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WiR redlist index: Trinidad and Tobago

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# Article description date of birth date of death image item
1 Aaliyah Telesford Trinidad and Tobego athlete 1995-03-10 Q16526040
2 Afiyah Matthias Trinidad and Tobago footballer 1992-03-20 Q27942063
3 Alicia Saldenha Q17159191
4 Aminah Fountain Trinidadian Singer, Songwriter, Designer And Actress 1984-08-23 Q41546473
5 Anastasia Prescott Trinidad and Tobago footballer 1987-06-27 Q27942071
6 Arin King Trinidad and Tobago footballer 1991-02-08 Q27942076
7 Ayana Glasgow Trinidadian heptathlete 1997-03-27 Q36667615
8 Ayana Riviere 1984-07-15 Q9163135
9 Ayanna Russell Trinidad and Tobago footballer 1988-03-16 Q27942078
10 Beverly Tang Choon badminton player Q27288997
11 Brianna Ryce Trinidad and Tobago footballer 1994-01-25 Q27942079
12 Catherine Emmanuel Trinidadian actor 1976 Q22348230
13 Danielle Blair Trinidad and Tobago footballer 1988-06-16 Q27942087
14 Danielle Jones Trinidadian model 1978 Q3702123
15 Debra O’Connor badminton player 1966-07-04 Q1181630
16 Delicia Pierre 1991-10-11 Q26250967
17 Geraldine George 1972-02-25 Q9267396
18 Jeanine De Bique 1981
19 Jenelle Cudjoe badminton player Q27289062
20 Jenelle Cunningham Trinidad and Tobago footballer 1990-04-29 Q27942115
21 Karyn Olivier Q28870361
22 Kerian Quan Chee badminton player 1988-03-05 Q27267578
23 Kernisha Spann Trinidadian and Tobagonian athlete 1994-01-31 Q11738776
24 Khadidra Debesette Trinidad and Tobago footballer 1995-01-06 Q27942135
25 Khadisha Debessette Trinidad and Tobago footballer 1995-05-06 Q27942137
26 Khemani Roberts 1997-01-13 Q55044525
27 Liana Hinds Trinidad and Tobago footballer 1995-02-23 Q27942144
28 Marion Wagschal 1943 Q20723813
29 Naomi Guerra Trinidad and Tobago footballer 1996-06-01 Q27942160
30 Nekeisha Blake badminton player 1987-07-03 Q1975073
31 Patrice Superville Trinidad and Tobago footballer 1987-04-08 Q27942168
32 Rhea Belgrave Trinidad and Tobago footballer 1991-07-19 Q27942170
33 Ro-Ann Mohammed Trinidadian and Barbadian LGBT rights activist Q33250929
34 Sabrina Cassie badminton player 1970 Q2210122
35 Saundra Baron Trinidad and Tobago footballer 1994-07-20 Q27942173
36 Shalette Alexander Trinidad and Tobago footballer 1993-12-20 Q27942177
37 Shinelle Henry Trinidad and Tobago footballer 1994-03-13 Q27942179
38 Tasha St Louis association football player 1983-12-20 Q4979902
39 Teniel Campbell 1997-09-23 Q54889465
40 Tinesha Palmer Trinidad and Tobago footballer 1994-09-16 Q27942186
41 Tonya Nero 1988-11-27 Q9360024
42 Victoria Swift Trinidad and Tobago footballer 1995-01-29 Q27942188
43 Virginia Chariandy badminton player 1961-10-25 Q26945213
44 Zeudi Mack badminton player 1970s Q27289023
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