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WiR redlist index: Japan - University of Tokyo

Welcome to WikiProject Women in Red (WiR). Our objective is to turn red links into blue ones. Our scope is women's biographies, women's works, and women's issues, broadly construed.

This list of red links is intended to serve as a basis for creating new articles on the English Wikipedia. All new articles must satisfy Wikipedia's notability criteria; red links on this list may or may not qualify. Lists that are not updated by ListeriaBot (talk) need to be updated manually.

The list below is a redlist of women who are alumni and/or employees of the University of Tokyo, for which Wikipedia lacks a biography article. It was generated using Wikidata, using the 'educated at' and 'employed by' properties.

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name image description date of birth date of death occupation Oxford Dictionary of National Biography ID item
Iida Takesato 1828-01-22 1900-08-26 Q6535088
Etsuo Aoi 1872-09-12 1937-09-17 Q11661099
Tamaki Yamada Japanese translator (1893-1943) 1893-02-26 1943-11-24 translator Q11470531
Hiroo Sassa 1897-01-23 1948-10-09 critic
Chiaki Kobayashi Japanese politician (1900-1949) 1900-11 1949-07 politician Q17222238
Mashiho Chiri 1909-02-24 1961-06-09 linguist Q11584669
瀬川昌世 Japanese pediatrician (1884-1961) 1884 1961-12 pediatrician Q11566473
Shiran Wakatsuki 1879-02-10 1962-07-22 playwright
山川黙 1886-07-26 1966-02-21 scientist Q18016075
Hidebumi Egawa Japanese jurist-consultant (1898-1966) 1898-07-19 1966-08-21 jurist-consultant Q11550913
Yuzuru Matsuoka
Matsuoka Fudeko.JPG
1891-09-28 1969-07-22 novelist Q11530067
Megumi Imada 1894-08-26 1970-11-25 psychologist
Fumie Ōmachi Japanese teacher (1898-1973) 1898-01-25 1973-01-10 teacher Q11437995
Tomomi Narita Japanese politician 1912-09-15 1979-03-09 politician Q11495706
Tomoo Miwa 1899-12-27 1979-12-27 teacher Q11357403
Naomi Nishimura Japanese politician 1905-10-08 1980-07-28 politician Q11628641
品川主計 1887-01-15 1986-02-14 businessperson Q11418369
Hiromi Arisawa 1896-02-16 1988-03-07 economist Q11516555
山川千秋 Japanese news presenter and journalist (1933-1988) 1933-09-16 1988-10-09 news presenter
Makoto Masuzawa Japanese architect (1925-1990) 1925 1990 architect Q11429259
Chiharu Kawasaki 1903-04-05 1991-06-06 businessperson Q11478367
Mayumi Haga Japanese critic and translator (1903-1991) 1903-07-06 1991-08-15 critic
Hiromi Takekawa 1914-02-22 1992-05-02 music critic Q11545944
Masako Meiō Japanese novelist 1939-11-25 1995-04-21 novelist
Seikyū Ōta 1909-08-28 1996-11-15 tanka poet Q11444465
Kasumi Tsugita 1913 1997-12-12 Q11544896
Hiryoshi Tagawa 1914-08-28 1999-04-25 Q17209684
Madoka Kanai 1927-06-05 2001-07-07 historian Q11646342
Haruko Fujita 1918-02-25 2001-10-20 pianist
Nobuko Iijima 1938 2001-11-03 sociologist Q11666318
Kaori Chino 1952-08-19 2001-12-31 historian Q11406874
Shihō Nishimaru Japanese psychiatrist (1910-2002) 1910-02-13 2002-02-14 psychiatrist Q11627129
Sumiko Yagawa
Sumiko yagawa in 1950s.jpg
Japanese novelist and poet 1930-07-27 2002-05-29 novelist
Sachiko Yoshihara Japanese poet 1932-06-28 2002-11-28 poet
Akira Satō Japanese landscape architect 1903-10-02 2003-07-19 Q11384083
Yūkō Sekiguchi 1939-02-12 2005-02-09 Q11655656
Mitsu Kaneko Japanese politician 1914-04-30 2005-08-14 politician
影山裕子 1932 2005-09-13 Q22118257
Michito Ibuki 1938-07-05 2006-01-14 Q11379243
Reiko Shimizu 1935-07 2006-03-04 philosopher Q11561093
Michiko Nakajima Japanese lawyer 1935-09-09 2007-07-29 lawyer Q46853639
Akira Miyauchi Japanese philosopher (1921-2008) 1921-12-11 2008-04-30 philosopher Q11453328
Toshiko Shibata 1955 2009-02-04 political scientist Q11534796
大田直子 1956 2010-03-28 Q18991075
Satoko Arakawa 1962 2011-04-20 pharmacist Q11618616
Midori Yajima Japanese critic (1932-2011) 1932 2011-08-30 critic Q11584080
Mariko Takai Japanese announcer 1968-08-14 2011-09-09 announcer Q11668717
Sakiko Kitagawa 1952-11-22 2011-12-02 philosopher Q11401641
Sahoko Tsuji 1930-11-21 2011-12-24 Q11638134
Hiroko Nakagama Japanese psychologist (1957-2012) 1957 2012 psychologist Q11367770
Hiromi Katō Japanese economist (1947-2012) 1947 2012-01-21 economist Q11399521
Reiko Hayashi Japanese historian and economist (1930-2013) 1930-02-05 2013-08-29 historian
Hisako Takahashi 1927-09-21 2013-12-21 Q11670951
Kakuko Miyata Japanese psychologist (1955-2013) 1955-11-23 2013-12-28 psychologist Q16336005
Mariko Handa 1947 2014 Q18054647
Akiko Ishimaru 1935-04-26 2014-05-15 Q11584797
Sanemi Sonoike Japanese teacher (1922-2014) 1922-03-16 2014-06-09 teacher Q11422806
Kazuteru Okiura 1927-01-01 2015-07-08 sociologist Q11552543
Yasuhiro Deguchi Japanese novelist 1928-08-15 2015-08-02 novelist
Suzuko Tamura 1934 2015-08-03 linguist
university teacher
大河直躬 1929-04-24 2015-09-13 Q20039027
Tokiko Nakayama 1922 2016-01-22 linguist Q15223143
Takahashi 1924 2016-02-25 architect Q11670880
高桑美子 1941 2016-11-07 Q11286391 Q28953477
Fusa Ninomiya Japanese teacher 1926 2017-03-01 teacher Q11371464
子安美知子 1933-09-05 2017-07-02 teacher Q11447899
田中千吉 1885-03 <some value> Q16906275
Naoko Saiki 1958-10-11 Q6141670
Mariko Bandō Japanese critic and politician 1946-08-17 critic
Ryōko Akamatsu Japanese ambassador 1929-08-24 diplomat Q6144654
Atsuko Tōyama Japanese ambassador 1938-12-10 diplomat Q6147883
Kyoko Gardiner Japanese artist 1975-01-25 Q6451973
Nobuko Matsubara 1941-01-09 diplomat Q7460341
Nami Katsuragi Japanese actress 1970-02-06 actor Q7477325
김경주 1967 teacher Q10855781
Megumi Takemoto 1981-01-12 Q10856416
Yuriko Shimazu 1974-01-21 announcer Q10872375
Megumi Kurosaki Japanese announcer 1968-04-18 announcer Q10872403
Yoshiko Morishita Japanese screenwriter 1971-01-24 screenwriter Q11240753
Kazuko Hōki 1952 singer Q11294172
Aika Nanao 1978-05-26 Q11353505
Yūko Mio 1960-03 teacher Q11355175
Naoko Miura Tarento 1987-05-13 tarento
television meteorologist
Izumi Uehara psychologist Q11358604
Yūkō Kamisangō Japanese musicologist 1935-04-01 musicologist Q11358643
Azusa Kamikouchi Japanese teacher 1975 teacher Q11358944
Yoshiko Ueno 1939 teacher Q11360436
Tomoyo Nakao 1960 teacher Q11363963
Sachiko Nakajima 1979-06-13 pianist Q11364348
Chiaki Nakamoto 1967-03-22 writer Q11365137
Kazue Nakamura 1966-03-25 poet
Taeko Nakamura Japanese translator 1923-02-21 translator Q11365495
Yumiko Nakamura Japanese philosopher 1944-03 philosopher Q11365575
Toshiko Nakamura 1952 political scientist Q11365638
Keiko Nakamura Japanese teacher 1936-01-01 teacher Q11365719
Junko Nakanishi 1938 teacher Q11367064
Nobuko Nakano Japanese teacher 1975 teacher Q11367475
中野弘美 1958 teacher Q11367583
Noriko Kurushima Japanese historian 1955-06 historian Q11369489
Atsumi Kume Scholar of French literature and Christian theologian 1933 theologian Q11369570
Michiko Igarashi 1948 teacher Q11372171
Shigeko Inoue 1954 historian Q11373209
Kimie Imura 1932-03-01 translator Q11373624
Kanako Ida Japanese journalist 1969 journalist Q11373725
Akemi Itsuji Japanese novelist, tanka poet and translator 1955-12-12 novelist
tanka poet
Tamaki Imai 1953-06-03 Q11376657
Eiko Imahashi Japanese teacher 1961-10-09 teacher Q11377152
Noriko Imanishi 1951 teacher Q11377384
Hideko Itō Japanese politician and lawyer 1943-08-15 politician
Kaori Itō Japanese politician 1966-05-14 politician Q11379615
Sanae Itō 1952 teacher Q11380163
Ikuko Ijūin 1971-02 teacher Q11381003
Hiroko Sumita Japanese lawyer 1951-06-21 lawyer
Kyōko Sasaki 1972-12-17 announcer Q11382235
Ryōko Sasaki 1944-07-08 critic Q11382312
Rika Sasaki Japanese modern artist 1967-02-04 painter
Junko Saeki Japanese teacher 1961-02-14 teacher Q11382915
Hikaru Satō Japanese economist 1949 economist Q11383712
Motoko Satō Japanese teacher 1955 teacher Q11383920
Naomi Satō Japanese architect 1955 architect Q11383935
Yukiko Satō 1972
teacher Q11384387
佐野みどり 1951-02-17 teacher Q11384925
Mayuko Sano Japanese political scientist 1969 political scientist Q11385085
Yoshiharu Yoda 1946-01-25 poet
tanka poet
Aiko Kurasawa 1946-07-26 historian Q11386839
Kumiko Yagi 1958 teacher Q11391301
Yoshiko Yagita Japanese novelist and translator 1937-11-11 novelist
Ayako Hatta 1984-10-04 fashion model
Hiromi Hyōdō Japanese scholar for literature and performance 1950-10-03 teacher
Marika Uchida 1974 Q11394385
Hiroko Okinaga 1974-05-15 teacher
Risuke Karima physician Q11396301
Yuri Katō 1986-04-04 actor
Akiko Katō Japanese impresario 1933 impresario Q11399284
Junko Katō Japanese political scientist 1961-06 political scientist Q11399387
Yuri Katō Japanese teacher 1964 teacher Q11399417
Naomi Katō 1950-07 teacher Q11399420
Yōko Katō 1960-10 historian Q11399577
Sayaka Kitazawa Japanese announcer 1973-08-31 announcer
Yuki Senda 1968-12 teacher Q11405721
Hiroko Hara 1934-06-11 teacher Q11409341
Yoshiko Kojō 1956 political scientist Q11410998
Mari Yoshihara 1968 Q11412728
Mako Yoshimura 1961-12-21 economist Q11413288
Kanako Yoshida Japanese poet 1948-11-02 poet
Hikaru Yoshino 1938 novelist Q11414361
Michiko Wakui translator Q11417126
Kanae Doi Japanese lawyer 1975-08-22 lawyer Q11422989
Harumi Sakamoto 1938-04-10 Q11425295
Akiko Tsukamoto Japanese philosopher 1941-11-01 philosopher Q11428491
Asako Shiohara 1970-05 teacher Q11428632
Tamako Toguchi 1937-12-16 politician
Natsuko Tonomura 1935 teacher Q11430469
Yūko Ōhara Japanese historian 1937-11-21 historian Q11433177
Mayumi Ōtsubo Japanese writer 1929 writer Q11433732
Yumiko Ōasa Japanese astronomer teacher Q11435859
Satoko Ōki Japanese seismologist 1978 seismologist Q11435910
Rie Ōhashi Japanese teacher 1970 teacher Q11436635
Mari Ōsawa 1953-04-04 teacher Q11436989
Hiroko Ōizumi Japanese politician 1950-01-20 politician Q11437159
Yukiko Ōkuma 1940 journalist Q11437750
Miwa Ōta Japanese poet and scholar 1963 tanka poet Q11437958
Mikiko Ōtani Japanese lawyer 1964 lawyer Q11439150
Michie Amano 1936 critic Q11443719
Naoko Ōta midwife Q11444182
Nobuko Kyō 1961 writer Q11447321
Toshiko Himeoka 1950-08-30 historian Q11447399
Taeko Udagawa 1960 historian Q11449575
安井香織 Japanese announcer announcer Q11450249
Haruko Yasuoka Japanese translator 1956-01-26 translator Q11450610
Miharu Miyamura 1940 teacher Q11454944
Reiko Tomita Japanese architect 1938-09-24 architect Q11457233
Saho Terao Japanese singer-songwriter 1981-11-07 singer-songwriter Q11457793
Yoshiko Terao 1954-01-08 jurist-consultant Q11457795
Kiyoko Ogura 1957 journalist Q11458993
Keiko Kobori Japanese historian 1969-08-22 historian Q11459529
Tomiko Kojima 1929-03-07 musicologist Q11460211
Eiko Kojima Japanese teacher 1953-04 teacher Q11460278
Naoko Kojima 1952-07-07 teacher Q11460289
Mariko Ogawa 1948-10 teacher Q11460560
Erika Kobayashi Japanese mangaka 1978-01-24 mangaka Q11461318
Mari Kobayashi 1963 Q11461762
Yukako Komasa Japanese epidemiologist 1983-05-17 announcer
Misako Koike 1939-02-27 Q11462308
Takako Konishi 1954 psychiatrist
Fumie Ono Japanese announcer 1968-04-18 announcer Q11464097
Makio Ono 1924 Q11464177
Yōko Ohara 1938-10-07 businessperson Q11465125
Asako Omi Japanese politician 1961-04-26 politician
Kimiko Yamashita 1952 Q11465896
Reiko Yamanaka 1957 Q11466186
Nakami Yamaguchi 1943-05-25 linguist Q11466633
Mayu Yamaguchi Japanese lawyer 1983-07-06 lawyer
Kyōko Yamamuro Japanese historian 1956 historian Q11467734
Megumi Yamamuro Japanese lawyer 1948-03-08 lawyer
Yasuyo Yamazaki Japanese businessperson and politician 1958-10-20 businessperson
Matori Yamamoto 1950 Q11469257
山本舞衣子 Japanese announcer 1978-05-20 announcer Q11469323
Hiroko Yamane 1946 jurist-consultant Q11469578
Airi Yamada Japanese announcer 1978-04-25 announcer Q11470379
Atsuko Yamada 1955-02-02 announcer Q11470394
Hitomi Okamura Japanese announcer 1982-08-30 announcer Q11473272
Manami Okada 1980-09-02 Q11473643
Kimie Iwata 1947-04-06 businessperson Q11475458
Akiko Iwata Japanese journalist 1970 journalist Q11475496
Yumi Iwata 1961-11-28 Q11475523
Mio Kishimoto 1952-04 historian Q11475919
Yōko Kishimoto 1961-06-26 Q11475925
Yūko Shimauchi 1953 Q11476215
Hiromi Shimada Japanese playwright 1953-11-08 playwright
Yoshie Kawade Japanese political scientist 1959 political scientist Q11477765
Keiko Kawaguchi 1957 Q11477999
Keiko Kawaguchi 1953 translator Q11478001
Yūko Kawamoto Japanese economist 1958-05-31 economist Q11478708
Yōko Kudō 1944-07-29 translator Q11479570
Mayumi Kudō 1949 linguist Q11479614
Yukie Kudō Japanese journalist 1965-03-14 journalist Q11479645
左近司彩子 1972 translator Q11479720
Sachiko Sakonji Japanese philosopher 1938-04-12 philosopher Q11479722
Haruko Shikimori nurse Q11487024
Harumi Gotō Japanese historian 1960 historian Q11488511
Shōko Gotō 1938-12 Q11488575
Sawako Tokue 1971 Q11490379
Ryōko Tsuneyoshi 1961 sociologist Q11492201
Yuri Naruse Japanese architect 1979 architect Q11495538
Riina Toya 1973 historian Q11496586
Megumi Arai Japanese translator 1961 translator Q11501217
Mihoko Niitsuma 1979-03 Q11501689
Jusen Asuka 1959-10 Q11512204
Keiko Haruno
Keiko Haruno2.jpg
Japanese actress 1973 actor
曽根かおる 1963 announcer
Kaori Matsutomi
Kaori.Matsutomi-2016-10-18 1.jpg
1959-02-17 announcer Q11516477
Natsuki Aruga Japanese historian 1944 historian Q11516680
Michiko Kido 1962 physician Q11518432
Saeko Kimura 1968 Q11518943
Miki Kimura Japanese fashion model and tarento 1985-01-19 fashion model
Yuki Honda 1964 associate professor Q11520634
Keiko Hongō Japanese historian 1960-11 historian Q11520879
杉山利恵子 Q11521852
Natsuko Sugiyama Japanese illustrator 1982-07-18 illustrator Q11521874
Akane Murakami 1974 sociologist Q11522647
Kyōko Murasaki 1937 linguist Q11523230
Mariko Muramatsu 1963 screenwriter
Naoko Murashige physician Q11523554
Kyōko Matsumiya Japanese composer and lyricist 1956-07-18 composer
松岡みやび 1973-12-26 Q11529953
松岡和子 1942-04-17 critic
Megumi Matsuoka 1958 nurse Q11530008
Fuyuko Matsukata Japanese historian 1967 historian Q11530735
Kazuko Matsumoto 1949-10-27 chemist Q11530945
Mayumi Matsumoto Q11531214
Miho Matsunaga 1958 translator Q11531601
Yukiko Matsue 1985-11-27 tarento Q11531690
Kaoru Matsuura 1929-06 jurist-consultant Q11531897
Shiho Matsuno 1973 tanka poet Q11532324
Noriko Itasaka 1952-03 Q11532542
Yōko Hayashi Japanese art historian 1965-11 art critic Q11533166
Mika Hayashi Japanese jurist-consultant 1970-04-01 jurist-consultant Q11533278
Kaoru Kurusu 1967 political scientist Q11536014
Mariko Sakurai 1943-07-26 historian Q11537763
Yuki Sakura 1992-12-12 Q11538233
Hideka Morimoto Q11539833
Naoko Mukuda 1941 translator Q11540485
Rie Ueki 1975 psychologist Q11540527
Hanako Nanjō 1980-04-02 actor Q11541172
Enomoto Yasuko Japanese musicologist 1968-03 musicologist Q11541837
Hiromi Yokoyama 1975-12 Q11542554
Yayoi Yokoyama 1951 chemist Q11542556
Megumi Hashimoto Japanese translator 1964 translator Q11543941
Noriko Hashimoto 1945 Q11544026
Keiko Sakurai 1964 jurist-consultant Q11544776
Izumi Mizumori 1945-05-03 businessperson Q11549035
Noriko Mizuno 1955 jurist-consultant Q11549451
Yōko Nagahara 1955-07 historian Q11549914
Yōko Nagazumi
Miki Yoko.JPG
Japanese historian 1930-10-08 historian Q11550322
Yumiko Ehara 1952-10-29 sociologist Q11550708
Takako Ebata Japanese politician 1959-12-22 politician Q11551286
Chizuko Ikegami 1946-11-21 critic Q11551447
Setsuho Ikehata 1939-07-02 historian Q11552227
Kyōko Numano Japanese translator 1957-05 translator Q11554643
Kazumi Asako 1951 economist Q11557056
浜田マキ子 Japanese businessperson and politician 1942-03-19 businessperson
Yukiko Fukagawa 1958-10-15 economist Q11560014
Akiko Miki Japanese lawyer and novelist 1947 lawyer
Kayoko Shimizu Japanese politician 1935-11-09 politician Q11560867
Michiko Shibusawa 1933 poet Q11561638
渡辺千賀 1964-10-24 Q11562122
Mio Watanabe 1979-09-02 shogi player Q11562254
Ayumi Watanabe Japanese announcer 1960-01-29 announcer Q11562667
Yurina Takiguchi Japanese tarento 1987-08-01 tarento Q11566297
Yoshiko Takita 1943-06-12 translator Q11566354
Fumiko Seo 1929-08-05 economist Q11566434
Masana Maki 1929 Q11570450
Yōko Makino 1953 Q11570621
Madoka Tashiro 1931-08-25 businessperson Q11576139
田村あゆち 1972-10-28 announcer Q11576820
Mizuho Hata 1965 jurist-consultant Q11578487
Kazuyo Kuroyanagi 1967-04 translator Q11578516
Sawako Shirahase 1958 sociologist Q11579992
Motoko Mekata 1961 political scientist Q11581550
Michiko Yajima 1950 paleontologist Q11584085
Terumi Ishii
Ishii Terumi 2016-11.jpg
Japanese owarai tarento 1983-07-04 owarai tarento Q11584828
Mitsuko Ishii Japanese actress 1954-02-25 actor
Keiko Ishihara Japanese historian 1958 historian Q11585255
Mikiko Ishikawa 1948-10-27 Q11585792
Minori Ishida 1940 jurist-consultant Q11587058
Shōko Fukuya 1971 Q11591990
Kiyomi Akita 1957 psychologist Q11595277
Masami Inagaki Japanese critic 1926-02-08 critic Q11596513
Kaoru Kubokawa 1955 Q11597664
Setsuko Takeshita 1951 critic Q11598678
Chiharu Takenaka Japanese political scientist 1957-03-10 political scientist Q11598705
Mieko Takenobu Japanese journalist, professor 1953 journalist Q11598774
Yuki Kasai 1987-11-30 Q11599774
箱崎みどり 1986-11-12 Q11603323
Toshie Awaya 1957-05 historian Q11604567
Hiromi Naya Japanese lawyer 1939-08-15 lawyer
Miwako Hosoda 1969 sociologist Q11606075
Masako Notoji 1949-02-12 historian Q11612045
脇明子 1948-02-06 translator Q11612139
Takako Zenba Japanese announcer 1975-02-28 announcer Q11612407
Sachiko Usui 1949-04 historian Q11613213
Midori Wakamori 1973 economist Q11616558
Konomi Ara 1946-02-27 Q11618326
Yukiko Araki 1960 Q11618720
Akiko Sugahara 1947 Q11619185
Rie Suganaga 1966-01 linguist Q11619484
Emiko Ochiai 1958-01-15 sociologist Q11620590
Madoka Fujii Japanese announcer 1985-01-29 announcer Q11622662
Tomoko Fujiwara Japanese screenwriter 1932-04-25 screenwriter
film director
Satoko Fujiwara 1963-12 Q11623487
Fumiko Nishizaki Japanese political scientist 1959 political scientist Q11628011
Naoko Nishimura economist Q11628640
Haruka Nishimatsu 1948-01-05 businessperson Q11628765
Yuka Hayashibara Japanese lawyer 1975-10-06 lawyer
Yukiko Tsunoda 1942 lawyer Q11630808
Michiko Tanigawa 1946-07 Q11632903
Ikuko Toyonaga 1966-10 political scientist Q11633894
Mayuko Toyota
Mayuko Toyota cropped 1 Mayuko Toyota 201510.jpg
Japanese politician 1974-10-10 politician Q11634137
Miyuki Kondō 1960-02 academician Q11638678
Junko Kondō Japanese nurse and midwife 1931 nurse
Tomoko Sakota Japanese announcer 1956-06-16 announcer Q11639163
Michiko Gō 1939 Q11643439
Junko Tomaru 1963-06 historian
political scientist
Keiko Sakai Japanese political scientist 1959-02 political scientist Q11644056
Sumi Shigeno Japanese psychologist 1950 psychologist Q11644874
Yūko Kaneko 1955 jurist-consultant
political scientist
Tokiko Suzuki 1945 Q11648943
Shigeko Suzuki 1965-10-14 singer Q11649338
Noriko Kamakura 1939 Q11650937
Ritsuko Nagao Japanese politician 1933-05-01 politician Q11651888
Nobuko Nagasaki Japanese historian 1937-12-20 historian Q11652572
Yukie Osa Japanese political scientist 1963 political scientist Q11653037
Michiko Hasegawa 1946-03-24 critic Q11653717
Yukiko Hasebe 1957-07-04 jurist-consultant Q11654056
Sumiko Sekiguchi 1954 political scientist Q11655589
Seiko Aoyama 1931-12-20 Q11661342
Reiko Aoki 1956-04-02 economist Q11661784
Yukiko Aoki Japanese translator 1954-01 translator Q11661793
Miyako Suda 1948-05-15 economist Q11664652
飯島佐知子 Q11666320
Asako Iida 1969 linguist Q11666545
Akiko Mabuchi 1947-06-18 Q11668015
Kanako Takayama Japanese jurist-consultant 1968-07-29 jurist-consultant Q11669318
Mika Takaoka 1968-06-19 Q11669544
Kazuko Takagi 1964 Q11670020
Izumi Takahashi 1956 Q11670872
Misuzu Takahashi Japanese announcer 1971-11-25 announcer Q11671548
Junko Takahashi Japanese poet 1944-08-28 poet
Rieko Takada 1958 Q11672239
Makiko Takabe 1956-09-02 judge Q11672975
Erika Takashina 1964 Q11673223
Onimaru Kaoru Japanese lawyer 1949-02-07 lawyer Q11673400
鹿毛利枝子 Japanese political scientist political scientist Q11677203
Chiaki Asō 1938-02-08 novelist
Chizuko Kuroiwa Japanese politician 1940-01-04 politician Q11678134
Mihoko Oka 1974 japanologist
Chikako Taya 1946 judge
Kanazawa Momoe Japanese historian 1968-02-28 historian Q15179453
Nanako Ishido 1979-07-07 Q16264060
Kiyomi Ishibashi 1975 film director
film critic
Tamami Itō 1961-11 Q16264182
Kanako Iwatani Japanese television producer 1964 television producer Q16264373
Masahiko Ōkuni 1927-09-15 pediatrician Q16264669
Yasuko Itō 1934-03-21 historian Q16769699
Yukiko Kurokawa Japanese psychologist 1956 psychologist Q17130108
Reiko Kosugi 1952 Q17158010
Fumiko Kobayashi 1973 Q17158309
Keiko Komahashi sociologist Q17158348
Fumi Sakaguchi Japanese philosopher 1933 philosopher Q17158650
Ginko Satō 1934-07-06 Q17158995
Kuni Satō diplomat Q17158997
Ayaka Sawada Japanese tarento 1994-01-24 tarento Q17159216
Hiromi Shitara 1956 archaeologist Q17159371
Ayako Shinoda 1927 translator Q17159386
Tomoko Shirai 1972-09-06 Q17159703
Suzumi Suzuki Japanese writer 1983-07-13 writer
pornographic actor
Matsumi Tobe 1936-02-14 Q17161751
Atsuko Nishimura Japanese political scientist political scientist
Raeru Fukamori Japanese voice actress seiyū
Mitsuko Yorizumi 1961 Q17211615
Shinobu Myōki 1977 sociologist Q17216124
Yasuko Muramatsu 1944-05-02 sociologist Q17217929
Fumiko Haraoka 1947-07-03 Q17221360
Tomoko Masuya 1961-09 Q17222612
Misa Matsuda 1968 sociologist Q17223749
Michiko Naoi 1944 sociologist Q17224658
Tomoko Hifumi 1959 Q17225468
Maki Hirayama 1963 sociologist Q17226629
Yoshiko Kurita 1960 historian Q17228364
林詩遥子 Japanese tarento 1993-08-12 tarento Q17229840
Shigeko Haruyama 1954 geographer Q17229872
Yūko Fujigaki 1962-04-19 sociologist Q17230070
Junko Hamanaka 1974 sociologist Q17232759
Noriko Iki 1956-03-21 diplomat Q17349671
Motoko Nemoto 1941-01-15 Q17350311
Kiyoko Myōjō 1964 Q17361519
Yurina Ōtaki Q17686182
Eri Kasagi Japanese jurist-consultant 1980 jurist-consultant Q17686291
坂下玲子 1961 nurse Q17686609
Keiko Hirata Japanese journalist 1943 journalist Q17687303
Kana Nakayama Japanese announcer announcer Q18054541
Fumiko Furukawa nurse Q18171026
Mariko Takahashi Japanese journalist 1956 journalist Q18233513
Yume Tsujidō Japanese novelist 1992-12 novelist Q18233807
Kumiko Bandō 1954-04-25 Q18234647
天明麻衣子 1989-07-08 announcer Q18817837
水谷信子 1929-06 linguist Q18818166
水野るり子 Japanese poet 1932-02-25 poet
山崎勉 1927 translator Q18818274
木畑和子 Japanese historian 1947 historian Q18991775
岩井宜子 1941-12-18 jurist-consultant Q20038820
上安平洌子 announcer Q20039505
河原理子 Japanese journalist 1961 journalist Q20039567
Kuroda Etsuko 1938 Q20039852
古藤友子 1951-11-10 philosopher Q20040052
小林光 1948 Q20040084
澤田彩香 announcer Q20040410
仙田洋子 1962-08-03 Q20040979
磯貝初奈 Japanese television meteorologist 1993-11-20 television meteorologist Q21018810
今泉文子 1944-01-18 Q21018830
渡辺真弓 1948 Q21019983
Naoko Ishii Japanese economist 1959 economist Q21698438
上西充子 1965 Q21698467
大武美保子 Q21698475
川村優希 1985-11-18 physician
関口礼子 1937-03-18 Q21700171
椋野美智子 1956 Q21702405
持田明子 1941-08-28 Q21702485
山岸明子 Japanese psychologist 1948 psychologist Q21702696
Hidé Ishiguro philosopher Q22980946
Ayumi Yokoyama 1964 Q23840206
樫村愛子 1958 sociologist Q23947153
大隅萬里子 biologist Q27927058
林清凉 1931-01-22 physicist Q28409356
宮本悦子 1960 Q28689391
Miyuki Satō 1962 jurist-consultant Q28934478
Charlotte von Verschuer
1955-06-15 historian Q28946322
嵯峨景子 1979 sociologist Q30925549
濱田恂子 1932 Q30926684
中川信子 Q30934742
Marisol Izquierdo 2000s researcher
university teacher
川合眞紀 1952 chemist Q43426333
井上のきあ illustrator
graphic designer
Sachiko Tsukida Japanese biologist biologist Q46827872
Mariko Kawano Q47536153
嘉治美佐子 Q47582762
石川紀子 Q48764563
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