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The Wilkins Lecture was a lecture organised by the Royal Society of London on the subject of the history of science and named after John Wilkins, the first Secretary of the Society. The last Wilkins lecture was delivered in 2003, after which it was merged with the Bernal Lecture and the Medawar Lecture to form the Wilkins-Bernal-Medawar Lecture.[1]

List of recipients

Year Name Lecture Notes
1948 John David Griffith Davies John Wilkins and the Royal Society.
1949 Edward Neville da Costa Andrade Robert Hoke.
1950 Francis Joseph Cole The history of micro-dissection.
1952 Harold Brewer Hartley Sir Humphry Davy, Bt, P.R.S.
1955 Basil Schonland Benjamin Franklin, natural philosopher.
1958 Joseph Needham The missing link in horological history: a Chinese contribution.
1961 Gavin Rylands de Beer The origins of Darwins ideas on evolution and natural selection.
1964 Giorgio de Santillana Galileo today.
1967 Geoffrey Langdon Keynes Bacon, Harvey, and the originators of the Royal Society.
1970 Reginald Victor Jones The plain story of James Watt.
1973 Alfred Rupert Hall Newton and his editors.
1976 Margaret Gowing Science, technology and education: England in 1870.
1979 Gweneth Whitteridge On the local movement of animals.
1982 Sydney Smith One hundred years after Charles Darwin.
1985 William Thomas Stearn John Wilkins, John Ray and Carl Linnaeus.
1988 David S. Landes Brain and hand in the development of technology of time-measurement.
1991 Stephen Finney Mason Bishop John Wilkins FRS.
1994 Allan Chapman Edmond Halley as a historian of science.
1997 Desmond George King-Hele Erasmus Darwin, the Lunatiks and evolution.
2000 Roy Porter Reflections on scientific and medical futurology since the time of John Wilkins.
2003 Lisa Jardine Dr Wilkins's boy wonders.


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