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These are the recommended guidelines for administrators evaluating requests for undeletion. They are not binding, and administrators are, as always, encouraged to use discretion and common sense when fulfilling requests.

  • Administrators should check the deletion reason and previous content before deciding to restore an article.
  • If the deletion reason was WP:PROD or WP:CSD#G7, the article may be automatically restored, providing it meets no other speedy deletion criteria. You may add {{Old prod}}, {{Old prod full}}, or {{Oldcsdfull}} to the article's talk page if you like.
  • If the article was deleted under any of the speedy deletion criteria for articles, or was deleted as the result of an WP:AFD discussion, then the content may be userfied providing it violates none of the general speedy deletion criteria or the speedy deletion criteria for user pages.
  • If the article is not suitable for userfication, the article may be e-mailed to the user at admin discretion. Copyright violations or articles which violate the policy on biographies of living persons should be refused in almost all cases.
  • Many articles deleted on other grounds are undiscovered copyright violations. Administrators are encouraged to perform a quick check before restoring.

If you are fulfilling or rejecting a request (as opposed to merely commenting on it, but leaving it open), please use at least {{done}}, {{notdone}}, or one of the standard template responses below — by adding either a check mark or an X, you clearly indicate to other patrolling admins that the request has been handled and does not require further attention. If you would like to explicitly indicate that a request needs further attention, you can use {{Not sure}} to attract other users.


Template:Requests for undeletion provides standard responses for requests for undeletion at Wikipedia:Requests for undeletion. You should not feel limited by these responses and should ensure that your response adequately addresses the user's request and provides them useful information about how to proceed.

Result Code Normalized code
Template:Requests for undeletion {{subst:requests for undeletion|d}} {{subst:requests for undeletion|done}}
Template:Requests for undeletion {{subst:requests for undeletion|nd}} {{subst:requests for undeletion|notdone}}
Template:Requests for undeletion {{subst:requests for undeletion|nd2}} {{subst:requests for undeletion|notdone2}}
Template:Requests for undeletion {{subst:requests for undeletion|prod}}
{{subst:requests for undeletion|proposed}} or
{{subst:requests for undeletion|p}}
{{subst:requests for undeletion|prod}}
Template:Requests for undeletion (see below for more specific options)
{{subst:requests for undeletion|g13}}
{{subst:requests for undeletion|g13}}
Template:Requests for undeletion (for G13s where {{AFC submission}} was used and the draft was submitted and declined)
{{subst:requests for undeletion|afc}}
{{subst:requests for undeletion|AFC}}
{{subst:requests for undeletion|afc}}
Template:Requests for undeletion (for G13s where {{AFC submission}} was used and where the draft was never submitted for review)
{{subst:requests for undeletion|afc-ns}} or
{{subst:requests for undeletion|AFC-ns}}
{{subst:requests for undeletion|afc-ns}}
Template:Requests for undeletion (for G13s of draft namespace pages never part of the AfC process)
{{subst:requests for undeletion|g13-draft}} or
{{subst:requests for undeletion|g13-Draft}}
{{subst:requests for undeletion|g13-draft}}
Template:Requests for undeletion {{subst:requests for undeletion|2nd}} {{subst:requests for undeletion|2nd}}
Template:Requests for undeletion {{subst:requests for undeletion|b}} {{subst:requests for undeletion|blocked}}
Template:Requests for undeletion {{subst:requests for undeletion|m}} {{subst:requests for undeletion|malformed}}
Template:Requests for undeletion {{subst:requests for undeletion|dne}} {{subst:requests for undeletion|doesnotexist}}
Template:Requests for undeletion {{subst:requests for undeletion|ndc}} {{subst:requests for undeletion|notdonecompany}}
Template:Requests for undeletion {{subst:requests for undeletion|ndp}} {{subst:requests for undeletion|notdoneperson}}
Template:Requests for undeletion {{subst:requests for undeletion|ndb}} {{subst:requests for undeletion|band}}
Template:Requests for undeletion {{subst:requests for undeletion|g11}}
{{subst:requests for undeletion|G11}}or
{{subst:requests for undeletion|notdoneg11}}
{{subst:requests for undeletion|g11}}
Template:Requests for undeletion {{subst:requests for undeletion|u|user:pagename}} {{subst:requests for undeletion|userfy|user:pagename}}
Template:Requests for undeletion {{subst:requests for undeletion|a|user:pagename|Adminname}} {{subst:requests for undeletion|userA7|user:pagename|Adminname}}
Template:Requests for undeletion {{subst:requests for undeletion|afd|Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Page|Adminname}} {{subst:requests for undeletion|discussion|Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Page|Adminname}}
Template:Requests for undeletion {{subst:requests for undeletion|c|A7|Adminname}} {{subst:requests for undeletion|csd|A7|Adminname}}
Template:Requests for undeletion {{subst:requests for undeletion|in}} {{subst:requests for undeletion|inappropriate}}
Template:Requests for undeletion {{subst:requests for undeletion|nyd}} {{subst:requests for undeletion|notyetdeleted}}
Template:Requests for undeletion {{subst:requests for undeletion|nydp}} {{subst:requests for undeletion|notyetdeletedprod}}
Template:Requests for undeletion {{subst:requests for undeletion|nydb}} {{subst:requests for undeletion|notyetdeletedblp}}
Template:Requests for undeletion {{subst:requests for undeletion|copy}} {{subst:requests for undeletion|copyvio}}
Template:Requests for undeletion {{subst:requests for undeletion|copy|}} {{subst:requests for undeletion|copyvio|}}
To add a note concerning DRV to any message:

Template:Requests for undeletion

{{subst:requests for undeletion|...|...|a=AdminName}} {{subst:requests for undeletion|...|...|admin=AdminName}}

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