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Bats Task Force

Welcome to WikiProject Bats, an attempt to improve the coverage and quality of bat-related topics on the English Wikipedia. This is a small but active project looking to keep growing; if you're interested in editing bat-related topics, please add your name to the participants list and dive right in! Our "goals" section is updated with new tasks every month, and there are tons of miscellaneous tasks of various skill levels that need to be accomplished. If you're unsure of how you could contribute, or you have ideas for the project, please leave us a message on our talk page!


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  • bat species & all taxonomic groups
  • evolution
  • diseases
  • notable bat research/conservation organizations
  • notable bat researchers/conservationists
  • bat/human conflict
  • economic/cultural value of bats

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Monthly goals

September 2018

Create start-class (or higher!) articles for the following species:

Stub plague

This project is plagued with an abundance of stubs. Pick a random stub article to work on here:

Stub Progress

  • May 2017: 73.7% of articles are stubs
  • December 2017: 68% of all articles are stubs
  • February 2018: 66.5% of all articles are stubs
  • June 2018: 59.7% of all articles are stubs (!)

Tagging and assessment

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WikiProject Mammals/Bats Task Force (Rated B-class, Mid-importance)
WikiProject icon This page is within the scope of WikiProject Mammals/Bats Task Force, a collaborative effort to improve the coverage of Bats on Wikipedia. If you would like to participate, please visit the project page, where you can join the discussion and see a list of open tasks.
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Suggested layout

Common noctule
Nyctalus noctula.jpg
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
Order: Chiroptera
Family: Vespertilionidae
Genus: Nyctalus
Species: N. noctula
Binomial name
Nyctalus noctula
Schreber, 1774
Mapa Nyctalus noctula.png
Range of N.noctula

This is a suggested layout, based on the successful page for the common vampire bat. Possible topics for inclusion are listed, though this will vary by species and the availability of research.

  • Lead paragraph: A concise summary of the key facts
  • Taxonomy: possible items for inclusion are etymology of scientific name; systematics; previous names
  • Description: morphology, coloration, dentition, forearm length, mass, calcar keeled/unkeeled
  • Biology: life expectancy; hibernation/torpor
    • Reproduction: age at first reproduction; pups per litter; litters per year; survivorship
    • Diet: what do they eat; how do they capture prey
    • Echolocation: if applicable
  • Range and habitat: where can you find this species?
  • Conservation: what is the status of this bat; what threatens this species; are there any mitigation actions to conserve this species
  • References: use formatting; bare urls are not acceptable references
  • Further reading
  • External links
  • Navbar: usually by family, subfamily, or genus; see options Category:Template-Class Bat articles
  • Taxonbar: add {{taxonbar}} to the bottom of the page—underneath references & external links but before categories
  • Categories

Quality stats

Wikiwork progress

  • March 2018: ω = 7,529; Ω = 5.45
  • April 2018: ω = 7,533; Ω = 5.44
  • May 2018: ω = 7,538; Ω = 5.43

article improvements with time

  •   stub
  •   start
  •   C
  •   B
  •   GA
  •   A
  •   FL
  •   FA


  • Can't access a paper you need to write an article? Try putting a request in at the Resource Request page to potentially have another user email it to you.
  • Interested in creating range maps? Check out Wikipedia map conventions for standardized colors to use; check out Wikimedia Commons blank maps by region for a starting map for a given species
  • When describing bat weight, length, or the range of elevations at which it's found, it can be useful to use the convert template, as users around the world have different units of measurement:
    • "The big brown bat weighs {{convert|15-26|g|oz|abbr=on}}" displays as "The big brown bat weighs 15–26 g (0.53–0.92 oz)."
  • There is also a useful template for a species' dental formula (here):
  • Tired of typing in tedious citation parameters? Try enabling the citation bot in your preferences to automatically fill in cite journal parameters with only a DOI

Missing articles—species

A-genus missing bats IUCN status Catalogue of Life status ASM Mammal Diversity status
Aegyptonycteridae NA NA NA
Aeorestes villosissimus NA no record accepted
Anoura aequatoris (NE) accepted accepted
Anoura carishina (NE) accepted accepted
Asellia italosomalica (DD) accepted accepted
Artibeus aequatorialis (NE) accepted no record
Artibeus anthonyi (NE) no record no record
B-genus missing bats IUCN status Catalogue of Life status ASM Mammal Diversity status
Barbastella darjelingensis (NE) no record accepted
Barbastella caspica (NE) no record accepted
C-genus missing bats IUCN status Catalogue of Life status ASM Mammal Diversity status
Cassistrellus NA no record no record
Chaerephon pusillus (NE) accepted accepted
Chilonatalus macer (NE) accepted accepted
Chiroderma vizottoi (NE) accepted accepted
Cubanycteris silvai (NE) fossil taxa NA
Cynomops freemani (NE) no record no record
Cynomops mastivus (NE) not accepted; considered synonym of C. abrasus accepted
Cynomops tonkigui (NE) no record no record
Cynopterinae NA NA
D-genus missing bats IUCN status Catalogue of Life status ASM Mammal Diversity status
Dermanura rava (NE) accepted, synonym of Artibeus phaeotis ravus accepted
Dermanura rosenbergii (DD) no record accepted
Desmodus archaeodaptes NA fossil taxon fossil taxon
Doryrhina cyclops (NE) no record accepted
E-genus missing bats IUCN status Catalogue of Life status ASM Mammal Diversity status
Eptesicus anatolicus (NE) accepted accepted
Eptesicus lynni (NE) not accepted, synonym of E. fuscus lynni not accepted, synonym of E. fuscus
Eptesicus ognevi (NE) not accepted; synonym of E. bottae accepted
Eptesicus pachyomus (NE) not accepted; synonym of E. serotinus accepted
Eumops chimaera (NE) no record accepted
Eumops chiribaya (NE) accepted accepted
Eumops delticus (NE) accepted accepted
G-genus missing bats IUCN status Catalogue of Life status
Glauconycteris atra (NE) no record
Glischropus aquilus (NE) no record
Glischropus bucephalus (NE) accepted
H-genus missing bats IUCN status Catalogue of Life status
Hipposideros atrox (NE) accepted
Hipposideros alongensis (NE) accepted
Hipposideros boeadii (DD) accepted
Hipposideros celebensis (NE) no record
Hipposideros cryptovalorona (NE) no record
Hipposideros einnaythu (NE) accepted
Hipposideros fasensis (NE) no record
Hipposideros khasiana (NE) no record
Hipposideros nicobarulae (NE) accepted
Hipposideros parnabyi (NE) no record
Hipposideros pendleburyi (NE) accepted
Hipposideros tephrus (LC) synonym of H. caffer tephrus
Histiotus diaphanopterus (NE) no record
Hsunycteris NA NA
Hsunycteris cadenai (NE) accepted, synonym of Lonchophylla cadenai
Hsunycteris dashe (NE) no record
Hsunycteris pattoni (NE) accepted, synonym of Lonchophylla pattoni
Hypsugo alaschanicus (NE) accepted, synonym of Eptesicus alaschanicus
Hypsugo bemainty (LC) no record
Hypsugo lanzai (NE) accepted
K-genus missing bats IUCN status Catalogue of Life status
Kerivoula furva (NE) no record
Kerivoula krauensis (DD) no record
L-genus missing bats IUCN status Catalogue of Life status
Lasiurus brachyotis (NE) no record
Lasiurus frantzii (NE) not accepted; synonym of L. blossevillii
Lichonycteris degener (NE) no record
Lonchophylla cadenai (NE) not valid, synonym of Hsunycteris cadenai
Lonchophylla fornicata (NE) accepted
Lonchophylla orcesi (DD) accepted
Lonchophylla orienticollina (NE) accepted
Lonchophylla pattoni (NE) not valid, synonym of Hsunycteris pattoni
Lonchorhina mankomara (NE) no record
Lophostoma kalkoae (DD) accepted
Lophostoma yasuni (NE) accepted
M-genus missing bats IUCN status Catalogue of Life status
Macronycteris cryptovalorona (NE) no record
Macronycteris commersoni (NE) no record
Micronycteris buriri (DD) no record
Micronycteris giovanniae (DD) accepted
Micronycteris yatesi (DD) accepted
Miniopterus ambohitrensis (LC) no record
Miniopterus arenarius (NE) not accepted; synonym of M. natalensis
Miniopterus egeri (LC) accepted
Miniopterus maghrebensis (NE) accepted
Miniopterus mossambicus (NE) accepted
Miniopterus newtoni (DD) accepted
Miniopterus orianae (NE) no record
Miniopterus pallidus (NE) accepted
Miniopterus sororculus (LC) accepted
Miniopterus villiersi (NE) no record
Mops bakarii (DD) accepted
Molossus alvarezi (DD) accepted
Molossus bondae (LC) not accepted, synonym of M. currentium bondae
Molossus tropidorhynchus (NE) not accepted; synonym of M. molossus
Mormopterus cobourgiana (LC) accepted (M. cobourgianus)
Mormopterus francoismoutoui (LC) accepted
Mormopterus halli (DD) accepted
Mormopterus lumsdenae (LC) accepted
Murina annamitica (NE) accepted
Murina chrysochaetes (NE) accepted
Murina fanjingshanensis (NE) no record
Murina feae (NE) accepted
Murina fionae (NE) accepted
Murina guilleni (NE) accepted
Murina harpioloides (NE) accepted
Murina hkakaboraziensis (NE) no record
Murina jaintiana (DD) no record
Murina kontumensis (NE) no record
Murina loreliae (NE) no record
Murina peninsularis (NE) accepted
Murina pluvialis (DD) no record
Murina recondita (LC) accepted
Murina shuipuensis (NE) accepted
Murina tiensa (NE) not accepted, synonym of M. harrisoni
Myonycteris leptodon (LC) no record
Myotis annatessae (NE) accepted
Myotis attenboroughi (NE) no record
Myotis badius (NE) accepted
Myotis bartelsi (NE) not accepted; synonym of M. formosus
Myotis borneoensis (DD) not accepted, subspecies of M. montivagus
Myotis browni (NE) not accepted; synonym of M. muricola
Myotis caucensis (NE) no record
Myotis clydejonesi (NE) no record
Myotis diminutus (DD) accepted
Myotis dinellii (LC) not accepted; subspecies of M. levis
Myotis federatus (DD) not accepted; synonym of M. montivagus
Myotis handleyi (NE) accepted
Myotis hyrcanicus (NE) no record
Myotis indochinensis (NE) accepted
Myotis izecksohni (DD) accepted
Myotis lavali (LC) accepted
Myotis peytoni (DD) not accepted; synonym/subspecies of M. montivagus
Myotis pilosatibialis (NE) not accepted; synonym of M. keaysi
Myotis rufoniger (NE) not accepted; synonym of M. formosus
Myotis rufopictus (DD) not accepted; subspecies of M. formosus
Myotis secundus (LC) no record
Myotis sibiricus (NE) accepted
Myotis soror (DD) no record
Myotis weberi (NE) not accepted; synonym of M. formosus
N-genus missing bats IUCN status Catalogue of Life status
Neoromicia grandidieri (NE) not accepted; synonym of Pipistrellus grandidieri
Neoromicia isabella (DD) no record
Neoromicia robertsi (DD) accepted
Neoromicia stanleyi (NE) no record
Notonycteris (NA) extinct taxa
Nyctimene wrightae (NE) no record
Nyctophilus corbeni (NE) accepted
Nyctophilus major (NE) accepted
Nyctophilus sherrini (DD) accepted
P-genus missing bats IUCN status Catalogue of Life status ASM Mammal Diversity status
Paremballonura NA NA
Paremballonura tiavato (LC) accepted
Peropteryx pallidoptera (DD) no record accepted
Phyllops silvai (NE) no record
Phyllops vetus (NE) no record
Pipistrellus alaschanicus (LC) no record
Pipistrellus anchietae (LC) no record
Pipistrellus dhofarensis (NE) no record
Pipistrellus grandidieri (DD) accepted
Pipistrellus hanaki (DD) accepted
Platyrrhinus albericoi (LC) no record
Platyrrhinus aquilus (DD) not accepted; subspecies of P. umbratus
Platyrrhinus guianensis (NE) accepted
Platyrrhinus incarum (LC) not accepted; subspecies of P. helleri
Platyrrhinus masu (LC) no record
Platyrrhinus nigellus (LC) not accepted; subspecies of P. lineatus
Platyrrhinus nitelinea (DD) no record
Plecotus ariel (NE) accepted
Plecotus begognae (NE) not accepted; synonym of P. auritus
Plecotus gaisleri (NE) not accepted; subspecies of P. teneriffae
Plecotus homochrous (NE) accepted
Plecotus kozlovi (NE) accepted
Plecotus strelkovi (NE) accepted
Plecotus turkmenicus (NE) accepted
Plecotus wardi (NE) accepted
Promops davisoni (DD) not accepted; subspecies of P. centralis
Pteronotus fulvus (NE) not accepted; synonym of P. davyi
Pteronotus fuscus (NE) not accepted; synonym of P. parnelli
Pteronotus mesoamericanus (LC) not accepted; synonym of P. parnellii
Pteronotus portoricensis (NE) not accepted; synonym of P. parnellii
Pteronotus psilotis (NE) not accepted; synonym of P. personatus
Pteronotus pusillus (NE) not accepted; synonym of P. parnellii
Pteronotus rubiginosus (LC) not accepted; synonym of P. parnellii
Pteropus ennisae (NE) not accepted; synonym of P. capistratus
R-genus missing bats IUCN status Catalogue of Life status
Rhinolophus chaseni (NE) not accepted; synonym of R. borneensis
Rhinolophus chiewkweeae (NE) accepted
Rhinolophus francisi (NE) no record
Rhinolophus horaceki (NE) accepted
Rhinolophus huananus (NE) accepted
Rhinolophus indorouxii (DD) no record
Rhinolophus kahuzi (NE) accepted
Rhinolophus lanosus (NE) not acepted; synonym of R. luctus
Rhinolophus mabuensis (NE) accepted
Rhinolophus mcintyrei (DD) accepted
Rhinolophus morio (NE) not accepted; synonym of R. luctus
Rhinolophus mossambicus (LC) accepted
Rhinolophus perditus (NE) not accepted; subspecies of R. cornutus
Rhinolophus refulgens (NE) not accepted; subspecies of R. lepidus
Rhinolophus robertsi (NE) not accepted; subspecies of R. philippensis
Rhinolophus schnitzleri (NE) accepted
Rhinolophus thailandensis (NE) accepted
Rhinolophus willardi (NE) accepted
Rhinopoma cystops (LC) accepted
Rhogeessa bickhami (LC) accepted
Rhogeessa velilla (DD) no record
S-genus missing bats IUCN status Catalogue of Life status
Scotonycteris bergmansi (NE) no record
Scotonycteris occidentalis (NE) not accepted; subspecies of S. zenkeri
Scotophilus alvenslebeni (NE) not accepted; synonym of S. nigrita
Scotophilus colias (NE) not accepted; synonym of S. dinganii
Scotophilis mhlanganii (NE) no record
Scotophilus nigritellus (NE) not accepted; synonym of S. viridis
Scotophilus tandrefana (DD) accepted
Sturnira adrianae (NE) no record
Sturnira angeli (NE) accepted
Sturnira bakeri (NE) accepted
Sturnira burtonlimi (DD) accepted
Sturnira koopmanhilli (DD) accepted
Sturnira parvidens (NE) accepted
Sturnira paulsoni (NE) accepted
Submyotodon caliginosus (NE) no record
Submyotodon latirostris (LC) no record
Submyotodon moupinensis (NE) no record
T-genus missing bats IUCN status Catalogue of Life status
Thoopterus suhaniahae (NE) accepted
Tylonycteris fulvida (NE) not accepted
Tylonycteris malayana (NE) not accepted; synonym of T. robustulata
Tylonycteris tonkinensis (NE) no record
U-genus missing bats IUCN status Catalogue of Life status
Uroderma bakeri (NE) accepted
Uroderma convexum (NE) accepted
Uroderma davisi (NE) accepted
V-genus missing bats IUCN status Catalogue of Life status
Vampyressa elisabethae (NE) no record
Vampyressa sinchi (NE) no record
Vampyrodes major (LC) not accepted; synonym of V. caraccioli
X-genus missing bats IUCN status Catalogue of Life status
Xylonycteris NA fossil taxa

Other missing articles

  • Valdir Taddei— notable Neotropical bat expert
  • John Edwards Hill; prolific mammalogist and publisher of bat-related papers; senior bat systematist at British Museum of Natural History
  • Nancy B. Simmons— notable bat researcher; author of Mammal Species of the World
  • Hugh H. Genoways

EUROBATS species

EUROBATS species
Naked rumped tomb bat
European free tailed bat
Egyptian fruit bat
Rhinolophus ferrumequinum
Rhinolophus hipposideros
Rhinolophus blasii
Rhinolophus euryale
Rhinolophus mehelyi
Barbastella barbastellus
Barbastella darjelingensis
Eptesicus anatolicus
Eptesicus bottae
Eptesicus isabellinus
Eptesicus nilssonii
Eptesicus serotinus
Hypsugo savii
Miniopterus pallidus
Miniopterus schreibersii
Myotis alcathoe
Myotis aurascens
Myotis bechsteinii
Myotis blythii
Myotis brandtii
Myotis capaccinii
Myotis dasycneme
Myotis daubentonii
Myotis emarginatus
Myotis escalerai
Myotis myotis
Myotis mystacinus
Myotis nattereri
Myotis nipalensis
Myotis punicus
Myotis schaubi
Nyctalus azoreum
Nyctalus lasiopterus
Nyctalus leisleri
Nyctalus noctula
Otonycteris hemprichii
Pipistrellus hanaki
Pipistrellus kuhlii
Pipistrellus maderensis
Pipistrellus maderensis
Pipistrellus pipistrellus
Pipistrellus pygmaeus
Plecotus auritus
Plecotus austriacus
Plecotus kolombatovici
Plecotus macrobullaris
Plecotus sardus
Plecotus teneriffae
Vespertilio murinus
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