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WiR redlist index: Japan - Aoyama Gakuin University

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The list below is a redlist of women who are alumni and/or employees of the Aoyama Gakuin University, Japan, for which Wikipedia lacks a biography article. It was generated using Wikidata, using the 'educated at' and 'employed by' properties.

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name image description date of birth date of death occupation Oxford Dictionary of National Biography ID item
Hisano Takahashi 1871-03-10 1944-12 missionary
Midori Muraoka Japanese tanka poet and translator (1932-1994) 1932-09-13 1994 tanka poet
Yōko Kikuchi 1967-10-28 1999-12-23 singer Q11619608
Reiko Shimizu 1935-07 2006-03-04 philosopher Q11561093
Kazuko Mutō 1930 2010-12-03 announcer Q17217229
Junko Ōuchi Japanese journalist and critic (1934-2014) 1934-05-04 2014-10-30 journalist
Mio Hirata Japanese child actress 1983-06-01 2016-08-05 tarento
child actor
Makiko Muto Entertainment-field reporter, announcer 1945-11-30 2016-12-05 announcer
Naoko Sajima Japanese bureaucrat 1955-06-19 2017-03-10 political scientist Q7462867
Erina Kabe Japanese ski jumper 1985-10-11 ski jumper Q520609
Kanako Hoshino Japanese singer 1979-12-03 singer Q847454
Miwako Daira Japanese screenwriter 1966 screenwriter
Marie Abe Japanese actress 1982-09-21 actor Q2270660
Nao Morooka Japanese karateka 1982-03-22 karateka Q3335822
Eri Otoguro
Eri Otoguro 20110113.jpg
Japanese actress 1982-10-12 actor
Mariko Dō Japanese announcer 1981-09-21 announcer Q8948369
Yurika Mita Japanese TV announcer 1987-05-23 announcer Q9007343
Yōko Okada Japanese announcer 1969-04-03 announcer Q9018941
Takako Satō Japanese novelist 1962-11-16 novelist Q9104530
Haruna Yumiki 1986-12-15 television meteorologist Q9134901
Ai Eto Japanese announcer 1985-11-14 announcer Q10872566
Ayaka Ogawa Japanese announcer 1985-02-20 announcer Q10872834
Mio Mizuki Japanese mangaka mangaka Q11153241
Mie Japanese fashion model 1982-10-04 fashion model Q11233224
Yūki Matsumaru Japanese announcer 1981-05-13 announcer Q11239188
Tohko Japanese singer 1977-05-25 singer Q11251200
Joanna Koike Japanese singer-songwriter 1990-07-11 singer-songwriter Q11266127
西岡純子 1974-11-18 owarai tarento Q11274747
Chiaki Horan Japanese actress 1988-09-28 actor
Rachel Walzer Israeli-American voice actress seiyū
Mizuki Ichioka Japanese actress 1985-11-15 actor
Yukie Misaki 1973-09-21 announcer Q11355312
三浦綾子 (アナウンサー) Japanese announcer 1977-08-31 announcer Q11356530
Mari Miura 1982-04-27 announcer Q11356554
Haruka Jōhō 1977-08-15 Q11359537
下長智子 1966-07-14 table tennis player Q11361407
Akemi Nakamura 1969-02-04 announcer Q11365664
Momoko Nakamura Japanese linguist 1955 teacher Q11365720
Teruko Nakano Japanese beach volleyball player 1965-10-03 beach volleyball player Q11367666
Keiko Hisatomi 1988-06-27 announcer Q11369198
Kimie Imura 1932-03-01 translator Q11373624
Kyōko Nakayama 1973-11-26 announcer Q11378507
Momo Itō tarento Q11380208
Rina Itō 1978-12-22 announcer Q11380469
Risa Saiki 1970-07-13 announcer Q11382769
Arisu Satō lyricist Q11383506
Izumi Satō 1963 teacher Q11384192
Reo Satō 1981 composer
record producer
Kayo Sano 1973-06-06 announcer Q11384943
Yukiko Sano 1973-03-22 announcer Q11385075
Miki Motoi Japanese television meteorologist 1980-03-29 television meteorologist Q11387768
Aoi Irie 1987-04-27 fashion model Q11388970
八代照子 golfer Q11390551
内山知子 Japanese announcer 1981-10-09 announcer Q11393995
Erika Uchiyama Japanese announcer 1988-11-29 announcer Q11393998
Chiaki Kitagawa Japanese announcer 1973-08-06 announcer Q11401597
Chiemi Chiba Japanese volleyball player 1987-09-24 volleyball player Q11406088
Masayo Minami Japanese announcer 1983-04-27 announcer Q11408297
Benika Harayama 1987-01-28 announcer Q11409585
Mami Furuta 1954 Q11411510
Natsumi Yoshioka 1983-05-21 actor
Yūko Natori actress 1957-08-18 actor Q11414788
Nozomi Tsuchida Japanese volleyball player 1986-08-19 volleyball player Q11423805
Rena Jōshita Japanese tarento 1986-04-02 tarento Q11425959
Tomoko Jō television producer Q11426189
Yuriko Hori Japanese announcer 1984-05-06 announcer Q11427338
Nobuko Tsutsumi 1962-11-11 announcer Q11427967
堰八紗也佳 Japanese announcer 1985-09-18 announcer Q11428024
大林奈津子 Japanese announcer 1975-03-09 announcer Q11436201
Naho Ōtaki Japanese announcer 1976-02-23 announcer Q11437570
Yoshiko Ōkoso 1931-09-25 translator Q11438314
Aiko Okumura 1980-02-28 singer-songwriter Q11445876
姫宮みちり actor
Mayumi Abe 1969-09-29 announcer Q11451624
Yōko Miyakawa 1947-08 teacher Q11454741
Ayako Terada Japanese announcer 1982-06-13 announcer Q11458020
Yūko Kotera 1977-07-14 announcer Q11459731
Nao Kojima Japanese poet 1986-08-31 poet
tanka poet
Rikako Ogawa Japanese announcer 1980-03-31 announcer Q11460311
Yuka Ogawa Japanese announcer 1984-06-27 announcer Q11460396
Sakka Kobayashi Japanese announcer 1982-07-02 announcer Q11461476
Miki Kobayashi announcer 1977-03-18 announcer Q11461822
Mieko Kobayashi Japanese announcer 1978-03-31 announcer Q11461823
Reiko Koyanagi Japanese poet 1935-05-08 poet
Kaori Komori Japanese novelist 1958 novelist Q11462103
Noriko Onodera linguist Q11463997
Keiko Ono Japanese announcer 1961-07-26 announcer Q11464092
小野田摂子 Japanese political scientist political scientist Q11464186
Yukari Onoe Japanese actress 1974-08-30 actor Q11465083
Chiharu Yamazaki 1985-04-07 table tennis player Q11468169
Noriko Yamada 1966-08-17 announcer Q11470203
Mihoko Yamada Japanese broadcast writer 1957-05-04 broadcast writer Q11470607
Ayu Okakita 1980-01-31 singer-songwriter Q11471976
岡田真寿美 1977-09-29 fashion model Q11473644
Sayaka Okada Japanese fashion model 1994-02-19 fashion model Q11473667
Michiko Iwabuchi Japanese political scientist political scientist Q11475368
Shiori Kawana Japanese model 1984-03-10 model Q11478152
Minako Kawashima Japanese actor and seiyū actor
Mami Kawazoe Japanese announcer 1982-08-14 announcer Q11478926
川田美智子 singer Q11479038
Eikō Sumura 1943-06-01 Q11479379
Hiroko Ichikawa Japanese announcer 1979-12-07 announcer
television meteorologist
Kyōko Hirakata 1970-10-16 announcer Q11483012
Akira Kagehira 1968-05-30 announcer Q11488111
Kanako Gotō Japanese idol 1988-02-22 Japanese idol Q11488637
Chisako Onda Japanese announcer 1967-09-04 announcer Q11492268
Kasumi Aikō Japanese tennis player 1982-08-15 tennis player Q11493989
Aina Ōgi Japanese singer-songwriter 1985-07-04 singer-songwriter Q11496841
Hisako Kakai psychologist Q11497611
Yuki Saitō Japanese fashion model and tarento 1986-01-24 fashion model
Tomoe Shinbo 1980-05-20 radio personality Q11501353
Kiyomi Niitsu 1957-05-04 novelist Q11502694
Erika Niibo 1991-10-09 actor
child actor
Miyuki Hayakawa 1980-09-15 announcer Q11511351
Shōko Asakura 1956-10-07 fashion model
Ayako Kisa Japanese announcer 1971-05-26 announcer
Kiyoko Sueda sociologist Q11519790
Masumi Suetani Japanese screenwriter 1951-03-31 screenwriter Q11519798
Riina Motokariya Japanese announcer 1991-04-01 announcer Q11519839
Eriko Honda Japanese tarento 1978-06-30 tarento Q11520084
Sayaka Motokawa 1976-09-24 tarento Q11520226
Chinami Murakami 1974-06-19 announcer Q11522858
村川久子 1943 linguist Q11523241
Natsuko Matsumori 1973 political scientist Q11531517
Tomoe Matsuda Japanese announcer 1963-03-12 announcer Q11532078
Natsuko Shibata Japanese announcer 1983-12-20 announcer Q11534783
柴田恵理 Japanese announcer 1983-08-31 announcer Q11534821
Ayano Kakinoki 1990-03-07 announcer Q11535015
桐生典子 1956 novelist Q11537272
Yaeko Umezu Japanese announcer 1978-01-30 announcer Q11538556
森亜希子 Japanese fashion model 1979 fashion model Q11539272
Tomoko Enokida Japanese announcer 1980-06-09 announcer Q11541794
Saki Toyoba 1983-09-07 fashion model Q11542166
Yumiko Yokota journalist Q11543405
Moe Hinoki 1986-12-17 tarento Q11544629
Michiko Kai 1960-09-03 haiku poet Q11544653
武岡智子 Japanese announcer 1978-08-27 announcer Q11545941
Chiharu Takebe 1982-05-05 announcer Q11546591
Eiko Egami
Eiko Egami cropped 2 Tom Vilsack Caroline Kennedy and Member of the US Japan Agricultural Trade Hall of Fame 20151120.jpg
1935 Q11550609
Mahiro Sawaki Japanese novelist 1965 novelist Q11553166
Erina Asai Japanese actress 1981-02-06 actor
child actor
Hohoko Asami Japanese essayist 1977-01-29 essayist Q11557270
Hikari Asano Japanese mangaka 1984-10-03 mangaka
Junko Hamanaka Japanese announcer 1969-02-20 announcer Q11557538
Noriko Hamamoto Japanese announcer 1983-04-24 announcer Q11557704
Emily Kaiho American actress 1986-08-19 actor
fashion model
Yukiko Fukagawa 1958-10-15 economist Q11560014
Chinami Shimizu 1963-02-20 Q11560715
Masumi Shimizu 1957 Q11561082
Sana Takimoto Japanese announcer 1984-06-06 announcer
fashion model
Yū Sawamiya 1964 Q11565859
Kaori Hamada 1971-07-15 announcer Q11566247
Kami Seo Japanese economist economist Q11566421
Miyako Ushiyama 1981-05-02 announcer Q11570108
Hyunri Japanese actress 1986-12-18 actor
Aoi Tamaki 1992-06-09 Q11572643
Saori Rin 1985-01-17 tarento Q11573724
Kazumi Heishi 1968-09-18 announcer Q11574207
Mizuki Tanaka 1971-03-18 announcer Q11575178
Mariko Tanaka 1965-09-20 announcer Q11575765
Miho Tanaka 1976-09-24 announcer Q11575847
Junko Tanaka Japanese announcer 1962-03-27 announcer Q11576047
Mami Tamura Japanese announcer 1984-08-20 announcer Q11577044
Sachiko Aimoto 1980-12-09 announcer Q11582063
Yōko Ishikura
Yoko Ishikura.jpg
1949-03-19 business theorist Q11585170
Harumi Ishizaki 1940 translator Q11585605
Tomoko Ishimura Japanese actress 1958-04-10 actor Q11586580
Hisako Ishida 1973-10-09 announcer Q11586900
Mari Kanbayashi 1985-11-09 fashion model Q11590364
Mitsuko Fukui 1948 translator Q11591724
Miharu Akimoto 1951 Q11594862
Kaoru Akimoto Japanese singer and lyricist 1964-06-05 singer
Yuriko Akishima Japanese journalist 1950 journalist Q11595075
Machiko Ryū Japanese lyricist 1951-09-30 lyricist Q11598378
Eriko Tachiya Japanese fashion model 1988-08-25 fashion model Q11613553
Yukiko Chino Japanese novelist 1955 novelist
Yōko Azami Japanese announcer 1980-10-26 announcer Q11619070
Makiko Sugawara 1945-05-09 announcer Q11619202
Reiko Komoda Japanese announcer 1972-10-02 announcer Q11620155
Ayako Fujii Japanese announcer 1969-08-23 announcer Q11622780
Junko Fujiwara Japanese announcer 1957 announcer Q11623377
Kuro Erikawa actor 1950-08-19 actor Q11627024
Chiaki Nishio Japanese announcer 1988-03-24 announcer Q11627774
Saori Nishitate 1985-09-20 fashion model
Harue Tanikawa Japanese Shogi player 1954-02-09 shogi player Q11632892
Yayoi Kondō Japanese politician and tax advisor 1959-04-20 politician
tax advisor
Hana Konoe Japanese actor, screenwriter and poet 1980-03-21 actor
Miki Shindō business theorist Q11640207
Yuri Tōno Japanese fashion model 1964-07-11 fashion model Q11642421
Machiko Nasu 1952-10-05 screenwriter Q11642951
Sumi Shigeno Japanese psychologist 1950 psychologist Q11644874
Mina Kaneko 1970-09-02 announcer Q11646852
Saya Kamata Japanese announcer 1988-11-27 announcer Q11651084
Miki Hasegawa 1970 scientist Q11653953
Chiyuki Aoi 1964-12-22 political scientist Q11661087
Seiko Aoyama 1931-12-20 Q11661342
Natsuko Aoike announcer Q11662578
Mari Kōno Japanese actress 1958-07-07 actor Q11667774
Mika Takaoka 1968-06-19 business theorist Q11669544
Asuka Takahashi actor 1987-10-19 actor
Keiko Torigoe 1955 musicologist Q11675132
Natsue Washizu
Kobato Kurumi.JPG
Japanese seiyū 1948-01-20 seiyū
Miori Umeda 1990-06-15 announcer Q16264541
Noriko Ōtsuki Japanese model 1987-10-08 model
Yoshino Imamura Japanese actress 1987-04-06 actor Q16769778
Miwa Katō Japanese announcer 1989-08-24 announcer Q16769935
Manami Kojima 1994-11-07 Q17130521
Mayu Kobayashi Japanese fashion model and tarento 1990-03-07 fashion model
Yūko Kobayashi 1981-02-16 basketball player Q17158318
Megumi Sasaki
Megumi Sasaki - September 2017.jpg
1962 film director
Moemi Sasaki 1985-06-10 announcer Q17158888
Kaori Sanada 1987-12-28 announcer Q17159151
Eri Shigemasu 1976 social psychologist Q17159342
Takako Sugimura
Japanese businessperson and journalist 1974-07-25 businessperson
flight attendant
Setsuko Chiba Japanese poet poet
Asuka Chūjō 1988-10-02 race queen Q17161209
Matsumi Tobe 1936-02-14 Q17161751
Mitsuko Naitō 1937 businessperson Q17208787
Anna Fujimori Japanese sprinter 1994-11-10 sprinter Q17212073
Toshiko Suda 1958 business theorist Q17219531
大野由夏 economist Q17222965
Yurie Toyosaki 1988-05-09 announcer Q17223218
Marina Nakiri 1988-11-25 announcer Q17226622
Michiyo Ōkawa linguist Q17349779
Mariko Ozaki 1959 journalist Q17349838
Erina Nakata Japanese fashion model 1986-11-07 fashion model Q17687097
Natsu Sakurai 1988-09-05 model Q18233293
Tomoko Ogura Q18336695
植草美幸 businessperson Q18458588
近藤志歩 1990-08-07 Q18817559
Reina Minagawa Japanese announcer and fashion model 1991-06-30 announcer
fashion model
Kazuko Onoda 1951 translator Q20039305
Shizue Saga translator Q20040216
Rika Tanioka announcer Q20041299
professional wrestler Q20042170
Yoshie Okada Japanese translator, children's story writer 1950 novelist
白川未奈 Japanese actor and tarento 1987-12-26 actor
神野由紀 1964 Q21019086
本山順子 1973-11-21 television director Q21654959
川口満里奈 1989-07-03 announcer Q21699499
澀谷由里 Japanese race queen 1989-10-18 race queen Q21699887
竹崎由佳 1992-12-16 announcer
child actor
波田野節子 1950 Q21701317
比金桃子 1993-03-03 Q21701468
望木聡子 1991-10-11 announcer Q21702481
天川和菜子 television meteorologist Q22117786
Maya Kino Japanese announcer 1992-11-07 announcer Q22118529
Rina Yamamoto Japanese announcer 1994-06-22 Q22120760
米山明日香 Q22120839
金子勝美 1944-11-21 actor Q22124606
Shibuya Kaho
Kaho Shibuya at AVN Awards 2016 (26606433851).jpg
Japanese porn actress 1991-05-20 pornographic actor Q22130041
Marie Kai 1935 translator Q23905248
鈴夏綾 actor Q23947208
Masumi Harada Japanese singer singer
stage actor
山賀琴子 1995-01-23 actor Q27150799
稲葉ゆきえ Q27151238
水野千依 art historian Q27917983
矢野美紀 1965-11-06 coach Q28686226
奈良ゆい 1997-04-01 singer-songwriter Q28690824
明石伸子 1956 Q30930105
河崎夕子 photographer Q43424858
野中雅代 1950 translator Q46575414
今井美櫻 1997-04-09 fashion model Q55529418
小野打泰子 Q56346883
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