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While you read this, Wikipedia develops at a rate of over 2 edits per second, performed by editors from all over the world. Currently, the English Wikipedia includes 5,722,579 articles and it averages 548 new articles per day. This amount of data can be analysed in a huge number of ways. The best way to get an idea of the bigger picture is with statistics.

This page shows some figures about Wikipedia, analysis of different patterns and compiles related tools, covering various aspects of Wikipedia, whether as an encyclopedia, a website, or a community. Some provide current snapshots and others track growth and development over time. It includes also frameworks and datasets that can help you in creating your own statistics.


English Wikipedia (update)
Articles 5,722,579
Pages 45,938,549
Files 873,922
Edits 856,445,806
Users 34,566,946
Admins 1,202
Active users[note 1] 128,442
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A number of analysis of wiki metrics like edits, page creation, visits and links. In the form of lists, tables and rankings.


  • Database reports – An index of automatically generated reports about English Wikipedia (GitHub)
  • Size of Wikipedia – by the count of articles and gigabytes of data
  • Size of Wikipedia in volumes – to see the size of Wikipedia in print encyclopedia volumes
  • Size comparisons – comparisons against other encyclopedias and information collections
  • Modelling Wikipedia's growth – analysis of the count of articles, attempting to fit mathematical growth models
  • Number of words, edits, articles (by month), e.g. for English:
  • New articles created per day
  • Time between edits – length of time (measured in days) between each block of 10,000,000 edits made to Wikipedia, starting January 16, 2001 and ending with the most recently completed block
  • Article traffic jumps – a place to document unusual jumps in article traffic.
Articles and edits



Page views

  • Pageviews Analysis – article traffic statistics, also allowing comparisons between articles (documentation)
  • – most viewed pages in the last hour with the article preview. Also allows to view by Popular categories
  • Wikitop – [dead link] top 30 most popular articles by categories, with user comments on traffic jumps
  • Wikirank – most viewed or most important articles by Wikidata categories
  • Wikipedia's reach, traffic and ranking compared to other websites – graphs and comparison statistics provided by Alexa Internet
  • Wikipedia compared with other sites – graph using the above to compare Wikipedia against various top 10 sites
  • Category:Lists of popular pages by WikiProject – these projects use pageview data to focus article improvement efforts on popular but poor quality articles
  • Wikipedia:Lists of popular pages by WikiProject
  • Wikipedia:Top 25 Report – top 25 most popular articles weekly chart
  • TreeViews – monthly view statistics for category trees
  • Wikitrends – top 10 today/this week/this month, and trends (also links for other-language Wikipedia)
  • User:West.andrew.g/Popular pages – current weekly 5,000 most popular articles based on raw data
  • Wikipedia:Multiyear ranking of most viewed pages – top-100 list of most viewed pages for 2007-2017
  • Wikipedia is more popular than... – a list of Alexa traffic comparisons
  • Top 100 pages for all of 2013 – also links for other-language Wikipedias
  • User:Dsimic/Traffic stats calculation – a PHP program that calculates monthly stats for a list of articles, using stats data provided by the Pageview API

Deletion and vandalism statistics

  • As of August 2018, around 1,000 pages are deleted from Wikipedia each day.
  • Statistics about deletion and other administrator actions can be found at the WP:Adminstats page.
  • A list of recently deleted files can be found at Special:Log/delete.
  • Revision deletion statistics can be found here.
  • Reverts over recent days using counter-vandalism tools (ClueBot NG, Huggle, STiki) and by other means.


The following tools include artistic, graphs, maps and other visualization projects.


  • mediawiki-utilities – A set of utilities for accessing and processing MediaWiki data, including XML dumps


There are available some datasets that you can download and process:

  • Wikipedia:Database download
  • Page view statistics for Wikimedia projects – raw page access data for all Wikipedia projects, in all languages (see Wikimedia page views, some good and bad news)

Archived statistics

The following statistical resources are currently unavailable or no longer updated, and listed for historical interest. They are sorted by the month in which they were last updated:

  • 2010 May – Awareness statistics – tracking growth in public awareness
  • 2010 January – comScore audience measurement data – analysis of data donated by one of the third-party measurement services
  • 2009 September – THEwikiStics: Page Hits top 1000+ long-term(compare traffic | searches) | Logged search terms | popular last hour | Most missed articles
  • 2009 June – Wikipedia:Vandalism statistics
  • 2009 April – User:Bryan/List of users by pages created
  • 2008 October – Multilingual statistics – monthly details of total article count, and analysis of the monthly rate of article growth, for each version of Wikipedia.
  • 2008 May – Most frequently edited pages – Updated based on data as of 23 May 2008.
  • 2007 June – Wikimedia page views (Referrers) "not very scientific, but some might find it interesting"
  • 2006 September – Articles which are number 1 for one-word Google searches
  • 2006 July – WikiProject creation and attrition trends
  • 2006 March – Stub percentages, information on stubs as a percentage of total articles
  • 2006 January – Most referenced articles, a list of the articles that are linked to by the greatest number of other articles
  • 2006 January – Search engine statistics
  • 2005 October – Wikipedia:Words per article
  • 2005 July – Alterego's WikiPulse (which has now disappeared) gathered many statistics every hour from various sources. Some of the statistics, such as the mailing list totals, most active Wikipedian per hour and per day, and most edited article per hour and per day were unique. There was also an rss feed[dead link], and instructions on how to read some of the more interesting graphs.
  • 2004 February/October – Web browsers used to access Wikipedia
  • 2004 August – List of Wikipedians by most recent edit – listed based on number of articles to which they had made the most recent edit
  • 2004 April – As below, but updated (now gone)[dead link]
  • 2004 April – Traffic – an old system for measuring traffic
  • 2004 March – A whole list of accessed Wikipedia pages: (as of 23 March 2004: 38 MB) is a list of all pages accessed in March 2004 (as of 23 March 2004: 684,000), in all namespaces, sorted by number of times that they have been accessed; includes pages that do not exist[dead link]. URLs are taken until ampersand or question mark, if any, hence w/wiki.phtml?title=Special:Allpages&from=Train falls under w/wiki.phtml, but the equivalent wiki/Special:Allpages/Train would be listed separately (now gone)
  • 2004 February – Pages from English Wikipedia with more than 1000 hits & Wikipedia namespace
  • 2004 February – Pages from English Wikipedia with more than 1000 hits
  • 2003 March – List of articles frequently visited through Google

Archived analysis

  • Does Wikipedia traffic obey Zipf's law? – as of September 2006, the answer appears to be "yes, approximately".
  • Top 500 websites by number of inbound links from Wikipedia – reveals most linked domains from external Wikipedia links. Updated November 2006.
  • User:Dragons flight/Log analysis – Edit rate, Edits per article, Revert rate, New articles, new users, new administrators, Uploads and admin actions. Updated Oct 2007.
  • Editing frequency – Statistics on users' editing activity, monthly from January 2001 through September 2008.
  • Wikipedia Workload Analysis for Decentralized Hosting – July 2009 analysis of a sample of Wikipedia's traffic over a 107-day period.

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  1. ^ Registered users who have performed an action in the last 30 days; the number of unregistered active users is not compiled


External links

  • Wikimedia Foundation analytics team pages on, with e.g. definitions of some common metrics
  • Wikishark Wikipedia Statistics Includes pageviews for all articles in all languages on wikipedia - Deprecated.
  • Erik Zachte's site
  • Wikistats: Wikimedia Statistics
  • List of tools in WikiPapers, with some statistical tools for wikis and Wikipedia
  • A list of Wikipedia articles created last month/week/day with most users contributing to article within the same period.
  • Wikipedia Page History Statistics
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