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Two separate government-sponsored publications entitled Dictionary of New Zealand Biography (DNZB) have recorded biographies of notable New Zealanders. The first DNZB was published in 1940 in two print volumes, and scanned with OCR technology in 2013 and made available as searchable PDFs. The second, unrelated DNZB was published between 1990 and 2000 in five print volumes, and put online as individual biographies in 2002.

For help on how to write biographies, see Wikipedia:WikiProject Biography.

1940 publication

Many of the 1940 biographies are not included in the current DNZB. As entries were only created for people who were well-known, entries would all meet notability criteria. A manual list of redlinks will be created over time; feel free to help.

Once a biography has been written, the person's entry (i.e. the blue link) should be moved to the list of existing 1940 articles. Please check links point to the correct person before moving them.

Current publication

The list below was created using the contents of the online biography, which contains over 3,000 biographies of famous New Zealanders. It does not include people who are alive. The initial number of entries before any pruning was 3,049 and 149 are remaining at this point in time. Not all people in the online version meet notability criteria, as a range of ordinary people were included to give an overview of what life was like at the time.

Once a biography has been written, the person's entry (i.e. the blue link) should be removed from the list. Please check links point to the correct person before removing.

List of missing articles

g=google search; gw=google search on; dnzb=google search on Dictionary of New Zealand Biography
  1. John Angus Adamson g dnzb gw
  2. John Andrew (farmer) g dnzb gw
  3. James Ashworth, Sr. g dnzb gw
  4. James Ashworth, Jr. g dnzb gw
  5. Jane Bannerman g dnzb gw (redirects to her husband)
  6. Francis Wirgman Dillon Bell g dnzb gw
  7. Margaret Brenda Bell g dnzb gw
  8. Agnes Muir Bettjeman g dnzb gw
  9. Frederick Charles Bettjeman g dnzb gw
  10. Charlotte Brown (teacher) g dnzb gw
  11. George Buckingham g dnzb gw
  12. Rosetta Buckingham g dnzb gw
  13. Emily Mary Bulstrode g dnzb gw
  14. Jane Helena Bulstrode g dnzb gw
  15. Alexander Burt (engineer) g dnzb gw
  16. Thomas Burt (engineer) g dnzb gw
  17. Dolce Ann Cabot g dnzb gw
  18. Hugh Cassidy (coach driver) g dnzb gw
  19. Ronald Brian Castle g dnzb gw
  20. Zillah Vivien Castle g dnzb gw
  21. Annie Selina Chaffey g dnzb gw
  22. Henry Fox Chaffey g dnzb gw
  23. Caroline Chevalier g dnzb gw
  24. Kate Emma Clark g dnzb gw
  25. George Howe Cook g dnzb gw
  26. Herbert Francis Cook g dnzb gw
  27. Martha Elizabeth Cooper g dnzb gw (redirects to Daniel Cooper (murderer)
  28. Selina Cossgrove g dnzb gw
  29. Latima George Crosse g dnzb gw
  30. Thomas Ezekiel Crosse g dnzb gw
  31. Harry Delamere Dansey g dnzb gw
  32. Roger Ingram Dansey g dnzb gw
  33. Charles Richard Davis g dnzb gw
  34. Edward Charles Davis g dnzb gw
  35. John Deans (runholder) g dnzb gw
  36. William Deans g dnzb gw - redirects to brother
  37. John Denvir (soldier) g dnzb gw
  38. Unui Doo g dnzb gw
  39. David Duncan (engineer) g dnzb gw
  40. Peter Duncan (engineer) g dnzb gw
  41. Edward Buckland Firth g dnzb gw
  42. Guy Mortimer Firth g dnzb gw
  43. Helena Fannie Gibson g dnzb gw
  44. Wiremu Hiroki g dnzb gw (redirect)
  45. Joseph Mitchell Huggan g dnzb gw
  46. Lily Annie Huggan g dnzb gw
  47. William Jenkins (preacher) g dnzb gw
  48. Johann Friederich August Kelling g dnzb gw (redirects to Carl Friederich Christian Kelling)
  49. Charlotte Kemp (missionary) g dnzb gw
  50. James Kemp (missionary) g dnzb gw
  51. Alice Easton Law g dnzb gw
  52. Mary Blythe Law g dnzb gw
  53. Frederic Le Cren g dnzb gw (redirects to his brother)
  54. Samuel Leigh (settler) g dnzb gw
  55. Colin Stuart Lovell-Smith g dnzb gw
  56. Hilda Kate Lovell-Smith g dnzb gw
  57. Rata Alice Lovell-Smith g dnzb gw
  58. Bernice Lumley g dnzb gw - Mentioned in Doreen Lumley
  59. Alfred Edgar Luttrell g dnzb gw
  60. Edward Sidney Luttrell g dnzb gw
  61. Edward Mahoney g dnzb gw (redirects to business)
  62. Thomas Mahoney g dnzb gw (redirects to business)
  63. Henry Manoy g dnzb gw
  64. Lionel Manoy g dnzb gw
  65. Hannah Martin (mission member) g dnzb gw
  66. John Martin (doctor) g dnzb gw
  67. Barbara Winifred Matthews g dnzb gw
  68. James William Matthews g dnzb gw
  69. Agnes McDonald g dnzb gw
  70. Hector McDonald g dnzb gw
  71. John McKenna (priest) g dnzb gw
  72. Thomas McKenna g dnzb gw
  73. Mokomoko (Māori chief) g dnzb gw
  74. Joseph Patrick Moodabe g dnzb gw - Could be own article?
  75. Michael Joseph Moodabe g dnzb gw - Could be own article?
  76. Josephine Mulvany g dnzb gw
  77. Sybil Mary Mulvany g dnzb gw
  78. Wiremu Nera Ngatai g teara gw
  79. Raymond Paul Olds g teara gw
  80. Daisy Frances Christina Osborn g teara gw
  81. Joseph Palmer (runholder) g teara gw
  82. William Leonard Parker g teara gw
  83. Harry Peters (mountaineer) g teara gw
  84. Hariata Pomare g teara gw
  85. Elizabeth Allen Pudney g teara gw
  86. Elizabeth Jane Pudney g teara gw
  87. William Ranstead g teara gw
  88. John Macfarlane Ritchie g teara gw
  89. Thomas Ritchie (trader) g teara gw
  90. John Robertson (teacher) g teara gw
  91. Jean-Baptiste Rolland (priest) g teara gw
  92. Malcolm Ross (journalist) g teara gw
  93. James Rutherford (historian) g teara gw
  94. Leo Paul Schramm g teara gw
  95. Jack Seabrook g teara gw
  96. Henry Shaw (bibliophile) g teara gw
  97. Lewis Skinner g teara gw
  98. Louisa Matilda Snelson g teara gw (redirects to George Mathew Snelson)
  99. Gwendolen Lucy Somerset g teara gw
  100. William Henry Skinner (historian) g teara gw
  101. George Stephenson (rugby league) g teara gw
  102. John Lorraine Sullivan g teara gw
  103. Donald Sutherland (explorer) g teara gw
  104. Anne Swift g teara gw
  105. Ngatai Tohi Te Ururangi Tapsell g teara gw
  106. Retireti Tapsell g teara gw
  107. Kurupo Tareha g teara gw
  108. Te Roera Tareha g teara gw
  109. Hemi Tautari g teara gw
  110. Mary Tautari g teara gw
  111. Mary Taylor (writer) g teara gw
  112. Ripeka Wharawhara-i-te-rangi Te Kakapi g teara gw
  113. Kurupo Te Moananui g teara gw
  114. Te Ua Haumene g teara gw (redirect)
  115. Rahui Te Kiri Tenetahi g teara gw
  116. Wiremu Te Heru Tenetahi g teara gw
  117. William Thomas (educationalist) g teara gw
  118. John Thornton (educationalist) g teara gw
  119. Heni Hoana Topia g teara gw
  120. Mereana Topia g teara gw
  121. Fred Tyree g teara gw
  122. William Tyree g teara gw
  123. John Baptist Vitetta g teara gw
  124. Joseph Vitetta g teara gw
  125. Vincent Vitetta (musician) g teara gw
  126. Waitohi (Ngati Toa) g teara gw
  127. Wilfred Stanley Wallis g teara gw
  128. Elizabeth Wallwork g teara gw
  129. Richard Wallwork g teara gw
  130. Doreen Eda Warren g teara gw
  131. William Webster (land speculator) g teara gw
  132. John White (Maori scholar) g teara gw
  133. William White (missionary) g teara gw
  134. John Whiteley (missionary) g teara gw
  135. John Whitney (ammunition manufacturer) g teara gw
  136. Tutere Wi Repa g teara gw
  137. Victor George Wilcox g teara gw
  138. Leonard John Wild g teara gw
  139. Elsie Hamer Wilkie g teara gw
  140. Ruth Wilkinson (community leader) g teara gw
  141. Albert Leslie Willetts g teara gw
  142. Airini Elizabeth Woodhouse g teara gw
  143. Alice Woodhouse g teara gw
  144. Philip Randal Woodhouse g teara gw
  145. Ngawini Yates g teara gw
  146. Samuel Yates (New Zealand) g teara gw

Entries that are not notable

  1. Margaret Lynch (servant) dnzb
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