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This list is intended to serve as a basis for creating new articles in an important but somewhat neglected sector on the English Wikipedia. Of course, all new articles must satisfy Wikipedia's notability criteria, so keep in mind that redlinks on this list may or may not qualify. Some of the women listed here may have articles in other language Wikipedias, but many others may not yet been covered in any Wikipedia; follow the Qnnnnnnnn links in the Item column to see if other language articles exist. Translation assistance is welcome.

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# Article description date of birth date of death image item
1 Adalgisa Pantaleón Dominican singer and actor 2000s Q5657350
2 Agne Berenice Contreras 1968-03-12
Agne contreras.JPG
3 Aída Bonnelly de Díaz Dominican music educator 1926-05-02 Q794617
4 Alexandra Izquierdo Politician in República Dominicana 1951-11-16
Alexandra Izquierdo.jpeg
5 Altagracia Contreras 1974 Q21546205
6 Ángela Guerrero botanist 1972
Angela Guerrero..png
7 Audrey Puello Dominican mixed martial artist 1984 Q23907315
8 Aura Celeste Fernández Dominican lawyer and writer 1958-11-09
9 Aurora Arias Dominican writer 1962-04-22 Q2871920
10 Candelaria Martes 1987-02-02 Q41777324
11 Carix Ramírez Dominican amateur wrestler 1990-04-05 Q19930247
12 Carmita Landestoy Dominican writer 1894-09-10 1988-03-23 Q19828176
13 Carolina González Dominican amateur wrestler Q19930269
14 Ceylin del Carmen Alvarado 1998-08-06
Ceylin del Carmen Alvarado Cauberg 2016.jpg
15 Cheddy Garcia 1972-02-19
Cheddy Garcia..jpg
16 Claudine García 1975 Q5771835
17 Dafne Guzmán 1978-10-11
Dafne Guzman.jpg
18 Damaris Ubieres Dominican amateur wrestler Q19930258
19 Deysi Montes de Oca 1901s Q47217096
20 Dinanyiris Furcal 1980-05-24 Q41777059
21 Edna Garrido Ramírez 1913-06-19 2010-04-11 Q30099215
22 Elila Mena Dominican pianist and music educator (1918-1970) 1918-04-07 1970-02-07 Q1329434
23 Elisa Feliz 1988-03-21 Q5829536
24 Elsa Sánchez Dominican amateur wrestler 1986-03-09 Q19930251
25 Emily Tosta Dominican model, musical theatre actor and television actor 1998-03-26 Q22806796
26 Estefanía Soriano 1996-10-01 Q24579377
27 Eunice Betances 1956-09-13 2014-10-24
Eunice Betances.JPG
28 Floralba del Monte Dominican pianist and music educator 1929-02-20 Q1429316
29 Georgina Duluc 1977-04-24
Georgina Duluc.png
30 Gianni Paulino Dominican television presenter and actress 1967
Gianni Paulino. Premios Casandra JPG.JPG
31 Gina María Ruiz 1982-02-12 Q41777068
32 Gladys Pérez Dominican singer 2000s Q1529114
33 Jeannette Miller Dominican writer and poet 1944-08-02 Q5849211
34 Jenny Martínez 1982 Q23641909
35 Joëlle Schad female tennis player from the Dominican republic 1973-03-13 Q13550755
36 Johanna Martes Vidal Dominican television presenter 1979-11-23 Q3808915
37 Josefina Tamarez 1960-03-08 Q23906948
38 Kímberly Castillo Dominican beauty pageant and model 1988-08-26 Q29477831
39 Leidi Germán 1982 Q23927809
40 Lucía Ramírez Dominican pornographic actor 1959-03-11 Q580335
41 Lucrecia Pérez 1959-12-15 1992-11-13 Q9024763
42 Mag.Claribel Nivar Arias 1971-11-09
Mag. Nivar Arias.jpg
43 Margarita Luna García Dominican composer and pianist 1921-07-31 Q1700162
44 María Castillo
María Castillo.jpg
45 María González Dominican Republic sport wrestler 1996-01-20 Q19930271
46 María Teresa Mirabal 1935-10-15 1960-11-25
Maria Teresa Mirabal (Dibujo).jpg
47 Marta González Liriano Actress, tv host and model 1983-05-24 Q16601019
48 Mary Siragusa Dominican pianist and music educator (1920-2002) 1920-02-08 2002-12-12 Q1563924
49 Massiel Jiménez Dominican amateur wrestler Q19930230
50 Mayelin Reyes 1901s Q47217061
51 Melba Ruffo Dominican actor, model and television presenter 1963-05-10 Q3854124
52 Mercedes Sagredo Dominican composer (1911-1998) 1911-02-14 1998-08-31 Q1921399
53 Minerva Mirabal Lugares donde ha vivido 1926-03-12 1960-11-25 Q6017004
54 Nancy Urraca 1987-05-30 Q47067562
55 Olga Lara Dominican singer 1953-09-16 Q20860728
56 Omahyra Mota Dominican actor and model 1984-11-30 Q273820
57 Patria Mirabal 1924-02-27 1960-11-25 Q6066408
58 Patricia Pereyra 1957-11-18 Q6066559
59 Rafaela Alburquerque 1947-09-19
Rafaela Alburquerque 20170412 (cropped).jpg
60 Rebeca Martínez 2003-12-10 2004-02-07 Q9067162
61 Reina Paulino Dominican amateur wrestler Q19930241
62 Rosa Francisca Fadul 1933-03-01 2015 Q21209380
63 Rosa Gómez de Mejía Former first lady of the Dominican Republic 1940-03-11 Q6112180
64 Rosa Tavárez 1939-04-27 Q27983012
65 Rosario Prieto Dominican actress 1942-04-13 Q21007185
66 Rossy Félix 1989
67 Sagrario Díaz 1946-12-25 1972-04-14 Q6116839
68 Sandra Natal Dominican Republic long-distance runner 1961 Q19758518
69 Sergia Galván Feminist activist 1955
Sergia Galvan.jpg
70 Sheila Ynoa 1986 Q6126971
71 Soledad Álvarez Dominican author and writer 1950-12-13 Q2298707
72 Sonia Almánzar Acosta 2000s Q6132208
73 Taína Gautreau 1957-05-12 Q16638013
74 Techy Fatule 1987
Techy fatule baez.jpg
75 Violeta Stephen Dominican singer 1929-11-21 Q2527466
76 Yajaira Peguero 1987-10-08 Q19677419
77 Yessica Oviedo Dominican amateur wrestler 1993-01-02 Q19930239
78 Yeta Ramírez Nicaraguan educator and theologian 1937-12-17 2016-08-27 Q28501633
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