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The table below is part of a sub-project is to assess mathematics articles for their quality and importance/priority, and to classify them broadly by field. It summarizes the criteria for assessing importance and quality, and lists the fields covered by the programme. More detailed criteria for determining article quality are given by the mathematics grading scheme. There are also further guidelines for assessing the priority or importance level of mathematics articles.

These ratings are intended to help the project track its progress, identify weak spots in its coverage, and highlight articles which could become Good Articles or Featured articles. They also link with the Wikipedia 1.0 Project to produce a CD-ROM with the best of Wikipedia, and similar ratings are used by over 100 WikiProjects.

Further information about the mathematics assessment programme can be found at Wikipedia:WikiProject_Mathematics/Wikipedia_1.0.

Summary of {{maths rating}} importance, field, and class parameters
Importance: the importance (or priority) of the article/subject, regardless of its quality. Field: the article's subject area within mathematics. Class: the current quality of the article.
Top Extremely important, even crucial, to its field, and very significant beyond it
  • general
  • basics
  • algebra
  • analysis
  • applied
  • discrete
  • foundations
  • geometry
  • mathematical physics
  • number theory
  • probability and statistics
  • topology
  • mathematicians
  • history
Featured article FA This is a featured article.
High Contributes a substantial depth of knowledge with significant impact in other fields A-Class article A Essentially complete, well written and referenced; possible featured article candidate.
Mid Adds important further details within its field, with some impact beyond it GA This is a good article.
Low Contributes more specific or less significant details, or is mainly of specialist interest B A decent article, but it needs further editing to extend coverage or accessibility
C Some cleanup or expansion needed.
Start Significant cleanup or expansion needed.
Stub Article has very little content, or is a stub.

Articles are assessed by placing the {{maths rating}} template on the article's talk page, using the importance and class parameters to specify the priority/importance and the quality of the article respectively (the synonym priority is also available for the importance parameter). It is useful to assign the article to a subject area, using the field parameter; a list of recognized field names is given above.

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