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This is a list with redlinks; we call it a Redlist but others might refer to it as a Work List or a Task List. It may be:

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This list is intended to serve as a basis for creating new articles in an important but somewhat neglected sector on the English Wikipedia. Of course, all new articles must satisfy Wikipedia's notability criteria, so keep in mind that redlinks on this list may or may not qualify. Some of the women listed here may have articles in other language Wikipedias, but many others may not yet been covered in any Wikipedia; follow the Qnnnnnnnn links in the Item column to see if other language articles exist. Translation assistance is welcome.

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# Article description date of birth date of death image item
1 Alison Daubercies 1931 Q29122405
2 Ana Rosa Luna Puerto Rican volleyball player 1989-03-16 Q18812098
3 Aurora Román 1901s Q47436490
4 Betsy Ortiz 1975-05-16 Q19950428
5 Carla Cotto 1983-03-10 Q47067543
6 Carla Tricoli Puerto Rican model 1982 Q3658867
7 Carmen Mirabal Q5752604
8 Cecilia Argüelles Q30904527
9 Charlenne Domínguez Puerto Rican volleyball player 1985-11-05 Q18811938
10 Daneysha Santana badminton player 1994-01-09 Q1159482
11 Dayanara Rivera Puerto Rican amateur wrestler 1992-10-31 Q18614050
12 Denisse Orengo 1981-01-18 Q11693876
13 Dhara Rivera 1952 Q10887769
14 Doreen Colondres 1901s
16 30 1-DoreenColondres-Q55A2146.jpg
15 Edna Sánchez Q42913303
16 Elizabeth González Q42913318
17 Enid Rivera Puerto Rican amateur wrestler 1980-11-07 Q18614053
18 Enimarie Fernández Puerto Rican volleyball player 1988-02-25 Q18811964
19 Evelyn Matías Puerto Rican amateur wrestler Q18649979
20 Fransheska Puerto Rican singer 2000s Q5868659
21 Gilda Haddock 1956-02-23 Q16300863
22 Gisela Gilbert Q42913442
23 Glorimar Ortega Puerto Rican volleyball player 1983-11-21 Q3772448
24 Idaliz Escalante 1973
25 Isabelita Freire 1915 2005 Q5920959
26 Ivonne Ayala Q42913486
27 Ivonne Pérez 1979 Q23641789
28 Jackelin Cruzado Q42913493
29 Jenny Amador 1975-02-17 Q44573296
30 Jetzabel Del Valle Puerto Rican volleyball player 1979-12-19 Q7000106
31 Joyceline Montero García 1983 Q5946847
32 Kiomary Ortiz 1974-03-17 Q43955708
33 Lisa Boscarino Puerto Rican judoka 1961-05-18 Q21484073
34 Livanis Rivera Puerto Rican amateur wrestler 1980-08-15 Q18649997
35 Livian Pérez 2000s Q42914997
36 Liza Lugo 1969-12-11 Q5977535
37 Lizabeth Rodríguez Puerto Rican amateur wrestler 1992-11-17 Q19904686
38 Luz Medina 1975-10-29 Q40683999
39 Maniliz Segarra 1966 Q21546256
40 Margarita Maldonado Colón 2000s Q2891516
41 María Antonia Ordóñez 1952 Q29122397
42 María Cristina Carbonell sculptor 1901s Q42063791
43 María Pérez Díaz
Maria Perez.jpg
44 Mariana Thon Puerto Rican volleyball player 1988-11-18 Q16576138
45 Marie Koesnodihardjo 1992 Q5998165
46 Marilyn Batista Márquez 1959-10-18 Q16301364
47 Marilyn Pupo 1950-11-23 Q18397890
48 Mercedes Amalia Marchand 1907-04-08 1998 Q6010790
49 Mercedes López-Baralt 1942-09-26
Mercedes López-Baralt.jpg
50 Mimi Maura Puerto Rican singer and songwriter 1972-02-19
Mimi Maura.png
51 Nesmaria Rodríguez Puerto Rican amateur wrestler 1992-07-03 Q19904687
52 Nikki Martínez 1992-11-25 Q41777244
53 Olga Mayol 2000s Q47495317
54 Rebecca Castrillo 1954 Q29122385
55 Rebecca Yahasg Q42914844
56 Roxana García 1977 Q23641663
57 Sandra Vanessa Mercado 1969-10-03 Q20165791
58 Saned 1976-05-30 Q7417559
59 Saraí Álvarez Puerto Rican volleyball player 1986-04-03 Q3950442
60 Shalimarie Merlo Puerto Rican volleyball player 1994-07-21 Q16605661
61 Sheila Ocasio Puerto Rican volleyball player 1982-11-17 Q9335969
62 Sonia Rodríguez Q42914867
63 Stephanie Salas Puerto Rican volleyball player 1992-02-17 Q18814749
64 Sylvia Blanco 1943 Q29122381
65 Tatiana Encarnación Puerto Rican volleyball player 1985-07-28 Q3981492
66 Trina Padilla de Sanz 1864-06-07 1957-04-26 Q6152690
67 Valeria León Puerto Rican volleyball player 1995-11-21 Q28801832
68 Vicmarie Tirado Puerto Rican amateur wrestler 1995-02-02 Q18649938
69 Victoria Espinosa 1922-03-26 Q17632634
70 Xaimara Colón Puerto Rican volleyball player 1988-09-11 Q4021705
71 Yamileth Valle Puerto Rican amateur wrestler 1976-06-22 Q19904692
72 Yanira Morales Puerto Rican amateur wrestler 1982-10-08 Q18614051
73 Yanire Feliciano Q42914899
74 Yasary Castrodad Cuban volleyball player 1978-11-11 Q18668723
75 Yeimily Mojica Puerto Rican volleyball player 1990-03-28 Q4022656
76 Yirehliz Rivera Puerto Rican amateur wrestler 1991-08-07 Q18614052
77 Yolanda V. Fundora 1953 Q29122395
78 Zoraida López Q16651320
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