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# Article description date of birth date of death image item
1 Adela Herrán 1861-02-06 1932-04-15 Q5657467
2 Adela Salazar 1869-11-20 1907-04-12 Q5657471
3 Adriana Durán 1970 Q17478001
4 Aida Faingezicht Waisleder Costa Rican politician, psychologist and actor 1952-01-06 Q5661168
5 Alejandra Castro Costa Rican writer and lawyer 1974 Q5664663
6 Amalia Chaverri Fonseca 1941 Q5671617
7 Ana Griselda Hine 1949-06-26 Q29046527
8 Ana María Botey Sobrado 1953-07-12 Q5673879
9 Anacleta Arnesto Fajardo de Troya Costa Rican politician (1809-1877) 1809-07-16 1877 Q12155783
10 Arabella Salaverry Q28501939
11 Astrid Fischel Volio Costa Rican historian and politician 1954-03-26 Q5709957
12 Beatriz Zamora López 1871 1933 Q16537018
13 Bernarda Vásquez Méndez 1918 2013 Q25410623
14 Carin McDonald Costa Rican actor Q3658665
15 Cecilia Gayle Costa Rican singer Q3664108
16 Dagmar Facio Fernández Q16555072
17 Deborah Dixon Q19856986
18 Diana Brenes 1997-02-16 Q29835813
19 Estelle Irizarry Costa Rican writer 1937 Q16492956
20 Eugenia Fuscaldo Costa Rican actress 1953-04-09 Q5850373
21 Gertrud Peters Solórzano 1954-09-06 Q5878947
22 Giannina Segnini 1970 Q28503366
23 Glenda Umaña Costa Rican journalist 1961-11-22 Q5880807
24 Guadalupe Urbina 1959
25 Henrietta Boggs Long Costa Rican politician 1918-05-06 Q5894458
26 Hilda Hidalgo 1970-09-19 Q5897827
27 Ignacia Sáenz y Ulloa 1800-07-31 1873 Q5913048
28 Irma Prego Costa Rican writer (1933-2000) 1933-04-08 2000-10-11 Q5920410
29 Isabel Urcuyo 1924-07-31 2014-08-30 Q5920893
30 Jeanette Benavides 1952-07-07 Q5928882
31 Jessica Clark Cohen Costa Rican writer 1969-09-22 Q5929729
32 Jessica Umaña 1988-01-02 Q5929767
33 Julieta Dobles Costa Rican writer 1943-03-11
Julieta Dobles Yzaguirre.jpg
34 Karina Bolaños 1973 Q1445582
35 Karla Solano 1971-05-03 Q29043569
36 Katherine Alvarado 1988
Katherine-Alvarado-participacion-Rusia-ARCHIVO LNCIMA20150515 0067 1.jpg
37 Lara Ríos 1934-04-09 Q23907361
38 Laura Fuentes Belgrave Costa Rican journalist, writer and sociologist 1978-12-19 Q16493671
39 Laura Quijano Costa Rican writer 1971 Q17478108
40 Ligia Fallas Rodríguez 1959-09-21
Diputada Ligia Fallas .jpg
41 Lineth Saborío Chaverri Costa Rican politician and lawyer 1960-11-04 Q5976724
42 Lizette Brenes 1965-09-04 Q29121771
43 Luisa González Costa Rican writer (1904-1999) 1904-04-25 1999-10-20 Q5796199
44 Marcia Saborío 1963-07-03 Q28949608
45 Margarita Bolaños Arquín
Margarita Bolanos Arquin, Asamblea PAC 2016 cropped.png
46 María Bonilla Picado Costa Rican writer and actor 1954-04-10
María Bonilla.jpg
47 María del Milagro París 1961-05-20 Q6004977
48 María Eugenia Venegas Renauld Costa Rican politician 1952-10-23 Q6003797
49 María Mayela Padilla Monge Costa Rican writer 1956-03-25
María Mayela Padilla, anuncio.jpg
50 María Pretiz 1964-09-08 Q6004468
51 María Teresa Rodríguez 1986-07-13 Q6004702
52 Marina Volio Brenes Costa Rican politician Q5998323
53 Marta Eugenia Núñez Madriz Costa Rican politician 2000s Q6001911
54 Marta Iris Muñoz Costa Rican politician and lawyer 1956-11-18 Q6001944
55 Marva Wright 1985-03-02 Q6003107
56 Mayra González León Costa Rican politician and lawyer 1953-04-27 Q6007747
57 Mia Rauz 1984-08-28 Q6012618
58 Mirta González Suárez Costa Rican writer and psychologist 1948 Q21480835
59 Mónica Nágel Costa Rican politician and lawyer 2000s Q6036230
60 Mónica Segnini Costa Rican politician Q17623189
61 Montserrat Solano Carboni Q18224998
62 Nancy Dobles 1977-11-12 Q6037692
63 Natalia Álvarez 1988 Q17477905
64 Natalia Monge 1985-02-23 Q16301626
65 Natasha Sibaja 1990-07-02 Q20017275
66 Nicole Carboni Nicole Carboni is a model 1991-05-16 Q19816844
67 Norma Vargas Duarte Costa Rican politician 1949-12-20 Q6044977
68 Ofelia Taitelbaum Yoselewich 1949-01-04 Q16613241
69 Patricia Mora Castellanos Costa Rican politician and sociologist
Patricia Mora, FA - Costa Rica.JPG
70 Priscilla Monge Costa Rican installation artist, born 1968 1968 Q27108237
71 Rima de Vallbona 1931-03-15 Q24961159
72 Rita Hernández Bolaños 1960 Q6109127
73 Rocío Aguilar Montoya 1956-12-14 Q6110380
74 Roxana Zúñiga Costa Rican journalist 1956-03-24 Q6112974
75 Ruth Martínez Cascante Q21499434
76 Sandra García Pérez Costa Rican lawyer 2000s Q16628604
77 Sandra Piszk Feinzilber 1948
Sandra Pizk Feinzilber, PLN - Costa Rica.png
78 Sara Faingezicht Weisleder Costa Rican diplomat 1945 Q6121736
79 Sara Schyfter Costa Rican writer Q9074536
80 Shirley Álvarez 1980-01-14 Q17478278
81 Sofía Matilde Joy Redman 1823-10-07 1908-01-14 Q6131256
82 Sussy Vargas Alvarado 1967 Q29046760
83 Tamela Hedström 1982 Q6138518
84 Vanessa González
Vane - 001 (1).jpg
85 Verónica González 1986 Q6160723
86 Vilma Faingezicht Costa Rican writer Q20995306
87 Virginia Sandoval de Fonseca Costa Rican writer (1921-2011) 1921 2011-08-07 Q6163743
88 Wendy Cruz Costa Rican journalist 1979-03-18 Q16298598
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