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Welcome to the peer review department of WikiProject Animation. This is to encourage better articles by having contributors who may not have worked on articles to examine them and provide ideas for further improvement. It is intended for high-quality articles that have already undergone extensive work, often as a way of preparing a featured article candidate - however, the process is highly flexible and can deal with articles of any quality though requesting reviews on very short articles may not be productive as there is little for readers to comment on. This process is not an academic peer review by a group of experts in a particular subject, and articles that undergo this process should not be assumed to have greater authority than any other.

Many articles which are supported by the Animation WikiProject are also within the scope of other WikiProjects, many of which have peer reviews departments are well. The peer review chosen is entirely at the discretion of the editor concerned.


Requesting a review

  1. Add |peer-review=yes to the {{WikiProject Animation}} project banner at the top of the article's talk page.
  2. From there, click on the word "currently" that appears in the template. This will open a page to discuss the review of your article.
  3. Place === [[Name of nominated article]] === at the top.
  4. Below it, write your reason for nominating the article, whether you're interested in a general review or are intending to nominate for GA/FA, and then sign by using four tildes (~~~~).
  5. Add {{Wikipedia:WikiProject Animation/Peer review/Name of nominated article}} at the top of the list of requests on this page.

If an article is listed for a second (or third, and so forth) peer review:

  1. Move (do not copy) the existing peer review subpage ([[Wikipedia:WikiProject Animation/Peer review/Name of nominated article]]) to an archive ([[Wikipedia:WikiProject Animation/Peer review/Name of nominated article/Archive]]). If there is already an archive review there, then move the existing peer review subpage to Archive 1, Archive 2, etc. Always place a prominent link the previous and next archives at the top of each page.
  2. Follow the instructions for making a request above (editing [[Wikipedia:WikiProject Animation/Peer review/Name of nominated article]], which will be a redirect to the archive, into a new request page).
  3. Be sure to provide a prominent link to the last archive at the top of the request (e.g. "Prior peer review [[Wikipedia:WikiProject Animation/Peer review/Name of nominated article/Archive|here]].").


Everyone, not just WikiProject members, is encouraged to comment on any request listed here. To comment on an article, please add a new section (using ==== [[User:Your name|Your name]] ====) for your comments. This helps to organise responses.


Reviews should be archived after they have been inactive for some time, or when the article is nominated as a Good Article or a featured article candidate. To archive a review:

  1. Replace |peer-review=yes with |old-peer-review=yes in the {{WikiProject Animation}} project banner template at the top of the article's talk page
  2. Move {{Wikipedia:WikiProject Animation/Peer review/Name of nominated article}} from this page to the current archive page.


No peer review requests at this time.
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