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Vital articles
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Vital articles is a list of subjects for which Wikipedia should have corresponding high-quality articles. It serves as a centralized watchlist to track the status of Wikipedia's most essential articles. This is one of eleven Level 4 sub-lists of ten thousand articles and is currently under construction.

Articles are labelled as:

These symbols and article counts are updated by Bot0612.

This list is tailored to the English-language Wikipedia. There is also a list of one thousand articles considered vital to Wikipedias of all languages.

For more information on this list and the process for adding articles, please see the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.


Society and social sciences (932 articles)

General (6 articles)

Anthropology (7 articles)

Business and economics (117 articles)

General (70 articles)

  1. C-Class article Business (Level 2)
  2. Start-Class article Company
    1. C-Class article Corporation (Level 3)
      1. C-Class article Multinational corporation
    2. B-Class article Partnership
  3. C-Class article E-commerce
  4. B-Class article Former featured article Economics (Level 3)
    1. C-Class article Macroeconomics (Level 3)
    2. C-Class article Microeconomics (Level 3)
    3. C-Class article Econometrics
    4. B-Class article Economic growth
    5. Start-Class article Economy
      1. B-Class article Economy of China
      2. C-Class article Economy of the European Union
      3. B-Class article Economy of the United States
    6. C-Class article Gross domestic product
      1. Start-Class article Goods
      2. B-Class article Service
    7. C-Class article Inflation
    8. C-Class article Deflation
    9. C-Class article Former featured article Labour economics
    10. B-Class article Market (Level 3)
      1. C-Class article Black market
      2. C-Class article Market failure
      3. C-Class article Monopoly
      4. C-Class article Perfect competition
      5. B-Class article Former featured article Supply and demand (Level 3)
    11. C-Class article Productivity
    12. C-Class article Subsidy
  5. B-Class article Tax (Level 3)
    1. B-Class article Income tax
    2. Start-Class article Property tax
    3. Start-Class article Sales tax
    4. Start-Class article Tariff
  6. C-Class article Trade (Level 3)
    1. C-Class article International trade
  7. C-Class article Management (Level 3)
    1. C-Class article Logistics
  8. C-Class article Marketing (Level 3)
    1. C-Class article Advertising
      1. C-Class article Brand
    2. C-Class article Sales
  9. B-Class article Retail (Level 3)
    1. B-Class article Shopping mall
    2. C-Class article Supermarket
  10. C-Class article Property (Level 3)
    1. C-Class article Capital (economics)
  11. Start-Class article Industry (Level 2)
    1. Good article Agriculture (Level 2)
    2. C-Class article Construction (Level 2)
    3. C-Class article Energy industry
    4. C-Class article Fishing industry
    5. C-Class article Forestry
    6. C-Class article Fur trade
    7. C-Class article Hunting (Level 3)
      1. B-Class article Fishing (Level 3)
      2. C-Class article Whaling
    8. C-Class article Manufacturing (Level 2)
      1. Start-Class article Aerospace manufacturer
      2. Start-Class article Automotive industry
      3. Start-Class article Chemical industry
      4. B-Class article Textile manufacturing
    9. B-Class article Mining (Level 3)
  12. B-Class article Insurance
  13. Start-Class article Investment
    1. C-Class article Derivative (finance)
    2. Start-Class article Real estate
    3. C-Class article Stock
    4. B-Class article Stock exchange
      1. B-Class article New York Stock Exchange

Banking and finance ( articles)

General ( articles)

  1. C-Class article Accounting
  2. B-Class article Bank (Level 3)
  3. Start-Class article Bankruptcy
  4. C-Class article Cheque
  5. Start-Class article Debit card
  6. C-Class article Debt
    1. B-Class article Credit card
    2. C-Class article Interest
    3. Start-Class article Loan
      1. C-Class article Mortgage loan
  7. B-Class article Finance (Level 3)

Money (5 articles)

  1. B-Class article Money (Level 2)
  2. C-Class article Currency (Level 3)
    1. B-Class article Banknote
    2. B-Class article Coin
    3. Start-Class article Exchange rate

Specific currencies (6 articles)

  1. Good article Former featured article Euro
  2. B-Class article Japanese yen
  3. C-Class article Pound sterling
  4. B-Class article Renminbi
  5. B-Class article Rupee
  6. B-Class article United States dollar

Employment (8 articles)

  1. C-Class article Domestic worker
  2. C-Class article Employment (Level 2)
  3. Start-Class article Job
  4. Start-Class article Layoff
  5. B-Class article Retirement
    1. C-Class article Pension
  6. C-Class article Unemployment
  7. Start-Class article Wage

Companies (17 articles)

  1. C-Class article Alibaba Group
  2. B-Class article Amazon
  3. B-Class article Delisted good article Apple Inc.
  4. C-Class article General Electric
  5. B-Class article IBM
  6. B-Class article McDonald's
  7. B-Class article Former featured article Microsoft
  8. B-Class article Samsung
  9. B-Class article Standard Oil
  10. C-Class article Delisted good article Walmart

Car companies (4 articles)

  1. B-Class article Ford Motor Company
  2. B-Class article General Motors
  3. C-Class article Toyota
  4. B-Class article Volkswagen

Media companies (3 articles)

  1. C-Class article DC Comics
  2. C-Class article The Walt Disney Company
    1. C-Class article Marvel Comics

For other media companies, see under Mass media

Culture (35 articles)

Education (62 articles)

Educational institutions (41 articles)

Ethnology (38 articles)

International organizations (29 articles)

Language (195 articles)

Basics (62 articles)

Language families (28 articles)

Alphabets and writing systems (17 articles)

Specific languages (88 articles)

Law (84 articles)

For legal history see History of other topics

Mass media (59 articles)

For technology of mass communication, television, radio, etc., see technology section

Politics and government (74 articles)

Psychology (79 articles)

For psychological disorders see Mental disorders

Society (77 articles)

Sociology (20 articles)

War and military (50 articles)

See also Military technology

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