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Information icon.svg This project is intended to improve Chinese-related maps. We need your help! If you are famiiar with maps, feel free to contribute.

The parent of this WikiProject are WikiProject China and WikiProject Maps

Aim – This project aims to draw hi-resolution, vector maps for China-related articles. It also aims to get hi-resolution raster (.png) topography images.


  1. AQu01rius (talk · contribs)
  2. Shenhemu (talk · contribs)
  3. Yug (talk · contribs)
  4. Philg88 (talk · contribs)

Project notice

Place this WikiProject notice Template:WPCHINA at the top of an image's Talk page. To use it, place {{WPCHINA|class=Image}} at the top of an image's Talk page.


The project is divided into locator maps, general maps and city maps.

Type Info
Locator Locator maps are used to show the location of a city, town, state or particular area within China.
General Non-locator maps. Maps of this type incude rivers, ancient kingdoms, crop-related etc.
City Maps of cities. See the featured image of Manila alongside for reference:
Topographical These maps depict the topography of a region. See User:Captain Blood/GMT Example for an example.

Using locator maps

If a locator map needs to be added to a section in an article, then use Location map template. Find below some examples.


{{Location map|China
 |position=left or right - position of the label relative to the mark, defaults to right
 |background=color - background color for the label, defaults to none
 |lat=latitude in degrees
 |long=longitude in degrees
 |mark=image file name - a red dot by default
 |caption=caption - caption below the map
 |float=left or right or none
 |width=width of the map


  • Currently none...



Please use the following colours recommended by WikiProject Maps.

Colour Hex RGB Sample Used for
Black #000000 0, 0, 0   Primary label colour
Brown #A08070 160, 128, 112   Political borders. Country, state, and province borders should be brown.
Light brown #D0C0A0 208, 192, 160   Secondary political borders.
Light yellow #FFFFD0 255, 255, 208   Primary territory of interest, or one of four choices for four-colour maps.
Pink #FFD0D0 255, 208, 208   Another colour to be used for four-colour maps.
Orange #F8A20C 248, 162, 12   A third colour to be used for four-colour maps.
Green #3CE67B 60, 230, 123   A fourth colour to be used for four-colour maps.
Light blue #CEFEF2 206, 254, 242   An alternate color to be used for four-colour maps.
Orange #F7D3AA 247, 211, 170   Alternative colour for the above Tan (surrounding territories).
Medium blue #9EC7F3 158, 199, 243   Bodies of water. Oceans or lakes.
Blue #1821DE 24, 33, 222   Water borders, if necessary. For lake or ocean borders that need a colour contrasting with surrounding land, or for rivers.
Red #B00000 176, 0, 0   Points of interest. Cities, especially.
Red-orange #F07568 240, 117, 104   Alternative colour for the above Red (points of interest).
Medium red #E0584E 224, 88, 78   Border colour for areas highlighted in Red-orange
Green #A0F090 160, 240, 144   Parks or natural preservation areas

Border styles

Style Used for Comments
Thick line Primary borders Use a thick line for the primary (usually political) borders on a map. If the map primarily depicts a country, use a thick line for the country borders; if a state, the state borders.
Thin line Secondary borders Use a thin line (approximately 1/2 the thickness of the primary borders) for secondary boundaries. If a state map shows counties, use a thin line for county borders.
Italic font Bodies of water Use an italicized font for labelling bodies of water: oceans, lakes, rivers, etc.
All-caps font Primary regions Use a font in all-capital letters for labelling primary regions of interest: country names, state names, etc.
Mixed case font Secondary regions Use mixed case (capital followed by lowercase) for regions of secondary interest: provinces in a country map, counties in a state map, etc.


Use only Arial font in the maps.

Scheme Case Font Size Tracking Opacity Example
Union territory Normal Bold 30/24 0 35
National capital UPPERCASE Bold Italic 24 -25 100
Union territory capital Normal Italic 24 -25 100
State UPPERCASE Bold 40/30 0 35
State capital Normal Regular 24 -25 100
Metro cities UPPERCASE Regular 24 -25 100

Cartographic conventions

  • Names of coastal cities are written in the sea
  • Names of rivers and mountain ranges follow the path of the river/range
  • Capital cities are usually marked with a star



All maps should be drawn SVG format. SVG is a vector format that allows upscaling without pixellation. It also allows users to download and modify the map to make derivatives. Please do not use the following raster formats: .png, .gif and .jpg for maps. For topographical maps, use .png.



Upload location

  • If the map contains no text, upload it to commons:
  • If text is needed to be added to the map, please make two versions: One, a blank map without text, and the other with text. Upload the blank map to commons, and the one with English text here on en wiki.


Only images with a licence that allows commercial usage and allows derivatives to be made may be uploaded to Wikipedia. The following licences qualify:

  • PD (Public domain) – user releases all rights to the image
  • GFDL – derivatives or commercial usage must be releaesd only under the GFDL licence. User must be credited.
  • CC-BY- (creative commons, attribution) – similar to GFDL, the user must be credited, but derivatives may be released under other licences.
  • CC-BY-SA- (creative commons, attribution, share-alike) – same as CC-BY- but derivatives may be released only under the CC-BY-SA licence

You may use either one of the above. However to allow maximum compatibility across all Wikimedia projects, it is suggested that we use either PD, or GDFL & CC-BY-SA (v1.0, 2.0, 2.5) (dual licence).


Please add the following information to summary while uploading.


Software and tips

Two popular SVG drawing software available are Inkscape and Adobe Illustrator. Inkscape is free and available for many platforms.

  • Draw images in the highest resolution possible.
  • For text please use a generic font such as Serif, Sans-serif. Sans is more suited for maps. The Wikimedia renderer rasterises all fonts using Arial, so use Arial regular to maintain appearance of the map.
  • In inkscape make sure that you unflow the text
  • Ensure that no embedded raster images are present
  • Always add metadata. In Inkscape, metadata can be added in the Document Preferences.

Map resources

  • Chinese Political map
  • Univ of Texas maps


Current requests can be found at Category:Wikipedia requested maps in China.

All China

  • I have added a request to our SVG-talented people to draw a map showing Zheng He routes, or, even better, other diplomatic and military campaigns of the Yongle reign. Am willing to help with the data. Vmenkov (talk) 03:39, 7 March 2010 (UTC)


  • Currently none...


  • Currently none...
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