Willoughby Kipling

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Publication information
Publisher DC Comics/Vertigo
First appearance Doom Patrol #31 (April 1990)
Created by Grant Morrison
Richard Case
In-story information
Team affiliations Knights Templar
Abilities Magic user

Willoughby Kipling is a fictional character in the Vertigo Comics and later DC Comics fictional universes, created by Grant Morrison.

Kipling appeared in his first live adaptation on the first season of the DC Universe series Doom Patrol, played by Mark Sheppard.

Publication history

Kipling appears mostly in the Doom Patrol comic series.[1][2] The character was originally intended to be Vertigo Comics' John Constantine, but at the time DC Comics editorial policy forbade Constantine's use outside of the Vertigo continuity. Kipling was created as a substitute, and was based upon Richard E. Grant's title character from the British cult film Withnail and I. He appeared intermittently, helping the team against various threats, such as the Cult of the Unwritten Book and the Candlemaker. He is a member of the mystic Knights Templar, a coward who practices a bizarre form of black magic and is a self-proclaimed expert on the occult.[3][4][5]

Later, Kipling's voice-over appears in JLA Classified #15 (February 2006).[6] He and several other magic-users use their knowledge to assist Oracle and the Justice League of America defeat a mystic threat.

In other media

Kipling appears in the DC Universe series Doom Patrol, portrayed by Mark Sheppard.[7] The character first appears in the episode "Cult Patrol", in which he comes looking for the Chief. The Chief is missing, so Kipling enlists the Doom Patrol to help him prevent the end of the world. They fail, and the Cult of the Unwritten Book summons the Decreator, an interdimensional entity who begins destroying the world. In "Paw Patrol", the Chief works with his nemesis Mr. Nobody to use one of Crazy Jane's superpowered personalities to initiate the creation of the Recreator, a being who can counter the Decreator. Kipling uses this being—which is embodied by a dog—to summon the Recreator and nullify the threat.


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