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Welcome to the Scottish taskforce of WikiProject Football. This page and its subpages contain suggestions on how to improve the articles on the subject. If you would like to help, please enquire on the talk page or add your name to the list below.


This taskforce aims primarily to establish and organize standards for Scottish football related articles resulting in well-structured and well-written articles, and possibly also in featured articles, and also making all articles related to Scottish football easy to find.

The Scotland task force covers:

  • All Scottish clubs, leagues, competitions and associated articles
  • Scottish football associations
  • Scottish referees
  • Scottish football grounds
  • Articles associated with the Scottish national team
Did you know?

These extracts from newly created Scottish football articles appeared on Wikipedia's Main Page on the date shown. A full archive of all football entries related to Scottish football is maintained on Wikipedia:WikiProject Football/Scotland task force/Did you know.


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Open tasks

New articles

For a list of recently created football articles, see:

Nominations for deletion and page moves

Old deletion nominations can be found in the archives:

To do

General tasks

  • Tag related articles to include the Scotland=yes parameter
  • Review importance and quality of existing articles
  • Identify articles for creation
  • Identify articles for improvement
  • Recruit interested Wikipedians

Articles to be created

If you have identified an article to be created please add here:

Articles requiring attention

If you have identified an article that needs attention please add here:


To get all SPL teams up to at least GA standard along with the Scottish Football Association.


All created articles should follow both the Project Manual of Style and Wikipedia's Manual of Style.

Tagging and assessment

Any articles that are within the scope of this task force should be tagged with the following:

{{WikiProject Football|class=|importance=|Scotland=yes}} or if assessing importance change to :{{WikiProject Football|class=|importance=|Scotland=High}} depending on importance level.

You should add |Scotland=yes as this will automatically put the talk page into the appropriate categories.

Importance Guideline:

The proportion of all articles with an assessed project banner is:

99.9% assessed (estimate: some more article talk pages may still need a banner)


The proportion of all articles with known importance is:

95.9% known importance (estimate: some more articles may still need importance to be assessed)




For main project templates, see Wikipedia:WikiProject Football/Templates


Participants may wish to display the following userbox on their user page:

The userbox can be found at {{Wikipedia:WikiProject Football/Scotland task force/userbox}}


Flag of Scotland.svg

As part of Wikipedia:WikiProject Football, a Football In Scotland task force has been set up. As you edit articles on Scottish football, I would like to invite you to become a member. The task force is a collaborative effort to improve Wikipedia's coverage of Scottish football. If you would like to participate, please visit the task force page for details of how to join.

The template can be found at Template:Wikipedia:WikiProject Football/Scotland task force invite

Featured content

Previously reviewed articles

This section lists articles that have gone through an external peer review. This includes articles that have been through a peer review, or a featured article or featured list nomination but were deemed to have failed to meet the criteria at the time. It also lists those articles were previously featured but subsequently de-listed due to a featured article review.




  • London hearts scottish cup matches
  • SFA scottish cup final squads/scorers
  • RSSF Scottish Cup Seasons
  • RSSF Scottish Cup Finals

National team

  • Scotland The Complete Record (List of players)
  • Scottish Football Archive
  • Scotland National Team Archive, The Scottish Football Association.


  • Scottish League
  • The Scottish Football Historical Archive
Aberdeen F.C.
  • AFC Heritage Trust
Celtic F.C.
  • Celtic Wiki
  • Celtic Online
Dundee F.C.
  • Dundee's Footballing Victorians
Dundee United F.C.
  • Dundee United A - Z
Heart of Midlothian F.C.
  • London Hearts Supporters Club
Hibernian F.C.
Kilmarnock F.C.
  • season index archive
Motherwell F.C.
Rangers F.C.
  • RangersPedia
  • The Rangers Archive
  • Rangers fitbastats
  • Rangers Historical Archive
St. Mirren F.C.
  • St. Mirren historical database


Club Historical Kits
  • Historical Kits

Book List

Participants may find the resources listed at WikiProject Football's booklist useful, as well as their list of online links.

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