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WikiProject Pharmacology (Rated NA-class)
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Draft:List of drug prices

New draft article launched. It needs a lot of drug prices added to the list. QuackGuru (talk) 23:00, 19 November 2019 (UTC)

[email protected] FAR

I have nominated [email protected] for a featured article review here. Please join the discussion on whether this article meets featured article criteria. Articles are typically reviewed for two weeks. If substantial concerns are not addressed during the review period, the article will be moved to the Featured Article Removal Candidates list for a further period, where editors may declare "Keep" or "Delist" the article's featured status. The instructions for the review process are here. GamerPro64 17:17, 9 December 2019 (UTC)

What defines "alcohol poisoning"?

I'm posting this here as well as at WikiProject Medicine. There is a disagreement involving the article alcohol intoxication concerning the distinction (if any) between alcohol intoxication and alcohol poisoning. The article currently begins "Alcohol intoxication, also known as drunkenness or alcohol poisoning .. ", citing a source which does not seem to back up the claimed equivalence between inebriation / drunkenness and poisoning. A talk page discussion is under way. Comments welcome. FrankP (talk) 08:19, 20 December 2019 (UTC)

"Hybrid Drug" entry needed?

I have not been able to find an entry or subsection here on Hybrid Drug or Hybrid Molecule, a novel compound created in the simplest case by linking two drugs. I think there is substantial overlap with Polypharmacology but that may be only one aspect. I did find some other analogous topics, e.g., Combination Drug. I hope someone with some knowledge of medicinal chemistry or pharmacology can clarify this suggestion. BillR5 (talk) 14:44, 12 January 2020 (UTC)

  • Hybrid Molecules with a Dual Mode of Action: Dream or Reality?
  • Hybrid molecules: The privileged scaffolds for various pharmaceuticals
  • Design of Hybrid Molecules for Drug Development
Sorry, I've no access to any of these. --ἀνυπόδητος (talk) 14:06, 13 January 2020 (UTC)
I think that there's probably enough for a page on hybrid drugs. There is a quite a long history of attempt to find these in the cardiovascular field,[1] although without much success. Having a book dedicated to their design (the Design of Hybrid Molecules for Drug Development listed about) is also supportive of notability. The topic is quite distinct from Combination drug and polypharmacology. Klbrain (talk) 18:07, 14 January 2020 (UTC)


  1. ^ Christiaans, J.A.M.; Timmerman, H. (January 1996). "Cardiovascular hybrid drugs: combination of more than one pharmacological property in one single molecule". European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences. 4 (1): 1–22. doi:10.1016/0928-0987(95)00029-1.

Next steps on draft Post-Finasteride Syndrome article


1. Article submitted, then declined. I submitted Draft:Post-Finasteride_Syndrome on 13 January. It was declined by DGG on 14 January, and recommended to merge the material into the Finasteride entry.

2. Help desk post. On 15 January I posted a comment to the AfC help desk. You might want to read the whole comment, but the key point is three examples of articles about substance-related disorders, which are separate from articles about the substances themselves.

Disorder Related substance
Antidepressant discontinuation syndrome Antidepressant
Opioid use disorder Opioid
Alcoholism Alcohol

From a common sense point of view, and based on these examples, I believe it makes sense for the Post-finasteride syndrome article to be separate from the Finasteride article.

3. Classification into WikiProjects. After I posted to AfC help desk, Worldbruce placed a heading box on the article talk page designating the article in the scope of WikiProject Medicine and WikiProject Pharmacology.

Next steps

I'm not sure what the next step is. Can someone look at this article and let me know? Mariedegournay (talk) 13:52, 16 January 2020 (UTC)

One way forward would be to merge it to Finasteride, as suggested following the review. Would you be happy with this? So, the this could be done be creating a separate section on the Finasteride page, perhaps under Finasteride#Adverse effects, where the ideas of sexual dysfunction and depression are already mentioned. It's better to integrate material rather than create parallel pages which discuss the same topic.
Alternatively, I note that in the defense of your draft you've alluded to Antidepressant discontinuation syndrome, Opioid use disorder; and I might add Benzodiazepine withdrawal syndrome. All of these are syndromes that relate to drug classes. So, if this is a class issue, then perhaps merging to 5α-Reductase inhibitor#Side effects (which also mentions the symptoms mentioned in your draft) might be better.
Regarding the structure of the draft, the other issues I see is that you're largely listing research, rather than creating an integrated text regarding our current state of knowledge; the latter is preferable. Klbrain (talk) 08:57, 17 January 2020 (UTC)
@Mariedegournay: As far as I know, there is not yet a scientific consensus regarding the existence of "post-finasteride syndrome". It is likely too early to give the subject its own article. There is already a section titled, Controversy, in the finasteride article; perhaps some information can be integrated there, as well as under Adverse effects as Klbrain noted above. ―Biochemistry🙴 19:53, 19 January 2020 (UTC)
@Klbrain:@Biochemistry&Love: I gave some thought to this and opted to incorporate more details on adverse effects into a revised Finasteride article (not published). When I turned to that article I found it needed restructuring, updating of the text and references. Some references were broken while others didn't reflect recent research. The revision has a lot of changes, so before making the updates I wanted to get your input on how to proceed. Here's the revision: Finasteride-major revision (DRAFT). Note that I didn't go over all sections in detail. I focused on the Overview, Adverse effects and Research, with a few edits in other sections. Mariedegournay (talk) 20:50, 3 February 2020 (UTC)

Verifiability of our ATC lists

There is concern that our ATC lists lack verifiability because they only have a primary source (the WHO ATC lists on – see this diff and User talk:Widefox. (The same seems to apply to the ICD-10 lists and others.) Rather than starting a discussion about the relevant policies I'd prefer adding a secondary source; only I can't find one. Any ideas? --ἀνυπόδητος (talk) 18:42, 21 January 2020 (UTC)

Update: The discussion is now at Talk:ATC code V10. --ἀνυπόδητος (talk) 19:20, 21 January 2020 (UTC)


A review is requested. Does this draft satisfy the guidelines on medically reliable sources and should it otherwise be accepted? Robert McClenon (talk) 22:59, 21 January 2020 (UTC)

The topic is notable; I've softened some of the claims in the article (regarding uniqueness) and added two WP:MEDRS-compliant reviews, which use the code name for this compound: TG02. I've added that code name as a synonym. Klbrain (talk) 09:33, 22 January 2020 (UTC)

How we can use this drug price database

Please see Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Medicine-related articles/RFC on pharmaceutical drug prices, which is about improving our coverage of prices in articles about WHO Essential Medicines. WhatamIdoing (talk) 21:35, 1 February 2020 (UTC)

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