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This page is part of the WikiProject on Football and lists ways you can help clean up articles related to football which have been tagged as requiring attention.

Create articles

Articles that need creating to fill redlinks are listed at Wikipedia:Most wanted articles#Football.

Articles whose creation has been requested by other users are listed at Wikipedia:Requested_articles/sports#Association football (soccer).

You can help by creating a requested article from either of the lists above.

Expand articles

Articles requiring expansion (stubs) are listed in Category:Association football stubs. They are placed there by a variety of stub templates as listed on the category page.

You can help by choosing an article in that category and expanding it, removing the stub template and re-assessing the article.

Add Infoboxes

Football player biographies requiring infoboxes are listed in Category:Football articles needing infoboxes. They are added to this category using the code |needs-infobox=yes on the {{Football}} template.

Please add an appropriate infobox to the articles and remove the needs-infobox parameter from the talk page template

Add images

Articles that have had requests to add pictures, photos or diagrams to them are listed at Category:Wikipedia requested photographs of association football.

Articles needing expert attention

Articles that need the attention of an expert on a subject relating to football (soccer) are tagged with the template {{Expert-subject|Football}} and placed in Category:Football articles needing expert attention.

You can help by choosing an article in that category and assisting with any queries on it's talk page.

Fix dead links

Over time, links used as references on pages become inactive (see WP:LINKROT). These links sometimes display the [dead link] notice. To fix links, you can use WayBack Machine [1], enter the original url and try to find an archived link. Once successful, you can add |archiveurl=|archivedate= inside the citation tag and remove the {{dead link}} tag. To check the status of any particular Wikipedia page, you can use the Checklinks tool [2].

Articles needing dead link cleanup (February 2013)

FA class (top priority)

FA class (high priority)

FA class (mid priority)

FA class (low priority)

GA class (high priority)

GA class (mid priority)

GA class (low priority)

Worth noting that seems to show as a soft 404 via checklinks, but the links all seem to work fine... The Rambling Man (talk) 18:14, 4 February 2013 (UTC)

Assess articles

Articles are assessed using the criteria at WikiProject Football/Assessment, you can use this criteria to change the assessment rating of any article covered by this project. You can also fulfill requests by other users to re-assess certain articles as listed at Requests for assessment.

You can also give advice to others who have put their articles up for Peer review or as a Featured Article candidate. Articles undergoing these processes are listed at Articles currently under a review.

Project tagging

Articles related to football (soccer) that fall into the scope of this project should be tagged with the template {{football}} on the talk page. This helps identify articles for project members to work on and helps us manage the thousands of articles that the project helps oversee. Using the fields in the template helps us to organise these articles into the scope of our various task forces, please see the template page for usage instructions.

Add content to the Portal

Portal:Association football is a place where we can exhibit our best articles and most interesting free images. Any article which is FA, GA, High or Top importance can be added for display as a Selected article or as a Selected biography, free images can be added to be displayed as Selected pictures. All of these are chosen randomly for display on each page view to avoid both bias and having to manually update the page monthly. If you've created or seen an article or image that you feel would be a good addition to the portal, follow the instructions on the pages linked above.

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