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15 July 2017

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London meetup spurs efforts to start UK Wikimedia chapter
28 March 2005

Wikimedia chapter incorporated for the UK
20 February 2006

News and notes: One million users, milestones
27 February 2006

News and notes: Time 100 gala, milestones
15 May 2006

German chapter prevails in Tron appeal
15 May 2006

News and notes: Wikimedia chapters report, milestones
22 May 2006

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News and notes: Logo error, Norwegian chapter, milestones
25 June 2007

German chapter relaunches website, arranges government support
2 July 2007

Committee makes statement on U.S. chapter
6 August 2007

News and notes: New chapters, new jobs, new knight and more
24 January 2009

Flaggedrevs, copyright project, fundraising reports, and more
23 March 2009

Commons grant, license change, new chapters, usability and more
6 July 2009

Sue Gardner answers questions from community
28 September 2009

Canadian political edits, Swedish royal wedding, Italian "right of reply" bill, Chapter reports
2 August 2010

German chapter remodeled to meet Foundation requirements, and more
4 October 2010

November 15 launch, emphasis on banner optimization and community involvement
8 November 2010

No further Bundesarchiv image donations; Dutch and German awards; anniversary preparations
22 November 2010

ArbCom tally pending; Pediapress renderer; fundraiser update; unreferenced BLP drive
6 December 2010

Berlin conference highlights relation between chapters and Foundation; annual report; brief news
28 March 2011

Commons milestone; newbie contributions assessed; German community to decide on €200,000 budget; brief news
18 April 2011

Wikimania a success; board letter controversial; and evidence showing bitten newbies don't stay
8 August 2011

Chapter funding and what skeptics and Latter Day Saints have in common
15 August 2011

WMDE renew investment in Toolserver, first offsite backup programme of Wikimedia begun
17 October 2011

Wikimedia Norway awarded, Halloween on the Main Page, Wikimedia UK recognised
7 November 2011

Fundraising proposals spark a furore among the chapters
13 February 2012

Chapter-selected Board seats, an invite to the Teahouse, patrol becomes triage, and this week in history
5 March 2012

Chapters Council proposals take form as research applications invited for Wikipedia Academy and HighBeam accounts
19 March 2012

Editors want most funding for technical areas, while widespread ignorance of WMF board elections and chapters persists; voting still live on Commons best picture
4 June 2012

Ground shifts while chapters dither over new Association
18 June 2012

Chapters Association mired in controversy over new chair
16 July 2012

Young chapter shows experience beyond its years
16 July 2012

Chapter head speaks about the aftermath of Russian Wikipedia shutdown
23 July 2012

UK chapter rocked by Gibraltar scandal
24 September 2012

Independent review of UK chapter governance; editor files motion against Wikitravel owners
1 October 2012

WMF and the German chapter face up to Toolserver uncertainty
1 October 2012

Chapters ask for big bucks
15 October 2012

Wikimedia Foundation fundraiser a success; Czech parliament releases photographs to chapter
31 December 2012

UK chapter governance review marks the end of a controversial year
11 February 2013

Wikidata development to be continued indefinitely
25 February 2013

Resigning arbitrator slams Committee
18 March 2013

Chapter furore over FDC knockbacks; First DC GLAM boot-camp
29 April 2013

Candidates talk about the Meta problem, the nation-based chapter model, world languages, and value for money
27 May 2013

Chapters Association self-destructs
7 August 2013

WMF signals new grantmaking priorities
2 October 2013

Wikimedia Germany asks for "reworking" of Funds Dissemination Committee; should MP4 be allowed on Wikimedia sites?
15 January 2014

Wikimedia chapters and communities challenge Commons' URAA policy
26 February 2014

2014 Wikimedia Conference—what is the impact?
23 April 2014

Wikimedia Bangladesh—a chapter's five-year journey
18 June 2014

Swedish Wikimedia chapter organizes simultaneous Wikidata contests
13 May 2015

Chapter financial trends analyzed, news in brief
10 June 2015

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Logo of one of the newest Wikimedia movement affiliates, the Wikipedia Library User Group.

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Shown are three Guadeloupe amazons (above), one Guadeloupe macaw (middle) as well as several seabirds and a sea turtle
Red-billed tropicbird (Phaethon aethereus mesonauta) with chick.jpg
A red-billed tropicbird with her chick
The octopus
Chelsea Champion.jpg
Chelsea celebrate with the tournament cup after winning the 2011 Premier League Asia Trophy.

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Visualization of the dark web
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Conservapedia screenshot

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The Komodo dragon is the most popular reptile according to Wikipedia pageview data
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Logo of the Art+Feminism editathons

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Barbara X. Page
(If I had an infobox this is what it would be)
isn't she lovely
everyone wants to be me
Native name Barbie (before age 8)
Pronunciation βa-βa-ɻa pʷeɪj
Born Barbara PahTootey Falks
(1960-05-06) May 6, 1960 (age 57)
Upper Schlabutkeeville, Michigan
Disappeared you wish
Linn Run State Park
Status lost in the woods
Died not established
Cause of death premeditated murder
Body discovered envied by a top modelling agencies
Resting place there is no rest for the wicked
Monuments hundreds thousands(planned)
Residence Wexford, Pennsylvania, US
Nationality French, Canadian, English, Polish
Other names just expletives
Citizenship world and galaxy
Education self-taught
Alma mater Spring Arbor University
Occupation Wikimedian
Years active ten
Era common
Employer me and I have two library cards
Organization secret, there really is a cabal
Known for making other editors crazy
Notable work Empathy in chickens, English two-letter words, Monarch butterfly migration
Style encyclopedic
Home town Gaylord, Michigan
Salary 4000k
Net worth billions
Height 5'2"
Weight I can't believe they put this in an infobox
Television nope, too busy writing WP articles and voting on new administrators
Title "The magnificent..."
Term lifetime
Predecessor none
Successor none
Political party there is always a party whereever I am
Movement smooth
Opponent(s) read my talk page
Board member of mahogany
Criminal charge failure to disperse
Criminal penalty 3 hour jail term
Criminal status unconvicted
Spouse(s) wishes to remain anonymous
Children six
Parent(s) Carol and David
Relatives Many
Family Bros. and sisters
Awards Nobel prize for ridiculousness

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