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# Article description date of birth date of death image item
1 Adrienne Koutouan Ivorian actress 1969 Q2825312
2 Affou Kéïta Ivorian singer Q2826095
3 Agnès Kraidy journalist 1965-02-10 Q2826992
4 Aïcha Koné Ivorian singer 1957-05-21 Q2876207
5 Aissata Dia Aissata Dia Q21998078
6 Akissi Delta Ivorian actor 1960-03-05 Q2829078
7 Albertine Gnanazan Hépié Ivorian politician Q2831719
8 Albertine Koutouan Ivorian athletics competitor 1964-12-28 Q2831720
9 Albertine N'Guessan Ivorian actress 2016-04-22 Q27892379
10 Alice Dekessa Ivorian singer Q2836564
11 Alice Sofa Ivorian singer Q2836660
12 Allah Thérèse Ivorian singer Q2837643
13 Amélie Wabehi Ivorian actor Q2844777
14 Amoin Koffi Ivorian actor 1961 Q2843771
15 Ange Atsé Ivorian association football player 1988-08-25 Q15623168
16 Ange Keffa Ivorian actor Q2849285
17 Angéline Nadié Ivorian actor Q2849852
18 Anne Somené Ivorian association football player 1986-08-10 Q15791988
19 Antoinette Konan Ivorian singer Q2856961
20 Awa Ehoura Ivorian journalist Q2874644
21 Awa Maïga Ivorian singer Q2874647
22 Béatrice Kombe Gnapa Ivorian choreographer (1972-2007) 1972-04-06 2007-02-21 Q2929455
23 Betty Kouadio Betty Kouadio Q22038882
24 Candide Zanzan Ivorian handball player Q2936291
25 Carole Darricarrère Ivorian poet 1959 Q24691630
26 Céline Dongo Ivorian handball player Q3010156
27 Chantal Taiba Ivorian singer Q2956322
28 Christina DJ Ivorian singer Q2965862
29 Christine Adjouablé Ivorian handball player Q514649
30 Christine Koffi Ivorian handball player Q2965937
31 Claudie Titty Dimbeng Ivorian visual artist and painter 1968
Claudie Titty DIMBENG.jpeg
32 Clémentine Papouet Ivorian actor 1960-03-15 Q2980743
33 Cynthia Djohoré Ivorian association football player and volleyball player 1990-12-02 Q15804148
34 Danièle Boni-Claverie French politician and journalist 2000s Q1164168
35 Danyellah Polnareff Ivorian model 1974-09-19 Q3015802
36 Delphine Gbogboua Ivorian handball player Q3021832
37 Denise Likane Ivorian journalist Q3023055
38 Dent de Man Ivorian actor Q3023305
39 Diane Solo Ivorian singer 1960
40 Djuedjuessi Ivorian actor Q3033079
41 Edwige Zady Ivorian handball player Q3048758
42 Emma Djédjé Ivorian handball player Q3052452
43 Emma Lohoues Ivorian actor 1986-04-17 Q3052467
44 Estelle Brou Ivorian athletics competitor 1977-08-19 Q3058894
45 Euphrasie Yao Ivorian Minister of Women's Rights, Family, and Infants Q25382778
46 Fatoumata Bamba Ivorian politician Q3067266
47 Geneviève Bro Grébet Ivorian politician 1953-03-13 Q3100606
48 Guei Thérèse Ivorian actor Q3118861
49 Hanni Tchelley Ivorian actor Q3126861
50 Hélène-Valérie Djouka Ivorian model 1994-04-01 Q22210629
51 Henriette Konan Bédié First Lady of Côte d'Ivoire Q3132474
52 Henriette Lagou Adjoua Ivorian politician Q3132475
53 Hien Macline Ivorian photographer 1970 Q3135296
54 Hortense Konan Ivoirian handball player 1963-04-03 Q17558575
55 Inès Da Sylva Inès Da Sylva Q22039433
56 Isabelle Beke French actress Q3154868
57 Izabella Maya Ivoirian actress
Izabella Maya Actrice franco Ivoirien de Cinema.jpg
58 Jeanne Adjoua Peuhmond Ivorian politician
59 Jeanne Gnago Ivorian association football player 1984-08-14 Q15820920
60 Jeanne Tessia Ivorian actor Q3176171
61 Joelle Séka Ivoirian singer 1970-07-13 2008-02-14 Q3180279
62 Joellie Baflan Ivorian athletics competitor 1988-10-16 Q3180282
63 Joséphine Guidy Wandja Ivorian mathematician 1945 Q12892125
64 Josiane Yapo Ivorian actor 2004 Q3186059
65 Joye Tape Ivorian singer 1975-01-17
Festival No-Logo.jpg
66 Julie Mabéa Ivorian singer Q3189237
67 Kaba Nialé Ivorian politician 1962 Q22085045
68 Kandia Camara Ivorian politician 1959-06-17 Q3192595
69 Kanga Gladys Ivorian handball player Q3192642
70 Kariata Diaby 1995-06-29 Q41711164
71 Koné Oumar Ivorian athletics competitor Q3198812
72 Maï La Bombe Ivorian actor Q3303376
73 Maïmouna Samaké Ivorian handball player Q3303404
74 Makaridja Sakanogo Ivorian athletics competitor Q3280671
75 Mariam Coulibaly Ivorian journalist 1977-07-27 Q3291190
76 Mariam Dao Gabala Ivoirian activist 1960 Q19508683
77 Marie-Louise Asseu Ivorian actor 1970s 2016-12-07 Q3292047
78 Marie-Odette Lorougnon Ivorian politician Q28499697
79 Marie-Sohna Condé French actress 1971
Marie-Sohna Condé 2016.jpg
80 Martine Coffi-Studer Ivorian businessperson 1961-01-30 Q22083351
81 Martine Djibo Ivorian politician Q3295768
82 Maty Dollar Ivorian singer Q3300006
83 Mawa Traoré Ivorian artist Q3301949
84 Mikan Céline Koné Ivorian actor Q3313161
85 Murielle-Claude Nanié Murielle-Claude Nanié Q22042912
86 Nadège N’Guessan Ivorian association football player 1989-08-26 Q15867399
87 Nadia Beugré 1981-03-05 Q33082809
88 Naky Sy Savané Ivorian actress Q3335374
89 Nash du Gbonhi Ivorian singer Q3336179
90 Nastou Traoré Ivorian actor 1974 Q3336272
91 Nathalie Kregbo Ivorian handball player Q3336621
92 Patricia Ballet Ivorian actor Q3369074
93 Paulette Badjo Ezouehu Ivorian politician Q22209493
94 Rachel Bancouly Ivorian association football player 1983-04-11 Q15623176
95 Reine Pélagie Ivorian singer Q3423849
96 Reine Yamousso Ivorian queen Q3423850
97 Robeace Abogny Ivorian handball player 1981-12-28 Q3434333
98 Rosine Dacoury Rosine Dacoury Q22041516
99 Salimata Dosso Ivorian association football player 1986-07-23 Q15843820
100 Simone Kaya Ivorian writer 1937 Q1602330
101 Sylva Née Ivorian handball player Q3506910
102 Teeyah Ivorian singer 1986-01-01 Q3517128
103 Thérèse Taba Ivorian actor Q3527373
104 Tiane Ivorian singer Q3528017
105 Tina Glamour Ivorian singer Q3529123
106 Tra Lou Edwige Ivorian handball player Q3536112
107 Véronique Aka 1959-08-15
Veronique AKA.jpg
108 Victorine Gboko Wodié Ivorian politician Q3557739
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