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The aim of WikiProject Cryptography is to help editors working on cryptography articles by providing a repository of information and resources, and providing a place for discussions that affect more than one article. See also the Cryptography WikiPortal.

Lists and categories

Editor oriented lists

  • Category:Cryptography – Crypto images on Wikimedia Commons. (Note that new images should preferably be uploaded to Commons so they can be used in all language Wikipedias.)

Reader oriented lists

Featured articles and Good articles

See /Featured for the subproject concerning bringing articles to featured status or good article status.


The following are monthly summaries of activity within the WikiProject:

Some open tasks

Current tasks for Wikipedia:WikiProject Cryptography






You may place {{User WikiProject Cryptography}} on your user page to display the following userbox:

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Active participants

Users who have not made any edit on a page (or talk page) relevant to the WikiProject for the last 3 years have been moved to the inactive list below on 15 th August 2014, with User:MemberBot.

  1. User:Dannyniu - Interested in lattice-based post-quantum cryptography
  2. ww
  3. NealMcB
  4. Noel - mostly interested in the history of cryptography, particularly its influence on WWII, but also have some interest in Internet-related stuff
  5. Arnold Reinhold
  6. Elonka Dunin (also User:Elonka) - Famous unsolved codes, history of cryptography, pencil and paper techniques, steganography, Al Qaeda codes, encrypted sculptures, cryptography in pop culture, code challenges
  7. DRLB - ECC, Provable security.
  8. Intgr
  9. Hut 8.5 - history of cryptography, classical cryptography
  10. Ntsimp - I know a lot about the math, but I'm most interested in the cryptanalysis of block ciphers
  11. AchedDamiman 00:22, 23 May 2007 (UTC) Codemaker and Codebreaker Ultra-Pro.
  12. Trekphiler - mostly WWI- & WW2-era applications & impacts.
  13. SV1XV (talk) - General interest in classical (paper & pencil) cryptography. User of PGP.
  14. Melab-1 00:53, 8 July 2008 (UTC)~
  15. TedColes Cryptography up to the end of WWII
  16. Nageh (talk · contribs) Everything from theory to protocol design. 21:15, 2 September 2010 (UTC)
  17. Doctorhook Number theory related to cryptography, mathematical aspects of cryptography, history of cryptography, assorted other random stuff
  18. Frank Flanagan Hardware public key systems, side channel attacks
  19. JCAla
  20. Flexdream Applications of cryptography.
  21. Dewey420
  22. The Grumpy Hacker (talk) 17:00, 5 October 2012 (UTC) // "I'm interested in all kinds of astronomy."
  23. RobertHannah89 - Modern cryptography, complexity theory, etc. referencing articles, adding important or interesting results, etc. 07:57, 12 October 2012 (UTC)
  24. irahulpandey
  25. Qscgy256: Pretty much any cryptography topics.
  26. OzLind: Mathematician; PGP & Hashing
  27. BIAOXYZ: Theoretical aspects of cryptography: current - Functional Encryption; before - Secure Multi-party Computation.
  28. Carnivorous Bunny (talk)
  29. The Yeti
  30. Luiz Carvalho - Elliptic Curve Cryptography and Number Theory
  31. NCG - working on an article on offline/online signature. Talk to me if you want to join.
  32. User:GLDNONE - Chartography + Forensic Archaeology, Mapped and Painted Ciphers, Trove and Artifact Location, Numerology, Cracked Kryptos K5 and locations, Knights Templar Codes and Parchments, Confirmed Beale and Peralta / Lost Dutchman Solves (see Beale Ciphers Wiki Page for full description). Contact for more information and or collaborations on unbroken solves of antiquity or of older nature.
  33. Cryptic Scripture - FODSZQUJPO JT CFBVUJGVM (talk)
  34. JudgeGregg - I'm not a crypto-specialist, but I know how to write texts that non-specialists can understand. A significant part of articles in the scope of this project seems to have a problem with just that. Apologies if I get something wrong in my edits. Any comments are welcome on my talk page!
  35. scope_creep I'm a software engineer, practical side. At the moment, working on German WW2 stuff, Enigma, who made it, tested, personnel, military units. All missing, but WP needs balance. Scope creep (talk) 10:57, 9 September 2016 (UTC)
  36. KingAntenor I specialize in P versus NP problem and others
  37. Paulo Barreto - post-quantum cryptosystems (lattices, codes, isogenies, hash-based signatures), elliptic curves and bilinear pairings, cryptographic sponges, hash functions, blocks ciphers and their modes of operation.
  38. User:Bluedeck - Private key cryptanalysis. Social engineering.
  39. User:Stewart Little - I'm interested in private encryption/cryptography especially on Linux-based systems.
  40. User:Robwahl - Cyber security, math, computer programming, etc..,

Inactive members

  1. Matt Crypto (talk · contribs) — block ciphers anything I'm not too dim to understand, but particularly World War II-era crypto.
  2. Arvindn - theory of cryptography
  3. Imran
  4. Dante Alighieri | Talk - drafted after dozens of edits related to restructuring of Enigma page.
  5. Jon
  6. AntS
  7. Decrypt3 - it's why I chose the username.
  8. Peter Hendrickson
  9. CryptoDerk - number theory, galois fields, discrete log, elliptic curves
  10. Cryptosmith - crypto engineering, network protocols
  11. Clement Seveillac - general crypto, crypto software, PKI, smart cards
  12. ciphergoth
  13. Schnolle - PKI related.
  14. Chris Peikert - theoretical crypto (zero-knowledge, multiparty computation, etc.), intersection of coding theory and crypto
  15. ral315 -- I'm an amateur mathematician, freshman in college, and creator of the Math WikiPortal. Check it out sometime!
  16. Ram Moskovitz PKI, software distribution security, DRM, CA Operations
  17. Julian Krause Computer Science Major, interested in all types of cryptography and math.
  18. Levi CS also, computer security-related, can also make images and diagrams.
  19. E=MC^2 Nothing really in particular
  20. I Stanton anything, particularly math related.
  21. Dachshund - elliptic curves, applied crypto
  22. jonelo - security, one way hash algorithms
  23. Nahaj - Implementation issues, Validation issues (Author of the first open source government validated (US, Canada) SHA-1 implmentation, 2000 (two months ago a second such validation appeared, OpenSSL))
  24. Sir Ruptor (Talk)block ciphers, stream ciphers, hash functions cryptanalysis, stream cipher components (LFSR, NLFSR, NLPFSR, etc.), secure key exchange protocols, reverse engineering related topics
  25. David Göthberg - I used to work with and teach crypto in embedded systems. That is, how to use crypto in cars and other machinery. Back in the 90's I was part of a team that designed a "trusted computing system" for the cars of a big car manufacturer. So far I have mostly written hash related articles and made hash related diagrams. I am mostly interested in crypto from a programmer and protocol point of view and I like to make diagrams. I am not a math guy or cryptanalyst.
  26. Meekohi
  27. Batman900 - Diffie-Hellman problem, Crowds, Degree of anonymity; I am an undergraduate and am studying security at UVA, I am interested in anonymity/cryptography/number theory.
  28. Quarl (talk)
  29. Mangojuice (Talk) — theoretical aspects, multiple areas.
  30. MagusMind - theoretical crypto
  31. William Allen Simpson — practical applications
  32. detach - Applying symmetric ciphers in programs, different modes of operation, used blowfish (CBC) and XTEA, would want to put more effort in research other area's
  33. Dr1819 - Random number generation, public/private key cryptography
  34. Silmarillion
  35. Thehumph - general cryptography
  36. the editor1(my page)
  37. Kaine I - dreamer of cryptography, general cryptography/cryptoanalysis
  38. Msoos - My field is computer security + cryptography. I am willing to proofread and correct articles.
  39. Raymondofrish - I'm working on a thesis on some large integer factorization methods.
  40. Stevebkk - historical ciphers
  41. Wintermute314Digital signature, Time stamp
  42. jim -crypto v/v
  43. David4286 - I like all kinds of things, I'm particularly interested in various forms of cryptanalysis.
  44. S2z - Interests include number theory, information theory and cryptanalysis.
  45. Shoseido - Digital Signature.
  46. Autarch - classical and modern cryptanalysis. I started entries on Military Cryptanalytics and Lambros D. Callimahos.
  47. Maxt — Theoretical and applied cryptography, cryptology, partially cryptanalysis, cryptographic software.
  48. Dylan Lake
  49. sandmouse I'm fascinated with all types of ciphers...
  50. FactsOnly - Fun Stuff
  51. Randfan!! 16:54, 18 November 2006 (UTC) -I like this stuff, but am not really good at this stuff.
  52. RashBold (talk · contribs) - general interest in ciphers, especially 20th century.
  53. Vapor One - General interest in covert communication.
  54. Limn - Just about all things cryptography-related.
  55. Sean
  56. Lighthead þ - Interested in all kinds of coding, especially codes that are beneath our awareness in terms of psychology.
  57. Samrsharma - All kinds of cryptography.
  58. Blokhead - theoretical foundations based on computational complexity: formal definitions, computational hardness assumptions, protocols with provable security
  59. ParanoidMike - EFS, RMS, BitLocker, Windows PKI, cryptographic risks and mitigations
  60. xDanielx - Algorithm comparison & analysis, etc.
  61. Ronyz - Modern Cryptography.
  62. Counterforensics - do cryptologic research for a living.
  63. Ian Harvey - design commercial Hardware Security Modules for a living.
  64. Ivan Akira (talk) - I like encryption algorithm and want to help in this project.
  65. Protonk (talk) General Interest. No vocational experience.
  66. Decateron - Interested in number theory, logic, and computability. Both historical and contemporary cryptography.
  67. NoDepositNoReturn - general cryptography theory and practice, modern cryptography, traffic analysis and anonymity.
  68. Howard Vigorita - Algorithm analysis and optimization
  69. -- TinuCherian (Wanna Talk?) - 06:45, 27 June 2008 (UTC) Crypography related to computers and computing
  70. KSinitski - financial transactions cryptography, cryptographic key management.
  71. Thedjatclubrock - Interested in Cryptography.
  72. Noah Salzman — General interest in cryptography and security
  73. DocDeel516 - Mathematics, theoretical physics, anything of the such. Cryptography historian.
  74. Gavia immer modern cryptography, security proofs, and real-world implementations
  75. Kcrao Software developer working on 802.11 drivers and protocol implementations. I have worked on several 802.11 related security protocols and supplicants. My interests include PKI, various EAP methods, SSL/TLS, 802.11i, etc.
  76. CryptoTech VHDL and C implementations of crytographic algorithms, Secure communication protocols, Cryptanalysis of communication systems
  77. Chrismiceli Authentication, signatures, anti-computer forensics
  78. Jarhed Business application of cryptography, especially PKI and SSL
  79. Kumar A little bit on Lattice Based Cryptography, its history and history of other cryptographic schemes in general.
  80. Vishay Vanjani IPSEC,SSL,SSH
  81. BigK HeX (talk · contribs)
  82. Htonl (talk · contribs) - hash functions, maybe a little lattice-based stuff and ECC
  83. charlesreid1 Computational aspects of cryptography, practical cryptography (computer networks, file encryption, etc.), number theory
  84. Guymacon Researcher in the area of low cost, low energy use, high computational power custom hardware suitable for massively parallel brute force attacks.
  85. Hawk777 I'm a computer science student working in systems and security; my area of expertise is modern cryptography in the area of protocols (not so much primitives).
  86. OKelly


Date Total number of articles Number of stubs1
23/March/04 319 85
12/April/04 355 100
3/May/04 414 119
11/June/04 500 165
13/October/04 605 178
11/March/05 692 176
2/February/06 978 235

[1] "Stubs" are defined as articles with less than 1000 characters. Articles are counted from List of cryptography topics.

Cryptography in other Wikimedia projects

  • WikiProjekt Kryptologie (German)
  • Projet Cryptologie (French)
  • Wikibooks Cryptography

Free content

  • The GNU Privacy handbook (GFDL)
  • PlanetMath article on Cryptography and Number Theory (GFDL)
  • Cracking DES (public domain, apart from a couple of chapters which reproduce published papers)
  • NIST documents on Cryptography, mostly the FIPS standards
  • Greg Goebel's Codes, Ciphers, & Codebreakingpublic domain.
  • CryptoDox — crypto wiki licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License

Other Internet content

  • The Handbook of Applied Cryptography — standard academic cryptography reference, available for download in PDF form (for free).
  • RSA Laboratories' FAQ About today's cryptography
  • Savard's glossary
  • Ritter's Crypto Glossary and Dictionary of Technical Cryptography
  • Helger's cryptography pointers
  • The FreeS/WAN project's documentation includes a glossary, bibliography, some web links and a discussion of the politics of cryptography.
  • Good descriptions of cryptography machines
    • Note: It seems we are unable to use this author's photographic material — even under the US Fair use (UK Fair dealing) provisions — as the author derives commercial benefit from their sale and has denied WP a right to use. The author was approached in April 2004 regarding incorporating his written material into Wikipedia under the GFDL and declined.
  • The Dictionary+ of Information Security
  • Everything2's coverage of Cryptology topics; their Crypto project
  • Cyclopedia Cryptologia — "an online encyclopedia of cryptographic protocols. There will be coverage of a few related topics such as encryption/decryption algorithms and a few historical references, but for the most part, the intent here is to be a reference on cryptographic protocols."
  • Crypto law survey, a survey of existing and proposed laws and regulations on cryptography
  • Crypto tutorial — by Peter Gutmann
  • see also (search, say, for cryptography) for other Wikis with content in this area

Other cryptography encyclopedias

  • David E. Newton's Encyclopedia of Cryptology (ISBN 0874367727), 1998, has over 550 articles with an overall slant on the history of cryptography, but plenty of modern topics included as well.
  • Microsoft® Encyclopedia of Security, 800 pages (May 14, 2003), Microsoft Press International, ISBN 0735618771. (Table of contents)[dead link]. While covering the entire field of security, it has entries on a number of crypto topics.


Article talk page

We might wish to tag the Talk: pages of articles which are directly about cryptography with a notice about this WikiProject. For this purpose, there is {{WikiProject Cryptography}}, which expands to the following:

WikiProject Cryptography / Computer science  (Rated Project-class)
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{{Infobox block cipher}}

Discussion at: Template talk:Infobox block cipher.

Currently trialling Template:Infobox block cipher on AES, Blowfish, DEAL, DES, FEAL, GOST, IDEA, LOKI97, MISTY1, RC2, RC5, Serpent, Square, TEA, Triple DES, Twofish, XTEA

(Would) Need to apply to: 3-Way, Camellia, CAST-128, CAST-256, CMEA, DES-X, GDES, Iraqi block cipher, KASUMI, Khafre, KHAZAD, Khufu, LOKI89/91, Lucifer, MAGENTA, MARS, MMB, NewDES, Red Pike, S-1, SAFER, SHARK, Skipjack, RC6.


Instead of {{stub}}, you might want to use {{crypto-stub}}. One advantage is that Category:Cryptography stubs gives a list of all the cryptography-related stubs. The message is:

{{User WikiProject Cryptography}}

If you add this userbox to your userpage you get automatically included in the Category:WikiProject Cryptography participants. It produces:


Navigational templates

Cryptography has some navigational elements to make it easier for a reader to find related topics.

The main crypto navigation box

{{Crypto navbox}}

It produces:

This template is the main crypto navigation box. It can be added to the bottom of any cryptography article. This template also has some magic so it can include one or more of the specialised crypto navigation boxes inside the same frame.

To only use this template alone add this code to the bottom of an article:

{{crypto navbox}}

If you want it to also show for instance the specialised navigation box about stream ciphers then give it the "stream" parameter, like this:

{{crypto navbox | stream}}

You can also add several boxes in it, like this:

{{crypto navbox | block | stream}}

Note that the parameters come sort of in backwards order. In the example above the stream cipher box will be on top, followed by the block cipher box and then with the main crypto "navbox" at the bottom.

Here is an invalid example since "navbox" should not be a parameter but instead is part of the address of this template:

{{crypto stream | navbox}}

The available specialised boxes are:

block, stream, public-key, hash, machines, classical

For more details about these navigation boxes please see the description on the page of the main crypto navigation box itself. Below are examples of usage with the specialised boxes.

{{Crypto navbox | block | stream}}

It produces:

{{Crypto navbox | block}}

It produces:

{{Crypto navbox | stream}}

It produces:

{{Crypto navbox | public-key}}

It produces:

{{Crypto navbox | hash}}

It produces:

{{Crypto navbox | machines}}

It produces:

{{Crypto navbox | classical}}

It produces:

Deprecated templates

{{Cryptography portal}} or {{Portal|Cryptography}}

To inform users about the cryptography portal we had this template that could be placed in the "See also" section of articles. However we now recommend using the {{Crypto navbox}} instead.

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