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Barn-Ogi-Sensu-Red-Hinomaru.png WikiProject Japan Barnsensu Award
This is a record of recipients of the WikiProject Japan Barnsensu Award, given to those who have contributed significantly in some way to improving Japan-related articles here on Wikipedia. Please add an entry below if you award this to a fellow editor. You can see the usage notes on the template page as well as the main project page.

Please place new recipients at the top of the list. Thanks!

Date awarded Recipient Comments included with award Awarded by
2 March 2018 Bellezzasolo Thank you for your help in creating Module:Location map/data/Japan Kansai. It will be very useful for Japan city and other location articles. I've already used it. 日本穣
1 March 2018 Frietjes Thank you for your help in creating Module:Location map/data/Japan complete. It will prove useful in a number of articles. 日本穣
18 July 2015 CrisBalboa I have noticed all your hard work on updating and improving the anniversaries on Portal:Japan over the last few weeks. I appreciate your diligence and attention to detail. Thank you! 日本穣
2 March 2013 Ryulong This is to recognize your extensive contributions to MOS-JA and to articles on Japan-related pop culture. Over 170,000 edits to over 36,000 pages since 2006—mainly in Japan project space—is quite an achievement. You are #52 on the list of most prolific editors as of 7 Jan. 2013. LittleBenW
2 March 2013 DAJF Dave, this is to recognize your extensive contributions to WikiProject Trains in Japan and WikiProject Japan. Over 48,000 edits to over 15,000 pages since 2005—mainly in Japan project space—is quite an achievement. LittleBenW
15 June 2012 MatthewVanitas For spearheading the effort to create the Ainu Task Force for WikiProject Japan. Good work! Boneyard90
1 March 2012 Haaninjo Thank you for all your work on municipality infoboxes in Japan. You have greatly improved all of them, and all your hard work is very appreciated. Nihonjoe
28 January 2012 Rich Farmbrough You've been doing all kinds of work recently to clean up the persondata and defaultsort on Japan-related articles (which is a very large, long, and thankless least until I gave you this award). You also created the {{Vertical text RTL}} and {{RTL scroll}} templates, which will prove very useful, I believe. Your efforts to improve Japan-related content, even though mostly behind the scenes, is greatly appreciated. Nihonjoe
15 December 2011 Jllm06 I've been watching you plow through many different categories of articles which are part of WikiProject Japan as you are organizing them, and I just wanted to recognize you for all that hard work. Category sorting is a very underappreciated job, and you're doing a lot of good work there. Thanks! Nihonjoe
1 August 2010 AnmaFinotera While your Japan-related work has been almost exclusively anime- and manga-related, that's a very important part of the modern culture of Japan, and I hereby award you this Barnsensu in recognition of all your hard work. You've done a lot to improve thousands of articles, and your work is very much appreciated. Wikipedia has become a much greater resource for this information due to all the work you put in here. While we've certainly had our fair share of disagreements (some of them somewhat heated), I think I've become a better contributor because of those discussions. Thank you for all you've done here. Nihonjoe
4 September 2009 Dekkappai For stepping up when no one else would or could and muscling through six decades and two languages worth of information, which pales in comparison to the amount of content you've created—not to mention filmographies and those things aren't easy—I, with such power vested in me, do solemnly swear, to hereby award you, this circled fan award. Doctor Sunshine
18 May 2009 Bamse Your work with the various National Treasures of Japan lists and articles is amazing. These contributions have greatly enhanced the depth of coverage of important topics related to Japan. Your work is greatly appreciated. Nihonjoe
9 March 2009 Urashimataro In recognition of your extensive contributions to articles on Kamakura, I award you this Barnsensu. Your articles on historical sites in the city, and related topics, represent not only great quantity, covering interesting and important topics I never thought I'd see, such as historical streets, but great quality as well. Your efforts on topics relating to this, one of my favorite cities in Japan, represents a significant step towards achieving a degree of thoroughness of coverage on Wikipedia I hadn't thought possible. LordAmeth
17 January 2008 Douggers For your ceaseless editing, creating and translating of Japan-related articles - especially Gifu related articles - I award this Barnsensu to you, Douggers. You are a valuable asset to WikiProject Japan. Keep up the good work. BrianAdler
2 January 2008 Oda Mari I award this barnsensu to you, Oda Mari, in recognition of your contributions to a wide range of Japan-related articles. You are always willing to offer comments and insight into various discussions, and the site (annd the project) have become better due to your efforts. Thanks! Nihonjoe
2 January 2008 Bradford44 I hereby award this barnsensu to you for your excellent efforts in improving Japan-related articles, especially those related to martial arts. Thanks for all your hard work! Nihonjoe
20 October 2007 Colchicum Colchicum did all the job on creating the rules for the Japanese new article bot and certainly deserves the barnsensu more than me Alex Bakharev
17 October 2007 TakuyaMurata Thank you for all your hard work in translating and creating Japan-related articles here. Your contributions are greatly appreciated. Please keep up the good work. (^_^) Nihonjoe
17 October 2007 Alex Bakharev I hereby award this Barnsensu to you, Alex, for your work in tracking new articles likely related to Japan and boldly adding the section to the WikiProject Japan page. This list has proven incredibly useful. Thanks! Nihonjoe
15 September 2007 Tadakuni For starting a vast collection of articles on feudal domains and daimyo. Fg2
29 August 2007 Amake For gruelling template, macron and page ordering work on Japanese municipalities Saganaki-
23 August 2007 Bueller 007 For your excellent work on some of the more obscure Japan-related topics, including nengō. It's great to have people with true passion and expertise not only for the common stuff, but for the more obscure stuff too, to more fully flesh out the 'pedia's coverage of Japanese topics. LordAmeth
7 August 2007 Hoary I hereby award this Barnsensu to you, Hoary, in recognition of your tireless work in improving Japan-related articles in general. I also want to recognize your work in cleaning up Japan-related articles, including participation in deletion, merge, and other related discussions. Even though we tend to clash, I think you are doing a great job, and I appreciate all the hard work you do. Thanks, and please keep it up. (^_^) Nihonjoe
19 July 2007 TheFarix I hereby award this Barnsensu to you for your tireless work in improving anime and manga articles, which in turn helps all Japan-related articles be better. Thanks for all your efforts! Nihonjoe
14 April 2007 John Smith's I hereby award this Barnsensu to you for your tireless work on getting the Japan article to Featured Article status. It's been a long, hard road, and your work is appreciated. Nihonjoe
13 February 2007 HongQiGong I award you this Barnsensu in recognition of your tireless efforts to bring balance to Japan and other Japan-related articles-- a very meaningful, but thankless and never-ending task. Although we may not always agree, I admire your tremendous persistence and appreciate your presence at Wikipedia. No matter what some may say, you are a positive force here. Don't forget that. And don't give up. Don't compromise. Just because you are outnumbered, doesn't mean you are defeated. Truth is on your side. "Edger"
27 January 2007 Shimeru Please accept this award for the dedication you have shown in working the Kitsune article up to featured article status. If there was a class above featured, Kitsune would be in it, and if there was an award greater than this one, I would present it to you. Dekimasu
29 December 2006 Ganryuu I hereby award this Barnsensu to you, Ganryuu, for all the cleanup and expansion work you've been doing to help improve the Japan-related articles here on Wikipedia. You're a great asset to WikiProject Japan, and I want you to know you are appreciated. Thank you for all your efforts! Nihonjoe
29 December 2006 Neier I hereby award this Barnsensu to you, Neier, for your tireless and extensive contributions to WikiProject Japan. The project just wouldn't be the same without you, and I want you to know you are appreciated. Thank you for all your hard work! Nihonjoe
30 November 2006 Sirasu I hereby award this Barnsensu to you in recognition of your hard work in vastly improving the J. League and Japan national soccer team articles. Neier
19 October 2006 LordAmeth I award you with this Barnsensu for services to WikiProject Japan and Japanese articles in general, particularly the tedious and thankless task of macronising Japanese terms. Your efforts are much appreciated! Bobo12345
18 September 2006 Grgcox I hereby award this Barnsensu to you in recognition of your hard work translating articles from Japanese to English. Thanks! Nihonjoe
1 August 2006 Nihonjoe I Thygard hereby award you this barnsensu for your great work on a wide range of Japan related articles. Thygard
30 July 2006 Fg2 I award this to you in recognition of your extensive work in maintaining the list of new Japanese articles and the Japan Portal, as well as supplying Wikipedia with many excellent articles and superb photos. You're truly a credit to the Project. LordAmeth
30 July 2006 Tangotango On behalf of WikiProject Japan and WikiProject Trains in Japan (even though I haven't done much with the trains part lately), I award this Barnsensu to you for your amazing efforts in founding and coordinating the organization of all of the train-related articles for Japan. Thanks for your hard work! It's definitely appreciated. Nihonjoe
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