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Welcome to the Accessibility WikiProject!

This project aims to make Wikipedia accessible for users with disabilities. More specifically, accessibility means that people with disabilities can perceive, understand, navigate, and interact with Wikipedia, and that they can contribute to Wikipedia. Accessibility also benefits others, including older people with changing abilities due to aging.

See also: What is accessibility?

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Details about the WikiProject Accessibility


The primary focus is on improving the accessibility of articles. The secondary focus is on actively assisting editors with disabilities or other characteristics which inhibit their ability to contribute to the encyclopedia.


The approach to make Wikipedia accessible is based on the W3C's official WCAG 2.0 (aka ISO/IEC 40500:2012) and ATAG 2.0 guidelines. The guidelines provided by this accessibility project are merely an attempt to reword the WCAG 2.0 into a guideline hopefully easier to understand for editors who are not familiar with accessibility or web development.

Related WikiProjects

The related and complementary WikiProjects are


There is a bot automatically generated list of active editors.

If you are interested in being part of this group, please add your name to the the following list; it is ordered alphabetically.

  1. a11ygeorge (talk) would like to help update and expand information on international web accessibility laws
  2. Adrian M. H.
  3. AimeeMaree
  4. Akjar13
  5. AtomsOrSystems (talk)
  6. B2project
  7. Bauani
  8. BelovedFreak
  9. ~ RobTalk
  10. Caleb Bond
  11. cannona
  12. Checkingfax
  13. CM2G0005
  14. DarkArcherPrince
  15. Diana LaRose
  16. Dodoïste (talk)
  17. doorautomatica talk
  18. -- dsprc [talk]
  19. EvergreenFir (talk) Please {{re}}
  20. Geekdiva (talk) (Ironically, my disability will prevent me from being very active. Heh! But I appreciate everyone's hard work and will do what I can when I can.)
  21. GJR, a.k.a. oedipus (GJR's talk page | GJR's contributions)
  22. Graham87
  23. Rahul Pandey
  24. Jidanni
  25. User:John Carter
  26. Jomanila
  27. -- Daniel Jones (talk)
  28. Jonathan Bowen
  29. l'aquatique[talk]
  30. -- Lil_℧niquℇ №1 | talk2me
  31. Macadamia14
  32. Matt Fitzpatrick (talk)
  33. matthewcock
  34. Max Viwe | Viwe The Max
  35. Mooeena
  36. Mr. Yondris Ferguson (Leave a Comment)
  37. Neranei (talk)
  38. user:orngjce223 how am I typing?
  39. OwenBlacker
  40. The Crab Who Played With The Sea (talk)
  41. —PC-XT+
  42. User:Pedant
  43. -- penubag  (talk)
  44. Andy Mabbett | Talk to Andy Mabbett
  45. pjoef (talkcontribs)
  46. Purplewowies
  47. Quiddity
  48. RexxS (talk)
  49. SFB
  50. Smartyllama
  51. Spencergreenwood (talk)
  52. surueña
  53. Techdude3331
  54. the wub "?!" - particular focus on making sure that Help pages are accessible as part of my community fellowship, but interested in helping out other areas too.
  55. Thisisnotatest (Thisisnotatest's talk page)
  56. tombabinszki
  57. Tom Cloyd (talk) - Interested in mental-health-related accessibility issues - certainly an orphan area. We haven't a lot of external guidance to draw upon. A problem.
  58. Winxrocker
  59. Wolbo
  60. xeno (talk)


Template Description
WikiProject Accessibility
WikiProject icon This page is within the scope of WikiProject Accessibility, a group of editors promoting better access for disabled or otherwise disadvantaged users. For more information, such as what you can do to help, see the main project page.
{{WikiProject Accessibility}}, for use on article talk pages for articles within the project. See Category:WikiProject Accessibility articles.
{{Accessibility dispute}}, for use on articles where the accessibility is in question. See Category:Articles with accessibility problems.
[no visible template] {{Alternative text missing}}, for articles with images without alt text, if adding it would improve accessibility.
Accessibility icon This user is a member of WikiProject Accessibility
{{User WikiProject Accessibility}}, userbox for members of the accessibility project. See Category:WikiProject Accessibility participants.
Accessibility barnstar The Accessibility Barnstar
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{{subst:Accessibility Barnstar|message ~~~~}}, used to recognize contributions to the project or improvements to accessibility on Wikipedia.


Userboxes about disabilities
Disability Userboxes Wikipedians
Asperger syndrome {{User Asperger}} Links
{{User aspie}} Links
High-functioning autism {{User HFA}} Links
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder {{User ADD2}} Links
{{User ADHD}} Links
{{User ADD}} Links
{{User ADHD2}} Links
Bipolar disorder {{User bipolar}} Links
{{User bipolar2}} Links
Blindness {{User blind}} Links
Borderline personality disorder {{User borderline}} Links
Cataplexy {{User cataplexy}} Links
Color blindness {{User Colourblind}} Links
Dyslexia {{User dyslexic}} Links
{{User Lysdexic}} Links
Developmental coordination disorder {{User dyspraxic}} Links
{{User Developmental Dyspraxia}} Links
Dissociative identity disorder {{User Multiplepersondis}} Links
{{User did}} Links
Dysthymia {{User dysthymia}} Links
Hearing loss {{User Deaf}} Links
Narcolepsy {{User narcolepsy}} Links
Pervasive developmental disorder
not otherwise specified
{{User PDD-NOS}} Links
Psychosis / Schizophrenia {{User psychosis}} Links
{{User Schizoid}} Links
{{User SAD}} Links
{{User SZA}} Links
{{User SZD}} Links
{{User schizophrenia}} Links
{{User schizotypal}} Links

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