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  • This is a list under development of missing articles on women who are working or have worked in the Antarctic from around the world and notable for their work in various endeavors.
  • This list is created in support of a Wikibomb Event and is listed on the Women in Red editathon page as well as transcluded into the SCAR wikibomb meetup page.


  • Maria Adela Caria, bacteriologist and part of first group of female Argentinian scientists on Antarctica.
  • Elena Martinez Fontes, biologist and part of first group of female Argentinian scientists on Antarctica.
  • Meagan McGrath, First Canadian (male or female) to ski unassisted to the South Pole. [8][9][10][11]
New Zealand
South Africa
  • Dr. Aithne Rowse first South African woman to overwinter in Antarctica in 1959. [13]
United Kingdom
United States
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