgia (country) Anatoli Oleinikovi M30 52.65 53
Sweden Kalmar Austria Thomas Pechhacker M30 50.50 65
Republic of Ireland Kerry Republic of Ireland John O'Regan M45 49.24 76
Peru Lima Peru Remigio Huaman Quispe M30 78.49 2
Slovenia Ljubljana Slovenia David Plese M30 59.74 17
Switzerland Olten Switzerland Marco Kaminski M50 56.51 34
Argentina Pinamar Argentina Ignacio Ilarregui M35 57.08 31
Poland Poznań Poland Grzegorz Urbańczyk M25 49.08 77
Canada Prairies Canada Ryan King M25 46.79 120
United States Santa Clarita Canada Calum Neff M30 58.52 22
Chile Santiago Chile Pablo Gonzalez M35 57.40 30
United Kingdom Silverstone United Kingdom Paul Martelletti M35 69.37 5
Norway Stavanger Norway Svein Ove Risa M40 63.36 12
United States Sunrise United States Michael Wardian M40 57.75 27
Italy Verona Italy Giorgio Calcaterra M40 72.96 4
Belgium Ypres Belgium Wouter Decock M30 65.11 7
Croatia Zadar Croatia Goran Murić M30 49.52 73
Female winners of the Wings for Life World Run 2014 [9]
Location Winner Age group Distance (in km) Global rank
Turkey Alanya Moldova Svetlana Shepeleva F45 48.29 3
New Zealand Auckland New Zealand Antonia Elliot F25 31.38 94
Spain Barcelona Spain Miriam Garcia Heredia F30 42.91 11
Slovakia Bratislava Slovakia Jana Zatlukalová F25 39.26 24
Romania Bucarest Romania Liliana Maria Danci F18 39.03 25
Australia Busselton Republic of Ireland Laoise Thuama F25 36.30 39
Mexico Cancún Mexico Anahi Inzunza F25 26.99 213
South Africa Cape Town South Africa Mfunzi Ntombesintu F30 47.57 4
Portugal Comporta Portugal Mária Santos F35 25.35 321
Germany Darmstadt Germany Lea Bäuscher F30 46.23 5
United States Denver United States Erlena Josifi F18 33.53 66
Austria Donautal Austria Julia Moser F18 34.87 53
Netherlands Drenthe Netherlands Linda Vliet F25 31.75 85
Brazil Florianópolis Brazil Ana Borba F30 37.40 30
India Haryana India Wahida Raheman F25 29.17 137
France Hennebont France Nathalie Vasseur F45 51.26 2
Taiwan Hualien Taiwan 汪, 旖文 F30 29.58 127
Georgia (country) Kakheti France Marielle Carmagnolle F55 25.34 323
Sweden Kalmar Sweden Maria Lundgren F40 45.24 9
Republic of Ireland Kerry Republic of Ireland Alison Kirwan F30 30.19 115
Peru Lima Peru Ayde Quispe Ortiz F18 40.83 17
Slovenia Ljubljana France Sylvie Tramoy F40 33.82 62
Switzerland Olten Switzerland Daniela Ryf F25 44.44 10
Argentina Pinamar Argentina Laura Gordiola F40 36.56 34
Poland Poznań Poland Aga Głomb F18 38.81 27
Canada Prairies Canada Chrissy Magneson F25 32.97 69
United States Santa Clarita United States Jeannie Rutherford F35 35.64 46
Chile Santiago Chile Gabriela Cerda F18 31.82 83
United Kingdom Silverstone United Kingdom Joanna Zakrzewski F35 45.39 7
Norway Stavanger Norway Elise Selvikvåg Molvik F18 54.79 1
United States Sunrise United States Haley Chura F25 45.61 6
Italy Verona Austria Astrid Kaltenboeck F40 35.49 48
Belgium Ypres Belgium Nele Louwagie F35 34.68 54
Croatia Zadar United States Kimberly ReMine F18 41.02 16

Wings for Life World Run 2015

The second edition of the Wings for Life World Run was held on May 3, 2015 in 35 locations. This year the start was given at 11:00 UTC. The race director was as in the year before the British track and field world champion Colin Jackson.[10]

This year 72,224 women and men, among them again numerous internationally known sportsmen like Marcel Hirscher and Gregor Schlierenzauer, started. Aksel Lund Svindal, who ran in 2014, drove the Catcher Car in Stavanger this time. Like him some other celibrities did the same for example Felix Baumgartner (in Bucharest) and David Coulthard (in Silverstone).[1]

Concerning the sport side, the two best of the preceding edition Lemawork Ketema and Remigio Huaman Quispe ran at the same location in Austria. Ketema improved his performance up to 79.90 km and remained global champion. Quispe ran nearly as far as in 2014, namely 78.20 km, for a third place worldwide. The race developed again to a duel over distance, this time with the Chilian César Díaz Hernández, who became second with 78.31 km in Santiago, and with Giorgio Calcaterra who repeated his win in Italy and improved quite a lot up to 78.06 km (4th global rank).

Elise Molvik, global champion in 2014, ran again in Stavanger. She claimed the local title but 45.02 km were far from the worldwide best women. The podium was Yuuko Watanabe from Japan (56.33 km in Takashima), Riana van Niekerk from South Africa with 55.21 km in Cape Town and Nathalie Vasseur (second in 2014) with 52.18 km in Sunrise this year. All in all just 81 men ran further than the first woman.

Male winners of the Wings for Life World Run 2015 [11]
Location Winner Age group Distance (in km) Global rank
Denmark Aarhus Denmark Brian Hansen M30 61.48 37
Turkey Alanya Spain Jose Requejo Santos M30 68.04 18
Spain AranjuezMadrid Spain Chema Martinez M40 59.19 48
Brazil Brasilia Brazil Juan Pablo de Lima Costa Salazar M35 52.61 122
Slovakia Bratislava Austria Philipp Aigner M25 68.65 16
Netherlands Breda Austria Kevin Pletz M18 50.29 172
Romania Bucharest Belgium Wouter Decock M30 61.72 36
South Africa Cape Town South Africa Eric Ngubane M30 68.86 14
Germany Darmstadt Germany Florian Neuschwander M30 74.56 6
United Arab Emirates Dubai Oman Sami Al Saidi M30 44.92 323
Republic of Ireland Dublin Republic of Ireland David Sheehy M35 52.64 121
India Gurgaon India Amit Dhankar M18 57.38 70
Georgia (country) Kakheti Georgia (country) Anatoli Oleinikovi M30 57.39 69
Sweden KalmarÖland Sweden Aron Anderson M25 64.82 30
Russia KolomnaMoscow Russia Nikolay Yanalov M30 70.19 11
Peru Lima Peru Emerson Trujillo Flores M30 72.15 9
Slovenia Ljubljana Croatia Robert Radojkovic M30 69.36 13
Australia Melbourne United States Michael Wardian M40 70.66 10
Germany Munich Germany Matthias Baur M18 61.10 41
Canada Niagara Falls Canada Blaine Penny M40 65.41 26
Austria Niederösterreich Austria Lemawork Ketema M25 79.90 1
Switzerland Olten France Michael Boch M30 70.14 12
Portugal Porto Portugal Daniel Pinheiro M30 67.39 20
Poland Poznań Poland Bartosz Olszewski M30 73.46 8
France Rouen France Simon Munyutu M35 73.51 7
United States Santa Clarita France Thibaut Baronian M25 55.15 90
Chile Santiago Chile César Díaz Hernández M25 78.31 2
United Kingdom Silverstone United Kingdom Thomas Payn M35 61.09 42
Norway Stavanger Norway Jarle Risa M35 58.80 50
United States Sunrise Norway Svein Risa M40 54.88 93
Japan Takashima Japan Kazuhiko Oki M25 67.68 19
Italy Verona Italy Giorgio Calcaterra M40 78.06 4
Taiwan Yilan Taiwan Chih Pin Su M35 57.62 66
Belgium Ypres Belgium Pieter Rijnders M35 61.99 35
Croatia Zadar Croatia Matija Grabrovečki M35 57.36 71
Female winners of the Wings for Life World Run 2015 [11]
Location Winner Age group Distance (in km) Global rank
Denmark Aarhus Denmark Lone Nielsen F35 48.97 10
Turkey Alanya Moldova Svetlana Shepeleva F45 50.31 8
Spain AranjuezMadrid Spain Mª Cruz Parras Morcillo F25 31.89 193
Brazil Brasilia Austria Astrid Kaltenböck F40 44.28 22
Slovakia Bratislava Slovakia Romana Komarnanska F25 41.85 30
Netherlands Breda Netherlands Sandra Laros F40 37.70 60
Romania Bucharest Romania Liliana Danci F18 45.76 17
South Africa Cape Town South Africa Riana van Niekerk F35 55.21 2
Germany Darmstadt Germany Laura Chacon Biebach F25 51.78 4
United Arab Emirates Dubai United Kingdom Katie Sloane F25 30.08 281
Republic of Ireland Dublin Republic of Ireland Orna Dilworth F30 39.54 45
India Gurgaon Kenya Linah Chirchir F25 44.90 20
Georgia (country) Kakheti Netherlands Linda Vliet F35 32.01 191
Sweden KalmarÖland Sweden Frida Södermark F35 42.09 29
Russia KolomnaMoscow Russia Irina Antropova F30 51.33 5
Peru Lima Peru Rocio Carrion F45 35.13 107
Slovenia Ljubljana Slovenia Žana Jereb F30 45.05 18
Australia Melbourne Australia Kelly-Ann Varey F35 50.75 7
Germany Munich Germany Ingalena Heuck F25 49.54 9
Canada Niagara Falls Canada Lyne Bessette F40 47.44 13
Austria Niederösterreich Austria Bernadette Schuster F30 47.06 15
Switzerland Olten United Kingdom Karen Sobrino F40 43.04 24
Portugal Porto Portugal Doroteia Peixoto F30 41.70 32
Poland Poznań Poland Dominika Stelmach F30 41.84 31
France Rouen United Kingdom Leaharna Marsden F30 35.93 95
United States Santa Clarita United States Shannon Rahlves F40 37.01 72
Chile Santiago Chile Karen Torrealba F30 47.68 12
United Kingdom Silverstone United Kingdom Kate Carter F35 34.73 115
Norway Stavanger Norway Elise Molvik F18 45.02 19
United States Sunrise France Nathalie Vasseur F45 52.18 3
Japan Takashima Japan Yuuko Watanabe F25 56.33 1
Italy Verona Italy Chiara Moras F30 39.48 46
Taiwan Yilan Taiwan Pei-Yu Cheng F25 37.45 64
Belgium Ypres Belgium Deborah Ghyselen F25 40.63 38
Croatia Zadar Croatia Nikolina Šustić F25 48.15 11

Wings for Life World Run 2016

On May 8, 2016 11:00 UTC the Wings for Life World Run had his third edition. As in 2014 there were 34 locations, among them two in the USA. Colin Jackson was again the race director. The Catcher Cars were driven by international stars like in the years before.[12][13]

130,732 runners took part worldwide and covered more than 1.2 million kilometers. In addition there were 20,556 so-called "Selfie Runners", that is people not running at one of the 34 locations and simulating the catcher cars with an app on their mobile phones. The foundation collected 6.6 million euros.[14][15]

The Italian ultrarunner Giorgio Calcaterra won for the third time in Italy and took the global title this time too. He improved the record a lot with 88.44 km which meant that for the first time the Catcher Car had to accelerate to the top speed of 35 km/h to overtake him. The worldwide podium was completed by Bartosz Olszewski from Poland, who also ran over 80 km in Canada, and the Chilean Francisco Morales. Lemawork Ketema, global champion in 2014 and 2015, ran again in Austria. For a long time he was side by side with Evgenii Glyva like in 2014. However Ketema decided to stop after 41 km not to compromise his form in view of other races.

A lot of top performances were set in Takashima in Japan. That was also the location for the global champion in the female race like in 2015. Kaori Yoshida set a new record with 65.71 km, an improvement of 9.38 km and an 18th place in the combined men and women classification. The following places went to the Austrian Karin Freitag with 59.08 km in Munich and to Vera Nunes from Portugal with 58.86 km. Last year's winner Yuuko Watanabe covered nearly exactly the same distance as in 2015 with 56.37 km, the global fifth place.

Male winners of the Wings for Life World Run 2016 [16]
Location Winner Age group Distance (in km) Global rank
Denmark Aarhus Denmark Mikkel Kleis M35 56.80 64
India Ahmedabad Kenya Titus Kariuki Wanderi Githu M35 54.16 90
Brazil Brasilia United Kingdom Thomas Payn M35 56.52 66
Slovakia Bratislava Slovakia Gabriel Švajda M30 54.15 91
Netherlands Breda Peru Emerson Trujillo M30 64.41 23
United Kingdom Cambridge United Kingdom Steve Way M40 63.75 27
United Arab Emirates Dubai Portugal Hélder Santos M30 54.34 87
Republic of Ireland Dublin Republic of Ireland Paul Martelletti M35 73.77 6
Mexico Guadalajara Mexico Gabriel Morfin Torres M35 59.05 52
Turkey Izmir Turkey Ahmet Bayram M40 52.78 109
Georgia (country) Kakheti Moldova Liviu Croitoru M25 56.02 74
Sweden KalmarÖland Iceland Pétur Bjarnason M35 57.95 56
Russia KolomnaMoscow Russia Ivan Motorin M30 67.37 15
Peru Lima Peru Charles Jhon Ayala Escribas M35 63.91 25
Slovenia Ljubljana Slovenia Vid Senica M35 64.58 21
Australia Melbourne Australia Barry Keem M35 65.71 18
Italy Milan Italy Giorgio Calcaterra M40 88.44 1
Germany Munich Germany Florian Neuschwander M30 63.66 28
Canada Niagara Falls Poland Bartosz Olszewski M30 82.42 2
Switzerland Olten Switzerland Stefan Lüscher M35 57.63 58
Portugal Porto Portugal António Sousa M45 69.46 10
Poland Poznań Poland Tomasz Walerowicz M30 71.12 9
South Africa Pretoria France Thibaut Baronian M25 62.84 31
France Rouen France Teddy Bezancon M30 59.29 50
United States Santa Clarita United States Samuel Bradbury M35 60.80 42
Chile Santiago Chile Francisco Morales M25 75.47 3
Norway Stavanger France Yoann Stuck M30 61.85 33
United States Sunrise France Simon Munyutu M35 61.54 36
Japan Takashima Japan Nakajima Hiroki M25 74.51 5
Spain Valencia Norway Jarle Risa M35 65.51 20
Austria Vienna Ukraine Evgenii Glyva M30 68.00 13
Taiwan Yilan Taiwan Yi-Hsun Li M30 56.84 63
Belgium Ypres Belgium Stefan Van den Broek M40 65.64 19
Croatia Zadar Croatia Dejan Patrčević M40 56.35 70
Female winners of the Wings for Life World Run 2016 [16]
Location Winner Age group Distance (in km) Global rank
Denmark Aarhus Denmark Camilla Christensen F18 38.20 71
India Ahmedabad India Kiranjit Kaur F25 39.21 63
Brazil Brasilia Brazil Leticia Saltori F25 51.09 16
Slovakia Bratislava Slovakia Petra Fašungová F25 40.30 52
Netherlands Breda Poland Diana Golek F30 38.91 65
United Kingdom Cambridge Republic of Ireland Caitriona Jennings F35 55.08 9
United Arab Emirates Dubai Colombia Carolina Gutierrez F30 21.52 1448
Republic of Ireland Dublin Republic of Ireland Sarah Mulligan F25 45.64 32
Mexico Guadalajara Mexico Rosalva Gudiño Gonzalez F35 37.40 81
Turkey Izmir Turkey Svetlana Shepeleva F45 45.74 30
Georgia (country) Kakheti Russia Yana Khmeleva F35 34.93 119
Sweden KalmarÖland Sweden Linnea Winberg F30 40.14 54
Russia KolomnaMoscow Russia Elena Nurgalieva F40 55.39 7
Peru Lima Peru Jessica Gabriela Paz Rodríguez F18 35.36 109
Slovenia Ljubljana Slovenia Lucija Krkoč F25 50.84 17
Australia Melbourne Poland Dominika Stelmach F30 55.25 8
Italy Milan Italy Katia Chiara Figini F40 51.61 15
Germany Munich Austria Karin Freitag F35 59.08 2
Canada Niagara Falls Portugal Doroteia Peixoto F30 55.44 6
Switzerland Olten Germany Pamela Veith F40 39.60 58
Portugal Porto Portugal Vera Nunes F35 58.86 3
Poland Poznań Poland Agnieszka Janasiak F35 39.94 56
South Africa Pretoria South Africa Onneile Dintwe F30 52.71 11
France Rouen Poland Anna Wasik F30 43.44 38
United States Santa Clarita Denmark Maibritt Daugaard F30 49.45 20
Chile Santiago Sweden Frida Södermark F35 52.37 12
Norway Stavanger Croatia Nikolina Šustić F25 50.03 19
United States Sunrise France Nathalie Vasseur F50 54.53 10
Japan Takashima Japan Kaori Yoshida F30 65.71 1
Spain Valencia Spain Cristina Gonzalez Garcia F30 46.31 28
Austria Vienna Austria Cornelia Moser F18 56.88 4
Taiwan Yilan Taiwan Yafen Ya F25 37.92 75
Belgium Ypres Belgium Rebecca Nkapiani F40 35.91 101
Croatia Zadar Slovakia Katarina Lovrantova F30 45.55 33

Wings for Life World Run 2017

The fourth edition was held on May 7th, 2017. 155,288 women and men stood on the start lines of 25 locations.
The paraplegic athlete Aron Anderson from Sweden raced a new record distance of 92.14 km in a "normal" wheelchair (race wheelchairs are not allowed) and despite the heat of Dubai. Dominika Stelmach from Poland also set a new record performance in the women's competition with 68.21 km in Santiago.

6.8 million euros were collected for the foundation.

Male winners of the Wings for Life World Run 2017 [17]
Location Winner Age group Distance (in km) Global rank
Brazil Brasília Brazil Luis Felipe Leite Barboza M25 58.88 67
Slovakia Bratislava Slovakia Marek Mockovčiak M35 62.95 47
Netherlands Breda Austria Philipp Aigner M25 71.37 8
United Kingdom Cambridge Poland Jacek Cieluszecki M35 68.8 12
United Arab Emirates Dubai Sweden Aron Anderson M25 92.14 1
Mexico Guadalajara Mexico Roberto Meier M25 68.14 18
Turkey Izmir Turkey Veysi Aslan M30 57.51 77
Georgia (country) Kakheti Georgia (country) Giorgi Shekrelidze M35 35.43 1741
Sweden Kalmar/Öland Sweden Elov Olsson M25 75.05 7
Russia Kolomna Russia Shishov Konstantin M30 70.39 9
Slovenia Ljubljana Russia Ivan Motorin M30 62.13 52
Australia Melbourne France Teddy Bezancon M30 70.22 10
Italy Milan Poland Bartosz Olszewski M30 88.24 2
Germany Munich Germany Sebastian Hallmann M40 68.47 15
Switzerland Olten France Sylvère Pruvost M30 68.11 19
Poland Poznan Poland Tomasz Walerowicz M35 85.14 5
South Africa Pretoria South Africa Renier Grobler M30 63.07 42
United States Santa Clarita United States Dan Berteletti M30 69 11
Chile Santiago Peru Manuelito Figueroa M30 67.41 21
Norway Stavanger Peru Emerson Trujillo M35 67.43 20
United States Sunrise Canada Calum Neff M30 65.66 30
Taiwan Tainan Taiwan Chih Chun Li M40 52.37 141
Spain Valencia Spain Chema Martínez M45 66.25 25
Austria Vienna Austria Lemawork Ketema M30 87.16 3
Croatia Zadar Croatia Robert Radojkovic M35 65.53 31
Female winners of the Wings for Life World Run 2017 [17]
Location Winner Age group Distance (in km) Global rank
Brazil Brasília Brazil Leticia Da Silva Saltori F25 44.93 39
Slovakia Bratislava United Kingdom Jo Meek F35 54.38 13
Netherlands Breda Germany Laura Chacon Biebach F25 55.07 12
United Kingdom Cambridge Croatia Nikolina Šustić F25 55.14 10
United Arab Emirates Dubai United Kingdom Emily Waugh F18 43.01 52
Mexico Guadalajara Sweden Frida Södermark F35 47.62 29
Turkey Izmir Turkey Meryem Gündoğdu F30 39.43 93
Georgia (country) Kakheti Georgia (country) Nino Miqadze F18 29 484
Sweden Kalmar/Öland Sweden Sophia Sundberg F30 55.29 8
Russia Kolomna Russia Alexandra Morozova F25 57.59 6
Slovenia Ljubljana Slovenia Eva Zorman F18 40,11 84
Australia Melbourne Russia Olesya Nurgalieva F40 60.97 4
Italy Milan Austria Cornelia Moser F18 62.37 2
Germany Munich Germany Bianca Meyer F40 51.23 21
Switzerland Olten Switzerland Diana Müller F30 46.81 34
Poland Poznan United Kingdom Joasia Zakrzewski F40 52.26 14
South Africa Pretoria South Africa Landie Greyling F30 37.44 121
United States Santa Clarita France Nathalie Vasseur F50 57.24 7
Chile Santiago Poland Dominika Stelmach F35 68.21 1
Norway Stavanger Norway Therese Nordbø F25 46.88 33
United States Sunrise Colombia Ana Villegas F35 43.86 46
Taiwan Tainan Denmark Maibritt Daugaard F30 42.5 58
Spain Valencia Portugal Betinha Pereira F35 49.35 26
Austria Vienna Austria Karin Freitag F35 51.72 19
Croatia Zadar Croatia Željka Šaban F30 44.73 43

Wings for Life World Run 2018

The fifth edition of the race took place on May 6th 2018 with the start time again at 11 UTC.

Male winners of the Wings for Life World Run 2018[18]
Location Winner Age group Distance (in km) Global rank
Turkey Izmir Turkey Murat Kaya M40 62.01 15
Georgia (country) Kakheti Russia Aleksandr Tscheburkin M35 74.69 3
Australia Melbourne Poland Jacek Cieluszecki M40 67.30 8
Germany Munich Germany Andreas Straßner M35 76.77 2
Poland Poznan Poland Dariusz Nożyński M35 66.86 9
South Africa Pretoria South Africa Admire Muzopambwa M30 63.24 14
Brazil Rio de Janeiro Brazil José Eraldo Lima M35 63.71 12
United States Sunrise Sweden Aron Anderson M30 89.85 1
Taiwan Taoyuan Portugal Luís Ricardo Beato Pereira M35 58.74 22
Austria Vienna Austria Wolfgang Wallner M50 64.18 11
Croatia Zadar Austria Karl Aumayr M35 68.01 7
Switzerland Zug Sweden Niklas Sjöblom M30 70.10 4
Female winners of the Wings for Life World Run 2018[18]
Location Winner Age group Distance (in km) Global rank
Turkey Izmir Russia Olesya Nurgalieva F40 53.61 3
Georgia (country) Kakheti Russia Nina Zarina F30 47.34 12
Australia Melbourne Colombia Ana Villegas F35 46.94 13
Germany Munich Portugal Vera Nunes F35 53.78 1
Poland Poznan Poland Wioletta Paduszyńska F30 48.13 10
South Africa Pretoria Poland Dominika Stelmach F35 49.42 5
Brazil Rio de Janeiro Slovenia Eva Zorman F18 48.11 11
United States Sunrise France Nathalie Vasseur F50 48.74 8
Taiwan Taoyuan Sweden Frida Södermark F30 41.3 26
Austria Vienna Mexico Alex Roudayna F25 49.18 6
Croatia Zadar Slovakia Martina Burzova F35 32.74 116
Switzerland Zug Croatia Nikolina Šustić F30 53.73 2


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