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The following discussions are requested to have community-wide attention:



Talk:Évian Conference

Talk:Bibliography of Donald Trump

Talk:Blue Sky with a White Sun

Talk:Jewish diaspora


Talk:Sit-in movement


Talk:Battle for Caen

Talk:Middlebury, Connecticut

Wikipedia talk:Manual of Style/Text formatting

Talk:Russo-Georgian War

Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Islam



Talk:Kolkata Derby

Talk:Mohun Bagan A.C.


Talk:McMahon–Hussein Correspondence

Talk:Battle of Ia Drang

Talk:Timeline of events related to Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential election

Talk:White Helmets (Syrian Civil War)

Talk:List of million-plus urban agglomerations in India

Talk:Vladimir Lenin

Talk:2017 Manchester Arena bombing

Talk:The Gambia

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