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Some Wikipedians have formed a Project to better organize information in articles related to the 20042010 ABC television series drama Lost, and to help focus and coordinate collaborative work on them. Anyone can join. Approximately 125 articles (not including those on cast or crew) are within the scope of the Lost WikiProject and sixteen have achieved featured status. For more information on WikiProjects, please see Wikipedia:WikiProjects and Wikipedia:WikiProject Council/Guide.

Our project is designed to help collaborate a group effort in improving all articles related to the television show Lost. It is free for all and anybody can join, even if you are new to Wikipedia or just have not edited the Lost articles before! You can help us out in small ways by just fixing a typographical error here and there or you could write extended summaries for Lost episodes. You could even help cite things to help make all articles related to Lost comprehensive and factual. Some of the core project goals are to maintain cited and comprehensive articles related to Lost and to create a consistent and detailed look for each page.
Please refer to the talk page for discussions regarding major projects. Click here and here for a list of recent changes to Lost-related pages.
  • Shorten plot synopses in character and episode articles
  • Add/ improve production, reception, awards and themes sections in season and episode articles
  • Add/ improve casting, characteristics, creation and reception sections to character articles
  • Cite episodes using this page
  • Integrate trivia sections into prose
  • Clean up references on main page
  • Model character pages after Martin Keamy
  • Model episode articles after "The Other Woman"
  • Add fair use rationales to images, remembering that each article the image links to must have a separate fair use rationale.
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Good article nominee White Rabbit (Lost)

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Featured content
Featured articles
Cscr-featured.svg Nikki and Paulo  May 22, 2007
Cscr-featured.svg "Through the Looking Glass"  August 15, 2007
Cscr-featured.svg "Greatest Hits"  January 22, 2008
Cscr-featured.svg Lost: Missing Pieces  February 14, 2008
Cscr-featured.svg "The Beginning of the End"  March 3, 2008
Cscr-featured.svg "Confirmed Dead"  April 28, 2008
Cscr-featured.svg "The Shape of Things to Come"  July 15, 2008
Cscr-featured.svg Martin Keamy  September 30, 2008
Cscr-featured.svg "The Other Woman"  October 25, 2008
Cscr-featured.svg "Meet Kevin Johnson"  December 31, 2008
Featured lists
Cscr-featured.svg List of Lost episodes  July 9, 2007
Cscr-featured.svg Lost (season 1)  September 20, 2007
Cscr-featured.svg Lost (season 3)  October 3, 2007
Cscr-featured.svg Lost (season 2)  October 28, 2007
Cscr-featured.svg List of awards and nominations for Lost  March 26, 2008
Cscr-featured.svg Lost (season 4)  July 21, 2008
Good topics
Support cluster.svg Lost (season 4)  August 1, 2008
Good articles
Symbol support vote.svg Boone Carlyle  August 22, 2007
Symbol support vote.svg "Eggtown"  March 7, 2008
Symbol support vote.svg "The Constant"  March 15, 2008
Symbol support vote.svg "The Economist"  March 16, 2008
Symbol support vote.svg "Ji Yeon"  April 6, 2008
Symbol support vote.svg Libby  May 27, 2008
Symbol support vote.svg Miles Straume  June 8, 2008
Symbol support vote.svg "Something Nice Back Home"  June 13, 2008
Symbol support vote.svg "Cabin Fever"  July 7, 2008
Symbol support vote.svg "There's No Place Like Home"  July 7, 2008
Symbol support vote.svg "Everybody Hates Hugo"  July 26, 2008
Symbol support vote.svg "Exposé"  July 28, 2008
Symbol support vote.svg "Flashes Before Your Eyes"  August 2, 2008
Symbol support vote.svg "Live Together, Die Alone"  August 11, 2008
Symbol support vote.svg "Two for the Road"  August 15, 2008
Symbol support vote.svg "Stranger in a Strange Land"  August 15, 2008
Symbol support vote.svg "One of Us"  August 16, 2008
Symbol support vote.svg Emilie de Ravin  September 15, 2008
Symbol support vote.svg Ana Lucia Cortez  October 24, 2008
Symbol support vote.svg Ben Linus  November 30, 2008
Symbol support vote.svg Shannon Rutherford  December 28, 2008
Symbol support vote.svg Danielle Rousseau  December 29, 2008
Symbol support vote.svg Tom Friendly  January 9, 2009
Symbol support vote.svg Maggie Grace  January 13, 2009
Symbol support vote.svg Michael Dawson  February 12, 2009
Symbol support vote.svg Mr. Eko  April 1, 2009
Symbol support vote.svg Charlotte Lewis  April 23, 2009
Symbol support vote.svg "The Variable"  May 20, 2009
Symbol support vote.svg Frank Lapidus  November 18, 2009
Symbol support vote.svg "Walkabout"  August 13, 2010
Symbol support vote.svg "Man of Science, Man of Faith"  February 15, 2011
Symbol support vote.svg "Dave"  March 2, 2011
Symbol support vote.svg Rose and Bernard Nadler  March 6, 2011
Symbol support vote.svg "Adrift"  March 9, 2011
Symbol support vote.svg "Because You Left"  March 11, 2011
Symbol support vote.svg "The 23rd Psalm"  May 4, 2011
Symbol support vote.svg "Tricia Tanaka Is Dead"  May 4, 2011
Symbol support vote.svg Daniel Faraday  May 11, 2011
Symbol support vote.svg  "A Tale of Two Cities"  June 1, 2011
Symbol support vote.svg  "The Glass Ballerina"  June 11, 2011
Symbol support vote.svg  "I Do"  August 15, 2011
Symbol support vote.svg  "The Lie"  August 25, 2011
Symbol support vote.svg  "Every Man for Himself"  September 10, 2011
Symbol support vote.svg  "All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues"  December 10, 2011
Symbol support vote.svg  "Pilot"  March 8, 2014
Symbol support vote.svg  "Tabula Rasa"  March 25, 2014
Symbol support vote.svg  "The Cost of Living"  July 21, 2014
Symbol support vote.svg  "House of the Rising Sun"  July 23, 2014
Spoken articles

This is the list of Lost-related spoken articles that have been recorded.


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Lost-transparent.png This user is a member of WikiProject Lost.

A list of participants can be found at Category:WikiProject Lost participants. To become a member, add the following code to your user page: [[Category:WikiProject Lost participants]]. Or, if you wish to use the userbox, add {{User WP Lost}} to your user page instead as it includes the above wikicode. If you have just joined the Project, please feel free to leave a message on the Project's talk page. Just a fan? See this page for many different Lost fan userboxes.

The following users are active or semi-active, with when they joined in parentheses:

Some users have made significant contributions in the past, but have since left the project and sometimes Wikipedia as well. They include:

Commons and former practices
Dharmatized Wiki W Sobreposition.png

The Lost WikiProject Award and/ or Lost Barnstar used to be awarded to those who made exceptional contributions to the Lost articles, helped out extensively with the Lost WikiProject and/or continually made an effort to revert vandalism. There also used to be a Lost WikiProject Newsletter.



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