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WikiProject Malware is devoted to giving users up to date information on all topics malware. Malware is defined as 'Malicious Software' and contains anything that is termed to have a malicious intent on a users computer, such as: Virii, Spyware, Trojans, Potentially Unwanted Programs, and Rootkits.


Its aim is to help set up standards of organization and presentation for articles on computer viruses, computer worms, and other forms of malicious software, or "malware" for short.Knick 02:44, 27 January 2007 (UTC)


This WikiProject aims to help organise and format articles about malicious computer software.

Descendant WikiProjects

WikiProject Malware is a descendant WikiProject of WikiProject Computing, WikiProject Software, and Wikipedia:WikiProject Computing/Computer and Information Security task force



Thank You for your interest in WikiProject Malware! Please be aware, that this WikiProject is now under the imperium of WikiProject Computer Security. All Malware articles are currently being transferred over to the new project. In any case, we welcome you to join us at WikiProject Computer Security! Sephiroth storm (talk) 22:24, 18 January 2009 (UTC)

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Userbox for participants:
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Malware logo.png WikiProject Malware is a participant in WikiProject Malware.


At present, there are three different kinds of Wikipedia articles on viruses, Spyware, Adware, and other PUP's

Basic stub

Basic stubs contain what type of virus is in question, and perhaps very basic information about a significant payload, if there is one. Generally, the template is not used. These articles should be considered placeholders for expansion, and should be marked with the stub template: {{malware-stub}}. An example article is Alex & Solo (computer virus).

Advanced stub

Advanced stubs contain advanced descriptions of behaviour, but not a complete analysis. Some minor details, such as text strings may be missing. The template is generally used. This should be used for semi-common viruses or formerly common viruses, and does not require immediate expansion; expanding these articles is low priority. An example article is AntiCMOS (computer virus).

Full article

A full, thorough description and analysis is included. An example is Westwood (computer virus).

Major issues

Name formatting

Articles should follow the format Virusname (computer virus) for viruses, Wormname (computer worm) for worms, Trojanname (trojan horse) for trojan horses, etcetera. These should not include prefixes and suffixes. For instance, what one virus scanner calls [email protected] should be shortened to Sobig (computer worm). Variants can usually be included in the original article, but the B version of Sobig would be included at Sobig.B (computer worm). DOS viruses are similar; the original A variant (or a general family description) should be included at one space (for instance, Jerusalem (computer virus)), with variants spanning out.

DOS viruses offer a problem. For instance, Westwood is a variant of Jerusalem. It would be acceptable to include Westwood at either Westwood (computer virus), or Jerusalem.Westwood (computer virus), although a redirect from the former would be necessary if the later was used.


Aliases, alternative names, shortform names, etc. should all be redirected. It is also recommended to redirect ".A" variants to the main articles (for instance, AntiCMOS.A (computer virus) is redirected to AntiCMOS (computer virus).


It might be worth adding entries from the WildList before the rarer viruses.

These articles may be in need of some type of help, I will add more as I come accross them, feel free to add.

Merge request:


How much knowledge is required to contribute?
Although basic computer knowledge is fairly essential, all are encouraged to contribute. The one suggested "golden rule" is "contribute only what you understand." Even if you paraphrase something from another article, it may be "lost in translation."

How can I know whether the information I am getting is accurate?
The short answer is, you can't. The average computer virus analysis contains several errors, and even more omissions. This is especially common among "partially analysed" older viruses. Scott's Valley is one example. It was never determined whether Scott's Valley had a destructive payload. Some articles simply ignore this. McAfee[1], however, generally mentions this, which is helpful. The best thing to do is cross-check articles to check for discrepancies, and note them if they exist.

How can I know which virus has which aliases?
Short answer: you probably cannot. Long answer: if you have a sample of the virus in question you can submit it to VirusTotal, ThreatExpert, or similar services and jot down the various reports.

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Project Box

The prefered project box is a joint box for articles that may fall under the scope of our parent WikiProject.

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