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Hotlist index (edit)
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When working on this list, please NEVER simply remove a red link because "we have the article elsewhere". Always create the appropriate redirect as this helps our readers and, as a bonus, creates an audit trail for this project.

  1. Sour gum - does chewing gum need article?
  2. Source computer
  3. Source data acquisition
  4. Source data capture
  5. Source device
  6. Source directory
  7. Source disk
  8. Source drive
  9. Source Edp Source edp
  10. Source statement
  11. South American Forest Peoples South american forest peoples
  12. South American Indian South american indian - double check redirect?
  13. South American Indian languages South american indian languages - could be its own article?
  14. South American Natives South american natives
  15. South American Nomad South american nomad
  16. South Arabic language South arabic language - double check redirect?
  17. South Asian Arts South asian arts
  18. South Indian Bronze South indian bronze
  19. South Jersey Glass South jersey glass
  20. South Semitic Alphabet South semitic alphabet - South Arabian alphabet
  21. Southeast Indian Southeast indian - a native American definition
  22. Southeast Svalbard Nature Reservation Southeast svalbard nature reservation
  23. Southern Bihar Plains Southern bihar plains - could it be its own article?
  24. Southern Morocco Southern morocco
  25. Southern Overland Mail Company Southern overland mail company
  26. Southwest Indian Southwest indian - can it be own article
  27. Sovereign Council Sovereign council
  28. Sowon
  29. Space navigation and guidance
  30. Space power systems
  31. Space processing
  32. Spacecraft ground instrumentation - good redirect?
  33. Spalacotherium - Jurassic genus of extinct primitive, probably predaceous mammals
  34. Spallation reaction
  35. Spam relay
  36. Spanish colonial art and architecture
  37. Spanish Lace Spanish lace
  38. Spanish marriages
  39. Spatial Coherence Function Spatial coherence function
  40. Spatial Coherence Scale Spatial coherence scale
  41. Spatial data - good redirect?
  42. Spatially immersive display
  43. Spatterware
  44. SPD/IF Spd/if
  45. Special-purpose language
  46. Specialty Hair Fibre Specialty hair fibre
  47. Specific charge - same as below?
  48. Specific Intensity Specific intensity - same as below?
  49. Specific Rotary Power Specific rotary power - good redirect?
  50. Spectra 70 - good redirect?
  51. Spectral line series
  52. Spectral Line Strength Spectral line strength
  53. Spectral response
  54. Spectral Sensitivity Function Spectral sensitivity function
  55. Spectroscopic State Spectroscopic state
  56. Speculative action
  57. Speed buffering
  58. Speed Doubler Speed doubler
  59. SPEEDE Speede
  60. Speedif port
  61. Speedware
  62. Sphaeractinoidea
  63. Sphaerularoidea
  64. Sphenophyllales - Sphenophyllaceae redirects to order, family can be own article too
  65. Sphenophyllum - add references before removing
  66. Sphere Capacitance Sphere capacitance
  67. Sphere Electric Field Sphere electric field
  68. Sphere Gravitational Force Sphere gravitational force
  69. Sphere Radiative Cooling Sphere radiative cooling
  70. Sphere Size Sphere size
  71. Sphere Thermal Equilibrium Sphere thermal equilibrium
  72. Spherical Bowl Spherical bowl
  73. Spherical Potential Well Spherical potential well
  74. Spherical Wave Spherical wave - can it be its own article?
  75. Spherization
  76. Spin-Down Time Spin-down time
  77. Spin Multiplicity Rule Spin multiplicity rule
  78. Spinal cord disorders - good redirect?
  79. Spinning Sidebands Spinning sidebands
  80. Spirotrichia - Spirotrichea?
  81. SPLD Spld - google suggests SPLD could stand for other things
  82. Spongiomorphida
  83. Spoofing your technical friend
  84. Spooner amendment - can it be its own article instead of Taft comission?
  85. Spoonworm
  86. Spotted swine - redirects to Poland China
  87. Spreadsheet compiler
  88. Spreadsheet Connector Spreadsheet connector
  89. SQFP Sqfp - can it be own article?
  90. SQL*Forms Sql*forms
  91. SQL Forms Sql forms
  92. SQLBase Server Sqlbase server
  93. Square Potential Well Square potential well
  94. Squeezed quantum states
  95. SRAPI Srapi
  96. Sri-Nathaji Sri-nathaji
  97. Srivaisnava
  98. SRPI Srpi
  99. SRSC Srsc
  100. SS/DD Ss/dd
  101. St-Armand St-armand
  102. St. Lois St. lois
  103. ST412 St412
  104. ST506 RLL St506 rll
  105. Stability augmentation
  106. Stability Constant Determination Stability constant determination
  107. Stack dump
  108. Stack fault
  109. Stack page
  110. Stackable hub
  111. Stackware
  112. Stadel Art Institute and Municipal Gallery Stadel art institute and municipal gallery
  113. Stadtman
  114. Staffordshire figure
  115. Staffordshire ware - good redirect?
  116. Staghead
  117. Staging server - double check redirect
  118. Stair-stepping
  119. STAIRS Stairs
  120. Stakeholder economy
  121. Stalactite ornament
  122. Stand-alone PC Stand-alone pc
  123. Standard data format
  124. Standard extension
  125. Standard mapping
  126. Standard memory
  127. Standard Messaging Format Standard messaging format
  128. Standard Mode Standard mode
  129. Standard volume
  130. Standpatters
  131. Star:Flashpoint Star:flashpoint
  132. Star configuration
  133. Star design
  134. Star Portal Star portal - Also a movie (1999)
  135. Star query
  136. StarPortal Starportal - A version of Sun's Java-based StarOffice office suite
  137. Start/stop transmission
  138. STARTUP.CMD Startup.cmd
  139. Startup folder
  140. Startup routine
  141. State sequencer
  142. State Trading Corporation State trading corporation
  143. Stateful [1]? double check redirect?
  144. Static ad
  145. Static attribute
  146. Static column memory
  147. Static HTML Static html
  148. Static Isotropic Metric Static isotropic metric
  149. Static Jahn-Teller Effect Static jahn-teller effect
  150. Static SQL Static sql
  151. Statistical Equilibrium Statistical equilibrium
  152. Statute Labour Statute labour - could there be two articles here or is one sufficient?
  153. Stealth URL Stealth url
  154. Stealthware - No mention on redirect page but should it? Is it more or less the same?
  155. Steam temperature control
  156. Steeple Cup Steeple cup
  157. Stellar Temperature Stellar temperature - suggest a redirect to Effective temperature
  158. Stenurida
  159. Step Cut Step cut
  160. Step frame
  161. Stephen Duan Stephen duan
  162. Steptoe - The only Steptoe I could find that was missing from Wikipedia is George Steptoe Washington, a nephew of George Washington. Not sure how notable he is, but there is an article on Lucy Washington
  163. Stereophonic radio transmission
  164. Stereospecific catalyst
  165. Stereotyped Response Stereotyped response
  166. Stichosomida
  167. Stick font
  168. Stick model
  169. Sticky connection
  170. Sticky timer
  171. Stirrup Fixation Stirrup fixation
  172. Stockelsdorf Faience Stockelsdorf faience
  173. Stoker (furnace)
  174. Stokes' Inclination Factor Stokes' inclination factor
  175. Stokes Bands Stokes bands
  176. Stokes Velocity Stokes velocity - double check redirect?
  177. Stone-Tool Industry Stone-tool industry
  178. Stone and stone products
  179. Stone Bowl culture Stone bowl culture
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