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This is a list with redlinks; we call it a Redlist but others might refer to it as a Work List or a Task List. It may be:

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This list is intended to serve as a basis for creating new articles in an important but somewhat neglected sector on the English Wikipedia. Of course, all new articles must satisfy Wikipedia's notability criteria, so keep in mind that redlinks on this list may or may not qualify. Some of the women listed here may have articles in other language Wikipedias, but many others may not yet been covered in any Wikipedia; follow the Qnnnnnnnn links in the Item column to see if other language articles exist. Translation assistance is welcome.

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# Article description date of birth date of death image item
1 A. M. Plante Australian painter (dup of Ada May Plante, needs merging on cywiki) 1875-10-04 1950-07-03 Q20887169
2 Alison Branfield badminton player 1940s Q13481922
3 Amanda Brown badminton player 1991-12-21 Q14564841
4 Amanda Carter badminton player 1976-10-01 Q453806
5 Amiria Marsh New Zealand rugby union player 1983-05-17 Q2843527
6 Ana Moceyawa 1989-11-02 Q29831334
7 Anastasiya Korzh 1999-08-10 Q28672430
8 Anna Cleaver triathlete 1982 Q15856658
9 Anna Rankin badminton player 1989-12-08 Q563044
10 Bryony Botha 1997-11-04 Q45435324
11 Cassandra Kelly New Zealander athletics competitor 1963-06-29 Q9185109
12 Chris Newton New Zealand tennis player 1956-02-13 Q1077600
13 Claire Richardson New Zealand rugby union player 1984-04-02 Q2975112
14 Desiree Craike 2000s Q28672568
15 Diane Charteris New Zealand shot putter and discus thrower 1947-05-06 Q27310695
16 Dianne Rodger New Zealand athlete 1956-11-09 Q21936542
17 Edith Findlay New Zealand painter 1885 1980s Q27924426
18 Ella Wilks New Zealand actress 1985-02-24 Q4990569
19 Emma Rodgers badminton player 1988-05-12 Q1338084
20 Erin Rooney New Zealand basketball player 1990-07-03 Q18398412
21 Exia Edwards New Zealand rugby union player 1975-11-12 Q3061936
22 Fiona Docherty New Zealand athlete 1975-09-01 Q1418496
23 Fiona Glen New Zealand judo player Q37583866
24 Fiona Hayvice New Zealander ultramarathon runner 1975-12-16 Q23034466
25 Frances Wright painter from New Zealand 1877 1964 Q27924448
26 Gabriel Shirley badminton player 1980 Q18872206
27 Gail Wooten New Zealand hurdler and sprinter 1956 Q27987053
28 Gaynor Weatherley badminton player 1945 Q13481925
29 Genevieve Armstrong New Zealand rower 1988-06-16 Q11699585
30 Gilda Tompkins badminton player 1940s Q13481929
31 Glenys Middelburg badminton player 1940s Q13481920
32 Hana Guy New Zealand tennis player 1969-06-08 Q1574147
33 Hannah Downing New Zealand judo player Q37584278
34 Hannah Myers New Zealand rugby union player 1979-09-28 Q3126842
35 Hannah Tunnicliffe New Zealand writer 1979-07-17 Q31191557
36 Helen Robertson New Zealand judo player Q37584068
37 Hildegard Wieck painter from New Zealand 1930 1993 Q27924493
38 Hildegarde Read painter from New Zealand 1892 1988 Q27924495
39 Ingrid Park New Zealand actress 1971
Ingrid Park 2013.jpg
40 Jacinta Wawatai New Zealand actress 1992-08-12 Q537331
41 Jo Johansen New Zealand ultramarathon runner 1979-09-18 Q20801626
42 Joanne Snell badminton player 1977-09-10 Q18710994
43 Josephine Davison New Zealand actress 1973 Q1573987
44 Julie Still badminton player 1965-03-01 Q1699869
45 Justine Wright New Zealand film editor 1950s Q27923738
46 Karen Page New Zealand pentathlete 1950s Q27987843
47 Karyn Mills New Zealand triathlete 1973 Q1734725
48 Kritteka Gregory badminton player 1990-02-06 Q14408436
49 Kuramihirangi Smith New Zealand Judo player Q37584227
50 Kylie Gill New Zealand skier 1974-01-08 Q11751790
51 Kylie Luo badminton player 1989-11-03 Q1795085
52 Laura Surrich New Zealander actor 1988-01-17 Q3827848
53 Li Feng badminton player 1969-04-26 Q1513791
54 Lily Branscombe actress born in New Zealand 1876-02-28 1970-09-26 Q3832430
55 Lorene Prieto Chilean singer and actress 1967-05-18 Q3259436
56 Louise Jones New Zealand sprinter 1985-08-04 Q21288283
57 Madeleine Stapleton badminton player 1993-03-25 Q14564753
58 Maggie Barry New Zealander actor and costume designer 1960 Q4937607
59 Marany Meyer 1984-04-05 Q1892288
60 Margaret Hawksworth badminton player 1915-06-06 2008-06-24 Q1344313
61 Margaret Moorhead badminton player 1930s Q13481926
62 Margaret Thompson New Zealand painter 1924 Q27924657
63 Marleen Timmers New Zealand judoka Q30905379
64 Mary Wade badminton player 1910 <some value> Q1300237
65 Mary Westwood New Zealand painter 1905 Q27924662
66 Mavis Kerr badminton player 1919-02-15 2005 Q13481928
67 Mélanie Burke New Zealander triathlete 1980
68 Melodie Ngatai New Zealand rugby union player 1976-06-25 Q3305230
69 Michelle Miles New Zealand hurdler 1956 Q27987512
70 Nancy Fleming badminton player 1918 Q12224047
71 Philippa Beams New Zealand squash player 2000s Q16320623
72 Philippa Blair New Zealand painter 1945 Q27924715
73 Phyllis Wren badminton player 1910s Q2089223
74 Rain Mako Australian boxer 1976-08-27 Q7284478
75 Rebecca Finlay New Zealand judo player Q37586816
76 Robin Denton badminton player 1950s Q13481924
77 Ruby Muir New Zealand ultramarathon runner 1991-07-01 Q20801602
78 Sally Mene New Zealand discus and javelin thrower 1949-12-02 Q27538535
79 Samantha McIntosh New Zealand equestrian 1975-09-30 Q1428151
80 Samara Sheppard mountain biker 1990-06-25 Q16801454
81 Sandra Manderson New Zealand juoko 1954-12-02 Q29917712
82 Sarah Barnes New Zealand rower 1981-11-27 Q9333831
83 Sarah Bryant New Zealand triathlete 1985-03-21 Q3950317
84 Sarah Harrow triathlete Q3950331
85 Sheree Jefferson badminton player 1972-03-25 Q1558878
86 Shirley Somervell New Zealand middle- and long-distance runner 1946-06-30 Q27901832
87 Sian Law 1981-05-05 Q28672566
88 Sonia Cox badminton player 1930s 2001 Q1529275
89 Stephanie Cheng badminton player 1989-10-14 Q1797332
90 Sue Jacobs New Zealand association football player 1950 2012-07-13 Q16611068
91 Terry Gray badminton player 1963-12-19 Q18710995
92 Val Gow badminton player 1929-03-08 2012-08-24 Q2507716
93 Val Robinson New Zealand middle-distance runner 1940-12-05 Q27539392
94 Vanessa Quin cyclist 1976-10-15 Q4008555
95 Victoria Blackledge New Zealand rugby union player 1982-08-26 Q3557680
96 Victoria Cheng badminton player 1993-09-13 Q1303577
97 Wendy Brown New Zealand sprinter 1950-05-21 Q27901115
98 Самойлова, Галина Алексеевна 1962-12-05 Q4406731
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