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WiR redlist index: Pakistan

Welcome to WikiProject Women in Red (WiR). Our objective is to turn red links into blue ones. Our scope is women's biographies, women's works, and women's issues, broadly construed.

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# Article description date of birth date of death image item
1 Aamna Taseer Pakistani investor Q23012872
2 Afshan Shakeel badminton player Q27763792
3 Aisha Khalid 1972 Q43132461
4 Amar Sindhu Pakistani writer 1968-08-28
Amar Sindhu.jpg
5 Ameena Ashraf Pakistani politician Q23055072
6 Anam Tanveer Pakistani television host 1986-02-08 Q4751174
7 Anna Maria Gueizelor Pakistani actor (1907-1998) 1907-11-20 1998-02-22 Q3617762
8 Anwara Ali British politician 1970-09-15 Q4778072
9 Asia Bibi Pakistani woman accused of blasphemy 1971
Asia Bibi with her husband Ashiq Masih in May 2013.jpg
10 Asma Butt badminton player 1976-06-27 Q27267644
11 Attiya Mahmood Ambassador of Pakistan 1954-12-20 Q4818561
12 Audrey Juma Pakistani academic Q4820146
13 Ayesha Akram badminton player 1980s Q27889691
14 Ayesha Ishtiaq Q28971897
15 Ayesha Riyaz Resident Representative of Pakistan to the IAEA
Ayesha Riyaz (cropped).jpg
16 Bakhtawar Zardari Bhutto Pakistani politician 1990-01-25 Q20643235
17 Bilqees Taseer Pakistani writer 1911 Q23012863
18 Corine McKinley badminton player Q27893280
19 Deeba Begum Pakistani actress Q21187913
20 Elsie Hunt badminton player Q27038082
21 Fakhra Younas Pakistani writer 1979 2012-03-17 Q3738509
22 Fareha Zeba Bangladeshi painter 1961 Q21459211
23 Fatima Ali Mohammad Pakistani entomologist Q21388323
24 Fazila Qazi Pakistani actor, writer and model Q15983432
25 Ferdose Sultana Q3335135
26 G. Nazir badminton player Q27893350
27 Gemma Rodricks badminton player Q27038039
28 Ghazala Wadood badminton player 1954 Q1294288
29 Gloria Kondo badminton player Q27889745
30 Hina Saleem Pakistani murder victim 1985-12-19 2006-08-11 Q2203378
31 Hines badminton player Q27893369
32 Humaira Akmal Pakistani athletics competitor 2000s Q11710277
33 Isha Akram badminton player Q27789670
34 Ismat Saeed badminton player Q27038079
35 Ismat Shahjahan Pakistani politician, feminist and socialist Q55313055
36 Jamil badminton player Q27889763
37 Jia Ali Model and actress 1967-05-15 Q14865082
38 Kamrun Nahar Dana badminton player 1960 Q1644817
39 Laara Sadiq Pakistani-Canadian actress Q56239427
40 Leena Moin Aziz Pakistani journalist Q16245963
41 Maria Sultan Pakistani political scientist 1965-03-23 Q15983443
42 Marie Therese Braganza badminton player Q27893532
43 Mehwish Maqsood Pakistani singer 1988 Q16232255
44 Mishal Bukhari Pakistani television journalist Q17580300
45 Mona Parkash Q19894650
46 Moneeza Hashmi 1945 Q23012861
47 Mumtaz Pakistani actress Q56396125
48 Mutahar Fauzia American doctor 1951 Q6943645
49 Nadia Fatima Pakistani entomologist Q26761681
50 Nargis Gyara badminton player Q27889848
51 Narjis Afroz Zaidi 1964-10-19 Q23409795
52 Nasreen Pakistani actress Q21188203
53 Nasrin badminton player 1960 Q27914092
54 Neeloufar Ahmed badminton player 1930s Q27893582
55 Nighat Sultana badminton player Q27889855
56 Noshi Gilani Pakistani writer 1964-03-14
Noshi Gilani.JPG
57 Parveen Talukder Bangladeshi politician 1958-01-31 Q14975807
58 Purnima Paul badminton player Q27889871
59 Rabeya Khatun Talukder Bengali player 1926-05-25 2009-02-07 Q13059589
60 Rafia Shareef PAkistani activist Q16228396
61 Rahma Ali Actress, Singer 1988-09-15 Q18205147
62 Risham Hosain Syed Pakistani painter 1969 Q21289749
63 Rose Mary Pakistani singer 1999 Q16240321
64 Rubina Abid Pakistani botanist 1965-09-29 Q6113122
65 Saba Rasheed badminton player 1996-08-02 Q27889885
66 Sadia Arshad badminton player 1980s Q27893651
67 Saman Hasnain Beauty pageant winner 1972-11-01
Saman Hasnain 1.jpg
68 Saman Rashid Pakistani field hockey player 1986-03-11 Q7408554
69 Sameena Jehanzeb German-Pakistani writer, graphic designer and illustrator 1981-07-14 Q58446706
70 Sameera Khan Q57085195
71 Sana Zulfiqar Pakistani singer 1994 Q16236505
72 Sara Khan badminton player Q27889887
73 Shamshad Akhtar Pakistani actress, active in Scotland 1951 Q4934678
74 Sharmin Akthar Momo badminton player 1970s Q2277222
75 Shaukat Khanum Imran Khan's mother Q56773177
76 Shazia Akram Pakistani news anchor Q18211447
77 Shehrbano Taseer Pakistani journalist Q21872679
78 Sobia Khan Pakistani actor 1991-07-03 Q18378891
79 Sobia Tahir Pakistani philosopher 1966-01-26 Q18392112
80 sofia khan Pakistani singer 1995-01-23 Q24572782
81 Suhasini Das politician 2009-05-15
Shuha shini dash.jpg
82 Sumbal Khan Pakistani footballer 1989-05-12 2007-12 Q7637035
83 Sumi badminton player 1970s Q27914347
84 T. Concepcion badminton player Q27893689
85 Talat Sultana badminton player Q27038045
86 Tania Shah badminton player 1960 Q41695476
87 Tashfeen Malik wife of Syed Rizwan Farook, co-perpetrator of 2015 San Bernardino shooting 1988-07-13 2015-12-02 Q21664333
88 Uzma Butt badminton player Q27267651
89 Yasmeen Shaukat Pakistani actress Q21187842
90 Yasra Rizvi Pakistani film director 1982-11-15 Q21285504
91 Zahida Parveen 1925 1975-05-15 Q55675513
92 زیب النساء زیبی 1954 Q47187624
93 নাজনীন সুলতানা
Nazneen Sultana.tif
94 শামসুন নাহার 1957-06-02 Q31724151
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