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To nominate yourself or another editor for adminship, you must first create an RfA subpage for the candidate. However, it is a good idea to seek out the prospective candidate before you create the RfA subpage – if the candidate wants to wait or doesn't wish to be an admin, creating the page may be a bit awkward for them, so please check first. This will also prevent the candidate from declining the RfA.

The RfA subpage will be created automatically when you follow the instructions in the appropriate section below. You will be taken directly to this new subpage when you click the nomination button. On this subpage, the nominator must explain why this candidate would make a good administrator. Next, the candidate must accept the nomination on this subpage. The subpage should not be transcluded to the main RfA page before the candidate has accepted the nomination and made a statement or answered the questions. This ensures editors will not vote against candidates simply because they have not completed the nomination – this prevents embarrassment and aggravation for everybody. Also please refrain from "voting" on an RfA before transclusion. This is a time to prepare the RfA, as well as answer the necessary questions and get co-nominators.

Finally, once the nomination has been accepted, the questions answered to the candidate's satisfaction, and the candidate is ready for the RfA to begin, the subpage should be transcluded to the RfA page. This can be done by either the candidate or the nominator. This is done by following the "edit this page" link in the appropriate section below and adding the template provided above the most recent nomination on the RfA page. Remember to substitute the candidate's name for USERNAME in the template.

Please note that the forms below apply to first nominations – if a candidate has been nominated before, attempting to fill out the form will take the nominator to the previous nomination. To create a second nomination, simply put a space and then the number 2 after the candidate's username. This number should be incremented by 1 with each subsequent nomination; for example, if the candidate is on their third RfA, then add their username, a space, and the number 3.


To nominate yourself

To nominate someone else

  1. Verify with the person you are wanting to nominate. This might save the embarrassing situation of them publicly declining the nomination.
  2. Make sure that they meet the community's standards. Look at other RfAs, read Advice for RfA candidates (in the perspective of the candidate), and compare your candidate to other successful and unsuccessful candidates.
  3. In the form below replace the text that shows USERNAME with the username of the person you are wanting to nominate (double check spelling and capitalization). If, for some reason, there is no text showing in the box, then type in "Wikipedia:Requests for adminship/USERNAME", with the person's name replacing "USERNAME".
  4. When you are taken to the next page replace YOUR DESCRIPTION OF THE USER with your nomination text. Do not replace SUBPAGENAME (unless it is a second nomination)
  5. Save the page.
  6. Notify the candidate on their talk page when the nomination RfA has been created, include a link to the page you just created (Wikipedia:Requests for adminship/USERNAME). You may choose to inform them by placing the RfA nomination template on their talk page, which will automatically contain a link to their nomination page:
    {{subst:RfA-nom|YOUR USERNAME}}
  7. If there is a second nomination, please add a number, for example {{subst:RfA-nom|YOUR USERNAME|2}}, if applicable, or just add a space and the number 2.
  8. Wait until the candidate has accepted the nomination and answered the questions before adding the RfA to Wikipedia:Requests for adminship. The candidate may also transclude the page themselves. Once the page is transcluded, consider adding the editing statistics to the talk page. Data from the XTools' Edit Counter can be downloaded as wikitext using the "Download" dropdown at the top-right of each section.
  9. If there are any co-noms that wish to participate in the RfA they need to list their names there now.
  10. If the candidate requests you submit the RfA, go to the top of the page and edit the end date to reflect 7 days AFTER the day you submitted it, by following the directions in the header source code.
  11. Go to the following page: Edit this page, and transclude the RfA page verbatim, adding ---- below it.
    After you have added the above code into the main RfA page this template will be included there.
    At this point users will be able to vote as normal.

What to do if you are nominated by someone else

  1. Go to your RfA subpage, and accept or decline your nomination. If you decline, be sure to inform your nominator.
  2. After you accept your nomination, answer the standard questions for all candidates.
  3. Edit this page and add the following text above the most recent nomination (replacing USERNAME with your name): (This is known as transclusion - it can also be completed by your nominator)
    {{Wikipedia:Requests for adminship/USERNAME}}
  4. Please double check your RfA to make sure there are no votes on the page before it is "transcluded" (added to the main RfA page).
  5. Once you have submitted the RfA, go to the top of the page and edit the end date to reflect 7 days AFTER the day you submitted it, by following the directions in the header source code.

User notification

If you nominate yourself, keep in mind that canvassing for support (asking other editors to vote in your favor) is strongly discouraged. To get editors to notice your RfA, you are free to put a {{RfX-notice|a}} on your userpage. Such declarations are most definitely allowed.


  • Make sure co-nominators are handled before transclusion.
  • Many editors reviewing your RFA will view edit count tool reports of your aggregate activity. You may also privacy blank all or part of the report from the talkpage of your RFA. See the Toolserver Privacy Policy for details.
  • It is recommended that no comments are made in the support, oppose, or neutral sections of the RfA before transcluding it into the main RfA page.
  • If you have any questions, or are unsure of anything ask an admin or another Wikipedian and they can help you through the process.
  • If you have a major bot, don't "advertise" your RfA within the bot's edits; this may cause problems when your RfA is discussed, as it has done previously.

Multiple nominations

If you have self nominated, or nominated someone more than once, there is a way to deal with subsequent nominations. When you do the second nomination for yourself or the person add |# (number of the nomination) or space # (number of the nomination) after the name. It will allow you to create the other nominations.

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