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This is a list of core-topic astronomy articles. Most can be found on the level-4 vital articles list. All of these should eventually become either featured articles or good articles.

New rows can be added to the table by using the template notation:


Under Status put FA for Featured Article, A for A-Class, GA for Good Article, B for B-Class, and norefs to indicate an article that needs references.

Please work on bringing these articles up to good or featured standards! The standards required are given at Wikipedia:What is a featured article? and Wikipedia:What is a good article?.

Level-3 vital articles

The following astronomy articles are listed as level-3 vital articles. Sixteen are featured articles - all of them should be!

Astronomy Good
Asteroid B-Class Former Good article
Big Bang Featured
Black hole Good Former featured article
Comet Good Former featured article
Galaxy Galaxy Featured
Milky Way Good
Natural satellite C-Class
Orbit B-Class
Outer space Good
Physical cosmology C-Class
Planet Featured
Solar System Solar System Featured
Sun Featured
Mercury (planet) Featured
Venus Featured
Earth Featured
Moon Featured
Mars Featured
Jupiter Featured
Saturn Featured
Uranus Featured
Neptune Featured
Star Featured
Supernova Featured
Universe Good

Level-4 vital article

The following Astronomical object articles are listed as level-4 vital articles. Twenty-six are good or featured articles - all of them should be!

Astronomical object Start-Class
Centaurus A C-Class
Local Group Local Group C-Class
Andromeda Galaxy Good
Large Magellanic Cloud C-Class
Small Magellanic Cloud C-Class
Triangulum Galaxy B-Class
Messier 87 Good
Asteroid belt Asteroid belt Featured
Ceres (dwarf planet) Featured
Io (moon) Featured
Europa (moon) Featured
Ganymede (moon) Featured
Callisto (moon) Featured
Enceladus Featured
Titan (moon) Featured
Triton (moon) Featured
Pluto Featured
Eris (dwarf planet) Featured
Kuiper belt Featured
Oort cloud Featured
Achernar C-Class
Aldebaran Start-Class
Alpha Centauri Good
Alpha Crucis Start-Class
Altair Good
Antares C-Class
Arcturus C-Class
Beta Centauri C-Class
Betelgeuse C-Class
Canopus C-Class
Capella Good
Deneb C-Class
Fomalhaut C-Class
Pollux (star) C-Class
Procyon C-Class
Rigel Start-Class
Sirius Featured
Vega Featured
Algol Good
Eta Carinae Featured
Polaris C-Class
3C 273 C-Class
Crab Nebula B-Class Former featured article
Cygnus X-1 Featured
Halley's Comet Featured
Hyades (star cluster) C-Class
Omega Centauri C-Class
Orion Nebula Good
Pleiades Good
Sagittarius A* B-Class
Virgo Supercluster Virgo Supercluster C-Class
Virgo Cluster Start-Class


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