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Women in Sub-Saharan Africa

Kathleen E. Sheldon (2005). Historical Dictionary of Women in Sub-Saharan Africa. Scarecrow Press. ISBN 978-0-8108-5331-7. 

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# Article description date of birth date of death country of citizenship image item
1 Abetchew Bayan mother of Empress Zewditu I of Ethiopia Ethiopia Q19403224
2 Abiyot Eshetu Ethiopian marathon runner 1990 Ethiopia Q21120753
3 Adidja Alim Cameroonian politician 1956 Cameroon Q24175625
4 Adja Soumano Mali singer 2000s Mali Q357687
5 Adrienne Koutouan Ivorian actress 1969 Ivory Coast Q2825312
6 Afef Ben Mahmoud Tunisia Q19953013
7 Affo Love Benin singer 1979-05-18 2009-02-01 Benin Q2826092
8 Affou Kéïta Ivorian singer Ivory Coast Q2826095
9 Aganippe mythical character Egypt Q390441
10 Agnes Jeruto Barsosio Kenyan athlete 1983 Kenya Q394559
11 Agnès Kraidy journalist 1965-02-10 Ivory Coast Q2826992
12 Agnès Ndoumbé Mandeng Cameroonian banker 1957-03-17 Cameroon Q27833489
13 Agnès Tchuinté Cameroon athlete 1959-01-30 1990 Cameroon Q16269620
14 Ahlem Mansouri Tunisian footballer 1985-05-02 Tunisia Q2635161
15 Aïcha Attia 1991 Tunisia Q20666324
16 Aïcha Ben Ahmed Tunisia
Couv-Tunivisions Février 2012.jpg
17 Aïcha Haddad Algerian illuminator (1937-2005) 1937 2005-02-24 Algeria Q2876198
18 Aïcha Kassoul Algerian screenwriter Algeria Q2876202
19 Aicha Khiari Tunisian actress Tunisia Q19956332
20 Aïcha Koné Ivorian singer 1957-05-21 Ivory Coast Q2876207
21 Aïcha Thiam Belgian film director 1979-10-27 Belgium
22 Aïda Diagne Senegalese basketball player 2013-06-01 Senegal Q16171669
23 Aimée Laurentine Kanyana Burundian politician Burundi Q27230967
24 Ain-Tair Guendez Algerian politician 1947-07-10 Algeria Q2828124
25 Aissa Mama Kane Senegal politician Senegal Q2828782
26 Aissata Dia Aissata Dia Ivory Coast Q21998078
27 Aïssata Issoufou First Lady of Niger Niger
Premiere Dame du Niger, Aissata Issoufou.JPG
28 Aissata Tall Sall Senegal lawyer and politician 1957-12-12 Senegal Q15542603
29 Akissi Delta Ivorian actor 1960-03-05 Ivory Coast Q2829078
30 Albertine Gnanazan Hépié Ivorian politician Ivory Coast Q2831719
31 Albertine Koutouan Ivorian athletics competitor 1964-12-28 Ivory Coast Q2831720
32 Albertine N'Guessan Ivorian actress 2016-04-22 Ivory Coast Q27892379
33 Aldjia Noureddine Benallègue Algerian physician and pediatrician 1919-05-28 2015-12-31 Algeria Q16010230
34 Alemitu Abera Ethiopian athlete 1986-01-01 Ethiopia
Alemitu Abera Boston Marathon 2013.jpg
35 Alemu Zinash athlete 1983 Ethiopia Q2640921
36 Aleth Felix-Tchicaya Congolese writer 1955 Republic of the Congo
37 Alice Dekessa Ivorian singer Ivory Coast Q2836564
38 Alice Ngii Kenyan association football player 1993-10-06 Kenya Q15786498
39 Alice Sofa Ivorian singer Ivory Coast Q2836660
40 Alifa Farouk Tunisian politician 1946-10-17 Tunisia Q2836866
41 Allah Thérèse Ivorian singer Ivory Coast Q2837643
42 Almaz Alemu Ethiopian athletics competitor 1982 Ethiopia Q2649631
43 Aloma Malagasy artist Madagascar Q13105629
44 Alya Abdallah Tunisian businessperson Tunisia Q2840649
45 Amal Bedjaoui Algerian film director 1963-07-27 Algeria Q2407675
46 Amal Jlizi Tunisian actress Tunisia Q20723779
47 Amane Seid Ethiopian athletics competitor 1985 Ethiopia Q454360
48 Amani Swissi Tunisian singer 1983-04-11 Tunisia Q2841080
49 Amel Alouane Tunisian actress Tunisia Q19952842
50 Amel Baccouche Tunisian actress Tunisia Q2386707
51 Amel Ben Khaled Tunisian athletics competitor 1974-06-06 Tunisia Q18384880
52 Amel Bouakba Algerian journalist 1969 Algeria Q2842631
53 Amel Ghouil Tunisian politician 1966-08-26 Tunisia Q2842634
54 Amel Smaoui Tunisian actress Tunisia Q20723869
55 Amélie Wabehi Ivorian actor Ivory Coast Q2844777
56 Amina Ben Doua Tunisian television presenter Tunisia
Couv 1-Tunivisions Novembre 2010.jpg
57 Amina Fakhet Tunisian singer 1968-05-12 Tunisia
Affiches Amina Fakhet.JPG
58 Aminata Diallo Glez actress 1972 Burkina Faso Q2843385
59 Aminata Fall Senegalese actor (1930-2002) 1930-01-29 2002-11-24 Senegal Q16020988
60 Aminata Niane Senegalese board member 1956-12-09 Senegal Q2843395
61 Aminata Tall Senegalese politician 1949 Senegal Q2843396
62 Aminatou Gaoh Nigerien diplomat 1961-12-31 Niger Q19275049
63 Amira Chebli Tunisian actress Tunisia Q20723738
64 Amoin Koffi Ivorian actor 1961 Ivory Coast Q2843771
65 Amrita Sawaram badminton player 1980-08-13 Mauritius Q477713
66 Amsatou Sow Sidibé Senegal academic and politician 1953-10-14 Senegal
Amsatou Sow Sidibé.jpg
67 Ana Bela Baltazar Portuguese psychologist 1972 Mozambique Q9611963
68 Anastasia Ndereba Kenyan athletics competitor 1974-09-27 Kenya Q486646
69 Anatropia Lwehikila Theonest Tanzanian politician 1983-01-21 Tanzania Q30090605
70 Ange Atsé Ivorian association football player 1988-08-25 Ivory Coast Q15623168
71 Ange Keffa Ivorian actor Ivory Coast Q2849285
72 Angéline Nadié Ivorian actor Ivory Coast Q2849852
73 Angélique Milemba Congolese politician Democratic Republic of the Congo Q2849867
74 Anitah Alube badminton player 1985-10-20 Kenya Q16325355
75 Anitha Jepchumba Kiptum Kenyan athletics competitor 1981-02-16 Kenya Q550940
76 Ann Parsons badminton player 1940s South Africa Q558578
77 Anna Joram Gidarya Tanzanian politician 1982-09-23 Tanzania Q30090532
78 Anna Ng'ang'a badminton player 1971-04-29 Kenya Q562688
79 Anne Caze Early Reunion inhabitant 1650 1723-05-08 Madagascar Q2851010
80 Anne Cheptanui Bererwe Kenyan athletics competitor 1982-11-04 Kenya Q565153
81 Anne Essam 1992-01-06 Cameroon Q45273898
82 Anne Jelagat Kibor Kenyan athletics competitor 1969-06-04 Kenya Q565456
83 Anne Mireille Nzouankeu Cameroonian journalist 2000s Cameroon Q565615
84 Anne Ngo 1984-04-01 Cameroon Q45201585
85 Anne Somené Ivorian association football player 1986-08-10 Ivory Coast Q15791988
86 Annie Anzouer Cameroonian singer 1967-05-15 Cameroon
Annian wiki.jpg
87 Annie Steiner Algerian activist 1928-02-07 Algeria
Annie Fiorio-Steiner.jpg
88 Anta Senegalese singer Senegal Q2852535
89 Anta Germane Gaye Senegalese artist 1953 Senegal Q2852536
90 Anta Sarr Senegalese singer 1962-08-13 Senegal Q17350914
91 Antoinette Kankindi Kagoyire Democratic Republic of the Congo Q28778002
92 Antoinette Konan Ivorian singer Ivory Coast Q2856961
93 Arlette Soudan-Nonault Congolese journalist and politician Republic of the Congo Q26254130
94 Asma Ben Othman Tunisian actress Tunisia Q2866700
95 Asnakech Mengitsu Ethiopian athletics competitor 1986-05-09 Ethiopia Q733512
96 Asrat Kebede Ethiopian athletics competitor 1987 Ethiopia Q738254
97 Aubiège Njampou 1982-05-08 Cameroon Q45275998
98 Auma Obama half-sister of Barack Obama 1960 Kenya
Auma Obama.JPG
99 Aurèle Itoua-Atsono Congolese handball player 1982-03-16 Republic of the Congo Q17621669
100 Aviva Pelham South African soprano 1948-01-23 Zimbabwe Q15983701
101 Awa Diop Senegalese politician 1948-05-01 Senegal Q2874643
102 Awa Ehoura Ivorian journalist Ivory Coast Q2874644
103 Awa Maïga Ivorian singer Ivory Coast Q2874647
104 Awa Thiongane Senegalese engineer Senegal Q2874648
105 Aziza Baroud <some value> Chad
Aziza Baroud.png
106 Azza Hilal Hamad Tanzanian politician 1975-10-18 Tanzania Q30090564
107 Bahia Farah Algerian singer 1917 1985-04-24 Algeria Q2879271
108 Bakolalao Ramanandraibe Ranaivoharivony Minister of Justice in Madagascar Madagascar Q2880303
109 Banuelia Katesigwa Tanzanian athletics competitor 1977-11-14 Tanzania Q807007
110 Barbara Murray Zimbabwean art critic 1949 Zimbabwe Q3634659
111 Baya Gacemi algerian journalist 1950 2010-04-24 Algeria Q11908844
112 Baya Hocine Algerian rebel 1940-05-20 2000-05-01 Algeria Q2892183
113 Béatrice Kombe Gnapa Ivorian choreographer (1972-2007) 1972-04-06 2007-02-21 Ivory Coast Q2929455
114 Beatriz Buchili Mozambican lawyer and attorney general 1950s Mozambique Q27480289
115 Beggar Hadda Algerian singer 1920-01-21 2000-01 Algeria Q2893796
116 Beihdja Rahal Algerian musician 1962-07 Algeria Q2893977
117 Belaynesh Zemedkun Ethiopian athletics competitor 1987-12-23 Ethiopia Q815307
118 Bernadette Essossimna Legzim-Balouki Essossimna Legzim Balouki 1959-01-20 Togo Q16532266
119 Bernardine Esungi Congolese politician Democratic Republic of the Congo Q2898887
120 Berthe Abiabakon 1988-10-07 Cameroon Q45267796
121 Berthe Etane Ngolle 1995-05-19 Cameroon Q27119584
122 Betelhem Moges Ethiopian long-distance runner 1991-05-03 Ethiopia
123 Bettina Guemto-Michaelis <some value> Cameroon
124 Betty Kouadio Betty Kouadio Ivory Coast Q22038882
125 Bijou Kat Congolese politician 1971-03-29 Democratic Republic of the Congo Q19631190
126 Bill Kouélany Congolese artist 1965-10-31 Democratic Republic of the Congo Q6507056
127 Bintou Sanankoua Malian historian 1943-01-11 Mali Q16694346
128 Blagovesta Mekki-Tzvetkova Algerian singer Algeria Q2905700
129 Blandine Angama Cameroonian karateka 1990s Cameroon Q24405294
130 Blandine Metala 1986-07-28 Cameroon Q24954164
131 Bouchra Okbi Algerian actress 1985-04-21 Algeria Q2921387
132 Bruktawit Tigabu Ethiopian television producer 1981 Ethiopia Q30546648
133 Bruno Araújo Angolan cyclist 1998-01-07 Angola Q31194328
134 Candide Zanzan Ivorian handball player Ivory Coast Q2936291
135 Careen Pilo Cameroonian diplomat and writer 1980 Cameroon
136 Carmelita Namashulua Mozambican teacher and politician (FRELIMO) 1962-12-02 Mozambique Q19816448
137 Carole Darricarrère Ivorian poet 1959 Ivory Coast Q24691630
138 Caroline Bemba Congolese politician Democratic Republic of the Congo Q19629893
139 Caroline Kamya Ugandan film director 1974 Uganda Q19508645
140 Cassandra Slingerland South African bicycle racer 1974-12-08 South Africa Q1048226
141 Catherine Bakang Mbock Cameroonian politician 1955-07-16 Cameroon Q24690799
142 Catherine Mbengono Cameroonian football player 1996-09-08 Cameroon Q28143500
143 Catherine Nzuzi wa Mbombo Congolese politician 1944 Democratic Republic of the Congo Q2942019
144 Cathy Foo Kune badminton player 1960s Mauritius Q1051142
145 Cathy Louët Senegalese businesswoman 1713 Senegal Q19956490
146 Cecilia Daniel Paresso Tanzanian politician 1981-11-22 Tanzania Q30090508
147 Céline Dongo Ivorian handball player Ivory Coast Q3010156
148 Celine Tendobi Congolese physician 1974 Democratic Republic of the Congo Q24760272
149 Chafaï Choumicha Moroccan cook and television presenter 1964 Morocco Q542225
150 Chafia Boudraa Algerian actress 1930-04-22 Algeria Q2947563
151 Chafika Meslem Politician from Algeria 1934 2000 Algeria
Chafika-Meslem 1963.jpg
152 Chantal Ouoba Burkinabé athlete 1975-09-02 Burkina Faso Q21010990
153 Chantal Taiba Ivorian singer Ivory Coast Q2956322
154 Chardente Ndoulou Congolese association football player 1990-08-15 Republic of the Congo Q14776444
155 Charlotte-Arrisoa Rafenomanjato Madagascan writer 1936 2008 Madagascar Q2960923
156 Chéché Dramé Singer from Mali 1984 2010-09-14 Mali
Cheche drame.jpg
157 Cheikha Djénia Singer from Algeria 1954 2004-04-01 Algeria Q2156772
158 Cheikha Tetma Algerian musician 1891 1962 Algeria Q2962131
159 Christelle Okodombe Cameroonian judoka 1986-05-29 Cameroon Q15617101
160 Christina DJ Ivorian singer Ivory Coast Q2965862
161 Christine Adjouablé Ivorian handball player Ivory Coast Q514649
162 Christine Chepkonga Kenyan athletics competitor 1980-12-12 Kenya Q15794291
163 Christine Gabriel Ishengoma Tanzanian politician 1953-06-21 Tanzania Q30090547
164 Christine Koffi Ivorian handball player Ivory Coast Q2965937
165 Claudie Titty Dimbeng Ivorian visual artist and painter 1968 Ivory Coast
Claudie Titty DIMBENG.jpeg
166 Clémentine Papouet Ivorian actor 1960-03-15 Ivory Coast Q2980743
167 Coco Argentée 1982-08-13 Cameroon Q27062952
168 Collé Ardo Sow Senegalese designer Senegal Q2983903
169 Connie Chen South African golfer 1992-10-26 South Africa
Connie Chen.JPG
170 Constancia Mangue 1951-08-20 Equatorial Guinea
Constancia Mangue de Obiang.jpg
171 Constanze Wagner (Künstlerin) South African artist 1943 South Africa Q1128129
172 Crystelle-Ida Ngnipoho-Pokam Cameroon soccer player 1987-04-24 Cameroon Q1142426
173 Cynthia Djohoré Ivorian association football player and volleyball player 1990-12-02 Ivory Coast Q15804148
174 Cyrine Belhédi Tunisian actress Tunisia Q20723728
175 Daiffa Algerian caricaturist Algeria Q3012033
176 Daisy Jepkemei Kenyan runner 1996-02-13 Kenya Q3012197
177 Dalenda Abdou Tunisian actress 1928-11-02 Tunisia Q20670029
178 Dalila Fourar Algerian politician 1955-02-05 Algeria Q3012396
179 Dalila Meftahi Tunisian actress Tunisia Q16122822
180 Dama do Bling Mozambican musician 1979-10-25 Mozambique Q16337312
181 Danièle Boni-Claverie French politician and journalist 2000s France
Ivory Coast
182 Danièle Diwouta-Kotto Cameroonian designer and architect 1960 Cameroon
Ars&Urbis 2011 Meeting 08.jpg
183 Danielle Sino 1994-07-29 Cameroon Q29830443
184 Danyellah Polnareff Ivorian model 1974-09-19 Ivory Coast Q3015802
185 Debola Wudnesh Ethiopian athlete 1984 Ethiopia Q1181534
186 Dechantal Fokou Ntolack Cameroonian judoka 1986-01 Cameroon Q15616916
187 Deirdre Algie badminton player 1950s South Africa Q1183374
188 Delphine Gbogboua Ivorian handball player Ivory Coast Q3021832
189 Déné Issébéré Malian singer-songwriter Mali Q3044540
190 Denise Likane Ivorian journalist Ivory Coast Q3023055
191 Denise Sadek Khalil Egyptian-French linguist 1921-03-01 2012-04-14 Egypt Q3023092
192 Dent de Man Ivorian actor Ivory Coast Q3023305
193 Deolinda Rodrigues Angolan-Portuguese actress and singer 1924-12-31 2015-10-10 Portugal
194 Derebe Godana athlete 1988 Ethiopia Q1199985
195 Dhouha Ben Othman Tunisian karateka Tunisia Q19702768
196 Diallo Déidia Mahamane Kattra Malian politician 1957 Mali Q3025967
197 Diallo Madeleine Bâ Malian politician 1951 Mali Q16267917
198 Diané Mariam Koné Malian politician Mali Q3026299
199 Diane Solo Ivorian singer 1960 Ivory Coast
200 Didar Fawzy-Rossano Egyptian revolutionary 1920-08-20 2011-05-26 Egypt Q3026842
201 Dinaly Cameroonian singer Cameroon Q16628890
202 Diouma Dieng Diakhaté Senegalese designer Senegal Q3028827
203 Diribe Hunde Ethiopian athletics competitor 1984 Ethiopia Q1227680
204 Djamila Bouazza Algerian activist 1938 2015-06-12 Algeria Q3032781
205 Djignabo Badji Senegalese activist Senegal Q3032952
206 Djiré Pendaré Traoré Malian politician 1966-03-10 Mali Q3033026
207 Djuedjuessi Ivorian actor Ivory Coast Q3033079
208 Djura Algerian singer 1952 Algeria Q3033087
209 Dopévi Dagbé from Togo 1919 Togo Q3036936
210 Doreen Nabwire Kenyan association football player 1987-03-05 Kenya Q1243863
211 Dorethea van der Merwe South Africa Q1942140
212 Dorothée Munyaneza 1982 Rwanda
United Kingdom
213 Dorsaf Mamlouk Tunisian actress Tunisia Q3037246
214 Drusille Ngako Footballer from Cameroon 1987-06-23 Cameroon Q1261432
215 Dyana Gaye French-Senegalese director 1975 France
216 E.K.M. Dido 1951 South Africa Q2520428
217 Ecler Loywapet Kenyan athletics competitor 1985 Kenya Q1281936
218 Edmilsa Governo Mozambican athlete 1998-02-28 Mozambique Q26849370
219 Edwige Ngono Eyia 1988-06-10 Cameroon Q24954189
220 Edwige Zady Ivorian handball player Ivory Coast Q3048758
221 Elfenesh Melaku Ethiopian athletics competitor 1985 Ethiopia Q1328477
222 Elham Wagdi Egyptian model 1988 Egypt Q3050871
223 Élise Mballa Cameroon choreographer 1961-02-02 Cameroon Q3587956
224 Emebet Abossa Ethiopian athletics competitor 1974-09-12 Ethiopia Q1335278
225 Emebet Bacha Ethiopian athletics competitor 1990-08-22 Ethiopia Q1335269
226 Emily Chepar Kimuria Kenyan athletics competitor 1975-06-10 Kenya Q1337586
227 Emily Chepkomi Samoei Kenyan athletics competitor 1980-11-11 Kenya Q1337588
228 Emma Djédjé Ivorian handball player Ivory Coast Q3052452
229 Emma Lohoues Ivorian actor 1986-04-17 Ivory Coast Q3052467
230 Emna Mansour Karoui Tunisian politician Tunisia Q20383204
231 Emna Menif politician and doctor from Tunis 1967-03-21 Tunisia
Emna Mnif.JPG
232 Ernestine Nyoka Vice-minister of Budget of DRC 1963-11-27 Democratic Republic of the Congo Q24054701
233 Esma Abdelhamid Tunisian writer 1960 Tunisia Q1367891
234 Esperança Mangaze Mozambican businesswoman 1965-05-14 Mozambique Q27038755
235 Estelle Brou Ivorian athletics competitor 1977-08-19 Ivory Coast Q3058894
236 Ester Amos Bulaya Tanzanian politician 1980-03-03 Tanzania Q30090497
237 Ester Barmasai Kenyan athletics competitor 1972 Kenya Q1369884
238 Esterina Julio Kilasi Tanzanian politician 1957-05-23 Tanzania Q13122891
239 Esther Dang Cameroonian economist 1945-03-05 Cameroon
Esther Belibi Dang.jpg
240 Esther Gatuma Kenya Q16635091
241 Esther Randriamamonjy Malagasy writer Madagascar Q18214698
242 Eugénie Poujade Mauritian novelist and poet Mauritius Q3060274
243 Eulalie Nibizi Burundian trade unionist 1960-06-24 Burundi Q16269655
244 Euphrasie Yao Ivorian Minister of Women's Rights, Family, and Infants Ivory Coast Q25382778
245 Eveles Chimala Malawi Q28971352
246 Eveline Safir Lavalette 1927 2014-04-25 Algeria
Évelyne Safir Lavalette.jpg
247 Fabiola Ndanga Nana Cameroon judoko Cameroon Q27916808
248 Fadéla Chaïm-Allami Algeria Q18684133
249 Fadhila Khetmi Tunisian actress and radio host 1905 1992-01-12 Tunisia Q3064376
250 Fadila Morsly Algerian painter 1949-11-06 Algeria Q3064395
251 Fadila Saâdane 1938-04-10 1960-06-17 Algeria Q12230909
252 Faïza Kefi Tunisian politician 1949-07-03 Tunisia Q16267511
253 Fakharia Shomar Khamis Tanzanian politician 1952-12-20 Tanzania Q30090582
254 Fania Niang Senegalese singer-songwriter Senegal Q3066400
255 Fanja Andriamanantena Madagascan singer-songwriter Madagascar
Fanja Andriamanantena.jpg
256 Fantani Touré Malian singer and composer (1964-2014) 1964-05 2014-12-03 Mali Q18607891
257 Faouzia Charfi Tunisian politician 1941-12-30 Tunisia Q3066693
258 Farah Hached Tunisian jurist 1975-07-12 Tunisia
Farah Hached.jpg
259 Fatiha Berber Algerian actress (1945-2015) 1945-02-11 2015-01-16 Algeria Q19362249
260 Fatima Belhadj Algerian actress Algeria Q3067220
261 Fatima Djibo Sidikou Nigerien diplomat 1950s Niger Q31271335
262 Fátima Langa Mozambican writer 1953-06-24 Mozambique Q27312653
263 Fatimata Mounkaila Nigerien academic Niger Q24421266
264 Fatma Boussaha Tunisian singer 1942-01-22 2015-10-27 Tunisia Q3067238
265 Fatma Djellouli Tunisian sociologist 1929 Tunisia Q3067239
266 Fatma Felhi Tunisian actress Tunisia Q17433559
267 Fatma Hassan Toufiq Tanzanian politician 1960-02-29 Tanzania Q30090608
268 Fatma Nasser Tunisia Q16126325
269 Fatma Zahra Maater Tunisian actress Tunisia
Couv-Tunivisions Mai 2010.jpg
270 Fatou Guewel Senegalese singer 1964-06-09 Senegal
271 Fatoumata Bamba Ivorian politician Ivory Coast Q3067266
272 Fatoumata Diabaté Malian photographer 1980-09-19 Mali Q19952333
273 Fatoumata Diarra Footballer from Mali 1989-12-18 Mali Q15809341
274 Fatoumata Sall Senegalese princess Senegal Q3067271
275 Fatuma Mussa Maghimbi Politician from Tanzania Tanzania Q13122899
276 Faustine Fotso Cameroonian computer scientist and lawyer 1965-06-12 Cameroon Q16635922
277 Félicité Wouassi French actress 1961-05-07 Cameroon
278 Ferahiwat Gamachu Tulu Ethiopian athletics competitor 1981-04-23 Belgium
279 Fethiye Nuri al-Khaled Spouse of Muammar Qaddafi Libya Q12230327
280 Fezeka Kuzwayo 1974 South Africa Q2658810
281 Fifi Mukuna Congolese draughtsperson 1968-01-15 Democratic Republic of the Congo
Fifi Mukuna.jpg
282 Florence Djépé Cameroonian athletics competitor 1978-12-31 Cameroon Q16636426
283 Francine Gálvez television presenter 1966-09-13 Cameroon
Francine Galvez.jpg
284 Françoise Ellong film director 1988 Cameroon Q27062959
285 Futhi Mhlongo South African actress 2000s South Africa Q1475449
286 Gadisse Edato Ethiopian athletics competitor 1973-03-15 Ethiopia Q9265243
287 Geneviève Bro Grébet Ivorian politician 1953-03-13 Ivory Coast Q3100606
288 Genny Mahala 1992-09-16 Cameroon Q45217701
289 Gertrude Prombove 1992-07-20 Cameroon Q29830433
290 Gibering Bol Alima Cameroonian politician 1942-02-20 1999-07-30 Cameroon Q25929703
291 Gisèle Bedan Central African politician Central African Republic Q19629685
292 Glória Muianga Mozambican radio presenter 1951-02-01 Mozambique Q26937232
293 Goggo Addi Cameroonian storyteller 1911 1999 Cameroon Q28045676
294 Goitetom Haftu Ethiopian athletics competitor 1987 Ethiopia Q1534435
295 Grace Victor Tendega Tanzanian politician 1967-02-05 Tanzania Q30090604
296 Guei Thérèse Ivorian actor Ivory Coast Q3118861
297 Gussie Phillips badminton player 1950s South Africa Q1555382
298 Hadnet Kidane Ethiopian bicycle racer 1993-07-17 Ethiopia Q22132001
299 Haifa Guedri Tunisian footballer 1989-01-19 Tunisia Q1569180
300 Hajer Aziz Tunisian politician Tunisia
Hajer Azaiez.jpg
301 Halima Daoud Tunisian actress 1946-08-27 Tunisia Q3125975
302 Hamida Mohamedi Abdallah Tanzanian politician 1966-06-28 Tanzania Q30090480
303 Hana Fehri Tunisian actress Tunisia Q20723762
304 Hana Rached Tunisian singer 1933 2003-08-08 Tunisia Q3126656
305 Hanen Chograni Tunisian actress Tunisia Q20723740
306 Hanitriniaina Rakotondrabé Malagasy athletics competitor 1967-01-01 Madagascar Q16556943
307 Hanni Tchelley Ivorian actor Ivory Coast Q3126861
308 Haridiata Dakouré Burkinan magistrate 1959-12-31 Burkina Faso Q28045673
309 Hasna El Bacharia Algerian singer 1950 Algeria Q3128102
310 Hassiba Abderaouf Algerian singer 1960-12-11 Algeria
Hassiba Abderaouf.jpg
311 Hassiba Amrouche Algerian singer 1954 Algeria Q3128232
312 Hassiba Rochdi Tunisian singer 1918 2012-09-26 Tunisia
Hassiba rochdi.jpg
313 Hawa Conté Guinean association football player 1987-09-30 Guinea Q15814531
314 Hawa Diallo Malian writer 1970-09-26 Mali Q3128733
315 Hawa Mchafu Chakoma Tanzanian politician 1983-02-10 Tanzania Q30090580
316 Hela Besbes Tunisian fencer 1987-02-28 Tunisia Q3129572
317 Hela Hammi Tunisian politician 1964-11-25 Tunisia Q3129573
318 Hela Messaad Tunisian handball player Tunisia Q3129571
319 Hélène Aussenac Senegalese merchant 1734 Senegal Q19606546
320 Hélène Catzaras Tunisian actress 1956 Tunisia Q3144730
321 Hélène Wezeu Dombeu Cameroonian judoka 1987-10-08 Cameroon Q15616923
322 Hélène-Valérie Djouka Ivorian model 1994-04-01 Ivory Coast Q22210629
323 Hend Zouari Tunisian songwriter, musician and singer 1981-06-13 Tunisia Q3130234
324 Henriette Konan Bédié First Lady of Côte d'Ivoire Ivory Coast Q3132474
325 Henriette Lagou Adjoua Ivorian politician Ivory Coast Q3132475
326 Henry Kosgei Cherono Kenyan athletics competitor 1978-07-17 Kenya Q1606960
327 Hermine Patricia Tomaïno Ndam Njoya 1969-01-26 Cameroon Q39156537
328 Hien Macline Ivorian photographer 1970 Ivory Coast Q3135296
329 Hinda Deby Itno Chadian First Lady Chad Q12250368
330 Horta Sivly Aliba Chad handballer 1985-09-15 Chad Q3140830
331 Hortense Konan Ivoirian handball player 1963-04-03 Ivory Coast Q17558575
332 Houyem Rassaa Tunisian actress Tunisia Q20723852
333 Ibtihej Ben Helal Tunisian politician Tunisia Q19346167
334 Ibtissem Hannachi Tunisian karateka Tunisia Q3147562
335 Ilhem Ghrissi Tunisian handball player Tunisia Q3148645
336 Imen Noël Algerian actress 1985-01-13 Algeria Q3148993
337 Imen Troudi Tunisian association football player Tunisia Q3148994
338 Imke Rust Curator from Namibia 1975-02-07 Namibia Q1659875
339 Immaculée Birhaheka Congolese activist 1959 Democratic Republic of the Congo Q23906694
340 Inès Da Sylva Inès Da Sylva Ivory Coast Q22039433
341 Ingrid Sinclair Zimbabwean film director 1948 United Kingdom
342 Irene Cherop Loritareng Kenyan athletics competitor 1986-07-26 Kenya Q1672494
343 Irina D. França musician Angola Q6069782
344 Isabel Noronha Mozambican film director 1964 Mozambique Q27062984
345 Isabelle Beke French actress France
Ivory Coast
346 Isabelle Tokpanou 1936-11-27 Cameroon Q41671751
347 Isseu Niang Senegalese actor (1938-2000) 1938-09-25 2000-02-17 Senegal Q16266624
348 Izabella Maya Ivoirian actress Ivory Coast
Izabella Maya Actrice franco Ivoirien de Cinema.jpg
349 Jackline Jerotich Chebor Kenyan athletics competitor 1970-09-23 Kenya Q1677303
350 Jackline Torori Kenyan athletics competitor 1978 Kenya Q1677301
351 Jacky Baniomo 1983-04-16 Cameroon Q45275212
352 Jacqueline Daane-van Rensburg anti-Apartheid activist 1937-12-17 South Africa Q1542531
353 Jacqueline Mossy 1985-07-29 Cameroon Q45261572
354 Jacqueline Nytepi Kiplimo Kenyan marathon runner 1984 Kenya Q15820619
355 Jade Morgan badminton player 1987-03-25 South Africa Q1678186
356 Jalila Baccar Tunisian playwright and actress 1952-11-23 Tunisia Q3160730
357 Jamila Binous Tunisian historian and urban planner 1939 Tunisia Q3161573
358 Jamila Chihi Tunisian actress Tunisia Q3161574
359 Jane Auro Ekimat Kenyan athletics competitor 1974-06-12 Kenya Q1682567
360 Jane Benney South African actress 1980-04-04 South Africa Q1309793
361 Jarmila Hassan Abdel Wahab Czech opera singer 1917-04-17 1996-04-24 Czech Republic
JHAW gse multipart76253.jpg
362 Jasmine Tiisekwa Bunga Tanzanian politician 1962-04-04 Tanzania Q30090610
363 Jasmine Yotchoum 1994-12-02 Cameroon Q45272211
364 Jeanette Ferreira South African writer, poet, publisher 1954 South Africa Q2649863
365 Jeanne Adjoua Peuhmond Ivorian politician Ivory Coast
366 Jeanne Gnago Ivorian association football player 1984-08-14 Ivory Coast Q15820920
367 Jeanne Lopis-Sylla Senegalese academic Senegal Q3176096
368 Jeanne Manomba-Kombila Gabonese politician 1939-02-25 Gabon Q3176104
369 Jeanne Ngo Minyemeck Cameroonian athletics competitor 1969-08-18 Cameroon Q16645645
370 Jeanne Tessia Ivorian actor Ivory Coast Q3176171
371 Jeannine Mabunda Lioko Congolese politician Democratic Republic of the Congo Q3176279
372 Jennifer Chesinon Lingakwiang Kenyan athletics competitor 1982-08-06 Kenya Q1292568
373 Jenny Stead South African actress 2000s South Africa Q1641780
374 Jocelyne Mavoungou Congolese handball player 1986-09-22 Republic of the Congo Q17496970
375 Joëlle le Bussy Fal Senegalese artist 1958 Senegal
376 Joelle Séka Ivoirian singer 1970-07-13 2008-02-14 Ivory Coast Q3180279
377 Joellie Baflan Ivorian athletics competitor 1988-10-16 Ivory Coast Q3180282
378 Johanna Booyson South African supercentenarian 1857-01-17 1968-06-16 South Africa Q735324
379 Joséphine Guidy Wandja Ivorian mathematician 1945 Ivory Coast Q12892125
380 Joséphine Ndagnou actress Cameroon
NDAGNOU Josephine 2007.jpg
381 Josephine Tabitha Chagulla Tanzanian politician 1968-02-26 Tanzania Q30090517
382 Josiane Yapo Ivorian actor 2004 Ivory Coast Q3186059
383 Jouda Najah Tunisian actress Tunisia Q3186679
384 Joyce Kandie Kenyan athletics competitor 1979-05-03 Kenya Q1710038
385 Joyce Malebogo Arone badminton player 1980-12-03 Botswana Q1710040
386 Joye Tape Ivorian singer 1975-01-17 Ivory Coast
Festival No-Logo.jpg
387 Juanita Carberry Kenyan writer (1925-2013) 1925-05-07 2013-07-27 Kenya Q1294265
388 Judy Kiplimo Kenyan athletics competitor 1969-12-10 Kenya Q1418237
389 Julie Akofa Akoussah Togolese singer 1950-04-12 2007-04-24 Togo Q28054787
390 Julie Mabéa Ivorian singer Ivory Coast Q3189237
391 Julienne Lusenge Activist for Women Rights, Democratic Republic of the Congo Democratic Republic of the Congo Q23021435
392 June Wheating badminton player 1916 1970s United Kingdom
South Africa
393 Kaba Nialé Ivorian politician 1962 Ivory Coast Q22085045
394 Kalifa Dienta Malian film director 1940 Mali Q2410714
395 Kalthoum Kannou Tunisian politician 1959-09-17 Tunisia Q18542550
396 Kandia Camara Ivorian politician 1959-06-17 Ivory Coast Q3192595
397 Kanga Gladys Ivorian handball player Ivory Coast Q3192642
398 Kaouther Adimi Algerian writer 1986 Algeria Q3192835
399 Kaouther Belhaj Tunisian actress 1975-04-07 Tunisia Q3192837
400 Kareyce Fotso Cameroonian singer Cameroon Q17350586
401 Kariata Diaby 1995-06-29 Ivory Coast Q41711164
402 Katia Hacène Algerian poet and journalist 1961-06-28 Algeria
403 Katy Lane Ndiaye Senegalese film director Senegal Q3814007
404 Kebebush Haile Ethiopian athletics competitor 1986-04-13 Ethiopia Q1737663
405 Kelem Mulugeta Mamuyé Ethiopian association football player 1994-10-10 Ethiopia Q18021995
406 Keltoum Algerian actress (1916-2010) 1916-04-04 2010-11-11 Algeria Q3194947
407 Khadija Hassan Aboud Tanzanian politician 1964-05-07 Tanzania Q30090527
408 Khadija Nassir Ali Tanzanian politician 1990-06-28 Tanzania Q30090488
409 Khadija Souissi Tunisian actress Tunisia Q20723870
410 Khady Diagne Senegalese activist 1956-10-05 Senegal Q3195935
411 Khady Koita Senegalese author 1959-10-18 Senegal Q11297166
412 Khady Thiam Senegalese actor (1952-1999) 1952 1999 Senegal
413 Khaoula Ben Aicha Tunisian politician 1988-05-19 Tunisia
414 Kidist Bayelegne Ethiopian director and writer Ethiopia Q3196393
415 Konaré Mariam Kalapo Malian politician 1953-06-23 Mali Q16268931
416 Koné Oumar Ivorian athletics competitor Ivory Coast Q3198812
417 Kudianga Bayokisa Congolese politician Democratic Republic of the Congo Q19631177
418 L Saphira Singer from Madagascar 1970-12-12 Madagascar
L saphira.JPG
419 L'alia Sahnoune Algerian politician 1938-04-10 Algeria Q3204865
420 L'Or Mbongo Congolese singer Democratic Republic of the Congo Q3204585
421 Lady B Cameroonian singer 1984-03-11 Cameroon
Rappeuse Lady B sur scène.jpg
422 Lady Ponce Cameroonian singer 1983 Cameroon Q24341755
423 Laetitia Berthier Burundian sportsperson and pole vaulter 1977-12-15 Burundi Q11004749
424 Lahna Khasrani Algerian athletics competitor 1991-09-06 Algeria Q18398348
425 Lamia Amri Tunisian actress Tunisia Q20730459
426 Lathifah Hassan Chande Tanzanian politician 1980-02-18 Tanzania Q30090583
427 Latifa Gafsi Tunisian actress Tunisia Q20419652
428 Laure Koléla Congolese association football player 1991-03-08 Republic of the Congo Q14776532
429 Laurence Attali Senegalese film director Senegal Q3218848
430 Laurence Gavron Senegalese director 1955 France
431 Lavinia Jones South African actor and television presenter 1973-08-17 South Africa Q1808954
432 Leïla Bahria Tunisian magistrate and politician Tunisia Q16027758
433 Leila Chaieb Tunisian journalist 1966-12-06 Tunisia Q2689682
434 Leila Chebbi Tunisian actress Tunisia
Leila Chebbi.JPG
435 Leïla Hadi Algerian handball player 1984-03-30 Algeria Q18214866
436 Leïla Sfez Tunisian singer and componist 1874 1944 Tunisia Q16220883
437 Leoni Kingsbury badminton player 1909 <some value> United Kingdom
South Africa
438 Letebrhan Haylay Gebreslasea Ethiopian long-distance runner 1990-10-29 Ethiopia Q22102078
439 Letícia da Silva Klemens Mozambican businesswoman and politician 1972-08-15 Mozambique Q27431338
440 Leyla Dakhli French-Tunisian historian 1973 Tunisia Q18816789
441 Lilia Attia Tunisian athletics competitor 1949-12-23 Tunisia Q16027901
442 Lilia Labidi Tunisian politician 1949 Tunisia Q3240795
443 Liliane Pande Muaba Congolese politician Democratic Republic of the Congo Q3240837
444 Liloca Mozambican singer 1985-04-29 Mozambique Q27049023
445 Lilyan Kesteloot Belgian researcher 1931 Belgium
446 Lina Fourie badminton player 1960s South Africa Q1411515
447 Linda Awu 1989-07-18 Cameroon Q45274544
448 Linda Benin Ghanaian athlete 1988-11-20 Ghana Q11756916
449 Linda Montignies badminton player 1965-04-01 South Africa Q1645881
450 Lisa Atangana 1997-10-03 Cameroon Q45276802
451 Lisette Sangana Congolese politician Democratic Republic of the Congo
Lisette sangana ngalamulume vice ministre du plan.png
452 Liz Brady Egyptian singer 1940-01-05 Egypt Q3257300
453 Lobna Jribi Politician from Tunis 1973-10-22 Tunisia
454 Lolita Nack Cameroonian athletics competitor 1969-01-25 Cameroon Q16657741
455 Louisa Tounsia Tunisian singer 1905 1966 Tunisia Q16235209
456 Louise Munga Mesozi Congolese politician Democratic Republic of the Congo Q3263804
457 Louzla Darabi Algerian painter 1974 Algeria Q1728310
458 Lúcia Nereida do Carmo Morais Angolan writer and poet 1989-04-27 Angola Q23892797
459 Lucia Subano Kenyan athletics competitor 1967-12-15 Kenya Q1873221
460 Lucrécia Paco Mozambican actor 1969-10-19 Mozambique Q23904976
461 Lucy Angucia Ugandan athletics competitor Uganda Q16573040
462 Lucy Fidelis Owenya Tanzanian politician 1964-02-02 Tanzania Q30090503
463 Lucy Thomas Mayenga Tanzanian politician 1977-08-23 Tanzania Q13123750
464 Lydia Ewandé Cameroonian actress and singer 1932-09-22 2016-04-20 Cameroon Q25898158
465 Lylanie Lauwrens South African bicycle racer 1984-05-25 South Africa Q1878697
466 Lynda Bouimedj Algerian volleyball player 1992-02-26 Algeria Q16382856
467 M'Bayang Thiam 1968 Senegal Q20558276
468 Madeleine Haoua 1971-03-20 Cameroon Q39156067
469 Madeleine Memb Cameroonian journalist, radio producer, and feminist 1957-07-14 Cameroon Q28033559
470 Madeleine Pagès 1892-11-14 1965-03-02 Algeria Q3275704
471 Madeleine Tchuinte Cameroonian politician Cameroon Q23816327
472 Madina N'Diaye Mali singer Mali Q3276079
473 Madjiguène Cissé Senegalese activist 1951 Senegal Q1883403
474 Magda Mamet Maurician Poet 1916 2012 Mauritius Q26000230
475 Maha Chtourou Tunisian actress Tunisia Q20723742
476 Mahbouba Gharbi 1973 Tunisia Q19959578
477 Maï La Bombe Ivorian actor Ivory Coast Q3303376
478 Maïmouna Kane Senegalese jurist and politician 1937-03-13 Senegal Q3303398
479 Maïmouna Samaké Ivorian handball player Ivory Coast Q3303404
480 Maji-da Abdi Ethiopian film director 1970-10-25 Ethiopia Q13553895
481 Majken Hessner Thiam Danish politician 1949-05-09 Denmark
482 Makaridja Sakanogo Ivorian athletics competitor Ivory Coast Q3280671
483 Makda Harun Ethiopian athletics competitor 1988 Ethiopia Q1686325
484 Malika Arabi Algerian writer Algeria Q3282078
485 Malika Belbey Algerian actress Algeria Q3282079
486 Malika Hachid Algerian anthropologist Algeria Q3282087
487 malmsey rangaka South African entrepreneur 1957 South Africa Q1887648
488 Mamá Tunza 1960s Kenya Q5990974
489 Mamadou Serov Traoré Malian association football player 1994-10-03 Mali Q20732388
490 Mame Seck Mbacké Senegalese writer Senegal Q3284963
491 Mamounata Nikiéma film director and producer Burkina Faso Q27062963
492 Manar Maged Egyptian child 2004-03-30 2006-03-26 Egypt Q2258765
493 Manel Kadri Tunisian politician 1987-06-29 Tunisia Q20425196
494 Manuela Rebelo Mozambican lawyer and politician (FRELIMO) 1966-12-30 Mozambique Q27038729
495 Maram Ben Aziza Tunisian actress, model & tv presenter 1986-12-25 Tunisia
Couv-Tunivisions Octobre 2012.jpg
496 Marcelline Akinocho Benin actress Benin Q3289612
497 Margaret McCord South African writer (1913-2004) 1913 2004-03-29 South Africa Q1311354
498 Marguerite Mbida Cameroonian politician 1928-10-28 1993-06-28 Cameroon Q2380023
499 Maria de Fátima Mendonça Mozambican writer 2000s Mozambique Q26879516
500 Maria João Ganga film director 1964 Angola Q27062979
501 Maria Ndilla Kangoye Tanzanian politician 1985-10-21 Tanzania Q30090506
502 Mariam Coulibaly Ivorian journalist 1977-07-27 Ivory Coast Q3291190
503 Mariam Dao Gabala Ivoirian activist 1960 Ivory Coast Q19508683
504 Mariama Sarr Senegalese politician 1963-03-04 Senegal Q3291195
505 Mariame Dia French basketball player 1978-12-19 France
506 Marianne Abrahams badminton player 1950s South Africa Q1896763
507 Marie Caze Early Reunion inhabitant 1655 1735-02-11 Madagascar Q3292423
508 Marie Misamu Congolese singer (1974-2016) 1974-11-16 2016-01-16 Democratic Republic of the Congo Q22212147
509 Marie Sarr Mbodj Senegalese politician 1935-09-28 Senegal Q3292782
510 Marie Theopista Mukarubibi Rwanda Q12238223
511 Marie-Aimée de Kermorvan Mauritian writer and poet 1904 1985 Mauritius Q3291445
512 Marie-Angélique Savané Senegalese politician 1947-11-02 Senegal Q3291491
513 Marie-Ann Yemsi German-Cameroonian curator 1963 Germany
514 Marie-Clémence Paes French-Malagasy producer and director 1959 France
515 Marie-Clémentine Dusabejambo Rwandan director Rwanda Q3847840
516 Marie-Grégoire Tambila Congolese politician Democratic Republic of the Congo Q3291853
517 Marie-Hélène Valérie-Pierre badminton player 1978-10-20 Mauritius Q1682335
518 Marie-Josephe Jean-Pierre badminton player 1975-05-01 Mauritius Q1897152
519 Marie-Louise Asseu Ivorian actor 1970s 2016-12-07 Ivory Coast Q3292047
520 Marie-Louise Mumbu 1975 Democratic Republic of the Congo
ML Mumbu Bibish.jpg
521 Marie-Madeleine Mienze Kiaku Congolese politician Democratic Republic of the Congo Q3292119
522 Marie-Michèle Etienne Mauritian Sega performer 1978 Mauritius Q3292149
523 Marie-Odette Lorougnon Ivorian politician Ivory Coast Q28499697
524 Marie-Philomène Nga French actress France
525 Marie-Sohna Condé French actress 1971 France
Ivory Coast
Marie-Sohna Condé 2016.jpg
526 Marie-Thérèse Abena Ondoa pediatrician, academic & minister Cameroon Cameroon
527 Mariem Ben Chaâbane Tunisian actress Tunisia
Couv-Tunivisions Septembre 2012.jpg
528 Mariëtte Hattingh South African triathlete 1965-11-09 South Africa Q1899726
529 Marlyse Marquer badminton player 1989-12-24 Mauritius Q1902173
530 Martha Jachi Umbulla Tanzanian politician 1955-11-10 Tanzania Q30090616
531 Marthe Mahimba Democratic Republic of the Congo Q25694751
532 Martine Coffi-Studer Ivorian businessperson 1961-01-30 Ivory Coast Q22083351
533 Martine de Souza badminton player 1973-07-26 Mauritius Q1613699
534 Martine Djibo Ivorian politician Ivory Coast Q3295768
535 Marwa Ben Sghaier 1988-08-31 Tunisia Q20424479
536 Mary Dolly Zé Oyono Cameroonian athletics competitor 1963 Cameroon Q16663602
537 Mary Gideon badminton player 1989-12-10 Nigeria Q1906264
538 Mary Pius Chatanda Tanzanian politician 1959-09-05 Tanzania Q30090522
539 Mary Ptikany Kenyan athletics competitor 1978 Kenya Q1906369
540 Maryvonne Herzog Algerian pianist and designer 1943-10-25 Algeria Q3296359
541 Massa Bouchafa Algerian singer 1964 Algeria
Massa Bouchafa.jpg
542 Maty Dollar Ivorian singer Ivory Coast Q3300006
543 Mawa Traoré Ivorian artist Ivory Coast Q3301949
544 Meagen Burnett badminton player 1974-01-21 South Africa Q1915453
545 Megan Kahts South African singer 1989-01-08 South Africa Q1917115
546 Mel Gambôa Romanian-Angolan actress, show host and producer 1984-05-23 Angola
547 Melika Ouelbani French philosopher 1953-02-24 Tunisia
548 Melkam Gisaw Ethiopian athletics competitor 1990 Ethiopia Q1919450
549 Memory Banda Malawian human rights activist Malawi
Memory Banda.jpg
550 Mercy Jerotich Kibarus Kenyan athletics competitor 1984 Kenya Q1921564
551 Meriem Riveill 1976 Algeria Q3855149
552 Merle Moult badminton player 1924 2004-05-20 Zambia Q1921898
553 Michelle Breedt South African opera singer 1967-06-03 South Africa Q1931137
554 Michelle Tong Mam 1984-08-08 Cameroon Q30230607
555 Mignon Pretorius South African chess player 1987-01-10 South Africa Q1932448
556 Mikan Céline Koné Ivorian actor Ivory Coast Q3313161
557 Minette Libom Li Likeng Politician from Cameroon 1959-03-04 Cameroon
Minette Libom Li Likeng (cropped).jpg
558 Misikir Mekonnin Ethiopian athletics competitor 1986-07-23 Ethiopia Q1938806
559 Miza Bakari Haji Tanzanian politician 1972-05-25 Tanzania Q30090558
560 Mohamed Garne Algerian victim of war 1960-04-19 Algeria
561 Mona Abaza Egyptian sociologist 1959 Egypt Q1798823
562 Mongia Taboubi Tunisian actress Tunisia
Mongia Taboubi.jpg
563 Monica Bwanga Misenga 1984-11-30 Democratic Republic of the Congo Q27786576
564 Monica Jepkoech Kenyan female runner 1983-01-01 Kenya Q1944532
565 Monique Djikada Cameroonian athletics competitor 1979-08-01 Cameroon Q16665086
566 Monique Ric-Hansen badminton player 1971-06-10 South Africa Q1944832
567 Morgane Ndongo 1993-03-07 Cameroon Q45263984
568 Moseka Yogo Ambake Congolese painter 1956-08-29 Democratic Republic of the Congo Q19630940
569 Mouna Nsiri Tunisian actress Tunisia Q20723842
570 Mounira Hamdi Tunisian singer Tunisia Q3325992
571 Mounira Hmani Aifa Tunisian geneticist 1972 Tunisia Q3325994
572 Mounira Zakraoui Tunisian actress Tunisia Q20723887
573 Munde Abdallah Tambwe Tanzanian politician 1972-08-08 Tanzania Q30090602
574 Murielle-Claude Nanié Murielle-Claude Nanié Ivory Coast Q22042912
575 Mwantum Dau Haji Tanzanian politician 1979-08-08 Tanzania Q30090561
576 Myriam Ben Algerian novelist and poet 1928-10-10 2001-11-19 Algeria Q3331503
577 N. Gugsa younger daughter of Empress Zewditu I of Ethiopia 1906-01 1906-01 Ethiopia Q19355285
578 N. Gwangul elder daughter of Empress Zewditu I of Ethiopia 1891-11 1895-01 Ethiopia Q19354922
579 Nabiha Ben Abdallah Independentist and feminist activist 1919-03-04 2009-05-06 Tunisia
Nabiha Ben Abdallah, ep. Ben Miled.jpg
580 Nacéra Benseddik Algerian historian and archaeologist 1949-12-04 Algeria Q213226
581 Nadège Essama Foé Cameroonian athletics competitor 1980-02-17 Cameroon Q16666033
582 Nadège N’Guessan Ivorian association football player 1989-08-26 Ivory Coast Q15867399
583 Nadia Ben Mouhoub 1969 2002 Algeria Q3334859
584 Nadia Beugré 1981-03-05 Ivory Coast Q33082809
585 Nadia Boussetta Tunisian actress Tunisia Q19953058
586 Nadia Chahed German-Tunisian swimmer 1988 Germany
587 Nadia Guendouz 1932-02-26 1992-04-04 Algeria Q16855208
588 Nadia Kaci Algerian French actress Algeria Q3334873
589 Nadia Talbi Algerian actress 1944-07-30 Algeria Q3334892
590 Nadine Ramaroson Malagasy politician 2011-08-28 Madagascar Q3334940
591 Nafissa Hamoud 1924 2002 Algeria Q3335031
592 Nahima El Sakhir Egyptian actress 1931-12-25 1991-10-20 Egypt Q3335138
593 Naïma El Jeni Tunisian actress Tunisia Q3337419
594 Najeh Belkhiria Karoui Tunisian politician Tunisia Q16161949
595 Najet Attia Tunisian singer 1968 Tunisia
596 Najla Ben Abdallah Tunisian actress Tunisia
Couv-Tunivisions Août 2012.jpg
597 Najma Murtaza Giga Tanzanian politician 1967-09-05 Tanzania Q30090544
598 Naky Sy Savané Ivorian actress Ivory Coast Q3335374
599 Nancy Simashela Namibian model 1984-11-29 Namibia Q1964522
600 Nash du Gbonhi Ivorian singer Ivory Coast Q3336179
601 Nastou Traoré Ivorian actor 1974 Ivory Coast Q3336272
602 Nathalie Kregbo Ivorian handball player Ivory Coast Q3336621
603 Naziha Maghrebi Tunisian painter and television presenter 2001-12-02 Tunisia Q15918202
604 Nazima Hanafi Muhammed Russian-Ethiopian public figure 2000s Ethiopia Q28768516
605 Nazira Abdula Mozambique pediatrist and politician 1969 Mozambique Q19958795
606 Ndioro Ndiaye Senegalese politician 1946-11-06 Senegal Q3337478
607 Nebila Abdulmelik 1987 Ethiopia Q43779014
608 Nedra Lamloum Tunisian actress Tunisia Q20670073
609 Neema William Mgaya Tanzanian politician 1980-12-23 Tanzania Q30090511
610 Negma Ibrahim Egyptian actress 1914-02-25 1976-06-04 Egypt Q3337760
611 Neila Chaabane Tunisian politician 1961-09-02 Tunisia Q17485875
612 Nelly Akainyah badminton player 1960s Ghana Q18015324
613 Nesria Traki 1972-03-08 Tunisia Q19710649
614 Néziha Escheikh 1945-08-03 Tunisia Q19060333
615 Néziha Zarrouk Tunisian politician 1946-12-12 Tunisia Q3347261
616 Ngandeu Weyinjam Cameroonian judoka 1986-02-03 Cameroon Q15617106
617 Ngoné Dièye female founder of the dynasty of Cayor and Baol <some value> <some value> <no value>
618 Niama Senegalese princess and freed slave 1734 1809 Senegal Q3339456
619 Nicole Lewin Zimbabwean visual artist 1957 Zimbabwe Q20665561
620 Nicole Okala Bilaï 1949-05-26 Cameroon Q41672851
621 Nidhal Guiga actor and playwright from Tunisia 1975-03-11 Tunisia
Photo de Nidhal Guiga.jpg
622 Noelle Mben 1988-01-05 Cameroon Q45199300
623 Noha Atef Egyptian journalist and campaigner 1985 Egypt
Noha Atef rp2011 2.jpg
624 Norhène Bourayen Tunisian actress Tunisia Q3343674
625 Nouria Kazdarli Algerian actress 1921 Algeria
Nouria Kazdarli.jpg
626 Nozizwe Dube European of the year 1995 Zimbabwe
627 Nyéléni Malian mythic figure of food sovereignty Mali Q3346725
628 Nyeleti Mondlane Mozambican politician and vice-minister for foreign affairs 1962-01-17 Mozambique Q27220074
629 Obiageli Olorunsola badminton player 1962-05-11 Nigeria Q1726883
630 Olive Christelle Ngo Nyepel Equatorial Guinean association football player 1995-01-16 Equatorial Guinea Q2019947
631 Ons Hattab Tunisian politician Tunisia Q19346156
632 Osvalde Lewat Cameroonian film director 1976-09 Cameroon Q3357483
633 Ouahiba Chaoui 1978 Algeria Q3357900
634 Ouardia Hamtouche Algerian actress 1931 1991-01-01 Algeria Q3357937
635 Oumayma Ben Hafsia Tunisian actress 1993 Tunisia Q3358320
636 Oumayma Meherzi Tunisia Q20723823
637 Oumou Diarra Malian writer 1967 Mali Q11801189
638 Pascale Obolo Cameroonian director 1967-01-07 Cameroon Q25938858
639 Pasma Nchouapouognigni 1992-12-21 Cameroon Q45217232
640 Patricia Ballet Ivorian actor Ivory Coast Q3369074
641 Patricia Berthelot Cameroonian businesswoman Cameroon Q24951055
642 Patricia Dagban-Zonvidé Togolese politician 1960-03-17 Togo Q16669158
643 Patricia Mulasikwanda Zambian politician 2000s Zambia Q2057247
644 Paulette Badjo Ezouehu Ivorian politician Ivory Coast Q22209493
645 Pauline Akonga basketball player 1982-02-09 Democratic Republic of the Congo
20131006 - Open LFB - Hainaut-Nantes 068.jpg
646 Pauline Irène Kendeck Cameroonian politician Cameroon
647 Pauline Njeri Kahenya Kenyan athletics competitor 1985-07-28 Kenya Q499781
648 Pauline Philipo Gekul Tanzanian politician 1978-09-25 Tanzania Q30090523
649 Pauline Wangui Ngigi Athlete 1984-07-17 Kenya Q1116545
650 Perial Ndengue Cameroon footballer 1987-01-25 Cameroon Q2070790
651 Perline Razafiarisoa Singer from Madagascar 2007-12-22 Madagascar
PERLINE razafiarisoa.jpg
652 Philomène Bata Cameroonian judoka 1983-07-08 Cameroon Q15617109
653 Philomène Omatuku Atshakawo Akatshi Congolese politician Democratic Republic of the Congo Q3381176
654 Pilar Bakam Tzuche Cameroon weightlifter 1988-04-10 Cameroon Q22236588
655 Questeryui South African bicycle racer 1985-06-03 South Africa Q1356289
656 Rabia Ben Abdallah Tunisian actress Tunisia Q20730462
657 Rachel Bancouly Ivorian association football player 1983-04-11 Ivory Coast Q15623176
658 Rachelle Greef South African journalist 1957 South Africa Q2023334
659 Radiya Roba Ethiopian athletics competitor 1989-09-22 Ethiopia Q1374205
660 Rakiatou Kaffa-Jackou Nigerien politician 1965 Niger
Daud Mohamed Rakiatou Christelle Jackou Kafa (01113791).jpg
661 Ramla Ayari Tunisian actress 1977-07-26 Tunisia Q20723722
662 Randā Abū Bakr Egyptian specialist in literature and university teacher 1966 Egypt Q2130588
663 Rania Gabsi 1988 Tunisia Q20723766
664 Rayhana Algerian actress 1963-11-01 Algeria Q1414231
665 Raymonde de Kervern Mauritian poet 1899 1973-12-01 Mauritius Q3421275
666 Raymonde Peschard 1927-09-15 1957-11-26 Algeria
Raymonde Peschard.jpg
667 Rebecca Makonnen 1980 Ethiopia Q27649231
668 Rebiha Khebtani French politician 1926-05-07 2006-01-16 France
669 Reckya Madougou 1974-04-30 Benin Q20995493
670 Refka Helali Tunisian handball player Tunisia Q3423042
671 Regia Mtema Tanzanian politician (1980-2012) 1980-04-21 2012-01-14 Tanzania Q17106746
672 Reine Pélagie Ivorian singer Ivory Coast Q3423849
673 Reine Yamousso Ivorian queen Ivory Coast Q3423850
674 Renée Asgarally Mauritian writer Mauritius Q3427108
675 Rhode Bath-Schéba Makoumbou Congolese painter 1976-08-29 Republic of the Congo
Mon atelier à Brazzaville.jpg
676 Rika Cilliers South African poet 1951 1999-04-27 South Africa Q2017417
677 Rim Riahi Tunisian actress Tunisia
Couv-Tunivisions Juillet-Août 2016.jpg
678 Rim Turki Tunisian actress Tunisia Q3432076
679 Risper Jemeli Kimaiyo Kenyan athletics competitor 1979-06-26 Kenya Q2154817
680 Rita Louise Mlaki Tanzanian politician 1954-12-10 Tanzania Q13124764
681 Ritta Enespher Kabati Tanzanian politician 1969-12-25 Tanzania Q30090505
682 Riziki Said Lulida Tanzanian politician 1955-07-31 Tanzania Q20604882
683 Rkia Moukim Moroccan athletics competitor 1988-02-22 Morocco Q1559918
684 Robeace Abogny Ivorian handball player 1981-12-28 Ivory Coast Q3434333
685 Rokhaya Niang Senegalese actress Senegal Q3439880
686 Rolande Kammogne Cameroonian businesswoman 1982-05-31 Cameroon
United States of America
687 Rose Cyprian Tweve Tanzanian politician 1977-12-31 Tanzania Q30090614
688 Rose Jepkemboi Chesire Kenyan athletics competitor 1984 Kenya Q2166747
689 Rose Kerubo Nyangacha Kenyan athletics competitor 1976-10-28 Kenya Q1650822
690 Rosine Dacoury Rosine Dacoury Ivory Coast Q22041516
691 Ruth Blasio Msafiri politician from Tanzania Tanzania Q13124799
692 Ruti Aga Ethiopian athlete 1994-01-16 Ethiopia Q9324197
693 Rym Ben Messaoud Tunisia Q20725746
694 Sabbah Meftah Saoues 1984-08-15 Algeria Q3460498
695 Sabla Wangel Hailu Empress Consort of Ethiopia 1890s 1970 Ethiopia
Seble Wongel Hailu.gif
696 Sabrina Draoui Algerian film director 1977-11-24 Algeria
Sabrina Draoui.jpg
697 Sabrine Goubantini Tunisian politician 1987-11-10 Tunisia Q19544687
698 Safia Benguedoudj French association football player 1986-01-31 France
699 Salamatou Sow Nigerien anthropologist and linguist 1963-01-01 Niger Q22341495
700 Sali Sidibé Malian singer Mali Q17639066
701 Salima Aït Mohamed Algerian poet and writer 1969-04-30 Algeria Q3469794
702 Salimata Dosso Ivorian association football player 1986-07-23 Ivory Coast Q15843820
703 Salma Sarsout Tunisian politician 1964-02-09 Tunisia Q3470004
704 Salome Joseph Mbatia Tanzanian politician Tanzania Q13124828
705 Saloua Tarzi Ben Attia Tunisian politician 1951-11-04 Tunisia Q3470194
706 Sama Dioubaté Guinean singer 1966 2005-05-28 Guinea Q3470587
707 Samia Rhaiem Tunisian actress Tunisia Q17350875
708 Samira Khayach Belhaj Tunisian politician 1953-06-04 Tunisia Q19060337
709 Samira Sahraoui Algerian actress Algeria Q3470863
710 Sanaa Marahati singer from Morocco 1984-03-10 Morocco Q2387769
711 Sara Bouaoudia Algerian athletics competitor 1983-08-13 Algeria Q16675670
712 Sara Sayifwanda Zambian politician 2000s Zambia Q1682186
713 Sarah Chahed 1988 Germany
714 Saranfing Kouyaté Malian singer 1950 2009-06-22 Mali Q3473454
715 Sarroura Libre Tunisian humorist 1980-02 Tunisia Q19958572
716 Seada Kedir Ethiopian athletics competitor 1988 Ethiopia Q1406892
717 Selina Chemunge Chelimo Kenyan athletics competitor 1973 Kenya Q1682750
718 Selma Ghezali Algerian singer 1979-06-28 Algeria Q12216575
719 Sérénade Chafik French-Egyptian feminist writer and activist 1965
Egypt Q2379516
720 Sheila Haxhiraj Albanian X Factor contestant 1993-11-20 Albania
721 Sherin Adel Egyptian actress 1988-04-19 Egypt Q1267908
722 Sherissa Somali-Swedish singer-songwriter 1989-02-05 Somalia
723 Shiru Deriba Ethiopian distance runner 1985 Ethiopia Q27826018
724 Sihem Msadek Tunisian actress Tunisia Q20723833
725 Simone Kaya Ivorian writer 1937 Ivory Coast Q1602330
726 Sisay Measo Ethiopian athletics competitor 1980 Ethiopia Q2290233
727 Siyou Isabelle Ngnoubamdjum Cameroonian singer 1968-09-11 Cameroon Q2290969
728 Solange Koulinka Congolese handballer 1958 Republic of the Congo Q11315377
729 Sona Diabaté Guinean singer 1959 Guinea Q2300823
730 Sónia Sultuane Mozambican artist and poet 1971-03-04 Mozambique Q27044330
731 Sophie Gemal model 1989 Nigeria Q3964947
732 Souad Mahassen Tunisian singer Tunisia Q19956514
733 Souhir Ben Amara Tunisian actress 1985 Tunisia
Couv-Tunivisions Avril 2012.jpg
734 Soumaya Jouini 1983-03-09 Tunisia Q20385026
735 Stacey Catherine Naris Namibian footballer 1991-02-24 Namibia Q14632593
736 Stella Ilboudo Burkinabé association football player 1993-09-10 Burkina Faso Q16890255
737 Stella Jepkosgei Rutto Kenyan steeplechase runner 1996-12-12 Kenya Q9345634
738 Stephanie Randall South African actress 1942 South Africa Q1770805
739 Susan Kirui Kenyan athletics competitor 1980-04-04 Kenya Q2368903
740 Susanne Peter Maselle Tanzanian politician Tanzania Q30090514
741 Sylva Née Ivorian handball player Ivory Coast Q3506910
742 Sylvia Chesebe Kenyan athletics competitor 1987-05-17 Kenya Q17176173
743 Tadelesh Birra Ethiopian athletics competitor 1975-04-24 Ethiopia Q2197796
744 Tahani Romaissa Belabiod Algerian sportsperson and athletics competitor 1991-01-28 Algeria Q9312145
745 Tassadit Yacine Algerian anthropologist 1949-11-14 Algeria
746 Tatiana Mukakibibi Rwandan journalist 1965-08-05 Rwanda Q3516049
747 Tatu Mussa Ntimizi Politician from Tanzania 1946-04-09 Tanzania Q13124978
748 Teeyah Ivorian singer 1986-01-01 Ivory Coast Q3517128
749 Tejinesh Gebisa Ethiopian athletics competitor 1995-03-03 Ethiopia Q3517216
750 Thérèse King Senegalese politician (1934-2015) 1934-07-15 2015-04 Senegal Q3527349
751 Thérèse Ngann Cameroonese Fashion Stylist 1928-04-06 2011-03-30 Cameroon Q28810797
752 Thérèse Taba Ivorian actor Ivory Coast Q3527373
753 Tiane Ivorian singer Ivory Coast Q3528017
754 Tina Glamour Ivorian singer Ivory Coast Q3529123
755 Tina Kunakey Italian-Togolese model 1997-04-05 Togo
756 Tra Lou Edwige Ivorian handball player Ivory Coast Q3536112
757 Traoré Rokiatou Guikiné Malian politician 1953-06-23 Mali Q3538029
758 Tsege Worku Ethiopian athlete 1982-01-19 Ethiopia
Tsege Worku 2008.jpg
759 Tsèhaytu Bèraki Ethiopian singer 1939 Ethiopia Q24689217
760 Ungudi Quiawacana Angolan athlete 1990-11-09 Angola Q2493654
761 Upendo Furaha Peneza Tanzanian politician Tanzania Q30090622
762 Ursula Vogel-Weidemann southafrican-german classicist and historian (1930-1997) 1930-09-26 1997-05-06 Germany
South Africa
763 Valentina Guebuza Mozambican businesswoman 1980 2016-12-14 Mozambique Q27345245
764 Vandanah Seesurun badminton player 1973-10-01 Mauritius Q2510033
765 Vanessa Djiepmou 1990-06-18 Cameroon Q45263557
766 Vaumara Rebelo Miss Angola 2012, contestant in Miss Universe 2013 1991-08-23 Angola Q7917419
767 Véronique Aka 1959-08-15 Ivory Coast
Veronique AKA.jpg
768 Véronique Lortal Malagasy singer Madagascar Q3564330
769 Victorine Gboko Wodié Ivorian politician Ivory Coast Q3557739
770 Viola Bor Chepketing Kenyan athletics competitor 1979-12-26 Kenya Q2527365
771 Vitória Diogo Mozambican linguist and politician 1960-01-31 Mozambique Q20014463
772 Vola Hanta Ratsifa Andrihamanana Malagasy swimmer 1970-09-28 Madagascar Q16613695
773 Waganesh Mekasha Ethiopian athletics competitor 1992-01-16 Ethiopia Q2539019
774 Wahida Belhaj Tunisian television presenter (1935-2007) 1935 2007 Tunisia Q16266510
775 Wahida Dridi Tunisia Q20666526
776 Wajiha Jendoubi 1971 Tunisia Q16126707
777 Warda Turki Tunisian politician Tunisia
Warda Turki.jpg
778 Wilma Prade badminton player 1945 South Africa Q2582344
779 Winnie Jepkemoi Kenyan athletics competitor 1993-10-09 Kenya Q2584736
780 Worknesh Degefa Ethiopian athlete 1990-10-28 Ethiopia Q21421093
781 Woynishet Girma Ethiopian runner 1986 Ethiopia
20091018 Woinshet Girma Amsterdam Marathon.jpg
782 Xaverine Karomba Mitimituje Congolese politician 1957 Democratic Republic of the Congo Q3570581
783 Yacinthe Wodobodé Central African politician Central African Republic Q20995546
784 Yasmina Algerian singer Algeria Q3571907
785 Yasmina Chelali Algeria Q3571911
786 Yenatfenta Abate Ethiopian painter 1973-11-30 Ethiopia Q15623584
787 Yeshimebet Tadesse Ethiopian athletics competitor 1988 Ethiopia Q1672312
788 Yolande Kada-Gango Congolese handballer Republic of the Congo Q11902951
789 Yolande Touba 1993-07-18 Cameroon Q45266404
790 Yvette Yuoh 1989-07-07 Cameroon Q45261441
791 Yvonne Cherrie Tanzanian actress 1981-08-19 Tanzania Q20098818
792 Yvonne Ntacyobatabara Basebya 1947-02-08 2016-02-24 Rwanda Q29110217
793 Zahia Dahel Hebrih Algerian painter and sculptor 1952-02-11 Algeria Q3574601
794 Zahira Ben Ammar Tunisian actress Tunisia Q20199480
795 Zaida Chongo Mozambican dancer and singer 1970-06-17 2004-06-04 Mozambique Q10394856
796 Zainabu Mussa Bakar Tanzanian politician 1985-02-03 Tanzania Q30090501
797 Zalika Souley Nigerien actress 1947 Niger Q3574689
798 Zama Magudulela South African singer 1982 South Africa Q512788
799 Zaynab Matitu Vulu Tanzanian politician Tanzania Q13125278
800 Zenash Gezmu 1990 2017-11-28 Ethiopia Q45190883
801 Zohra Zahia Hanous Algerian association football player 1975-05-13 Algeria Q3575693
802 Zoulikha Oudai 1911-05-07 1957-10-25 Algeria
يمينة الشايب.jpg
803 Марі Оділе Банкоунгоу-Баліма 1961-12-15 Burkina Faso Q30960520
804 خدیجه زیلعی Djibouti Q28713312
805 سعاد رخروخ Algeria Q12215860
806 سليمة رخروخ Algeria Q12216731
807 ميرنا وليد 1977-09-17 Egypt Q1267922
808 ሐመልማል አባተ Ethiopia Q20605924
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