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This list is intended to serve as a basis for creating new articles in an important but somewhat neglected sector on the English Wikipedia. Of course, all new articles must satisfy Wikipedia's notability criteria, so keep in mind that redlinks on this list may or may not qualify. Some of the women listed here may have articles in other language Wikipedias, but many others may not yet been covered in any Wikipedia; follow the Qnnnnnnnn links in the Item column to see if other language articles exist. Translation assistance is welcome.

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# Article description date of birth date of death image item
1 Adela de Torrebiarte Guatemalan politician 1949-03-30
Adela Camacho.jpg
2 Adela Schuman de Morales Guatemalan businesswoman 1892-04-21 1981-11-14
3 Adriana Portillo-Bartow 1953-04-11
Adriana Portillo-Bartow e hijas desaparecidas.jpg
4 Alejandra Barillas Guatemalan model 1987 Q3609422
5 Ana Cofiño Guatemalan anthropologist and historian 1955
Ana Cofiño.png
6 Ana Silvia Monzón sociologist from Guatemala 1960 Q26155677
7 Anamaría Diéguez Arévalo Guatemalan diplomat 1952-02-06 Q485422
8 Carmen Lind Pettersen Guatemalan painter 1900 1991 Q29122170
9 Celia Barrios de Reyna First Mother of Guatemala 1833 1897-07-06
10 Cheili Carolina González Castillo Guatemalan karateka 1980-11-21 Q2962139
11 Chynthia Del Águila Guatemalan politician 1959-05-16 Q5768624
12 Concepción Ramírez Guatemalan indigenous woman 1942-03-08 Q20751369
13 Dalia Soberanis Guatemalan speed skater 1996-10-30 Q5797637
14 Deborah David Guatemalan singer, model and actor 1979-01-07
Deborah David.jpg
15 Elisa Molina de Stahl Guatemalan philanthropist; founder of the Pro Blind and Deaf National Committee 1918-03-24 1996-11-03 Q23461959
16 Flor Ramírez Guatemalan wrestler Q20030433
17 Iduvina Hernández Guatemalan journalist and human rights activist Q30918477
18 Joaquina Cabrera Guatemalan First Mother of the Nation 1836-08-21 1908-07-03
19 Julia Esquivel Velásquez Guatemalan author and writer 1930-05-03 Q1711836
20 Lucrecia Hernández Mack medical and political from Guatemala 1973-11-16 Q26137134
21 María Castellanos Guatemalan karateka 1988-05-12 Q24325426
22 María del Rosario Molina Guatemalan journalist and writer 1939-04-17 Q6005007
23 María Dolores Bedoya Guatemalan feminist and politician 1783-09-20 1853-07-09 Q5671199
24 María Mercedes Coroy Guatemalan actress 1994 Q21162771
25 María Telón Guatemalan actress Q21162710
26 María Teresa Aycinena y Piñol Guatemalan Carmelite nun 1784-04-15 1841-11-29 Q6004635
27 María Teresa Martínez Guatemalan actor Q16601515
28 Matilde González - Izás Guatemalan sociologist 1960 Q27119162
29 Maura Estrada Guatemalan politician, notary and lawyer (1957-2015) 1957-02-17 2015-07-25 Q20735840
30 Nan Cuz Guatemalan photographer and painter 1927 Q3335504
31 Rosa Leal de Pérez Guatemalan politician 1953-12-09
Reunión con el Presidente de Guatemala, Otto Pérez Molina (8137158281).jpg
32 Samara de Córdova Guatemalan actor (1923-2015) 1923-08-25 2015-06-08 Q18286423
33 Sara Curruchich Indigenous singer from Guatemala 1993 Q28478246
34 Tuti Furlán Guatemalan TV presenter and blogger 1978-10-05
Tuti Furlan 245px.jpg
35 Wendy de Berger Guatemalan First Lady 1946-08-11
GeorgeW&LauraBush visits Oscar&WendyBerger, Guatemala, 2007March12.jpg
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