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This table lists women rowers for which Wikipedia lacks a biography article. It was generated using Wikidata for Wikipedia:WikiProject Women/Women in Red. See Template:Women in Red for other lists by focus area or by country.

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# name image description country of citizenship date of birth date of death place of birth place of death item
1 Janina Grabicka Polish runner and rower Poland 1901-02-03 1983-04-25 Żyrardów Warsaw Q11719805
2 Vecihe Taşçı Turkish tennist and rower Turkey 1905 2002 <some value> <some value> Q6021379
3 Fitnat Özdil Turkish rower Turkey 1910 1993-05-09 Istanbul Istanbul Q6026655
4 Nezihe Özdil Turkish rower Turkey 1911 1984-03-29 Istanbul <some value> Q6026839
5 Nina Khomenkova Soviet rower Soviet Union 1912-11-22 2007-04-23 <some value> <some value> Q4499576
6 Natalya Sanina Soviet rower Soviet Union
1919-02-22 2007-10-24 Zvenigorod Moscow Q4407596
7 Nely Gambon Dutch rower and rowing official Kingdom of the Netherlands 1924-07-14 2007-01-19 <some value> <some value> Q11790534
8 Nina Polyakova Soviet rower Russia 1926-05-19 2015-04-01 <some value> Saint Petersburg Q21065088
9 Agnes Reuter Dutch rower Kingdom of the Netherlands 1928-11-30 2012-02-13 <some value> <some value> Q1831313
10 Judit Szalatnai Hungarian rower, alpine skier Czechoslovakia
1933-04-05 2016-07-23 Bratislava <some value> Q26074851
11 Larisa Pisareva Soviet rower Russia 1934-01-11 Saint Petersburg Q16686378
12 Viktoriya Dobrodeeva Soviet rower Russia 1934-10-20 Moscow Q18238818
13 Aita Artma Estonian rower and rowing coach Estonia 1936-11-17 Kõo Parish Q16404269
14 Marie-Claire Barnier French sportsperson France 1940 2009 <some value> <some value> Q31309024
15 Christl Schmidt-Lehnert German rower East Germany
1940-10-18 Q47571258
16 Mieczysława Franczyk Polish rower Poland 1942-04-01 Mostki, Skarżysko County Q11780097
17 Trajanka Vassileva Bulgarian rower Bulgaria 1942-12-14 Q47471094
18 Verka Aleksieva Bulgarian rower Bulgaria 1943-09-24 Q47463106
19 Renate Grünke German rower Germany 1944-02-22 Q47465197
20 Renate Schlenzig German rower Germany 1944-07-06 <some value> Q18412503
21 Annick Anthoine French rower France 1945-11-21 <some value> Q21558855
22 Pamela Behrens American rower United States of America 1946-09-22 Q47468099
23 Anna Marešová Czech rower Czech Republic 1946-11-18 Q47481500
24 Waltraud Roick German rower Germany 1948-02-23 Q47469760
25 Mazina J. Delure Canadian rower Canada 1948-05-06 Q47460148
26 Ingrid Huhn-Wagener German rower Germany 1948-05-21 Q47469463
27 Aneta Matei-Sieburg Romanian rower Romania 1948-06-15 Q47460768
28 Dida-Maria Ghiață Romanian rower Romania 1948-07-19 Q47340666
29 Maria Bartáková Czech rower Czech Republic 1948-11-13 Q47481995
30 Valentina Khoklova Soviet rower Soviet Union 1949-02-10 Q47261065
31 Maria Dzieża Polish rower Poland 1949-05-26 Myślenice Q11768824
32 Susie Edwards Australian rower Australia 1949-11-08 Q47232080
33 Helie Klaasse
Vissers en Klaasse in de dubbeltwee van RIC.jpg
Dutch rower Kingdom of the Netherlands 1949-12-14 Amsterdam Q2556625
34 Vera Alexeyeva Soviet rower Soviet Union 1950s Q47258655
35 Diana Sinnage Canadian rower Canada 1950s Q47306429
36 Jennifer Doey Canadian rower Canada 1950s Q47308182
37 Jill Blois Canadian rower Canada 1950s Q47308302
38 Elisabeth Fraas Danish rower Denmark 1950s Q47308742
39 Ulla Jensen Danish rower Denmark 1950s Q47308943
40 Tonia Williams British rower United Kingdom 1950s Q47309143
41 Lucia Toader Romanian rower Romania 1950s Q47310830
42 Valentina Virlan Romanian rower Romania 1950s Q47310934
43 Carey Sands-Bohrer American rower United States of America 1950s Q47311028
44 Christine Ernst American rower United States of America 1950s Q47311124
45 Sandy Kendall American rower United States of America 1950s Q47311331
46 Carolyn Mehaffey American rower United States of America 1950s Q47311441
47 Charlotte Hollings American rower United States of America 1950s Q47311560
48 Barbara Byrne American rower United States of America 1950s Q47311673
49 Sarah Simmons American rower United States of America 1950s Q47311898
50 Melissa Iverson American rower United States of America 1950s Q47313336
51 Amy Turner American rower United States of America 1950s Q47313774
52 Rosana Zegarra American rower United States of America 1950s Q47313882
53 Regina Mayer German rower Germany 1950s Q47314104
54 Beatriz Keller German rower Germany 1950s Q47314209
55 Bärbel Bendiks German rower Germany 1950s Q47315639
56 Christine Röpke German rower Germany 1950s Q47316064
57 Claudia Krüger German rower Germany 1950s Q47316285
58 Dagmar Bauer German rower Germany
East Germany
1950s Q47316393
59 Elke Rost German rower Germany
East Germany
1950s Q47316498
60 Katja Rothe German rower Germany
East Germany
1950s Q47317018
61 Marion Rohs German rower Germany
East Germany
1950s Q47317222
62 Sabine Brincker German rower Germany 1950s Q47317397
63 Sabine Gust German rower Germany 1950s Q47317505
64 Ursula Unger German rower Germany 1950s Q47318001
65 Wang Shujuan Chinese rower People's Republic of China 1950s Q47333771
66 Margerita Kokarevitch Soviet rower Soviet Union 1950s Q47335309
67 Raisa Doligoiada Soviet rower Soviet Union 1950s Q47335379
68 Olga Kaspina Soviet rower Soviet Union 1950s Q47335437
69 Tatiana Danilova Soviet rower Soviet Union 1950s Q47335498
70 Tatiana Bachkatova Soviet rower Soviet Union 1950s Q47335690
71 Ivonne Vischschraper Dutch rower Kingdom of the Netherlands 1950s Q47338989
72 Monika Kurtz German rower Germany 1950s Q47339884
73 Doina Bardas Romanian rower Romania 1950s Q47340261
74 Stefania Borisov-Gurau Romanian rower Romania 1950s Q47340359
75 Mitana Botez Romanian rower Romania 1950s Q47340467
76 Teodora Boicu-Untaru Romanian rower Romania 1950s Q47340560
77 Marioara Singiorzan Romanian rower Romania 1950s Q47340770
78 Ileana Kondoroczi-Nemet Romanian rower Romania 1950s Q47340861
79 Galina Suslina Soviet rower Soviet Union 1950s Q47341958
80 Elizaveta Kondrashina Soviet rower Soviet Union 1950s Q47342025
81 Elena Kondrashina Soviet rower Soviet Union 1950s Q47342095
82 Olga Klinisheva Soviet rower Soviet Union 1950s Q47342156
83 Elena Morozova Soviet rower Soviet Union 1950s Q47342226
84 Tatiana Petrova Soviet rower Soviet Union 1950s Q47342291
85 Evdokia Riabova Soviet rower Soviet Union 1950s Q47342353
86 Nina Filatova Soviet rower Soviet Union 1950s Q47342421
87 Zoia Mironova Soviet rower Soviet Union 1950s Q47342488
88 Valentina Alekseeva Soviet rower Soviet Union 1950s Q47342552
89 Valentina Rubtsova Soviet rower Soviet Union 1950s Q47342621
90 Larissa Sotskova Soviet rower Soviet Union 1950s Q47342690
91 Zoia Sitnikova Soviet rower Soviet Union 1950s Q47342750
92 Elena Shvachko Soviet rower Soviet Union 1950s Q47342823
93 Nadejda Bondareva Soviet rower Soviet Union 1950s Q47342885
94 Valentina Kulikova Soviet rower Soviet Union 1950s Q47342957
95 Olga Shvetsova Soviet rower Soviet Union 1950s Q47343104
96 Amanda Cross Australian rower Australia 1950s Q47343644
97 Angela Maidment Australian rower Australia 1950s Q47344292
98 Brigid Cassells Australian rower Australia 1950s Q47344939
99 Debbie Cooper Australian rower Australia 1950s Q47346006
100 Denise Rennex Australian rower Australia 1950s Q47346107
101 Gayle Toogood Australian rower Australia 1950s Q47346426
102 Janet Sheahan Australian rower Australia 1950s Q47347702
103 Jeanette Hall Australian rower Australia 1950s Q47347796
104 Justine Carrol Australian rower Australia 1950s Q47348512
105 Karin Riedel Australian rower Australia 1950s Q47348604
106 Leeanne Whitehouse Australian rower Australia 1950s Q47349159
107 Megan Robertson Australian rower Australia 1950s Q47349827
108 Sally Ninham Australian rower Australia 1950s Q47350909
109 Victoria Toogood Australian rower Australia 1950s Q47351990
110 Audrey Mowchenko Canadian rower Canada 1950s Q47352388
111 Brenda Colby Canadian rower Canada 1950s Q47352476
112 Brie Ellard Canadian rower Canada 1950s Q47352797
113 Elen Orr Canadian rower Canada 1950s Q47353838
114 Ellen Gillies Canadian rower Canada 1950s Q47353931
115 Karen Smyte Canadian rower Canada 1950s Q47355277
116 Laurie Featherstone Canadian rower Canada 1950s Q47355816
117 Lynne Mutrie Canadian rower Canada 1950s Q47356020
118 Maureen Harriman Canadian rower Canada 1950s Q47356246
119 Maureen Cureton Canadian rower Canada 1950s Q47356351
120 Nori Doobenen Canadian rower Canada 1950s Q47356555
121 Samara Walbohm Canadian rower Canada 1950s Q47357046
122 Sandy Hopkinson Canadian rower Canada 1950s Q47357137
123 Wendy Davis Canadian rower Canada 1950s Q47358063
124 Cindy Rip Dutch rower Kingdom of the Netherlands 1950s Q47358965
125 Karin Hommers Dutch rower Kingdom of the Netherlands 1950s Q47360270
126 Aline Peyrat French rower France 1950s Q47389238
127 Christine Liegeois French rower France 1950s Q47390188
128 Desiree Decriem French rower France 1950s Q47390499
129 Isabelle Lignan French rower France 1950s Q47390800
130 Annamarie Hall British rower United Kingdom 1950s Q47410688
131 Carol Ann Wood British rower United Kingdom 1950s Q47411628
132 Caroline Lucas British rower United Kingdom 1950s Q47411858
133 Claire Davies British rower United Kingdom 1950s Q47411957
134 Gillian Bond British rower United Kingdom 1950s Q47413422
135 Jane Brownless British rower United Kingdom 1950s Q47430414
136 Judith Burne British rower United Kingdom 1950s Q47431397
137 Sue Key British rower United Kingdom 1950s Q47435758
138 Alexandra Overy American rower United States of America 1950s Q47450929
139 Alison Shaw American rower United States of America 1950s Q47450933
140 Annette Ebsen-Petersen American rower United States of America 1950s Q47451059
141 Barbara Trafton American rower United States of America 1950s Q47451064
142 Cecily Croft American rower United States of America 1950s Q47451115
143 Drister Fowks American rower United States of America 1950s Q47451237
144 Elaine Stanley American rower United States of America 1950s Q47451283
145 Gigi Hodges American rower United States of America 1950s Q47451376
146 Holly Brunkov American rower United States of America 1950s Q47451416
147 Kari Green American rower United States of America 1950s Q47452386
148 Kelly Sherman American rower United States of America 1950s Q47452392
149 Linda Gillett American rower United States of America 1950s Q47452405
150 Margaret Gordon American rower United States of America 1950s Q47452415
151 Natalie McCarthy American rower United States of America 1950s Q47452487
152 Sanya Remmler-Suddeth American rower United States of America 1950s Q47452593
153 Teresa Zarzeczny American rower United States of America 1950s Q47452623
154 Tracy Lee American rower United States of America 1950s Q47452649
155 Karin Zobeley German rower Germany 1950s Q47452887
156 Christiane Zimmer German rower Germany 1950s Q47453939
157 Ute Zobeley German rower Germany 1950s Q47454076
158 Cornelia Cichy German rower Germany 1950s Q47454078
159 Gaby Schulz German rower Germany 1950s Q47454198
160 Ianina Gjigowska Russian rower Russia 1950s Q47456173
161 Ludmila Parphjoonova Russian rower Russia 1950s Q47456192
162 Marina Pegova Russian rower Russia 1950s Q47456195
163 Ruta Veinzerga Russian rower Russia 1950s Q47456214
164 Yan Dongling Chinese rower People's Republic of China 1950s Q47456466
165 Long Jun Chinese rower People's Republic of China 1950s Q47456476
166 Luo Hantao Chinese rower People's Republic of China 1950s Q47456500
167 Zhang Xiange Chinese rower People's Republic of China 1950s Q47456518
168 Ding Yahong Chinese rower People's Republic of China 1950s Q47456521
169 Julie Jespersen Platt Canadian rower Canada 1950s Q47460104
170 Jacklin Kelly Canadian rower Canada 1950s Q47460186
171 Kimberley Gordon Canadian rower Canada 1950s Q47460203
172 Elizabeth Jacklin Canadian rower Canada 1950s Q47460209
173 Trudy Flynn Canadian rower Canada 1950s Q47460215
174 Jessica Gonin Canadian rower Canada 1950s Q47460222
175 Hollis Hatton American rower United States of America 1950s Q47460322
176 Cozema Crawford American rower United States of America 1950s Q47460329
177 Susan Tuttle American rower United States of America 1950s Q47460334
178 Hope Barnes American rower United States of America 1950s Q47460338
179 Nanette Bernadou American rower United States of America 1950s Q47460344
180 Wiki Royden American rower United States of America 1950s Q47460412
181 Gail Pierson American rower United States of America 1950s Q47460418
182 Patricia Brink American rower United States of America 1950s Q47460432
183 Mary O'Connor American rower United States of America 1950s Q47460433
184 Joline Esparza American rower United States of America 1950s Q47460448
185 Kathryn Young American rower United States of America 1950s Q47460486
186 Nicola Davies Zimbabwean rower Zimbabwe 1950s Q47460508
187 Karin Gondolatsch German rower Germany 1950s Q47460519
188 Doris Leifermann German rower Germany 1950s Q47460522
189 Susanne Thienel German rower Germany 1950s Q47460527
190 Corinna Scheid German rower Germany 1950s Q47460532
191 Jeannette Barth German rower Germany 1950s Q47460536
192 Birka Brandt-Fengler German rower Germany 1950s Q47460653
193 Jenny Gerber German rower Germany 1950s Q47460654
194 Andrea Rost German rower Germany 1950s Q47460658
195 Petra Köhler German rower Germany 1950s Q47460699
196 Sabine Portius German rower Germany 1950s Q47460704
197 Steffi Göpfert German rower Germany 1950s Q47460714
198 Susann Heinicke German rower Germany 1950s Q47460718
199 Annekatrin Jage German rower Germany 1950s Q47460719
200 Kirsten Strohbach German rower Germany 1950s Q47460720
201 Sylke Kretzschmar German rower Germany 1950s Q47460724
202 Kathrin Thurm German rower Germany 1950s Q47460726
203 Anett Devantier German rower Germany 1950s Q47460727
204 Annekathrin Fercho German rower Germany 1950s Q47460728
205 Liane Justh German rower Germany 1950s Q47460730
206 Antje Heilig German rower Germany 1950s Q47460739
207 Florica Zamfir Romanian rower Romania 1950s Q47460766
208 Cristina Dinu Romanian rower Romania 1950s Q47460775
209 Veronica Juganaru Romanian rower Romania 1950s Q47460777
210 Aneta Marin Romanian rower Romania 1950s Q47460779
211 Maria Mosneagu Romanian rower Romania 1950s Q47460780
212 Luliana Balaban Romanian rower Romania 1950s Q47460781
213 Cristel Wiener Romanian rower Romania 1950s Q47460788
214 Cristina Onofrei Romanian rower Romania 1950s Q47460793
215 Luminata Furcila Romanian rower Romania 1950s Q47460803
216 Carolina Matei Romanian rower Romania 1950s Q47460805
217 Mariana Dorobantu Romanian rower Romania 1950s Q47460808
218 Lenuta Doroftei Romanian rower Romania 1950s Q47460815
219 Dobrita Preda Romanian rower Romania 1950s Q47460821
220 Elena Pirvan Romanian rower Romania 1950s Q47460832
221 Iva Mikulová Czech rower Czech Republic 1950s Q47462861
222 Jana Kramarenko Ukrainian rower Ukraine 1950s Q47462884
223 Sofia Shurkalova Russian rower Russia 1950s Q47462899
224 Feodossia Kaleinikova Russian rower Russia 1950s Q47462903
225 Angelina Kaolikauskaite Russian rower Russia 1950s Q47462912
226 Nadejda Sherbak Russian rower Russia 1950s Q47462944
227 Valentina Ivgenkova Russian rower Russia 1950s Q47462949
228 Galina Beliaeva Russian rower Russia 1950s Q47462952
229 Antonina Maryskina Russian rower Russia 1950s Q47462954
230 Irina Moisseenko Russian rower Russia 1950s Q47462958
231 Nadesjda Kozotshkina Russian rower Russia 1950s Q47462962
232 Olga Krishevich Russian rower Russia 1950s Q47462988
233 Raisa Kirilova Russian rower Russia 1950s Q47462994
234 Valentina Hohlova Russian rower Russia 1950s Q47462999
235 Pavlina Alexandrova Bulgarian rower Bulgaria 1950s Q47463035
236 Kapka Panajotova Bulgarian rower Bulgaria 1950s Q47463051
237 Manuela Lashilina Bulgarian rower Bulgaria 1950s Q47463064
238 Sofia Tzvetkova Bulgarian rower Bulgaria 1950s Q47463071
239 Stanka Vakrilova Bulgarian rower Bulgaria 1950s Q47463118
240 Trajanka Vladimirova Bulgarian rower Bulgaria 1950s Q47463123
241 Stanka Giorgieva Bulgarian rower Bulgaria 1950s Q47463127
242 Penka Gotcheva Bulgarian rower Bulgaria 1950s Q47463132
243 Ani Filipova Bulgarian rower Bulgaria 1950s Q47463139
244 Margarita Dobtcheva Bulgarian rower Bulgaria 1950s Q47463152
245 Teodora Lazarova Bulgarian rower Bulgaria 1950s Q47463156
246 Josiane Fenie French rower France 1950s Q47464823
247 Jeanine Gonnaud French rower France 1950s Q47464831
248 Josiane Massiasse French rower France 1950s Q47464842
249 Jacqueline Kustner French rower France 1950s Q47464852
250 Gisela Jäger-Hill German rower Germany 1950s Q47464990
251 Astrid Hohl German rower Germany 1950s Q47465027
252 Bärbel Kornhass German rower Germany 1950s Q47465068
253 Regina Adam German rower Germany 1950s Q47465103
254 Christine Rösch German rower Germany 1950s Q47465119
255 Irmhild Schulz German rower Germany 1950s Q47465131
256 Ingelore Schweizer German rower Germany 1950s Q47465142
257 Maria Notbohn German rower Germany 1950s Q47465172
258 Marlies Meyer German rower Germany 1950s Q47465212
259 Marlies Schätze German rower Germany 1950s Q47465226
260 Ute Meyer German rower Germany 1950s Q47465243
261 Ute Bahr-Marten German rower Germany 1950s Q47465260
262 Gunhild Blanke German rower Germany 1950s Q47465270
263 Susanne Spitzer German rower Germany 1950s Q47465283
264 Renate Kruska German rower Germany 1950s Q47465290
265 Monika Mittenzwei German rower Germany 1950s Q47465300
266 Maria Peleszok Polish rower Poland 1950s Q47465675
267 Elena Necula Romanian rower Romania 1950s Q47465718
268 Rodica Iordache Romanian rower Romania 1950s Q47465722
269 Elena Gawluk Romanian rower Romania 1950s Q47465727
270 Ecaterina Trancioveanu Romanian rower Romania 1950s Q47465734
271 Viorica Lincaru Romanian rower Romania 1950s Q47465737
272 Cornelia Neacsu Romanian rower Romania 1950s Q47465741
273 N. Pronina Russian rower Russia 1950s Q47465814
274 T. Rakovshik Russian rower Russia 1950s Q47465820
275 L. Arjakovskaia Russian rower Russia 1950s Q47465825
276 Ludmila Parfenova Russian rower Russia 1950s Q47465826
277 Vera Nikolskaia Russian rower Russia 1950s Q47465831
278 Ludmila Andreeva Russian rower Russia 1950s Q47465834
279 Vera Fiodoreva Russian rower Russia 1950s Q47465839
280 Ludmila Arzakovskaia Russian rower Russia 1950s Q47465846
281 Mun Hae-Young South Korean rower South Korea 1950s Q47492158
282 Im Jin-Myung South Korean rower South Korea 1950s Q47492162
283 Paola López Argentine rower Argentina 1950s Q47492633
284 Diane Braceland American rower United States of America 1950-01-27 Q47467739
285 Renate Sigl Austrian rower Austria 1950-02-18 Linz Q48077370
286 Marie-Pierre Baskevitch Six French rower France 1950-02-24 Q47392713
287 Marina Cade Australian rower Australia 1950-03-09 Q47307336
288 Nancy Storrs American rower United States of America 1950-03-24 Q47460316
289 Joy Fera Canadian rower Canada 1950-05-03 Q47460158
290 Natalia Gorodilova Soviet rower Russia 1950-05-16 Q47462965
291 Anna Karbowiak Polish rower Poland 1950-06-01 Grójec Q9155281
292 Rosel Nitsche
Bundesarchiv Bild 183-N0721-0016, SC DHfK Leipzig, Vierer der Frauen.jpg
German rower Germany 1950-11-11 <some value> Q18412674
293 Karola Brandt-Kleinschmidt German rower Germany 1950-11-25 Q47465179
294 Ans Gravesteijn Dutch rower Kingdom of the Netherlands 1951-01-03 Gouda Q2657094
295 Karen-Margrethe Nielsen Danish rower Denmark 1951-02-13 Q47482072
296 Florica Petcu Romanian rower Romania 1951-03-11 Q47458676
297 Filigonia Toll Romanian rower Romania 1951-03-23 Q47460786
298 Maria Stadnicka Polish rower Poland 1951-09-05 Warsaw Q11769159
299 Claudia Schneider American rower United States of America 1951-09-16 Q47460411
300 Mira Vaganova Russian rower Russia 1951-09-16 Q47462933
301 Marioara Constantin Romanian rower Romania 1951-11-13 Q47465730
302 Astrid Ayling British rower United Kingdom 1951-12-09 Q47466952
303 Susanne Palfreyman Australian rower Australia 1952-02-11 Q47466833
304 Małgorzata Kawalska Polish rower Poland 1952-02-18 Łódź Q11772293
305 Andrea Vissers
Vissers en Klaasse in de dubbeltwee van RIC.jpg
Dutch rower Kingdom of the Netherlands 1952-02-29 Amsterdam Q2591915
306 Valentina Semenova Soviet rower Russia 1952-04-12 Krasnogorodsky District Q4415871
307 Valeria Corazzin Italian rower Italy 1952-05-14 Q47402511
308 Hana Kavková Czech rower Czech Republic 1952-05-25 Q47481582
309 Carol Eastmore Canadian rower Canada 1952-07-30 Q47460154
310 Catherine Menges American rower United States of America 1952-09-09 Q47467554
311 Sally Harding Australian rower Australia 1952-10-07 Q47466780
312 Bogusława Tomasiak Polish rower Poland 1952-10-11 Poznań Q9176014
313 Elizabeth Paton British rower United Kingdom 1952-11-08 Q47467038
314 Else Mærsk-Kristensen Danish rower Denmark 1952-12-02 Q47482039
315 Beata Dziadura Polish rower Poland 1952-12-11 Gdańsk Q9168031
316 Cheryl Lynn Howard Canadian rower Canada 1953-01-30 Q47468811
317 Wendy Pullan Canadian rower Canada 1953-02-01 Q47469037
318 Barbara Wenta-Wojciechowska Polish rower Poland 1953-03-15 Tczew Q9165652
319 Erika Buchinger Austrian rower Austria 1953-05-09 Q47501325
320 Jarmila Pátková Czech rower Czech Republic 1953-06-09 Q47481648
321 Beverley Cameron Canadian rower Canada 1953-06-17 Q47468757
322 Julia Geer American rower United States of America 1953-07-11 Q47467878
323 Monica Draeger Canadian rower Canada 1953-08-16 Q47460194
324 Anna Karnasjenko Soviet rower Ukraine 1953-09-14 Q47471220
325 Valeria Catescu-Avram Romanian rower Romania 1953-09-17 Q47463170
326 Isolde Eisele German rower Germany 1953-10-20 Q47469489
327 Rhonda Ross Canadian rower Canada 1953-10-30 Q47468957
328 Mary Kellogg American rower United States of America 1953-12-30 Q47468063
329 Stefka Koleva Bulgarian rower Bulgaria 1954-01-09 Q47471046
330 Elena Akimova Russian rower Russia 1954-02-13 Q47501092
331 Rosemary Glugston British rower United Kingdom 1954-02-15 Q47467368
332 Dorota Zdanowska Polish rower Poland 1954-03-04 Kazimierz Dolny Q11694891
333 Aerial Gilbert American rower United States of America 1954-03-13 Q47450926
334 Georgeta Militaru-Mașca Romanian rower Romania 1954-03-14 Q47460764
335 Aurelia Marinescu Romanian rower Romania 1954-04-03 Q47460782
336 Nancy Higgins Canadian rower Canada 1954-04-23 Q47460180
337 Elizabeth Hills-O'Leary American rower United States of America 1954-05-16 Q47451290
338 Ľubica Novotníková-Kurhajcová Czech rower Czech Republic 1954-06-13 Q47481945
339 Janina Klucznik Polish rower Poland 1954-06-18 Ostrzeszewo Q11719822
340 Marie-Hélène Gin French rower France 1954-06-26 <some value> Q31320437
341 Lisa Hansen Stone American rower United States of America 1954-07-08 Q47452411
342 Rita Hendes German rower Germany 1954-07-14 Hamburg Q2154910
343 Regina Baltutytė Lithuanian rower Lithuania 1954-07-21 Q12657119 Q12671109
344 Susan Antoft Canadian rower Canada 1954-07-30 Q47357591
345 Erika Endriss German rower Germany 1954-08-30 Q47469245
346 Hanna Jarkiewicz Polish rower Poland 1954-08-31 Wrocław Q9285979
347 Anne Chirnside Australian rower Australia 1954-09-09 Q47466255
348 Kirsten Thomsen Danish rower Denmark 1954-11-02 Q47482089
349 Corinne Le Moal French rower France 1954-11-10 Étrépagny Q43380494
350 Rossitsa Spassova Bulgarian rower Bulgaria 1954-11-28 Q47334256
351 Aleksandra Kaczyńska Polish rower Poland 1954-12-02 Wrocław Q9146565
352 Pauline Wright British rower United Kingdom 1954-12-02 Q47467273
353 Irena Soukupová Czech rower Czech Republic 1954-12-09 Q47462874
354 Nicola Boyes British rower United Kingdom 1954-12-16 Q47467250
355 Elena Avram Romanian rower Romania 1954-12-17 Q47460763
356 Marinela Ghiță Romanian rower Romania 1955-01-25 Bucharest Q47458601
357 Elizabeth Miles American rower United States of America 1955-01-25 Q47460443
358 Róża Data Polish rower Poland 1955-02-03 Grudziądz Q9325782
359 Raisa Tsarkova Russian rower Russia 1955-02-03 Q47462890
360 Trees Blankennagel Dutch rower Kingdom of the Netherlands 1955-02-21 Q47362561
361 Anna Brandysiewicz Polish rower Poland 1955-04-06 Warsaw Q9155055
362 Veronika Walterfang German rower Germany 1955-08-20 Q47460651
363 Verna Westwood Australian rower Australia 1955-08-30 Q47466867
364 Klára Langhoffer-Pétervári Hungarian rower Hungary 1955-08-31 Q47471715
365 Danuta Konkalec Polish rower Poland 1955-09-07 Jastarnia Q11692863
366 Adair Ferguson Australian rower Australia 1955-10-05 Brisbane Q38363893
367 Iuliana Munteanu Romanian rower Romania 1955-11-14 Q47472167
368 Ilona Bata Hungarian rower Hungary 1955-12-14 Q47471686
369 Larisa Zavarzina Soviet rower Soviet Union 1955-12-24 Q47335586
370 Svetla Gintcheva Bulgarian rower Bulgaria 1956-01-05 Q47463093
371 Renate Bänsch German rower Germany 1956-01-21 Naumburg Q21590684
372 Agnese Moro Italian rower Italy 1956-01-21 Q47393914
373 Marianne Weber German rower Germany 1956-01-22 Q47469582
374 Valerie McClain-Ward American rower United States of America 1956-02-14 Q47460352
375 Monika Zipplies German rower Germany 1956-03-22 Q47469605
376 Liudmila Orlova Russian rower and rowing coach Russia 1956-03-30 <some value> Q41182881
377 Monica Havelka American rower United States of America 1956-04-21 2009-07-12 Santa Ana Redding Q2404477
378 Gail Cort Canadian rower Canada 1956-08-05 Q47460192
379 Christine Neuland Canadian rower Canada 1956-08-09 Q47460165
380 Sabine Reuter German rower Germany 1956-08-15 Q47460644
381 Eva Dick German rower Germany 1956-08-28 Q47469265
382 Abigail Peck American rower United States of America 1956-10-06 Q47460467
383 Susanne Standish-White Zimbabwean rower Zimbabwe 1956-11-03 Q47491763
384 Christa Karnath German rower Germany 1956-11-17 <some value> Q18411112
385 Beverly Jones British rower United Kingdom 1956-11-25 Q47466980
386 Marijke Zeekant
Dutch rower Kingdom of the Netherlands 1956-12-12 Medemblik Q2026907
387 Svitlana Kupriianova Ukrainian rower Ukraine 1957-01-05 Q47156070
388 Brigitte Kiesow German rower Germany 1957-01-17 Q47469174
389 Sherri Cassuto American rower United States of America 1957-01-24 Q47452610
390 Hiltrude Gürtler German rower Germany 1957-02-12 Q47469454
391 Gisela Medefindt German rower Germany 1957-03-16 Burg Q1270296
392 Cathy Thaxton-Tippett American rower United States of America 1957-03-31 Q47467574
393 Dolores Young Canadian rower Canada 1957-05-02 Q47460175
394 Florica Silaghi Romanian rower Romania 1957-05-04 Q47460770
395 Ilona Smith Canadian rower Canada 1957-05-13 Q47460169
396 Alena Svobodová Czech rower Czech Republic 1957-07-19 Q47481481
397 Gillian Hodges British rower United Kingdom 1957-08-13 Q47413535
398 Mariana Zaharia Romanian rower Romania 1957-09-04 Q47460797
399 Penny Sweet British rower United Kingdom 1957-10-16 Q47467298
400 Kathy Lichty Canadian rower Canada 1957-10-16 Q47468892
401 Ludmila Konopleva Soviet rower Russia 1957-12-21 Saint Petersburg Q16665444
402 Irina Teterina Soviet rower Soviet Union 1958-01-07 Q47260868
403 Tuula Karppinen Finnish track and field athlete and rower Finland 1958-01-18 Pori Q11898872
404 Todorka Vasileva Bulgarian rower Bulgaria 1958-01-24 Q47471085
405 Anne Dickmann German rower Germany 1958-02-12 Q47460620
406 Brigitte Helmers German rower Germany 1958-02-15 Q47452742
407 Marie Carlsson Swedish rower Sweden 1958-02-15 Q47472022
408 Galina Stepanova Soviet rower Soviet Union 1958-02-26 Q47334948
409 Vida Cesiūnaitė Soviet rower Lithuania 1958-03-14 Salininkai Q12677011
410 Snejka Khristeva Bulgarian rower Bulgaria 1958-03-30 Q47471038
411 Petra Finke German rower Germany 1958-05-07 Q47460626
412 Jos Compaan Dutch rower Kingdom of the Netherlands 1958-07-02 Purmerend Q2597119
413 Evelyne Imbert-Benay French rower France 1958-08-17 Q47478372
414 Daniela Stavreva Bulgarian rower Bulgaria 1958-08-26 Q47470930
415 Kathrien Plückhahn German rower Germany 1958-09-14 Q47460636
416 Alrun Urbach German rower Germany 1958-09-15 <some value> Q18707118
417 Laura Schwanger American rower United States of America 1958-11-15 Q47141941
418 Ute Skorupski German rower Germany 1959-01-06 <some value> Q3552735
419 Lisa Roy Canadian rower Canada 1959-01-16 Q47460079
420 Sarah Hunter-Jones British rower United Kingdom 1959-02-01 Q47467408
421 Kate Grose British rower United Kingdom 1959-02-07 Haverhill Q47467176
422 Regina Kleine-Kuhlmann German rower Germany 1959-02-19 Q47469645
423 Cathy Lund Canadian rower Canada 1959-03-23 Q47468795
424 Andrea Schreiner Canadian rower Canada 1959-04-27 Q47468738
425 Ruth Howe British rower United Kingdom 1959-05-14 Q47467377
426 Lili Meeuwisse
Dutch rower Kingdom of the Netherlands 1959-05-26 The Hague Q2617556
427 Viola Kestler German rower Germany 1959-06-25 Q47460528
428 Susan Broome American rower United States of America 1959-07-14 Q47452619
429 Stefania Toscano Italian rower Italy 1959-09-12 Q47156444
430 Reet Palm Soviet-Estonian rower Estonia 1959-09-14 Tartu Q19682448
431 Pamela Westendorf-Marshall Australian rower Australia 1959-09-28 Q47350149
432 Nicolette Wessel Dutch rower Kingdom of the Netherlands 1959-10-18 The Hague Q2229639
433 Mariana Mincheva Bulgarian rower Bulgaria 1959-11-06 Q47470978
434 Janice Mason Canadian rower Canada 1959-11-23 Q47308039
435 Graziana Saccocci Italian rower Italy 1960-02-02 Milan Q3776003
436 Maria Kobylińska Polish rower Poland 1960-02-02 Warsaw Q11768953
437 Natalia Kasak Soviet rower Soviet Union 1960-02-04 <some value> Q15125528
438 Ute Kumitz German rower Germany 1960-02-26 Q47469746
439 Diana Olson American rower United States of America 1960-02-27 Q47467731
440 Lidia Averianova Soviet rower Russia 1960-03-04 Q49398566 Q4055711
441 Carol Colgan Canadian rower Canada 1960-04-12 Q47468785
442 Wanda Piątkowska Polish rower Poland 1960-06-23 Grudziądz Q9370821
443 Jolanta Modlińska Polish rower Poland 1960-06-23 Poznań Q11728086
444 Beata Kamuda-Dudzińska Polish rower Poland 1960-07-12 Gardeja Q9168049
445 Charl Towne American rower United States of America 1960-07-26 Q47467609
446 Teresa Soroka Polish rower Poland 1960-08-11
Wałcz Q9357359
447 Christina Clarke Canadian rower Canada 1960-08-11 Q47460082
448 Kerstin Kirst German rower Germany 1960-08-19 Q47460514
449 Gillian Campbell Australian rower Australia 1960-08-21 Q47482269
450 Maria Omeljanovitch Russian rower Russia 1960-09-21 Q47462927
451 Cho Ping Hong Kong rower Hong Kong 1960-10-20 Q47501492
452 Fiona Freckleton British rower United Kingdom 1960-11-06 Chelmsford Q28094832
453 Andrea Coss Australian rower Australia 1960-11-06 Q47482260
454 Patricia Rollison American rower United States of America 1960-11-15 Q47452519
455 Jennifer Marshall American rower United States of America 1960-12-21 Q47460445
456 Joan Reid Canadian rower Canada 1960-12-22 Q47156022
457 Patricia Couturier French rower France 1961-01-01 Q47479665
458 Margie Gibson Zimbabwean rower Zimbabwe 1961-01-04 Q47491760
459 Elena Pukajeva Ukrainian rower Ukraine 1961-02-04 Dnipro Q4384499
460 Susan Bailey British rower United Kingdom 1961-02-15 Q47467421
461 Joan Gillingham Canadian rower Canada 1961-02-21 Q47468882
462 Angelika Beblo German rower Germany 1961-03-11 Q47469085
463 Krystyna Ambros-Żurek Polish rower Poland 1961-03-13 Gmina Lipka Q11748644
464 Hana Krejčová Czech rower Czech Republic 1961-03-15 Q47481600
465 Heidrun Barth German rower Germany 1961-03-16 Q47469329
466 Alexa Forbes British rower United Kingdom 1961-04-02 Q47410342
467 Lesley Anderson-Herwick Canadian rower Canada 1961-04-06 Q47468902
468 Liz Bradley American rower United States of America 1961-04-09 Q47468000
469 Saria Zakirova Soviet rower Ukraine 1961-04-10 Naberezhnye Chelny Q18242282
470 Sigrid Anders German rower Germany 1961-04-28 Q47317609
471 Kareen Marwick British rower United Kingdom 1961-05-14 Q47482429
472 Heather Hattin Canadian rower Canada 1961-05-15 Q47306624
473 Wiesława Kiełsznia Polish rower Poland 1961-06-01 Gdańsk Q9373668
474 Iryna Kyrychenko Ukrainian rower Ukraine 1961-07-05 Q47156249
475 Ramona Hein German rower Germany 1961-07-08 Q47454991
476 Katherine McNicol British rower United Kingdom 1961-07-19 Q47467184
477 Ewa Lewandowska-Pomes Polish rower Poland 1961-09-04 2016-07-31 Gorzów Wielkopolski <some value> Q9256741
478 Lise Justesen Danish rower Denmark 1961-09-05 Q47482103
479 Natalia Fedorenko Soviet rower Ukraine 1961-09-06 Q47471279
480 Maria Naghiu Romanian rower Romania 1961-09-14 Q47460791
481 Ann Martin American rower United States of America 1961-09-24 Q47311220
482 Claudia Noack German rower Germany 1961-09-27 Q47316162
483 Iris Rudolph German rower Germany 1961-09-28 Q47107173
484 Evelyn Herwegh German rower Germany 1961-09-30 <some value> Q1381754
485 Lisa Robertson Canadian rower Canada 1961-10-13 Q47460089
486 Urszula Niebrzydowska Polish rower Poland 1961-10-21 Gdańsk Q9367194
487 Kimberley Santiago American rower United States of America 1961-11-23 Q47467980
488 Grażyna Różańska Polish rower Poland 1961-11-27 Wałcz Q9276092
489 Kirsten Jensen-Plum Danish rower Denmark 1961-11-30 Q47308841
490 Valentina Aleksandrova Bulgarian rower Bulgaria 1962-01-14 Q47471101
491 Klaudia Hornung German rower Germany 1962-01-23 Q47469567
492 Renée Govaert Belgian rower Belgium 1962-01-25 Q47491945
493 Belinda Holmes British rower United Kingdom 1962-02-08 Q47466966
494 Lydie Dubedat-Briero French rower France 1962-02-15 Q47479098
495 Carina Gustavsson Swedish rower Sweden 1962-03-24 Q47471999
496 Rumjana Kostova Bulgarian rower Bulgaria 1962-03-26 Q47471029
497 Veneta Pehlivanova-Karamandjukova Bulgarian rower Bulgaria 1962-03-28 Q47471113
498 Heidi Attenberger German rower Germany 1962-04-17 <some value> Q1594301
499 Katherine Panter British rower United Kingdom 1962-05-03 Q47467199
500 Helen op den Velde-Berger Dutch rower Kingdom of the Netherlands 1962-05-14 Q47381805
501 Neviana Ivanova Bulgarian rower Bulgaria 1962-05-18 Q47471008
502 Anke Molkenthin German rower Germany 1962-05-26 Berlin Q556822
503 Sabine Hinkelmann German rower Germany 1962-06-19 Q47469715
504 Zyta Jarka Polish rower Poland 1962-07-21 Więcbork Q9393246
505 Elwira Lorenz Polish rower Poland 1962-07-29 Ujście Q11696723
506 Karen van Nest Canadian rower Canada 1962-09-29 Q47358178
507 Mara Keggi American rower United States of America 1962-10-07 Q47468021
508 Christiane Quirin German rower Germany 1962-11-02 Q47454147
509 Lee Jongrye South Korean rower South Korea 1962-11-12 Q47501840
510 Kerstin Rehders German rower Germany 1962-11-18 Q47469559
511 Sylvia Schwabe German rower Germany 1962-12-20 Q47317865
512 Lene van der Keur Danish rower Denmark 1962-12-29 Q47501425
513 Ellen Meliesie Dutch rower Kingdom of the Netherlands 1963-01-02 Zwolle Q1892648
514 Linda Muri American rower United States of America 1963-01-04 Q47237208
515 Hélène Ledoux French rower France 1963-01-29 Q47478433
516 Sarah Gengler American rower United States of America 1963-02-15 Q47460455
517 Sonja Petri German rower Germany 1963-02-22 Q47314310
518 Valentina Zhagot Russian rower Russia 1963-03-06 Q47456245
519 Valentina Pshenichnaya Russian rower Russia 1963-03-06 Q47501143
520 Rita Defauw Belgian rower Belgium 1963-05-23 Ghent Q2209729
521 Kathryn Holroyd British rower United Kingdom 1963-06-05 Q47467209
522 Carola Richter German rower Germany 1963-07-24 Q47315929
523 Myriam Lamolle French rower France 1963-08-23 Albi Q20961888
524 Aušra Gudeliūnaitė Lithuanian rower Lithuania 1963-09-05 Naujalaukis Q16444903
525 Natalia Kvasja Soviet rower Ukraine 1963-09-12 Q47462921
526 Lisa Scheibert Norwegian rower Norway 1963-09-22 Washington, D.C. Q21590810
527 Blanka Mikysková-Strakova Czech rower Czech Republic 1963-10-28 Q47481542
528 Kristine Karlson American rower United States of America 1963-11-16 Q47292295
529 Heike Winkler German rower Germany 1963-11-22 Q47460735
530 Teodora Zareva Bulgarian rower Bulgaria 1963-12-10 Q47471069
531 Kathrin Schmack German rower Germany 1964 Bonn Q1736519
532 Nadesjda Sugako Russian rower Russia 1964-02-09 Q47456199
533 Elina Urbano Argentine rower Argentina 1964-02-21 Q47385214
534 Tish Reid British rower United Kingdom 1964-03-02 Q47482468
535 Marjan Pentenga Dutch rower Kingdom of the Netherlands 1964-03-16 Groningen Q13815892
536 Christine Campbell American rower United States of America 1964-03-19 Q47460458
537 Lucia Focque Belgian rower Belgium 1964-03-30 Willebroek Q2794001
538 Monika Wolf German rower Germany 1964-04-09 Q47314455
539 Serena Eddy-Moulton American rower United States of America 1964-05-20 Q47460394
540 Lisa Boron American rower United States of America 1964-06-23 Q47452407
541 Sandra Brazauskaitė Soviet rower Lithuania 1964-08-03 Q47471307
542 Katharine Brownlow British rower United Kingdom 1964-08-16 Q47431717
543 Roberta Del Core Italian rower Italy 1964-08-23 Q47470495
544 Elżbieta Jankowska Polish rower Poland 1964-10-02 Kożuchów Q9253153
545 Michelle Knox-Zaloom American rower United States of America 1964-11-17 Q47460396
546 Joanna Gough British rower United Kingdom 1964-11-17 Q47467106
547 Olia Stoichkova Bulgarian rower Bulgaria 1964-11-19 Q47463061
548 Anne-Marie McDaid Irish rower Ireland 1964-11-30 Q47501562
549 Cindy Brooks American rower United States of America 1965-01-09 Q47313227
550 Jennifer Wallinga Canadian rower Canada 1965-01-09 Q47460099
551 Meike Holländer German rower Germany 1965-01-18 Q47460534
552 Annabel Eyres British rower United Kingdom 1965-02-04 Q47466926
553 Francesca Bentivoglio Italian rower Italy 1965-02-10 Q47396964
554 Heike Neu German rower Germany 1965-02-10 Q47469338
555 Martha García Mayo Mexican rower Mexico 1965-02-23 Q47500946
556 Antonella Corazza Italian rower Italy 1965-02-27 Q47469824
557 Rachel Hirst British rower United Kingdom 1965-03-04 Q47434314
558 Donata Minorati Italian rower Italy 1965-03-04 Q47469857
559 Margit Pedersen Danish rower Denmark 1965-03-19 Q47501432
560 Violeta Bernotaitė Lithuanian rower Lithuania 1965-04-04 Viekšniai Q16476566
561 Daniela Oronova Bulgarian rower Bulgaria 1965-04-06 Q47463046
562 Marianna Huijben Dutch rower Kingdom of the Netherlands 1965-04-08 Q47360669
563 Greta Georgieva Bulgarian rower Bulgaria 1965-04-19 Q47463144
564 Paola Protopapa
Paola Protopapa a Gavirate nel 2006.jpg
Italian rower Italy 1965-05-06 Rome Q3893619
565 Christine Jullien-Dubosquelle French rower France 1965-05-07 Q47492237
566 Anna Motretchenko Soviet rower Soviet Union 1965-05-14 Q47491142
567 Jennifer Corbet American rower United States of America 1965-05-27 Q47467813
568 Susan Smith British rower United Kingdom 1965-06-01 Q47467430
569 Wendy Wiebe Canadian rower Canada 1965-06-06 Q47308641
570 Hana Kafková Czech rower Czech Republic 1965-06-26 Q47462857
571 Antje Rehaag German rower Germany 1965-08-01 Hofheim am Taunus Q18223619
572 Alessandra Borio Italian rower Italy 1965-08-29 Q47469801
573 Alison Townley American rower United States of America 1965-09-06 Q47460315
574 Margarita Teselko Russian rower Russia 1965-10-01 Q47471257
575 Rafaella Memo Italian rower Italy 1965-10-27 Q47470471
576 Elke Riesenkönig German rower Germany 1965-11-09 Q47469234
577 Debbie Bassett Australian rower Australia 1965-12-07 <some value> Q38460709
578 Kelley Jones American rower United States of America 1965-12-08 Q47460479
579 Chantal Lafon French rower France 1965-12-14 Q47492232
580 Violeta Lastakauskaitė Lithuanian rower Lithuania 1965-12-28 Ignalina Q16476571
581 Jenny Luff Australian rower Australia 1966-01-07 Q47466442
582 Inger Olsen-Pors Danish rower Denmark 1966-01-07 Q47482059
583 Marie-José de Groot Dutch rower Kingdom of the Netherlands 1966-01-22 Someren Q2940645
584 Fiona Johnston British rower United Kingdom 1966-02-03 Q47467049
585 Mette Bloch Danish rower Denmark 1966-02-13 <some value> Q12326816
586 Lourdes Montoya Castorena Mexican rower Mexico 1966-03-02 Q47500934
587 Allison Barnett British rower United Kingdom 1966-03-19 Q47482418
588 Marina Smorodina Russian rower Russia 1966-04-07 Q47471264
589 Lenka Kováčová Czech rower Czech Republic 1966-05-22 Q47492059
590 Annamarie Stapleton British rower United Kingdom 1966-05-24 Q47410810
591 Alison Panerson British rower United Kingdom 1966-05-29 Q47482413
592 Philippa Cross British rower United Kingdom 1966-07-07 Q47482455
593 Kristine Jørgensen Danish rower Denmark 1966-07-17 Q47457925
594 Marie-Anne Vandermoere Belgian rower Belgium 1966-09-10 Q47457330
595 Gwenda Stevens
Gwenda stevens-1513795906.JPG
Belgian rower Belgium 1966-09-14 Belgium Q18012737
596 Patricia Corless British rower United Kingdom 1966-09-18 Q47433844
597 Marina Zhukova Russian rower Russia 1966-10-15 Q47462915
598 Kaylynn Hick Australian rower Australia 1966-10-28 Q47466557
599 Tatjana Jaanson Estonian politician and rower Estonia 1966-11-23 Moscow Q12376579
600 Renata Troc Canadian rower Canada 1966-12-01 Q47356768
601 Dot Blackie British rower United Kingdom 1967-02-18 Q47412616
602 Kate MacKenzie British rower United Kingdom 1967-02-26 Q47482433
603 Galina Yahorova Bulgarian rower Bulgaria 1967-03-12 Q47463076
604 Angela Schuster German rower Germany 1967-05-01 Hanau Q533307
605 Edit Punk Hungarian rower Hungary 1967-05-06 Q47500810
606 Pauline van Roessel Canadian rower Canada 1967-05-09 Q47460128
607 Anikó Kapócs Hungarian rower Hungary 1967-06-02 Q47500799
608 Tetyana Savchenko Soviet rower Ukraine 1967-06-04 Q47334582
609 Andrea Klapheck German rower Germany 1967-06-20 Dorsten Q18222463
610 Mariana Stoianova Bulgarian rower Bulgaria 1967-07-03 Q47463056
611 Liliana Geneș Romanian rower Romania 1967-07-19 Q47460762
612 Guo Mei Chinese rower People's Republic of China 1967-07-24 Q47471454
613 Krasimira Dobreva Tosheva Bulgarian rower Bulgaria 1967-07-28 Q47463080
614 Michaela Burešová-Loukotová Czech rower Czech Republic 1967-08-16 Q47481996
615 Katherine Pollitt British rower United Kingdom 1967-08-24 Q47482436
616 Kerry Knowler Australian rower Australia 1967-08-26 Q47482290
617 Sue Walker British rower United Kingdom 1967-09-14 Q47309709
618 Andrea Thies American rower United States of America 1967-09-21 Q47482529
619 Regitze Siggaard Danish rower Denmark 1967-09-22 Q47309049
620 Sylvia Pille-Steppart German rower Germany 1967-10-12 Q47454913
621 Margaret Mallery American rower United States of America 1967-10-12 Q47468031
622 Anita Meiland Dutch rower Kingdom of the Netherlands 1967-11-12 Haarlem Q5520461
623 Rachael Kininmonth Australian rower Australia 1967-12-16 Q47466722
624 Juliet Thompson American rower United States of America 1967-12-20 Q47467903
625 Colleen Miller Canadian rower Canada 1967-12-30 Q47307924
626 Christina Brown American rower United States of America 1968-01-05 Q47467650
627 Ina Grapenthin German rower Germany 1968-01-27 <some value> Q19941593
628 Antonia Svaier Greek rower Greece 1968-04-26 Q47492180
629 Muriel van Schilfgaarde Dutch rower Kingdom of the Netherlands 1968-05-10 Linschoten Q3490460
630 Naomi Ashcroft British rower United Kingdom 1968-05-19 Q47237720
631 Violeta Zareva Bulgarian rower Bulgaria 1968-05-29 Q47471147
632 Bernadette Wicki Swiss rower Switzerland 1968-06-30 Hergiswil Q16630291
633 Molly Brock American rower United States of America 1968-07-05 Q47312000
634 Esther van der Loos Dutch rower Kingdom of the Netherlands 1968-07-26 Q47156165
635 Miglena Mihaleva Bulgarian rower Bulgaria 1968-08-01 Q47470986
636 Laila Finska-Bezerra Finnish rower Finland 1968-08-08 Maaninka Q11874427
637 Elena Reutova Ukrainian rower Ukraine 1968-08-18 Q47491055
638 Katalin Sarlós Hungarian rower Hungary 1968-08-24 Q47458165
639 Mary Kogan Israeli rower Israel 1968-09-19 Q47501705
640 Tracy Rude American rower United States of America 1968-09-25 Q47460483
641 Pavlina Hristova Bulgarian rower Bulgaria 1968-10-06 Q47471014
642 Marny Jaastad American rower United States of America 1968-11-09 Q47452436
643 Lilya Stoyanova Bulgarian rower Bulgaria 1968-11-19 Q47491438
644 Lisa Eyre British rower United Kingdom 1968-12-18 Q47309484
645 Karin Stephan German rower Germany 1968-12-18 Q47314950
646 Alison Norrish British rower United Kingdom 1968-12-19 Q47466916
647 Sharon Thilgreen Danish rower Denmark 1969-01-10 Q47457940
648 Andrea Boltz Mexican rower Mexico 1969-02-02 Q47500910
649 Grażyna Błąd Polish rower Poland 1969-03-01 Złotów Q9276031
650 Suzanne Kirk British rower United Kingdom 1969-03-05 Q47482467
651 Caroline Hobson British rower United Kingdom 1969-03-09 Q47411753
652 Jo Nitsch British rower United Kingdom 1969-03-18 Q47107935
653 Emily Dirksen American rower United States of America 1969-04-28 Q47313575
654 Norma Moura Brazilian rower Brazil 1969-05-02 Q47501407
655 Svetlana Fil Russian rower Russia 1969-05-04 Q47471317
656 Catriona Roach Australian rower Australia 1969-05-10 Q47107596
657 Cecile Tucker American rower United States of America 1969-05-19 Q47482535
658 Guylaine Marchand French rower France 1969-06-01 Q47231872
659 Suzie Ellis British rower United Kingdom 1969-06-14 Q47460288
660 Catherine Muller French rower France 1969-07-01 Saint-Étienne-au-Mont Q20961954
661 Mariana Yankulova Bulgarian rower Bulgaria 1969-08-23 Q47463085
662 Jodie Dobson Australian rower Australia 1969-09-05 Q47466458
663 Isabelle Danjou French rower France 1969-09-14 Q47478479
664 Stinne Petersen Algreen Danish rower Denmark 1969-10-02 Q47460748
665 Nobuko Ota Japanese rower Japan 1969-10-06 Q47492132
666 Albina Ligatcheva Russian rower Russia 1969-10-18 Lipetsk Q15207368
667 Svetla Durchova Bulgarian rower Bulgaria 1969-10-24 Q47471060
668 Julie McCleery American rower United States of America 1969-11-01 Q47452384
669 Liu Xirong Chinese rower People's Republic of China 1969-11-12 Q47333926
670 Ina Justh German rower Germany 1969-12-19 Großenhain Q18169592
671 Shannon Day American rower United States of America 1970-01-05 Q47468205
672 Ulla Hvid-Fogh Danish rower Denmark 1970-01-13 Gentofte Municipality Q9366450
673 Juliet Machan British rower United Kingdom 1970-01-15 Q47237118
674 Leonie Barron British rower United Kingdom 1970-01-20 Q47237840
675 Catharina Bijl Dutch rower Kingdom of the Netherlands 1970-01-26 Q47358836
676 Micaela Schmidt-Kubicki German rower Germany 1970-02-25 Chemnitz Q19428025
677 Frédérique Heligon French rower France 1970-02-27 Q47492239
678 Nathalie Benzing Canadian rower Canada 1970-03-19 Q47356452
679 Isabel Jesus Portuguese rower Portugal 1970-04-26 Q47384829
680 Tracy Tackett American rower United States of America 1970-06-05 Q47142217
681 Marleen van der Velden Dutch rower Kingdom of the Netherlands 1970-07-12 Likasi Q2802360
682 Iryna Bazyleuskaya Soviet rower Belarus 1970-08-11 Q47334004
683 Katherine Scanlon Lewis American rower United States of America 1970-08-25 Q47313430
684 Monika Knejp Swedish rower Sweden 1970-09-01 Q47492205
685 Sherri Kiklas American rower United States of America 1970-09-14 Q47312322
686 Galina Kamenova Bulgarian rower Bulgaria 1970-09-16 Q47463041
687 Malindi Myers British rower United Kingdom 1970-10-03 Q47237421
688 Rowan Carroll British rower United Kingdom 1970-11-03 Q47482462
689 Suzanne Walther American rower United States of America 1970-11-10 Q47452622
690 Charlotte Miller British rower United Kingdom 1970-11-24 Q47482422
691 Ali Sanders British rower United Kingdom 1970-12-15 Q47482408
692 Crina Serediuc Romanian rower Romania 1971-01-03 Suceava Q47460776
693 Patricia Conte Argentine rower Argentina 1971-02-19 Q47385470
694 Renata Beránková Czech rower Czech Republic 1971-03-21 Q47492071
695 Rachel Starr New Zealand rower Canada
New Zealand
1971-03-28 Q47333572
696 Yvonne Illing German rower Germany 1971-04-11 <some value> Q19414382
697 Anne-Laure Frappart French rower France 1971-04-19 Q47501439
698 Martina Šefčíková Czech rower Czech Republic 1971-06-01 Q47462865
699 Angela Cazac Romanian rower Romania 1971-06-13 Q47261676
700 Daniela Molle German rower Germany 1971-07-04 Q47460619
701 Katrina Scott Canadian rower Canada 1971-07-06 Q47355459
702 Liang Xi-ling Chinese rower People's Republic of China 1971-07-12 Q47471496
703 María Julia Garisoain Argentine rower Argentina 1971-07-22 Buenos Aires Q16300711
704 Lindsay Dick British rower United Kingdom 1971-07-27 Q47432154
705 Julia Chilicki American rower United States of America 1971-08-01 Q47482551
706 Stephanie Merle French rower France 1971-08-27 Q47501469
707 Miyuki Yamashita Japanese rower Japan 1971-08-28 Q47492107
708 Christiane Will German rower Germany 1971-09-01 Q47315337
709 Martina Orzan Italian rower Italy 1971-09-06 Q47470408
710 Yang Hong Chinese rower People's Republic of China 1971-09-08 Q47482574
711 Ma Linq-in Chinese rower People's Republic of China 1971-09-09 Q47471447
712 Tracy Duncan Canadian rower Canada 1971-11-12 Q47357803
713 Catherine Symon American rower United States of America 1971-12-16 Q47482531
714 Margarita Bogdanova Russian rower Russia 1972-01-01 Q47491309
715 Sarah Birch British rower United Kingdom 1972-01-13 Q47237596
716 Liene Sastapa Latvian rower Latvia 1972-01-14 Q23652677
717 Gerte John German rower Germany 1972-01-20 Q47460538
718 Annette Bogstra Dutch rower Kingdom of the Netherlands 1972-01-21 Q47358568
719 Liz Moller Australian rower Australia 1972-02-09 Q47307101
720 Carolina Lüthi Swiss rower Switzerland 1972-02-11 Lucerne Q16672865
721 Lisa Bertini-Fraquelli Italian rower Italy 1972-02-22 Q47470223
722 Gunta Lamaša Latvian rower Latvia 1972-02-29 Q47492224
723 Jissy de Wolf Dutch rower Kingdom of the Netherlands 1972-03-03 Sneek Q2105596
724 Christine Vink Dutch rower Kingdom of the Netherlands 1972-03-16 Q47460293
725 Lee Jae-Nam South Korean rower South Korea 1972-03-25 <some value> Q11875217
726 Mariel Pikkemaat Dutch rower Kingdom of the Netherlands 1972-03-30 Q47360802
727 Wendy Wilbur American rower United States of America 1972-04-04 Q47287992
728 Lene Pedersen Danish rower Denmark 1972-04-22 Q47492296
729 Noriko Shibuta Japanese rower Japan 1972-05-03 Q47492135
730 Tatyana Fesenko Soviet rower Ukraine 1972-05-05 Q47334451
731 Rachel Woolf British rower United Kingdom 1972-05-30 Q47434405
732 Cassandra Cunningham American rower United States of America 1972-06-19 Q47451107
733 Meike van Driel Dutch rower Kingdom of the Netherlands 1972-07-12 Voorburg Q2241004
734 Sarah Pape Canadian rower Canada 1972-08-08 Q47460243
735 Mirjam ter Beek Dutch rower Kingdom of the Netherlands 1972-08-10 Q47381939
736 Lucilla Aglioti Italian rower Italy 1972-08-25 Q47399216
737 Anke Weiler German rower Germany 1972-08-30 Q47460539
738 Mónika Remsei Hungarian rower Hungary 1972-10-02 Q47500865
739 Katya Herman Canadian rower Canada 1972-10-05 <some value> Q11737484
740 Sara Field American rower United States of America 1972-10-09 Q47313675
741 Linda Miller American rower United States of America 1972-10-16 Q47452406
742 Maja Darmstadt German rower Germany 1972-10-25 Q47314818
743 Michelle Borkhuis American rower United States of America 1972-12-20 Q47452456
744 Anne Finke American rower United States of America 1972-12-24 Q47450974
745 Maria Pertl Danish rower Denmark 1973-01-08 Q47457966
746 Tanya Brady British rower United Kingdom 1973-01-24 Q47435859
747 Zita van de Walle Australian rower Australia 1973-02-08 Q47307797
748 Elżbieta Kuncewicz Polish rower Poland 1973-03-14 Łomża Q9253191
749 Gunda Reimers German rower Germany 1973-03-15 Q47314704
750 Natalia Bolshakova Russian rower Russia 1973-03-20 Q47234240
751 Natalita Berteanu-Pelin Romanian rower Romania 1973-04-08 Q47460848
752 Aukje Zuidema Dutch rower Kingdom of the Netherlands 1973-04-10 Q47358688
753 Christina Rindom Danish rower Denmark 1973-04-10 Q47492273
754 Silvia De Maria Italian rower Italy 1973-04-14 Q47156401
755 Honorata Motylewska Polish rower Poland 1973-04-20 Q47460754
756 Hana Dariusová Czech rower Czech Republic 1973-04-30 Hořovice Q5633732
757 Monique Heinke Australian rower Australia 1973-05-25 Q47466685
758 Jing Yan-hua Chinese rower People's Republic of China 1973-06-12 Q47333701
759 Colleen Orsmond South African rower South Africa 1973-06-20 Q47471878
760 Mary Cummins American rower United States of America 1973-06-22 Q47312116
761 Whitney Post American rower United States of America 1973-06-25 Q47311773
762 Feng Lili Chinese rower People's Republic of China 1973-07-26 Q47482657
763 Jutta Schausten German rower Germany 1973-08-04 Q47454226
764 Inesa Jansen-Zakhareuskaya Belarusian rower Belarus 1973-08-14 Q47463030
765 Helle Tibian Danish rower Denmark 1973-08-22 Copenhagen Q9287583
766 Christiane Brand German rower Germany 1973-08-30 <some value> Q1082631
767 Alex Beever British rower United Kingdom 1973-09-05 Q47125932
768 Emy Snook Australian rower Australia 1973-10-04 Q47466317
769 Andrea Gesch German rower Germany 1973-10-05 Q47482481
770 Sara den Besten American rower United States of America 1973-11-16 Q47312227
771 Maria Picone American rower United States of America 1973-11-20 Q47452421
772 Jill Lancaster Zimbabwean rower Zimbabwe 1973-11-21 Q47460510
773 Helen Fleming South African rower South Africa 1973-11-23 Q47471898
774 Nicole Faust German rower Germany 1973-11-24 <some value> Q1681325
775 Renata Gorgen Brazilian rower Brazil 1973-11-25 Rio de Janeiro Q10359279
776 Ulla Hansen Werner Danish rower Denmark 1973-11-27 Q47460744
777 Torrey Folk American rower United States of America 1973-12-10 Q47460491
778 Zhao Guifeng Chinese rower People's Republic of China 1974-01-25 Q47462753
779 Kristina Erbe German rower Germany 1974-02-05 Q47460546
780 Justine Joyce Australian rower Australia 1974-03-14 Q47237031
781 Lorena Corengia Argentine rower Argentina 1974-03-20 Q47492592
782 Katherine Maloney American rower United States of America 1974-03-22 Q47460495
783 Michaela Vávrová Czech rower Czech Republic 1974-04-01 Q47492063
784 Sabina Telenská Czech rower Czech Republic 1974-04-14 Q47492075
785 Marlenis Mesa Hernández Cuban rower Cuba 1974-04-20 Q47500570
786 Christine Morawitz German rower Germany 1974-04-27 Q47314583
787 Anna Ozolins Australian rower Australia 1974-05-12 Q47344498
788 Julieta Ramírez Argentine rower Argentina 1974-07-05 Q47492582
789 Sevdalina Stoyanova Teoharova Bulgarian rower Bulgaria 1974-07-24 Q47491513
790 Robyn Morris British rower United Kingdom 1974-07-29 Q47434724
791 Eliška Jandová Czech rower Czech Republic 1974-08-09 Q47492043
792 Vera Pochitaeva Russian rower Russia 1974-08-29 Lipetsk Q9373201
793 Karina Wieland Australian rower Australia 1974-09-03 Q47466530
794 Hana Žáková Czech rower Czech Republic 1974-09-29 Q47492046
795 Astrid Jespersen Danish rower Denmark 1974-10-01 Q47460749
796 Nina Proskura Ukrainian rower Ukraine 1974-11-01 Zaporizhzhia Q11792295
797 Gerheid Pahl Austrian rower Austria 1974-11-07 Q47501330
798 Danielle Broekhuizen Dutch rower Kingdom of the Netherlands 1974-11-12 Q47359247
799 Mirna Rajle Brođanac Croatian rower Croatia 1974-11-14 Osijek Q11781681
800 Chrysi Biskitzi Greek rower Greece 1974-11-18 Athens Q9190929
801 Christelle Fernandez French rower France 1974-12-02 Q47492234
802 Min Byung-soon South Korean rower South Korea 1974-12-21 Q47492156
803 Jennifer Edwards American rower United States of America 1975-01-17 Q47451577
804 Claudia Barth German rower Germany 1975-01-28 Q47460541
805 Soraya Jadué Chilean rower Chile 1975-02-05 Valdivia Q9339662
806 Francesca Zino British rower United Kingdom 1975-02-11 Q47460290
807 Anna Helleberg Danish rower Denmark 1975-02-22 Q47457947
808 Kubet Weston Canadian rower Canada 1975-02-22 Q47460110
809 Josiane Lima Brazilian rower Brazil 1975-02-25 Q47140843
810 Park Young-ja South Korean rower South Korea 1975-03-07 Q47492170
811 Judith van Os Dutch rower Kingdom of the Netherlands 1975-03-14 Q47382304
812 Angeliki Gkremou Greek rower Greece 1975-03-20 Q47393277
813 Tristine Glick American rower United States of America 1975-03-24 Q47460360
814 Annick de Decker Belgian rower Belgium 1975-04-17 Antwerp Q2763311
815 Liu Xiaochun Chinese rower People's Republic of China 1975-04-21 Q47482681
816 Brechtje van Eijck Dutch rower Kingdom of the Netherlands 1975-05-06 Q47382065
817 Floortje van Eijck Dutch rower Kingdom of the Netherlands 1975-05-06 Q47382183
818 Anna Sergeeva Russian rower Russia 1975-05-07 Q47471227
819 Carmen Klomp-Wearne Australian rower Australia 1975-05-14 Q47345218
820 Iwona Tybinkowska Polish rower Poland 1975-05-15 Q47460757
821 Agnieszka Tomczak Polish rower Poland 1975-05-29 Bydgoszcz Q9142460
822 Sigrid Winkelhuis Dutch rower Kingdom of the Netherlands 1975-06-05 Q47362058
823 Zhao Hui Chinese rower People's Republic of China 1975-06-07 Q47181980
824 Tamara Samakhvalava Belarusian rower Belarus 1975-06-08 Q47463011
825 Elizabeth Henshilwood British rower United Kingdom 1975-06-23 Q47309604
826 Sally Scovel American rower United States of America 1975-06-26 Q47460500
827 Laura Rauchfuss American rower United States of America 1975-07-07 Q47460403
828 Lenka Zavadilová Czech rower Czech Republic 1975-07-07 Q47492060
829 Han Jing Chinese rower People's Republic of China 1975-07-13 Q47482647
830 Kathleen Naser German rower Germany 1975-07-31 Brandenburg an der Havel Q18169589
831 Filomena Franco Portuguese rower Portugal 1975-08-26 Q47383857
832 Bianca Carstensen Danish rower Denmark 1975-09-01 Q47482021
833 Alison Trickey British rower United Kingdom 1975-09-05 Q47482415
834 Kahori Uchiyama Japanese rower Japan 1975-09-22 Q47492089
835 Shona McLaren Canadian rower Canada 1975-09-30 Q47357347
836 Sarah Caffrey Irish rower Ireland 1975-10-06 Q47501655
837 Sheryl Preston Canadian rower Canada 1975-10-11 Winnipeg Q9336013
838 Sanita Ozoliņa Latvian rower Latvia 1975-10-18 Q47492229
839 Mary Obidinski American rower United States of America 1975-11-08 Q47452439
840 Kirsten Jepsen Kirk Danish rower Denmark 1975-11-26 Q47457954
841 Erika Bello Italian rower Italy 1975-11-30 Civitavecchia Q9254609
842 Hedi Poot Dutch rower Kingdom of the Netherlands 1975-12-16 Q47359802
843 Kim Robinson South African rower South Africa 1975-12-17 Q47501909
844 Lorna Norris British rower United Kingdom 1975-12-23 Q47432278
845 Loretta Williams British rower United Kingdom 1975-12-26 Q47232685
846 Céline Garcia French rower France 1976-01-06 Dole Q16635805
847 Corinne Simon French rower France 1976-01-23 Q47501442
848 Liene Lutere Latvian rower Latvia 1976-02-03 Q47492226
849 Eva Mirones Spanish rower Spain 1976-02-08 San Sebastián Q12257688
850 Kristine Klaveness Norwegian rower Norway 1976-02-11 Oslo Q21605380
851 Jacqui Cook Canadian rower Canada 1976-02-13 Thunder Bay Q22966938
852 Yevgeniia Andreieva Ukrainian rower Ukraine 1976-02-16 Q47334353
853 Kristine Bjerknes Norwegian rower Norway 1976-02-22 Drammen Q21590772
854 Gen Meredith Canadian rower Canada 1976-02-25 Q47354175
855 Kim Sejeong South Korean rower South Korea 1976-02-28 Q47501844
856 Melanie Lelievre French rower France 1976-03-14 Q47501446
857 Marisa Peguri Argentine rower Argentina 1976-03-24 Q47492621
858 Ayako Yoshida Japanese rower Japan 1976-04-28 Q47492081
859 Alina Scurtu Romanian rower Romania 1976-05-23 Q47237961
860 Kristen Wall Canadian rower Canada 1976-06-02 Q47460226
861 Liliana Cazac Romanian rower Romania 1976-06-16 Q47492221
862 Nienke Vlotman Dutch rower Kingdom of the Netherlands 1976-06-22 <some value> Q2125737
863 Elizabeth Urbach Canadian rower Canada 1976-06-28 Q47290027
864 Josephine Lips Australian rower Australia 1976-07-08 Q47306968
865 Marianna Barelli Italian rower Italy 1976-07-15 Q47482499
866 Iwona Zygmunt Polish rower Poland 1976-08-12 Q47460759
867 Roslyn McLeod Canadian rower Canada 1976-08-17 Q47460118
868 Marleen Sanderse Dutch rower Kingdom of the Netherlands 1976-08-20 <some value> Q2228579
869 Sun Guangxia Chinese rower People's Republic of China 1976-08-25 Q47482569
870 Samia Hireche Algerian rower Algeria 1976-08-26 Q47491827
871 Mira van Daelen German rower Germany 1976-09-03 Q47460557
872 Sonja van Daelen German rower Germany 1976-09-03 Q47460599
873 Elena Popa Romanian rower Romania 1976-10-01 Q47492215
874 Katie Foulkes Australian rower Australia 1976-10-03 Q47486163
875 Pia Coenen German rower Germany 1976-10-07 Q47460545
876 Olga Sokolov Israeli rower Israel 1976-10-13 Q47501779
877 Tetiana Stekolschykova Ukrainian rower Ukraine 1976-11-05 Kiev Q9357654
878 Eliza Blair Australian rower Australia 1976-11-20 Q47236940
879 Catherine Humblet American rower United States of America 1976-12-02 Q47451112
880 Gao Yanhua Chinese rower People's Republic of China 1976-12-16 Q47471504
881 Zheng Na Chinese rower People's Republic of China 1976-12-31 Q47471460
882 Maryna Kuzmar Belarusian rower Belarus 1977-01-03 Q47470904
883 Kathrin Wolff German rower Germany 1977-01-04 Q47180804
884 Liu Lin Chinese rower People's Republic of China 1977-01-10 Q47462731
885 Maite Urtasun American rower United States of America 1977-01-16 Q47261873
886 Margarita Petrova Bulgarian rower Bulgaria 1977-04-04 Q47491452
887 Ana Sofía Soberanes González Mexican rower Mexico 1977-04-09 Q47500902
888 Ulrike Stadlmayr German rower Germany 1977-04-21 Q47460603
889 Magdalena Irincu Romanian rower Romania 1977-05-03 Q47460864
890 Meghan Sarbanis American rower United States of America 1977-05-14 <some value> Q11776954
891 Margret Bangajena Zimbabwean rower Zimbabwe 1977-05-14 Q47502050
892 Elena Gavrilescu Romanian rower Romania 1977-05-15 Q47460823
893 Cheng Ran Chinese rower People's Republic of China 1977-05-19 Q47471481
894 Anna Alliquander Hungarian rower Hungary 1977-05-23 Budapest Q9154995
895 Luo Xiuhua Chinese rower People's Republic of China 1977-06-01 Q47462766
896 Abigail Cromwell American rower United States of America 1977-06-22 Q47450911
897 Aneta Bełka Polish rower Poland 1977-06-30 Złotów Q9154433
898 Viktoriia Vykhrist Ukrainian rower Ukraine 1977-08-03 Kropyvnytskyi Q9374232
899 Claudia Santos Brazilian rower Brazil 1977-08-04 Q47155998
900 Katrin Splitt German rower Germany 1977-08-11 Q47142777
901 Lila Pérez Mexican rower Mexico 1977-08-17 Torreón Q5488386
902 Natalia Ryzhkova Ukrainian rower Ukraine 1977-08-30 Kharkiv Q11790011
903 Julia Warren British rower United Kingdom 1977-09-17 Q47431508
904 Michelle Dollimore British rower United Kingdom 1977-09-28 Q47432913
905 Karola Schustereder Austrian rower Austria 1977-10-15 Q47482372
906 Luciana Granato Brazilian rower Brazil 1977-10-19 São Paulo Q10320257
907 Monika Felizeter Austrian rower Austria 1977-11-07 Q47482377
908 Marloes Bolman Dutch rower Kingdom of the Netherlands 1977-11-08 Harlingen Q2964003
909 Elena Serban-Parvan Romanian rower Romania 1977-11-14 Q47460876
910 Rachel Dunnet Canadian rower Canada 1977-12-19 Q47460237
911 Mariana Gallo Argentine rower Argentina 1977-12-19 Q47501258
912 Siglind Koehler German rower Germany 1977-12-26 Q47501480
913 Irini Zora Greek rower Greece 1978-01-01 Q47393550
914 Carla Mendes Portuguese rower Portugal 1978-01-09 Miragaia Q9184597
915 Manuela Zander German rower Germany 1978-01-15 Burg Q21557893
916 Gaëlle Buniet French rower France 1978-01-21 Grande-Synthe Q16628326
917 Valeriya Starodubrovskaya Russian rower Russia 1978-02-10 Lipetsk Q9370490
918 Whitney Webber American rower United States of America 1978-02-23 Q47288189
919 Nataliia Huba Ukrainian rower Ukraine 1978-03-11 Dnipro Q11790008
920 Liane Malcos American rower United States of America 1978-03-25 Q47313985
921 Karen Clark Canadian rower Canada 1978-04-06 Delta, British Columbia Q3193100
922 Rachel Anderson American rower United States of America 1978-05-06 Q47237312
923 Bernadette Marten American rower United States of America 1978-05-07 Q47261971
924 Cong Huanling Chinese rower People's Republic of China 1978-05-12 Q47462741
925 Katrin Gleie Danish rower Denmark 1978-06-06 Q47482084
926 Olga Samulenkova Russian rower Russia 1978-06-30 Saint Petersburg Q11797883
927 Liu Lijuan Chinese rower People's Republic of China 1978-07-08 Q47482652
928 Jolanta Majka Polish rower Poland 1978-07-13 Q47156211
929 Dailin Taset Aguilar Cuban rower Cuba 1978-07-19 Q47500559
930 Rika Geyser South African rower South Africa 1978-08-28 Pretoria Q9310421
931 Susanne Lackner German rower Germany 1978-09-14 Q47181028
932 Elena Lebedeva Russian rower Russia 1978-09-18 Saint Petersburg Q11724053
933 Anna Coenen German rower Germany 1978-10-07 Q47460544
934 Nadezda Andreeva Russian rower Russia 1978-11-01 Q47501123
935 Mihaela Nastasa Romanian rower Romania 1978-11-10 Q47460828
936 Paola Rodriguez Gallardo Chilean rower Chile 1978-11-25 Q47386143
937 Georgina Menheneott British rower United Kingdom 1978-12-18 Torquay Q9267348
938 Súsanna Skylv Sørensen Faroese athlete Faroe Islands 1979 <some value> Q20608842
939 Britta Holthaus German rower Germany 1979-01-25 Essen Q19832559
940 Carolina Godoy Alarcon Chilean rower Chile 1979-02-11 Q47386025
941 Karin Radström Swedish rower Sweden 1979-02-22 Södertälje Q11735709
942 Maria Dorn Austrian rower Austria 1979-03-03 Q47501333
943 Yulia Alexandrova Russian rower Russia 1979-03-06 Q47471361
944 Astrid Hengsbach German rower Germany 1979-03-23 Q47142874
945 Natallia Lialina Belarusian rower Belarus 1979-03-27 Q47463003
946 Maria Lima Portuguese rower Portugal 1979-03-31 Bonfim Q11769000
947 Célia Foulon French rower France 1979-04-14 Reims Q23681153
948 Sophie Balmary French rower France 1979-05-28 Cahors Q9339628
949 Renee Hykel American rower United States of America 1979-05-31 Darby Q9306415
950 Dana Peirce American rower United States of America 1979-06-08 Q47107785
951 Evangelia Kokkinou Greek rower Greece 1979-06-08 Q47393459
952 Hannah Moore American rower United States of America 1979-06-20 Q47451396
953 Vicki Etiebet British rower United Kingdom 1979-08-12 Ottawa Q9368600
954 Rie Ariyoshi Japanese rower Japan 1979-08-14 Q47501828
955 Anna Kleinz German rower Germany 1979-10-05 Q47126061
956 Peggy DeVos Canadian rower Canada 1979-10-11 Kamloops Q11815428
957 Viktoriya Dimitrova Bulgarian rower Bulgaria 1979-10-12 Q47292430
958 Vicki Hansford British rower United Kingdom 1979-10-31 Q47142376
959 Nienke Dekkers Dutch rower Kingdom of the Netherlands 1979-11-07 Q47460307
960 Beatriz Casanueva Spanish rower Spain 1979-11-22 Q47386275
961 Yuliya Chernoy Israeli rower Israel 1979-12-06 Q47501793
962 Marjolaine Rossit French rower France 1980-01-09 <some value> Q23681679
963 Donna Martin Australian rower Australia 1980-01-11 Q47482262
964 Sonia Mills Australian rower Australia 1980-01-24 Emerald Q9339539
965 Jo Hammond Belgian rower Belgium 1980-01-28 Q47457237
966 Feng Xueling Chinese rower People's Republic of China 1980-02-03 Q47462744
967 Laura Posthuma Dutch rower Kingdom of the Netherlands 1980-02-14 Q47460297
968 Katarzyna Demianiuk Polish rower Poland 1980-03-14 Warsaw Q11736939
969 Mandy Emmrich German rower Germany 1980-03-15 Q47460608
970 Edit Stift Hungarian rower Hungary 1980-04-09 Q47500814
971 Dolores Amaya Argentine rower Argentina 1980-04-16 Q47492562
972 Volha Berazneva Belarusian rower Belarus 1980-05-10 Minsk Q9377671
973 Lourdes Guillén Cruz Spanish rower Spain 1980-06-20 Seville Q11762858
974 Rebecca Smith American rower United States of America 1980-06-26 Q47452564
975 Simona Chin American rower United States of America 1980-06-27 Q47142018
976 Rachel Loveridge British rower United Kingdom 1980-07-05 Swindon Q11833217
977 Maud Klinkers Dutch rower Kingdom of the Netherlands 1980-08-09 Q47361089
978 Annina Ruppel German rower Germany 1980-10-08 Herne Q567186
979 Martha Helgeland Norwegian rower Norway 1981-01-14 Oslo Q11770656
980 Zoë Hoskins Canadian rower Canada 1981-01-17 Edmonton Q9391693
981 Kateryna Morozova Ukrainian rower Ukraine 1981-01-19 <some value> Q12130096
982 Cecilie Christensen Danish rower Denmark 1981-02-08 Birkerød Q9185446
983 Krisztina Lőrincz Hungarian rower Hungary 1981-02-14 Q47501498
984 Carly Bilson Australian rower Australia 1981-02-18 Q47261772
985 Janine Coelho Portuguese rower Portugal 1981-03-03 <some value> Q11719899
986 Philippa Savage Australian rower Australia 1981-03-15 Moree Q11816180
987 Vicky Myers British rower United Kingdom 1981-03-31 Bradford Q9368605
988 Olga Orlova Russian rower Russia 1981-03-31 Q47456203
989 Florinda Trombetta Italian rower Italy 1981-04-06 Q47182668
990 Marna Egholm Faroese athlete Faroe Islands 1981-04-15 <some value> Q22205388
991 Sara Silva Rebelo Portuguese rower Portugal 1981-04-21 Coimbra Q9333822
992 Maria Sakellaridou Greek rower Greece 1981-04-29 Q47492181
993 Pere Karoba Indonesian rower Indonesia 1981-05-09 Q47492151
994 Rebecca Rowe British rower United Kingdom
1981-05-16 Bridgend Q11833942
995 Naomi Hoogesteger British rower United Kingdom 1981-05-22 Q47433155
996 Joleen Hakker
Joleen Hakker.jpg
Dutch rower Kingdom of the Netherlands 1981-05-30 Soest Q2282545
997 Camila Carvalho Brazilian rower Brazil 1981-05-30 Brasília Q9184328
998 Lea Jakobsen Danish rower Denmark 1981-06-12 Copenhagen Q2755332
999 Alina Pilhun-Makhneva Belarusian rower Belarus 1981-06-16 Minsk Q9148347
1000 Linde Verbeek Dutch rower Kingdom of the Netherlands 1981-06-23 Leiden Q2784351
1001 Nora Fiechter Swiss rower Switzerland 1981-06-23 Dornach Q11792807
1002 Zhou Yangjing Chinese rower People's Republic of China 1981-07-07 Q47128003
1003 Christiane Hölzel German rower Germany 1981-07-16 Q47460612
1004 Chiang Chien Ju Taiwanese rower Taiwan 1981-07-24 Q47492174
1005 Fleur Chew Australian rower Australia 1981-07-29 Q47262059
1006 Elpida Grigoriadou Greek rower Greece 1981-08-24 Q47393372
1007 Natalia Melnikova Russian rower Russia 1981-08-26 Saratov Q11789984
1008 Yang Cuiping Chinese rower People's Republic of China 1981-10-04 Q47462759
1009 Johanna Beyer Austrian rower Austria 1981-10-16 Q47452676
1010 Sara Karlsson Swedish rower Sweden
1981-11-02 Strömstad Q9333817
1011 Meghan Montgomery Canadian rower Canada 1981-11-06 Q47142581
1012 Monica Eremia-Stan Romanian rower Romania 1981-11-15 Q47458353
1013 Kyeema Doyle Australian rower Australia 1981-11-24 Q47466586
1014 Sarah Barnes New Zealand rower New Zealand 1981-11-27 Invercargill Q9333831
1015 Anne Touminet French rower France 1981-12-11 Nantes Q9155936
1016 Ange Laycock British sports person and soldier United Kingdom 1982 <some value> Q530901
1017 Song Xiujuan Chinese rower People's Republic of China 1982-01-08 Q47456536
1018 Johanna Rönfeldt German rower Germany 1982-01-28 Q47460741
1019 Irina Acsinte Romanian rower Romania 1982-01-30 Q47458330
1020 Simona Roccarina Italian rower Italy 1982-02-06 Terracina Q9337066
1021 Ibtissem Trimech Tunisian rower Tunisia 1982-03-02 Q47491938
1022 Bianca Miarka Brazilian rower Brazil 1982-03-28 Nördlingen Q9656319
1023 Daniela Nacházelová Czech rower Czech Republic 1982-06-02 Česká Lípa Q9201502
1024 Elena Usarova Uzbek rower Uzbekistan 1982-06-08 Q47491136
1025 Klára Janáková Czech rower Czech Republic 1982-06-12 <some value> Q11740376
1026 Majbrit Nielsen Danish rower Denmark 1982-06-17 Q47460752
1027 Sanne Beukers Dutch rower Kingdom of the Netherlands 1982-06-18 Almelo Q9333686
1028 Virginie Chauvel French rower France 1982-06-25 Q47492257
1029 Zhu Yaxian Chinese rower People's Republic of China 1982-08-02 Q47333858
1030 Sun Yue Chinese rower People's Republic of China 1982-08-06 Q47456527
1031 Ismaray Marrero Arias Cuban rower Cuba 1982-08-13 Havana Q11714190
1032 Johanne Thomsen Danish rower Denmark 1982-08-17 Q47492292
1033 Gabriella Bascelli Italian rower Italy 1982-08-19 Johannesburg Q9265211
1034 Milka Manchorova-Tancheva Bulgarian rower Bulgaria 1982-08-30 Q47491475
1035 Zoe Uphill Australian rower Australia 1982-09-08 Canberra Q9391694
1036 Teresa Mas de Xaxars Spanish rower Spain 1982-09-13 Barcelona Q11836905
1037 Laura Ralston British rower United Kingdom 1982-09-23 Q47432030
1038 Tine Schøyen Norwegian rower Norway 1982-09-28 Stavanger Q9358775
1039 Samanta Molina Italian rower Italy 1982-10-10 Terracina Q9333083
1040 Mariya Brel Belarusian rower Belarus 1982-10-16 Mazyr Q18236894
1041 Anna Yuchenko Russian rower Russia 1982-10-31 Rostov-on-Don Q9155263
1042 Aline Olvera Clauzier Mexican rower Mexico 1982-11-02 Q47500891
1043 Milka Kraljev Argentine rower Argentina 1982-11-08 Tigre Q18085403
1044 Magdalena Schmude German rower Germany 1982-11-23 Mainz Q1883811
1045 Kristin Jeffery Canadian rower Canada 1982-12-01 <some value> Q11748212
1046 Emily Cameron Canadian rower Canada 1982-12-05 Q47460140
1047 Svitlana Novichenko Ukrainian rower Ukraine 1982-12-27 Kiev Q9348652
1048 Rachel Stortvedt American rower United States of America 1982-12-31 Q47452558
1049 Chen Xueyan Hong Kong rower Hong Kong 1983 <some value> Q9367454
1050 Mu Suli Chinese rower People's Republic of China 1983-01-07 Q47482667
1051 Tatyana Narelik Belarusian rower Belarus 1983-01-10 Gomel Q18246728
1052 Elizabeth Peters American rower United States of America 1983-01-16 Q47451301
1053 Lauren Wells Canadian rower Canada 1983-01-30 Toronto Q11753270
1054 Marianne Skåden Norwegian rower Norway 1983-02-10 <some value> Q11988251
1055 Zanna Cveckovska Latvian rower Latvia 1983-02-11 Q47501857
1056 Julia Kalinovskaya Russian rower Russia 1983-02-27 Astrakhan Q11729180
1057 Michelle Trannel American rower United States of America 1983-02-28 <some value> Q11779499
1058 Enrica Marasca Italian rower Italy 1983-03-10 Priverno Q9254079
1059 Georgeta Craciun Romanian rower Romania 1983-03-19 Q47460856
1060 Laura Comeau Canadian rower Canada 1983-03-20 Q47181774
1061 Misaki Kumakura Japanese rower Japan 1983-03-29 Okegawa Q11567839
1062 Olha Pendyukova Ukrainian rower Ukraine 1983-04-17 Zaporizhzhia Q11797952
1063 Rose Jansen Dutch rower Kingdom of the Netherlands 1983-04-20 Havelte Q9322768
1064 Josina Vermeulen Dutch rower Kingdom of the Netherlands 1983-04-20 Tiel Q11728515
1065 Agata Gramatyka Polish rower Poland 1983-04-21 Kraków Q9141904
1066 Eva Hengst Dutch rower Kingdom of the Netherlands 1983-04-22 Amsterdam Q9256475
1067 Gabriela Huerta Trillo Mexican rower Mexico 1983-04-28 Mexico City Q9265174
1068 Abelyn Broughton American rower United States of America 1983-05-03 <some value> Q284525
1069 Analía Marín Argentine rower Argentina 1983-05-04 Q47492542
1070 Nguyễn Thị Thị Vietnamese rower Vietnam 1983-06-15 Gia Lam Q11991290
1071 Martina Ernst Swiss rower Switzerland 1983-07-01 Ticino Q11770736
1072 Yulia Inozemtseva Russian rower Russia 1983-07-04 Saratov Q11729178
1073 Megan Walsh American rower United States of America 1983-07-09 <some value> Q11776940
1074 Fabiane Albrecht Swiss rower Switzerland 1983-07-11 Bern Q9257505
1075 Sille Vaiksaar Estonian rower Estonia 1983-07-29 Tartu Q9336913
1076 Jacoba Melis Dutch rower Kingdom of the Netherlands 1983-08-09 Sprang-Capelle Q11715796
1077 Nienke Groen Dutch rower Kingdom of the Netherlands 1983-08-12 Ruurlo Q16582170
1078 Dai Li Chinese rower People's Republic of China 1983-08-22 Anhui Q9200806
1079 Anna Chuk-Sergeevna Bulgarian rower Bulgaria 1983-08-29 Q47491345
1080 Maria Almuedo Castillo Spanish rower Spain 1983-09-22 Q47388987
1081 Sarah Heard Australian rower Australia 1983-10-04 Ballarat Q1740951
1082 Janneke Willemse Dutch rower Kingdom of the Netherlands 1983-10-04 Alkmaar Q11719962
1083 Alexandra White South African rower South Africa 1983-10-07 <some value> Q9147245
1084 Elaine Johnstone British rower United Kingdom 1983-10-09 Ashington Q9252258
1085 Joannie Laffez French rower France 1983-10-14 Saint-Martin-Boulogne Q11727574
1086 Sara Hofmann Swiss rower Switzerland 1983-10-28 <some value> Q9333816
1087 Maryia Varona Belarusian rower Belarus 1983-11-15 Q47463023
1088 Mihaela Niga Romanian rower Romania 1983-11-24 Q47238086
1089 Noortje van der Vliet Dutch rower Kingdom of the Netherlands 1983-12-18 <some value> Q11792803
1090 Laetitia Siegelaar Dutch rower Kingdom of the Netherlands 1983-12-30 Haarlem Q11752605
1091 Rodica Anghel Romanian rower Romania 1983-12-30 Q47460837
1092 Jennifer Emerson Australian rower Australia 1983-12-31 Q47233115
1093 Victoria Piñeiro Spanish rower Spain 1984 Cangas Q20534695
1094 Eva Paus German rower Germany 1984-01-06 Cologne Q9256483
1095 Josephine Wartenberg German rower Germany 1984-01-13 Berlin Q11728487
1096 Ana Maria Apachiței Romanian rower Romania 1984-01-14 Dorohoi Q9150306
1097 Yu Fei Chinese rower People's Republic of China 1984-01-25 Q47462774
1098 Anna Kontseva Ukrainian rower Ukraine 1984-02-01 Dnipro Q9155314
1099 Anastasia Dobrovolski Israeli rower Israel 1984-02-01 Q47501690
1100 Clara von der Grün German rower Germany 1984-02-13 Q47454163
1101 Anne van de Staak Dutch rower Kingdom of the Netherlands 1984-02-17 <some value> Q2684595
1102 Regina Naunheim Swiss rower Switzerland 1984-03-02 Schwyz Q3423482
1103 Sonia Costa Portuguese rower Portugal 1984-03-06 Q47384327
1104 Satoko Bandō Japanese rower Japan 1984-03-13 <some value> Q11425442
1105 Jo Cook British rower United Kingdom 1984-03-22 Hammersmith Q11727285
1106 Anne van Drumpt Dutch rower Kingdom of the Netherlands 1984-04-08 Q47382430
1107 Carolyn Ganes Canadian rower Canada 1984-04-10 Q47460249
1108 Rianne Sigmond Dutch rower Kingdom of the Netherlands 1984-05-02 Schiedam Q1811101
1109 Sandra Kisil Canadian rower Canada 1984-05-12 <some value> Q9333536
1110 Audrey Galy French rower France 1984-05-30 <some value> Q23926263
1111 Lindsey Hochman American rower United States of America 1984-06-02 <some value> Q11756940
1112 Lucinda Gooderham British rower United Kingdom 1984-06-09 <some value> Q20991607
1113 Evi Geentjens Belgian rower Belgium 1984-06-10 Antwerp Q9256561
1114 Pauline Bugnard French rower France 1984-06-28 <some value> Q11813812
1115 Kim Myung-shin South Korean rower South Korea 1984-08-10 Seoul Q11739242
1116 Phạm Thị Hiền Vietnamese rower Vietnam 1984-08-19 Thanh Hóa Q11975469
1117 Kateryna Moroz Ukrainian rower Ukraine 1984-08-22 <some value> Q11737387
1118 Katherine Sauks Canadian rower Canada 1984-08-31 Q47355348
1119 Giorgia Indelicato Italian rower Italy 1984-09-07 Q47397923
1120 Hillary Saeger American rower United States of America 1984-09-25 <some value> Q9292274
1121 Tonia Harmsen Dutch rower Kingdom of the Netherlands 1984-10-06 Q47362423
1122 Laura Tibitanzl German rower Germany 1984-10-13 Würzburg Q1807844
1123 Emma Preuschl American rower United States of America 1984-10-13 Q47142054
1124 Anna McNuff British rower United Kingdom 1984-10-18 Kingston upon Hull Q9155479
1125 Vaida Arbočiūtė Lithuanian rower Lithuania 1984-10-19 Jonava Q9368097
1126 Yan Xiaoxia Chinese rower People's Republic of China 1984-10-19 Q47471489
1127 Megumi Matsumoto Japanese rower Japan 1984-10-21 Q47501822
1128 Alexandra Stein American rower United States of America 1984-10-26 Q47182999
1129 Candice Hammond Australian rower and triathlete Australia 1984-11-03 Whanganui Q15790903
1130 Regiane Silva Brazilian rower Brazil 1984-11-10 Q47501412
1131 Hanna Nakhayeva Belarusian rower Belarus 1984-11-23 Polotsk Q9286015
1132 Larissa Lagzdins Canadian rower Canada 1984-11-26 Ottawa Q11752876
1133 Heba Hassan Egyptian rower Egypt 1985-01-01 Q47491902
1134 Anna Morgun Russian rower Russia 1985-01-03 Rostov-on-Don Q9155502
1135 Stéphanie Dechand French rower France 1985-01-04 Saint-Pol-sur-Mer Q3502173
1136 Zsuzsanna Hajdú Hungarian rower Hungary 1985-01-14 Budapest Q9392105
1137 Daniela Cristea Romanian rower Romania 1985-01-21 Lupeni Q9201487
1138 Sine Christiansen Danish rower Denmark 1985-01-31 Hadsund Q8712576
1139 Maialen Arrazola Santesteban Spanish rower Spain 1985-02-01 San Sebastián Q11766333
1140 Mia Espersen Danish rower Denmark 1985-02-04 Herlev Q11778195
1141 Mari Ohtake Japanese rower Japan 1985-03-10 Q47501819
1142 Sandra Wolfsberger Austrian rower Austria 1985-03-16 Melk Q9333546
1143 Emma Darling Canadian rower Canada 1985-03-22 Vancouver Q9253716
1144 Iryna Iarosh Ukrainian rower Ukraine 1985-03-25 Zaporizhzhia Q11714091
1145 Volha Shcharbachenia Belarusian rower Belarus 1985-03-27 Gomel Q9377677
1146 Zinaida Kliuchynskaya Belarusian rower Belarus 1985-03-31 <some value> Q9391300
1147 María Clara Rohner Argentine rower Argentina 1985-04-01 Rosario Q18106716
1148 Julia Veness-Collins Australian rower Australia 1985-04-14 Q47233353
1149 Rachel Jeffers American rower United States of America 1985-04-20 Q47288801
1150 Femmy Yuartini Elia Indonesian rower Indonesia 1985-05-08 <some value> Q16545018
1151 Carlotta Baratto Italian rower Italy 1985-05-09 Padua Q3660156
1152 Chu Ying Chun Hong Kong rower Hong Kong 1985-05-09 Q47234914
1153 Monika Lengyel Hungarian rower Hungary 1985-05-25 Q47501502
1154 Wang Liang Chinese rower People's Republic of China 1985-05-29 Liaoning Q9370893
1155 Helene Olsen Danish rower Denmark 1985-05-29 Q47457984
1156 Sri Rahayu Masi Indonesian rower Indonesia 1985-06-02 <some value> Q9340893
1157 Olha Hurkovska Ukrainian rower Ukraine 1985-06-20 Dnipro Q11797950
1158 Tetyana Dudik Ukrainian rower Ukraine 1985-06-21 <some value> Q9357651
1159 Tara Kelly Australian rower Australia 1985-06-21 Q47307624
1160 Ingrid Fenger Australian rower Australia 1985-06-26 Q47106239
1161 Judith Aldinger German rower Germany 1985-06-29 Bad Frankenhausen Q11728868
1162 Monica Campizes Ferreira Portuguese rower Portugal 1985-07-01 Q47384696
1163 Yulia Sorokovskaya Russian rower Russia 1985-07-17 Rostov-on-Don Q11729186
1164 Stefanie Sydlik American rower United States of America 1985-07-29 <some value> Q9345550
1165 Gabrielė Albertavičiūtė Lithuanian rower Lithuania 1985-08-03 Vilnius Q11699219
1166 Anastasia Karabelshchikova Russian rower Russia 1985-08-04 Nizhny Novgorod Q18243163
1167 Nikki Oude Elferink Dutch rower Kingdom of the Netherlands 1985-08-06 Amsterdam Q11792056
1168 Natallia Mihal-Hryhalchyk Belarusian rower Belarus 1985-08-22 Minsk Q11790041
1169 Katelyn Gray Australian rower Australia 1985-09-03 Q47460066
1170 Anna Bonciani Italian rower Italy 1985-10-13 Florence Q9155046
1171 Li Qian Chinese rower People's Republic of China 1985-10-19 Q47471469
1172 Jeannine Hennicke German rower Germany 1985-10-24 Quedlinburg Q11723727
1173 Alexandra Girard French rower France 1985-11-05 Nantes Q9147232
1174 Inène Pascal-Pretre French rower France 1985-11-19 Schiltigheim Q11712378
1175 Elena Naumova Russian rower Russia 1985-11-23 Q47501098
1176 Elodie Rubaud French rower France 1985-12-01 Chambéry Q11696707
1177 Sarah Waterfield Canadian rower Canada 1985-12-04 Kingston Q9333845
1178 Annika van der Meer Dutch rower Kingdom of the Netherlands 1985-12-16 Q47233427
1179 Karen Colwell American rower United States of America 1985-12-30 Q47460375
1180 Franziska Kegebein German rower Germany 1986-01-12 Rostock Q9263513
1181 Analicia Ramírez Mexican rower Mexico 1986-01-13 <some value> Q8198315
1182 Ulla Varvio Finnish rower Finland 1986-01-15 Tampere Q9366451
1183 Kristīne Gosa Latvian rower Latvia 1986-01-28 Jūrmala Q11748235
1184 Marie-Anne Frenken Dutch rower Kingdom of the Netherlands 1986-02-11 <some value> Q20961827
1185 Lauren Fisher British rower United Kingdom 1986-02-17 Nottingham Q11753264
1186 Emma Ferguson Canadian rower Canada 1986-02-17 Q47354051
1187 Zhang Jinhong Chinese rower People's Republic of China 1986-02-18 Q47156107
1188 Alice McNamara Australian rower Australia 1986-02-22 Melbourne Q9148080
1189 Kirsty Myles British rower United Kingdom 1986-02-24 Edinburgh Q11739491
1190 Sophia Robson Australian rower Australia 1986-02-26 <some value> Q9339625
1191 Katherine Jones British rower United Kingdom 1986-02-28 Q47431807
1192 Clemence Willaume French rower France 1986-03-03 Verdun Q11690767
1193 Katherine Glessner American rower United States of America 1986-03-11 <some value> Q11737399
1194 Natalya Voronova Kazakh rower Kazakhstan 1986-03-21 Karagandy Region Q11790034
1195 Mayya Dmitrieva Russian rower Russia 1986-03-31 Lipetsk Q11766388
1196 Natalie Bale Australian rower Australia 1986-04-07 Perth Q11790004
1197 Yoslaine Domínguez Cedeño Cuban rower Cuba 1986-04-11 Holguín Q9383530
1198 Natalia Maciukiewicz Polish rower Poland 1986-04-12 Giżycko Q11789981
1199 Tanya Lahdenranta Canadian rower Canada 1986-04-18 <some value> Q9355551
1200 Volha Maroz Belarusian rower Belarus 1986-04-21 Minsk Q9377673
1201 Laura Goodkind American rower United States of America 1986-04-22 Q47502020
1202 Donna Etiebet British rower United Kingdom 1986-04-29 Q47309840
1203 Aleksandra Terentyeva Russian rower Russia 1986-05-03 Saratov Q9146695
1204 Jennifer Tuters Canadian rower Canada 1986-05-22 Toronto Q11724191
1205 Sonja Ziegler German rower Germany 1986-05-30 Saarbrücken Q9339551
1206 Iryna Yarynka Ukrainian rower Ukraine 1986-06-02 Q47501165
1207 Zsófia Novák Hungarian rower Hungary 1986-06-07 Budapest Q9392107
1208 Maia Simmonds Australian rower Australia 1986-06-08 Q47349380
1209 Eleonora De Paolis Italian rower Italy 1986-06-09 Q47501796
1210 Wakai Eri Japanese rower Japan 1986-06-18 Gifu Prefecture Q17216085
1211 Aline Cointrel French rower France 1986-06-21 Rouen Q9148391
1212 Hanna Kravchenko Ukrainian rower Ukraine 1986-06-25 Dnipro Q9285991
1213 Nina Bondarava Belarusian rower Belarus 1986-06-30 Gomel Q11792283
1214 Alevtina Savkina Russian rower Russia 1986-07-30 Lipetsk Q9147073
1215 Lou Xiaoxian Chinese rower People's Republic of China 1986-08-03 Q47128122
1216 Roxane Gabriel French rower France 1986-08-05 Toulouse Q9323019
1217 Maria Bursuc Romanian rower Romania 1986-08-06 Botoșani Q11768804
1218 Natallia Haurylenka Belarusian rower Belarus 1986-08-13 Gomel Q11790038
1219 Bahareh Alimoradi Nadrabadi Iranian rower Iran 1986-08-23 Tehran Q9164242
1220 Katalin Szabó Hungarian rower Hungary 1986-08-25 Budapest Q11736883
1221 Mary Jones American rower United States of America 1986-08-25 Q47452438
1222 Masego Mokhine South African rower South Africa 1986-08-29 Q47501934
1223 Lee Yoon-Hui South Korean rower South Korea 1986-09-05 Q47492167
1224 Volha Plashkova Belarusian rower Belarus 1986-10-03 Gomel Q9377676
1225 Laura Schiavone Italian rower Italy 1986-10-13 Naples Q3827847
1226 Karolina Gniadek Polish rower Poland 1986-10-15 <some value> Q11736428
1227 Ksenia Sayfutdinova Russian rower Russia 1986-10-20 Shymkent Q11750374
1228 Laura Larsen-Strecker American rower United States of America 1986-10-20 <some value> Q11753245
1229 Michelle Sechser American rower United States of America 1986-11-01 Q47452461
1230 Melanie Hansen German rower Germany 1986-11-02 Q47460616
1231 Eliane Waser Swiss rower Switzerland 1986-11-29 <some value> Q9252688
1232 Carolina Araújo Brazilian rower Brazil 1986-12-05 São Paulo Q9697642
1233 Zuzanna Trzcińska Polish rower Poland 1986-12-10 Nowe Miasto Lubawskie Q9392170
1234 Jaclyn Halko Polish rower Poland 1986-12-16 Scarborough Q11715771
1235 Hannah Elsy British rower United Kingdom 1986-12-28 London Q9286062
1236 Olena Iashna Ukrainian rower Ukraine 1987-01-02 Novohrad-Volynskyi Q11801515
1237 Leonora Kennedy British rower United Kingdom 1987-01-12 Belfast Q11754589
1238 Marie Gottlieb Danish rower Denmark 1987-01-17 Birkerød Q11769892
1239 Emily Huelskamp American rower United States of America 1987-01-17 Q47289363
1240 Anna Haidukova Ukrainian rower Ukraine 1987-02-08 Kherson Q9155316
1241 Mara Allen American rower United States of America 1987-02-11 <some value> Q11767286
1242 Anastasija Kaciaszowa Belarusian rower Belarus 1987-02-13 Minsk Q9150543
1243 Liubov Stashko Ukrainian rower Ukraine 1987-02-14 <some value> Q11763169
1244 Silke Müller German rower Germany 1987-02-18 Hanover Q21014922
1245 Natallia Pryvalava Belarusian rower Belarus 1987-02-19 Dobrush Q11790040
1246 Aleksandra Fedorova Russian rower Russia 1987-02-23 Saint Petersburg Q9146513
1247 Kinga Kantorska Polish rower Poland 1987-02-25 Włocławek Q11739309
1248 Ko Young-Eun South Korean rower South Korea 1987-03-01 <some value> Q11740460
1249 Eeva Karppinen Finnish rower Finland 1987-03-04 Q47502557
1250 Jitka Antošová Czech rower Czech Republic 1987-03-13 Děčín Q5633528
1251 Marion Rialet French rower France 1987-03-13 Annemasse Q11770034
1252 Olga Arkadova Russian rower Russia 1987-03-13 Kolomna Q17266293
1253 Anna Jankowska Polish rower Poland 1987-03-15 Piła Q9155241
1254 Kathryn Twyman Canadian rower Canada 1987-03-29 Q47308391
1255 Debora Douma Dutch rower Kingdom of the Netherlands 1987-04-07 Maarssen Q9203080
1256 Yaima Velázquez Falcón Cuban rower Cuba 1987-04-07 Camagüey Q9383293
1257 Anastasija Prodan Ukrainian rower Ukraine 1987-04-11 Mykolaiv Q9150550
1258 Anna Sazonova Russian rower Russia 1987-04-11 Saratov Q9155667
1259 Anastasiya Fadzeyenka Belarusian rower Belarus 1987-04-12 Polotsk Q9150537
1260 Anna Yazykova Russian rower Russia 1987-04-16 Lipetsk Q9155248
1261 Anika Kniest German rower Germany 1987-05-09 Dresden Q9154742
1262 Vanessa Grandpierre French rower France 1987-05-18 Nancy Q9368209
1263 Hanna Kabral Belarusian rower Belarus 1987-05-29 <some value> Q9285968
1264 Katherine Robinson American rower United States of America 1987-06-04 Q47452389
1265 Eugénie Vince French rower France 1987-06-18 Saint-Nazaire Q9256121
1266 Gabriela Vařeková Czech rower Czech Republic 1987-06-18 Šternberk Q11699215
1267 Oxana Bashkatova Russian rower Russia 1987-06-20 Saratov Q11797585
1268 Kristina Stiller British rower United Kingdom 1987-06-23 Darlington Q11748219
1269 Ekaterina Snegireva Russian rower Russia 1987-06-24 Q47501088
1270 Emily Taylor British rower United Kingdom 1987-06-28 Lincoln Q9253668
1271 Siobhan McCrohan Irish rower Ireland 1987-06-29 <some value> Q9337188
1272 Jacqueline Round British rower United Kingdom 1987-07-01 Huntingdon Q11715801
1273 Victoria Bryant British rower United Kingdom 1987-07-23 Truro Q9368643
1274 Lin Cuizhi Chinese rower People's Republic of China 1987-07-23 Q47181250
1275 Frances Fletcher British rower United Kingdom 1987-08-02 Chester-le-Street Q9262056
1276 Cleonice Renzetti Italian rower Italy 1987-08-04 Rome Q9193245
1277 Laura Osti Australian rower Australia 1987-08-09 <some value> Q11753250
1278 Nicole Dinion American rower United States of America 1987-08-10 Q47452510
1279 Shin Yeong-Eun South Korean rower South Korea 1987-08-22 <some value> Q9336049
1280 Victoria Burke American rower United States of America 1987-08-28 Q47452650
1281 Mahila Di Battista Italian rower Italy 1987-08-31 Q47182558
1282 Rachael Jefferies British rower United Kingdom 1987-09-02 Oxford Q11833207
1283 Kornelia Nitzler Polish rower Poland 1987-09-09 Chełmża Q11743690
1284 Elizabeth Alderman Australian rower Australia 1987-09-10 Greenmount, Greater Manchester Q9252855
1285 Natalia Varfolomeeva Russian rower Russia 1987-09-16 Veliky Novgorod Q11790033
1286 Rhiannon Jones British rower United Kingdom 1987-09-16 Q47232879
1287 Olivia Wyss Swiss rower Switzerland 1987-09-17 <some value> Q11798054
1288 Alena Zakharava Belarusian rower Belarus 1987-09-19 Chișinău Q9147021
1289 Jia Jing Chinese rower People's Republic of China 1987-09-19 Q47456542
1290 Sophie Dunsing German rower Germany 1987-10-01 Berlin Q2302757
1291 Oksana Holub Ukrainian rower Ukraine 1987-10-01 Mykolaiv Q11797578
1292 Laura Dunn Australian rower Australia 1987-11-10 Q47349034
1293 Nadzeya Belskaya Belarusian rower Belarus 1987-11-17 Mogilyov Q11788953
1294 Coralie Simon French rower France 1987-11-26 Périgueux Q9196146
1295 Carolina Schiffmacher Argentine rower Argentina 1987-12-06 <some value> Q16940769
1296 Yulia Chagina Russian rower Russia 1987-12-27 <some value> Q11728950
1297 Hanna Hutsalenko Ukrainian rower Ukraine 1987-12-29 Mykolaiv Q9285973
1298 Sarita Hansen Faroese rower Faroe Islands 1988 Tórshavn Q25637525
1299 Helen Tompkins American rower United States of America 1988-01-02 Q47451406
1300 Marta Novelli Italian rower Italy 1988-01-04 Latina Q11770610
1301 Cecilia Lilja Swedish rower Sweden 1988-01-09 <some value> Q9185443
1302 Monica Relph British rower United Kingdom 1988-01-15 Aylesbury Q11785089
1303 Zhang Dan Chinese rower People's Republic of China 1988-01-24 Q47462853
1304 Barbora Sagová Slovak rower Slovakia 1988-01-27 Bratislava Q11687383
1305 Gioia Sacco Italian rower Italy 1988-02-01 Priverno Q9268240
1306 Rosanne Deboef Canadian rower Canada 1988-02-02 Q47460257
1307 Maria Antsiferova Russian rower Russia 1988-02-18 Saint Petersburg Q11769923
1308 Sarah Jürgensen Danish rower Denmark 1988-02-21 Q47457996
1309 Camilla Espana Italian rower Italy 1988-03-01 Fiesole Q9184334
1310 Giulia Pollini Italian rower Italy 1988-03-08 Como Q9268392
1311 Marloes Oldenburg Dutch rower Kingdom of the Netherlands 1988-03-09 Q47465468
1312 Veronica Pizzamus Italian rower Italy 1988-03-11 Trieste Q9368442
1313 Diana Barcelos de Oliveira Brazilian rower Brazil 1988-03-17 Q47233581
1314 Evgeniya Golubeva Russian rower Russia 1988-03-24 Kosteryovo Q11725991
1315 Lee Yuen Wah Hong Kong rower Hong Kong 1988-04-04 Q47234330
1316 Magdalena Korczak Polish rower Poland 1988-04-08 Wałcz Q11766050
1317 Julia Popova Russian rower Russia 1988-04-29 Rostov-on-Don Q11729185
1318 Natallia Koshal Belarusian rower Belarus 1988-05-04 Mazyr Q11790037
1319 Emily Schmieg American rower United States of America 1988-05-11 Q47451309
1320 Inga Dudchenko Kazakh rower Kazakhstan 1988-05-28 Karagandy Region Q11712490
1321 Lauren Hutchins Canadian rower Canada 1988-06-07 North Vancouver Q11753266
1322 Genevieve Armstrong New Zealand rower New Zealand 1988-06-16 Tauranga Q11699585
1323 Christina Pultz Danish rower Denmark 1988-06-26 Odder Q9191072
1324 Kathrin Thiem German rower Germany 1988-07-02 Hanover Q1123980
1325 Ji Yoo-jin South Korean rower South Korea 1988-07-06 <some value> Q11727154
1326 Cristina Romiti Italian rower Italy 1988-07-09 Rome Q11691657
1327 Li Tong Chinese rower People's Republic of China 1988-07-22 Q47462780
1328 Li Meng Chinese rower People's Republic of China 1988-07-22 Q47462786
1329 Atsumi Fukumoto Japanese rower Japan 1988-07-24 Karatsu Q18085315
1330 Myriam Goudet French rower France 1988-07-29 Dijon Q11787631
1331 Julia Kröger German rower Germany 1988-08-04 Hamburg Q11728961
1332 Kristen Kit Canadian rower Canada 1988-08-18 Q47142618
1333 Juliane Domscheit German rower Germany 1988-08-21 Potsdam Q1712097
1334 Viktoriya Chepikova Belarusian rower Belarus 1988-08-29 <some value> Q9374269
1335 Lisa Scheenaard Dutch rower Kingdom of the Netherlands 1988-09-05 Q47465462
1336 Helke Nieschlag German rower Germany 1988-09-09 Göttingen Q249804
1337 Ruth Walczak British rower United Kingdom 1988-09-15 Rochdale Q9324193
1338 Paula Hamann German rower Germany 1988-09-20 Q47454876
1339 Marta Liniewska Polish rower Poland 1988-09-29 Włocławek Q11770596
1340 Shannon Murray South African rower South Africa 1988-10-01 Q47183259
1341 Emily Rose Australian rower Australia 1988-10-13 Subiaco Q9253667
1342 Lena Moebus German rower Germany 1988-10-29 Hamburg Q11754105
1343 Anna-Theresa Kluchert German rower Germany 1988-11-13 Staaken Q9154975
1344 Hanna Kutsenko Ukrainian rower Ukraine 1988-12-05 Dnipro Q9285994
1345 Rosamund Bradbury British rower United Kingdom 1988-12-17 <some value> Q9322756
1346 Leonie Pless German rower Germany 1988-12-31 Q47464918
1347 Lucie Mathieu French rower France 1989-01-10 Reims Q11763252
1348 Ksenia Guseva Russian rower Russia 1989-01-22 Q47501111
1349 Birgit Pühringer Austrian rower Austria 1989-01-25 Linz Q9171950
1350 Sarah Cowburn British rower United Kingdom 1989-02-01 Redditch Q9333836
1351 Elise Maurin French rower France 1989-02-12 <some value> Q9252810
1352 Paulina Staszewska Polish rower Poland 1989-02-16 Drawsko Pomorskie Q11813808
1353 Clara François Belgian rower Belgium 1989-03-02 Ghent Q2192757
1354 Valentina Grassi Italian rower Italy 1989-03-05 Q47402398
1355 Aleksandra Opachanova Kazakh rower Kazakhstan 1989-03-07 Karagandy Region Q9146630
1356 Hanna Bandarevich Belarusian rower Belarus 1989-03-18 <some value> Q9285937
1357 Sarah Christensen Danish rower Denmark 1989-03-28 Frederiksberg Q9333835
1358 Zhang Huan Chinese rower People's Republic of China 1989-04-09 Q47462794
1359 Iskra Angelowa Bulgarian rower Bulgaria 1989-04-13 Sofia Q11714154
1360 Maryna Maslava Belarusian rower Belarus 1989-04-19 <some value> Q11770906
1361 Zhao Li Chinese rower People's Republic of China 1989-04-26 Q47462836
1362 Sabrina Noseda Italian rower Italy 1989-04-29 Como Q9332602
1363 Katja Hauser Swiss rower Switzerland 1989-05-02 Zurich Q11737424
1364 Christine Schönthaler Austrian rower Austria 1989-05-18 Klagenfurt Q9191091
1365 Ana Santos Portuguese rower Portugal 1989-05-26 <some value> Q11685664
1366 Anne Becker German rower Germany 1989-06-08 Lutherstadt Wittenberg Q9155913
1367 Ulrike Törpsch German rower Germany 1989-06-11 Dresden Q9366470
1368 Kirsten Wielaard Dutch rower Kingdom of the Netherlands 1989-06-26 Zeist Q11739489
1369 Michelle Vezie British rower United Kingdom 1989-07-10 <some value> Q11779501
1370 Cristina Ilie Romanian rower Romania 1989-07-12 Bârlad Q11691654
1371 Marlena Ertman Polish rower Poland 1989-07-16 Włocławek Q11770428
1372 Aliza Klimovich Belarusian rower Belarus 1989-08-03 Minsk Q11685425
1373 Kristin Bauder Canadian rower Canada 1989-08-10 Q47460269
1374 Naoko Misoka Japanese rower Japan 1989-08-12 <some value> Q11514516
1375 Julia Wärmer German rower Germany 1989-08-16 Rostock Q1711875
1376 Lucy Perold South African rower South Africa 1989-08-30 Q47183349
1377 Sarah Black Canadian rower Canada 1989-08-30 Q47460134
1378 Kim Sol-ji South Korean rower South Korea 1989-09-02 Seoul Q11739248
1379 Agnes Sperrer Austrian rower Austria 1989-09-04 Vöcklabruck Q9142182
1380 Nadia Gully French rower France 1989-09-06 Échirolles Q11788776
1381 Kristina Bonczeva Bulgarian rower Bulgaria 1989-09-07 Sofia Q11748215
1382 Triandafilia Kalamboka Greek rower Greece 1989-09-16 Volos Q9361526
1383 Charlotte Culty French rower France 1989-09-22 Montélimar Q2960963
1384 Jasmine Feingold Israeli rower Israel 1989-09-23 <some value> Q6753069
1385 Marharyta Krechka Belarusian rower Belarus 1989-09-26 Pinsk Q11768676
1386 Anna-Maria Kipphardt German rower Germany 1989-10-12 Essen Q9154974
1387 Sniazhana Tsishkevich Belarusian rower Belarus 1989-10-22 <some value> Q9338841
1388 Diane Delalleau French rower France 1989-10-25 Metz Q9207017
1389 Liuba Germanova Wilhelm Portuguese rower Portugal 1989-11-28 <some value> Q11762061
1390 Floriane Garcia French rower France 1989-12-14 Villeneuve-sur-Lot Q9261011
1391 Rebekka Klemp German rower Germany 1989-12-16 Gifhorn Q9304970
1392 Heleen Boers Dutch rower Kingdom of the Netherlands 1989-12-19 <some value> Q20030129
1393 Laura Hermo Spanish rower Spain 1990 Boiro Q16518155
1394 Eleonora Trivella Italian rower Italy 1990-01-30 Pisa Q9252635
1395 Anna Jegorian Armenian rower Armenia 1990-02-03 <some value> Q9155128
1396 Ronja Schütte German rower Germany 1990-02-20 Geesthacht Q1406780
1397 Tale Gjørtz Norwegian rower Norway 1990-02-25 Ålesund Q9355343
1398 Beáta Sáska Hungarian rower Hungary 1990-03-01 Esztergom Q9170043
1399 Gaia Palma Italian rower Italy 1990-03-08 Turin Q9265270
1400 Elisabeth Woerner Dutch rower Kingdom of the Netherlands 1990-03-08 <some value> Q20993718
1401 Ekaterina Potapova Russian rower Russia 1990-03-13 Saint Petersburg Q26106081
1402 Willeke Vossen Dutch rower Kingdom of the Netherlands 1990-03-23 Q47465490
1403 Katsyaryna Shlyupskaya Belarusian rower Belarus 1990-04-16 Polotsk Q11733150
1404 Valentina Calabrese Italian rower Italy 1990-04-23 Tradate Q9368128
1405 Valeria Franzin Italian rower Italy 1990-05-02 Turin Q9368139
1406 Lisa Kemmerer German rower Germany 1990-05-02 Q47465312
1407 Evelyn Tóth Hungarian rower Hungary 1990-05-05 Budapest Q9256518
1408 Aja Runge Holmegaard Danish rower Denmark 1990-05-14 Q47464811
1409 Katsiaryna Yarmolich Belarusian rower Belarus 1990-06-02 <some value> Q11733146
1410 Chan Tsz Wai Hong Kong rower Hong Kong 1990-06-13 Q47234769
1411 Marleen Verburgh Dutch rower Kingdom of the Netherlands 1990-06-15 Q47465477
1412 Elena Cudinova Moldovan rower Moldova 1990-06-17 Tiraspol Q11696613
1413 Elena Trifoi Romanian rower Romania 1990-06-18 Buftea Q9252615
1414 Anna Karzyńska Polish rower Poland 1990-07-15 <some value> Q9155284
1415 Claire McKeown Irish rower Ireland 1990-07-16 Q47465378
1416 Judith Anlauf German rower Germany 1990-08-02 Stuttgart Q20030107
1417 Katrin Thoma German rower Germany 1990-08-07 <some value> Q20901077
1418 Rebecca Zimmerman Canadian rower Canada 1990-08-13 Q47460284
1419 Paulina Górska Polish rower Poland 1990-08-31 Bydgoszcz Q11813782
1420 Chu Pui Man Hong Kong rower Hong Kong 1990-08-31 Q47234843
1421 Michaela Schmidt German rower Germany 1990-09-20 Weißenfels Q11778424
1422 Maria Krasilnikova Russian rower Russia 1990-10-08 Pskov Q11769930
1423 Tania Saraiva Portuguese rower Portugal 1990-10-09 <some value> Q9355499
1424 Anca Luchian Romanian rower Romania 1990-10-10 Vatra Dornei Q9150790
1425 Jenny De Jong Dutch rower Kingdom of the Netherlands 1990-10-15 <some value> Q20139884
1426 Stefanie Borzacchini Austrian rower Austria 1990-10-28 Vienna Q9345545
1427 Daniela Schultze
2017-09-06 Ruderverband Daniela Schultze by Olaf Kosinsky-1.jpg
German rower Germany 1990-11-03 Cottbus Q1163556
1428 Andrea Oubiña Spanish rower Spain 1990-11-10 O Grove Q29168380
1429 Marcia Smaliakova Belarusian rower Belarus 1990-11-28 <some value> Q11770878
1430 Alena Aliaksandrovich Belarusian rower Belarus 1991-02-03 Q47501204
1431 Yu Jing Chinese rower People's Republic of China 1991-02-27 Q47462817
1432 Anastasia Zhukova Russian rower Russia 1991-03-06 Moscow Q18242149
1433 Maria Efimenko Russian rower Russia 1991-04-14 Saratov Q11769927
1434 Homeira Barzeger Tamrin Iranian rower Iran 1991-05-01 Tehran Q18368446
1435 Liu Wang Sin Hong Kong rower Hong Kong 1991-05-02 Q47234672
1436 Eleanor Piggott British rower United Kingdom 1991-05-16 <some value> Q20993705
1437 Giedre Rakauskaite British rower United Kingdom 1991-06-13 Q47233647
1438 Lea-Kathleen Kühne German rower Germany 1991-06-25 Q47460613
1439 Elisabetta Tieghi Italian rower Italy 1991-07-09 Q47396361
1440 Anja Šešum Slovenian rower Slovenia 1991-07-17 Maribor Q11686204
1441 Laura Schwensen German rower Germany 1991-07-25 Kappeln Q1807826
1442 Shir Kalmanovitz Israeli rower Israel 1991-08-07 Q47501790
1443 Lisa Farthofer Austrian rower Austria 1991-08-10 Vöcklabruck Q11757825
1444 Caragh McMurtry British rower United Kingdom 1991-08-22 Q47464879
1445 Peta White Australian rower Australia 1991-10-01 Q47460072
1446 Sarah Pound Australian rower Australia 1991-10-13 Q47351131
1447 Lin Gjerding Danish rower Denmark 1991-10-29 Q47501428
1448 Antónia Germanova Wilhelm Portuguese rower Portugal 1991-10-31 Vila Nova de Gaia Q11686540
1449 Tatiana Afinogenova Russian rower Russia 1991-12-05 Moscow Q18236029
1450 Rebecca Chin
Rebecca Chin rower in 2015.JPG
British rower United Kingdom 1991-12-11 <some value> Q20991582
1451 Luiza-Marija Rusinova Bulgarian rower Bulgaria 1991-12-30 Sofia Q11764182
1452 Aiala Uribelarrea Spanish rower Spain 1992-01-01 Santurtzi Q26718796
1453 Nazanin Malaei Iranian rower Iran 1992-01-28 <some value> Q20111155
1454 Joanna Dittmann Polish rower Poland 1992-02-09 <some value> Q45896788
1455 Serena Manetti Italian rower Italy 1992-02-29 Florence Q9335433
1456 Giada Colombo Italian rower Italy 1992-03-23 Vaprio d'Adda Q9267802
1457 Joanna Dorociak Polish rower Poland 1992-04-14 <some value> Q20109569
1458 Kateryna Sheremet Ukrainian rower Ukraine 1992-05-01 Fedorivka Q16723774
1459 Andrea Vanda Kollath Hungarian rower Hungary 1992-05-07 Q47264516
1460 Georgia Nesbitt Australian rower Australia 1992-05-08 Q47346644
1461 He Sihui Chinese rower People's Republic of China 1992-05-08 Q47462799
1462 Krisztina Gyimes Hungarian rower Hungary 1992-05-22 Győr Q11748236
1463 Olatz Aldalur
Spanish rower Spain 1992-05-28 Ibarra Q16518524
1464 Molly Bruggeman American rower United States of America 1992-06-19 Q47460382
1465 Annemarie Bernhard Dutch rower Kingdom of the Netherlands 1992-07-08 Q47465472
1466 Christina Juhl Johansen Danish rower Denmark 1992-07-17 Tommerup Stationsby Q41453566
1467 Gao Qiuqiu Chinese rower People's Republic of China 1992-08-09 Q47462846
1468 Leonie Pieper German rower Germany 1992-08-24 Düsseldorf Q20900871
1469 Georgia Miansarow Australian rower Australia 1992-08-31 Q47346808
1470 Lisanne Brandsma Dutch rower Kingdom of the Netherlands 1992-09-27 Q47465495
1471 Shen Xiaoxing Chinese rower People's Republic of China 1992-10-08 Q47462820
1472 Fiona Gammond British rower United Kingdom 1992-10-19 Q47105199
1473 Wiebke Hein German rower Germany 1992-10-29 Q47454927
1474 Guo Linlin Chinese rower People's Republic of China 1992-11-13 Q47462842
1475 Denise Walsh Irish rower Ireland 1992-11-13 Q47465369
1476 Yasmin Tredell British rower United Kingdom 1992-11-18 Q47464885
1477 Inga Thöne German rower Germany 1992-11-24 Q47183055
1478 Lam King Shan Hong Kong rower Hong Kong 1992-12-14 Q47234420
1479 Ju Rui Chinese rower People's Republic of China 1993-02-04 Q47462825
1480 Alena Shatagina Russian rower Russia 1993-03-25 Kondopoga Q26107365
1481 Ksenia Yamaeva Russian rower Russia 1993-04-01 Rostov-on-Don Q18237618
1482 Ilona Romanesku Ukrainian rower Ukraine 1993-04-18 <some value> Q16714646
1483 Yin Dameng Chinese rower People's Republic of China 1993-04-30 Q47462802
1484 Elena Lavinia Târlea Romanian rower Romania 1993-05-11 Vaslui Q26239132
1485 Nancy Miles American rower United States of America 1993-05-16 Q47452477
1486 Wang Qian Chinese rower People's Republic of China 1993-05-21 Q47181868
1487 Chen Fang Chinese rower People's Republic of China 1993-06-01 Q47456582
1488 Patricia Merz Swiss rower Switzerland 1993-06-02 Q47465858
1489 Elza Gulbe
Elza Gulbe.jpg
Latvian rower Latvia 1993-06-13 Tukums Q16355987
1490 Shen Ling Chinese rower People's Republic of China 1993-06-17 Q47456589
1491 Elena Coletti Italian rower Italy 1993-06-22 Terni Q9252599
1492 Kelsie Gibson British rower United Kingdom 1993-07-17 Q47431922
1493 Corinne Schoeller American rower United States of America 1993-07-21 Q47460386
1494 Yan Xiaohua Chinese rower People's Republic of China 1993-07-26 Q47456546
1495 Amy James Australian rower Australia 1993-07-29 Q47343773
1496 Anastasia Tikhanova
Anastasia Tikhanova M2017-05.jpg
Russian rower Russia 1993-08-16 Moscow Q18278677
1497 Elizaveta Tikhanova Russian rower Russia 1993-08-16 Moscow Q18278680
1498 Yi Liqin Chinese rower People's Republic of China 1993-10-25 Q47462808
1499 Anastasiia Ianina Russian rower Russia 1993-10-27 Moscow Q26107478
1500 Liu Shuang Chinese rower People's Republic of China 1993-10-28 Q47140970
1501 Alexandra Höffgen German rower Germany 1993-10-29 Q47465351
1502 Sara Magnaghi Italian rower Italy 1993-10-30 Q47465433
1503 Charlotte Reinhardt German rower Germany 1993-11-25 Q47184901
1504 Viviana-Iuliana Bejinariu Romanian rower Romania 1994-01-01 Q47185173
1505 Alice Arch Australian rower Australia 1994-01-05 Q47343521
1506 Eleni Englert American rower United States of America 1994-02-17 Q47182937
1507 Katarzyna Welna Polish rower Poland 1994-03-06 Q47465579
1508 Ioana Vrinceanu Romanian rower Romania 1994-03-07 Q47105092
1509 Trine Toft Andersen Danish rower Denmark 1994-03-09 Hadsund Q18342056
1510 Elena Oriabinskaia Russian rower Russia 1994-03-15 Saint Petersburg Q26105120
1511 Hillary Janssens Canadian rower Canada 1994-07-21 Q47460277
1512 Olga Michałkiewicz Polish rower Poland 1994-07-26 <some value> Q45896900
1513 Iulia Zhdanova Russian rower Russia 1994-09-02 Q47456187
1514 Kiri Tontodonati Italian rower Italy 1994-09-04 Q47465426
1515 Jessica Dietz German rower Germany 1994-09-19 Q47454213
1516 Marta Wieliczko Polish rower Poland 1994-10-01 Q43993549
1517 Cheng Wenjing Chinese rower People's Republic of China 1994-11-13 Q47462814
1518 Cui Xiaotong Chinese rower People's Republic of China 1994-11-21 Q47462831
1519 Greta Masserano Italian rower Italy 1994-12-16 Q47398580
1520 Anna Corderoy British rower United Kingdom 1994-12-28 Q47233785
1521 Tang Chanjuan Chinese rower People's Republic of China 1995-01-19 Q47456551
1522 Veronique Meester Dutch rower Kingdom of the Netherlands 1995-04-07 Q47465546
1523 Stefania Gobbi Italian rower Italy 1995-04-13 Q47465421
1524 Anna Karpova Russian rower Russia 1995-04-17 Q47465849
1525 Alina Ligia Pop Romanian rower Romania 1995-05-20 Q47184475
1526 Beatriz Tavares Brazilian rower Brazil 1995-05-25 <some value> Q16497354
1527 Anastasiya Grishanova Russian rower Russia 1995-06-24 Tolyatti Q27829157
1528 Frauke Hundeling German rower Germany 1995-06-27 Q47184992
1529 Nurit Bezdesky Israeli rower Israel 1995-06-29 <some value> Q18120279
1530 Ymkje Clevering Dutch rower Kingdom of the Netherlands 1995-07-17 Q47465543
1531 Katarzyna Zillmann Polish rower Poland 1995-07-26 <some value> Q29526438
1532 Anne Marie Schonk Dutch rower Kingdom of the Netherlands 1995-11-27 <some value> Q20993709
1533 Pan Dandan Chinese rower People's Republic of China 1996-01-01 Q47456462
1534 Veronique Boucher Canadian rower Canada 1996-03-24 Q47357942
1535 Camille Juillet French rower France 1996-03-30 Verdun Q17622510
1536 Beatrice-Mădălina Parfenie Romanian rower Romania 1996-04-03 Q47184703
1537 Cristina-Georgiana Popescu Romanian rower Romania 1996-04-15 Q47184817
1538 Valentina Plaksina Russian rower Russia 1996-07-31 Q43427245
1539 Federica Cesarini Italian rower Italy 1996-08-02 Q47104992
1540 Denisa Tîlvescu Romanian rower Romania 1996-08-13 <some value> Q20723876
1541 Paola Piazzolla Italian rower Italy 1996-10-21 Q47105981
1542 Asja Maregotto Italian rower Italy 1997-01-09 Q47310066
1543 Frieda Hämmerling German rower Germany 1997-01-20 Q47185088
1544 Lena Reuß German rower Germany 1997-05-04 Q47454375
1545 Olexandra Yankova Ukrainian rower Ukraine 1997-05-13 Q47501190
1546 Roxana Parascanu Romanian rower Romania 1997-05-14 Q47184588
1547 Nerea Perez Spanish rower Spain 1997-08-02 Tolosa Q21707164
1548 Anna Aksyonova Russian rower Russia 1997-10-31 Saratov Q45899116
1549 Xuan Xulian Chinese rower People's Republic of China 1998-02-28 Q47456575
1550 Karolien Florijn Dutch rower Kingdom of the Netherlands 1998-04-06 Q47465503
1551 Giovanna Schettino Italian rower Italy 1998-04-07 Q47310155
1552 Maria Geoffroy Spanish rower France 1998-06-08 Caixas Q17033026
1553 Jessica Davis Zimbabwean rower Zimbabwe 1998-10-02 Q47502047
1554 Michelle Garnett Zimbabwean rower Zimbabwe 1998-12-15 Q47502061
1555 Zhang Weimiao Chinese rower People's Republic of China 1999-05-03 Q47456566
1556 Zhang Weixiao Chinese rower People's Republic of China 1999-05-03 Q47456572
1557 Denise Coeckelenbergh Belgian rower Belgium 2000s <some value> Q1901788
1558 Christine Wasterlain Belgian rower Belgium 2000s Tournai Q2440465
1559 Ni Wenling track and field athlete and rower from Hong Kong Hong Kong 2000s <some value> Q10888361
1560 Stéphanie Chantry French rower France 2000s <some value> Q17354283
1561 Olga Ivanova Russian rower Russia
Soviet Union
2000s <some value> Q46888398
1562 Alla Sisheva Soviet rower Soviet Union 2000s Q47092753
1563 Valentina Kalegina Soviet rower Soviet Union 2000s Q47096548
1564 Nelli Chernova Soviet rower Soviet Union 2000s Q47152686
1565 Aino Paiusalu Soviet rower Soviet Union 2000s Q47152748
1566 Ljudmila Suslova Soviet rower Soviet Union 2000s Q47152794
1567 Ellen Minzner American rower United States of America 2000s Q47236871
1568 Miriam Taylor British rower United Kingdom 2000s Q47237519
1569 Karen Wolf German rower Germany 2000s Q47255740
1570 Renate Boesler German rower Germany 2000s Q47258059
1571 Barbara Müller German rower Germany 2000s Q47259337
1572 Helga Ammon German rower Germany 2000s Q47259416
1573 Ingrid Graf German rower Germany 2000s Q47259515
1574 Ute Gabler German rower Germany 2000s Q47259628
1575 Doris Mosig German rower Germany 2000s Q47260690
1576 Valentina Jermakova Soviet rower Soviet Union 2000s Q47260809
1577 Natalie Yatsenko Soviet rower Soviet Union 2000s Q47260943
1578 Tatjana Shvetsova Soviet rower Soviet Union 2000s Q47261000
1579 Livia Leonte Romanian rower Romania 2000s Q47261200
1580 Georgeta Soare Romanian rower Romania 2000s Q47261262
1581 Anișoara Oprea Romanian rower Romania 2000s Q47261328
1582 Kelly Mahon Canadian rower Canada 2000s Q47261392
1583 Fănică Costea Romanian rower Romania 2000s Q47261464
1584 Doreen Martin German rower Germany 2000s Q47261528
1585 Doreen Schnell German rower Germany 2000s Q47261593
1586 Anna Marie Dryden British rower United Kingdom 2000s Q47290463
1587 Alison Brownless British rower United Kingdom 2000s Q47291829
1588 Maria Sava Romanian rower Romania 2000s Q47292207
1589 Deirdre Fraser Australian rower Australia 2000s Q47306325
1590 Zossia Rakitskaya Soviet rower Soviet Union 2000s Q47359681
1591 Ingrid Hätscher German rower Germany 2000s <some value> Q1663332
1592 Valentina Dobrogjeyeva Soviet rower Soviet Union Q47152863
1593 Nadezhda Gontsarova Soviet rower Soviet Union Q47152887
1594 Valentina Sirsikova Soviet rower Soviet Union Q47153035
1595 Lyubov Isayeva Soviet rower Soviet Union Q47153094
1596 Nonna Petsernikova Soviet rower Soviet Union Q47153148
1597 Vera Rebrova Soviet rower Soviet Union Q47153172
1598 Daina Mellenberg Soviet rower Soviet Union Q47256978
1599 Nina Grichenkova Soviet rower Soviet Union Q47259782
1600 Aldona Margunite Soviet rower Soviet Union Q47260035
1601 Leokadija Semashko Soviet rower Soviet Union Q47260383
1602 Nadezhda Tuberosova Soviet rower Soviet Union Q47262009
1603 Raissa Karatayeva Soviet rower Soviet Union Q47451023
1604 Sanna Sumilovich Soviet rower Soviet Union Q47451047
1605 Sofia Grucova Soviet rower Soviet Union Q47540439
1606 Ulrike Skrbek German rower East Germany
1607 Maria Kovalyova Soviet rower Soviet Union Q47558210
1608 Maria Hapková Soviet rower Q47558553
1609 Nina Burakova Soviet rower Q47558799
1610 Olga Blagovensenskaya Soviet rower Q47560581
1611 Ana Tamas Romanian rower Q47561706
1612 Florica Ghiuzelea Romanian rower Q47562090
1613 Luminita Golgotiu Romanian rower Q47562636
1614 Mária Fekete Hungarian rower Q47564181
1615 Renate Weber German rower Q47565360
1616 Helga Schmidt German rower East Germany
1617 Barbara Koch German rower East Germany
1618 Yevgenia Vlassova Soviet rower Q48025344
1619 Nadezhda Nikolaevna Soviet rower Q48026314
1620 Barbara Behrend German rower Q48027485
1621 Marita Berndt German rower Q48027860
1622 Hanna Mitter German rower Q48028060
1623 Christine Turba German rower Q48028281
1624 Renate Seyfarth German rower Q48030060
1625 Marlis Wegener German rower Q48030475
1626 Urszula Kay Australian rower Australia Q48061901
1627 Marilyn Kidd Australian rower Australia Q48062399
1628 Eva Sika Austrian rower Austria 2011-01-24 Q48299050
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