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WikiProject Physical Chemical is a daughter WikiProject of the WikiProject on Chemistry. The objective is to better organize information in articles related to Physical chemistry, and the overlap with Chemical physics.


The Physical Chemistry WikiProject is about combining and coordinating the many efforts to improve all articles pertaining to physical chemistry and related subjects, by providing standards and guide where practical. This includes all chemical topics related to thermodynamics, equilibrium, quantum mechanics, statistical mechanics, reaction kinetics and reaction dynamics. While Chemical Physics is the concern of the WikiProject Physics, this project is concerned with assisting to coordinate and remove overlap between similar articles written by chemists and physicists.

Related WikiProjects

Initial tasks


Check the following categories to ensure that they contain all the articles that are the concern of this project:-

- Category:Chemical kinetics
- Category:Electrochemistry - Category:Electrolysis
- Category:Quantum chemistry
- Category:Thermochemistry
- Category:Thermodynamics - Category:Statistical mechanics
- Category:Quantum chemistry
- Category:Computational chemistry
- Category:Molecular modelling
- Category:Electron
- Category:Luminescence
- Category:Molecular electronics
- Category:Molecules
- Category:Molecular dynamics
- Category:Molecular modelling

The categories below and their sub-categories also contain articles on physical chemistry topics and these articles should perhaps be also put into one of the categories above.

There are some sub-categories in Category:Physical chemistry that raise some points or questions (Discuss on Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Physical Chemistry please):-

  1. Should Category:Industrial hygiene be moved up one to Category:Chemistry?
  2. Should Category:Ions be under Category:Physical chemistry?
  3. Should Category:Nuclear magnetic resonance be under Category:Physical chemistry?
  4. Should Category:Phase changes be removed from Category:Physical chemistry and only be under Category:Phases of matter which is directly below Category:Chemistry?
  5. Category:Polymer chemistry is under both Category:Polymers and Category:Physical chemistry but is the topic of another WikiProject.
  6. Category:Spectroscopy is the topic of a newly created WikiProject but should remain under Category:Physical chemistry.
  7. Should Category:Electrolysis be deleted and its contents moved to its parent category Category:Electrochemistry?

Key articles

Identify the key articles that provide entry into other articles and work to improve them. These articles would obviously include:


and we may need to write some more key entry articles. Please add more to this list.

Publications and journals

Physical chemistry
Theoretical chemistry
Quantum chemistry
Computational Chemistry
Combinatorial chemistry


Assessment of articles

See Physical chemistry worklist.


If you plan to be active in editing articles relating to physical chemistry, please add your name and interests below. It would also be useful if you added your name and your interests to the participants list of the parent project.

  • AcidFlask Quantum chemistry, chemical physics.
  • Bduke Quantum chemistry, computational chemistry, general physical chemistry.
  • Biophysik Biophysical chemistry, spectroscopy (mostly those used in biophysics), quantum chemistry & general Pchem
  • HappyCamper Quantum chemistry, inorganic chemistry
  • Physchim62 (admin) Inorganic chemistry mostly, but also PChem topics related to undergrad programs
  • Physical Chemist Solid-state chemistry, Chemical Thermodynamics, Chemical Kinetics, Chemical equilibrium
  • Atmosphyschem Physical chemistry, spectroscopy, kinetics, atmospheric science
  • Martin Hedegaard Physical Chemistry, spectroscopy mainly from a physicists point of view
  • Knights who say ni Chemical kinetics, and physical chemistry in general.
  • Vramasub Chemical kinetics, biophysical chemistry, thermodynamics
  • Sirsparksalot General physical chemistry, experimental physical chemistry, gas-phase physical chemistry, spectroscopy

Project templates

Please use these templates where appropriate. Details on how to use them in the table below.

What to type What it makes What it's for
{{Physical-chemistry-stub}} The Chemistry stub for physical chemistry articles
{{User WP-PChem}}
Vacuum Dewar Flask Red.svg This user contributes to the
Physical Chemistry Wikiproject
Userbox for the Physical Chemistry WikiProject members

See Wikipedia:WikiProject Chemistry/Materials for more general chemistry templates.

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