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See also: Wikipedia:List of draft pages on science and engineering

General Science

Astronomy and cosmology


See Wikipedia:Requested articles/Natural sciences#Astronomers


Cosmology, galactic and extragalactic astronomy
  • Bright galaxy - [3]; alt.: Galaxy luminosity
  • Borde-Guth-Vilenkin theorem, an argument for the necessity of a beginning for the cosmos under a fairly simple set of assumptions, see [4], and, I think, Borde, Arvind; Guth, Alan H.; Vilenkin, Alexander (2003). "Inflationary spacetimes are not past-complete". Physical Review Letters. 90 (15): 151301. arXiv:gr-qc/0110012. Bibcode:2003PhRvL..90o1301B. doi:10.1103/PhysRevLett.90.151301. PMID 12732026. for the relevant paper
  • Dark Magnetism - New Scientist magazine issue no. 2867 June 2012 pp.36-39
  • Finite Theory of the Universe, Dark Matter Disproof and Faster-Than-Light Speed - [5]
  • Gamma Ray Burst Precursor - Gamma Ray Burst Precursor
  • k-essence - [6]
  • Old-disk population - Orbital season
  • Relativistic reflection - [7]
  • Voyage 2050 - Successor to the current ESA space program
Solar and stellar astronomy

Individual objects and groups

NGC Objects

Based upon the availability of published scientific studies, the following New General Catalogue deep sky objects are likely to satisfy the WP:GNG criteria:

c. Cluster; n. Nebula

 Comment: Turkish Wikipedia has all of the NGC objects. tr:Kategori:NGC cisimleri --Evolutionoftheuniverse (talk) 14:50, 17 June 2016 (UTC)

Hubble Ultra-Deep Field Objects

Based upon the availability of published scientific studies, some Hubble Ultra-Deep Field deep sky objects should have articles. Click here for a list of Hubble Ultra-Deep Field objects.

Organizations, observatories, telescopes, and surveys


Requests for articles about spacecraft are on a separate page, and should be added there.


Requests for articles about biology are on a separate page, and should be added there.

Chemistry, chemicals and labs

Requests for articles about chemistry are on a separate page, and should be added there.

climate of Fresnillo

Environment and geology

Requests for articles about environment and geology are on a separate page, and should be added there.

Journals and trade publications

  • "Poor Will's Almanack" - Published almanac written by William Felker
  • Keystone Symposia (Please aggregate important times already mentioned in the wikipedia files for Keystone Symposia so that the important scientific discoveries, conversations, and summits are in one place. I have to continually find specific mentions using the search function to get the information I need. We should probably also do this for FASEB and other scientific summits that have contributed to the development of scientific journals.) (

Material Sciences

  • Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids highly ranked journal in materials engineering
  • Hand facer tools and bumper tools. Hand facers and bumper tools are tools that were used to create the smooth surface of Mount Rushmore, October 4, 1927 - October 31, 1941. Source:
  • SpringerMaterials (materials science database providing information on material properties) [61] [62] [63]
  • Copper Titanium Alloy (Newly Developed Alloy by India's DRDO that is similar to Copper Beryllium) Defence Research and Development Organisation [64] [65]
  • AlSi10Mg Is a popular alloy for 3d printing. There's also a very in depth article on the German Wikipedia about aluminum silicon alloys in general, and there is no comparable article in the English.
  • Quenching and partitioning steel is a high strength steel in use in the automobile industry for its structural and energy bsorption characteristics: Chapter on Q&P steel, "quenching and partitioning" process: Background and recent progress (full pdf


Requests for articles about medicine are on a separate page, and should be added there.

Physical science


alchemy survival guide



Requests for articles about physics are on a separate page, and should be added there.

Scientists and people in science

[76], [77], [78]

  • Canadian Scientific and Christian Affiliation (Sister organization of American Scientific Affiliation."The Canadian Scientific and Christian Affiliation (CSCA) is a fellowship of scientists and those interested in science, who want to understand how science should best interact with the life-giving Christian tradition." [79])
  • Giulia Bassani (Space Ambassador, public speaker, science communicator, sci-fi novels writer, aspiring astronaut and aerospace engineering student at Polytechnic of Turin. Mainly known as Astro Giulia.) [80] [81] [82] [83]
  • Hermann Keck - inventor of the Keck clip. Born in Treysa in 1919, died in Therwil in 2010. [84] [85] [86]


Lunar crater eponyms

See List of craters on the Moon

See the NASA Lunar Atlas for crater nomenclature.


Requests for articles about biologists are on a separate page, and should be added there.

Earth scientists


Requests for articles about physicists are on a separate page, and should be added there.

Other scientists

Please check Wikipedia:Requested articles/Biography if you're not sure your scientist is a natural scientist.
  • Norris Alderson - Associate Commissioner of Science, FDA
  • Chuck Bargeron - invasive species and information technology scientist, Director of Bugwood, EDDMapS, Wild Spotter and Center for Invasive Species and Ecosystem Health at the University of Georgia[6], [7], [8]
  • Prof. Dr. Emil Baur (1873-1944) - A ETH Zurich professor who worked on fuel cell, photolysis, gold extraction from seawater etc. [146][147]
  • Dr. Pawan Kumar Bharti - Environmental scientist, Antarctician, Writer, Poet, editor
  • Guy Houghton Blanchet (1884-1966) – Canadian explorer, surveyor, engineer, and astronomer.
  • Dr. Bořivoj Černík (1890-1977) - Mining expert, professor of the Mining University in Příbram. Graduate of the grammar school and the Mining University in Příbram and the Technical University in Prague. He initially worked in coal mines abroad. From 1919 until retirement the teacher of the Mining University in Příbram. - He dealt with the issue of deep mines, especially dusts, shocks, and the gasses of mine gases. He was the designer of an inhalation device, the author of the implementation of forced blowers and milliseconds of rock blasting. He worked as an expert at Rudné doly Příbram and a forensic expert in mining operations. Since 1964 he has worked as a collaborator of the Research Experimental Institute of Therapy in Krč and has been a member of various scientific committees of the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences. Author of a number of expert studies, articles and publications on mining issues.
  • Günter Bechly [de], Paleontologist
  • Carl Disch - [148]
  • William Baker Fahnestock  – Nineteenth century scientist. Known for publications on mesmerism.
  • Glenn Alan Gaesser - a professor of University of Virginia who specialises in exercise physiology and director of the kinesiology program in the Curry School of Education and writes several books about dieting and obesity
  • Giacchino Giuliani - seismologist who predicted the L'Aquila earthquake but was told by Italian gov. to stop warning people
  • Otto Hahn (1828-1904) - Mineralogist, geologist; author of Die Urzelle (1879)[9] and Die Meteorite (Chondrite) und ihre Organismen (1880)[10]; contributed to the discussion about the Eozoon canadense[11]; proposed the theory of the organic nature of the chondrites.[12]. Photograph and biography [13].
  • Nassim Haramein - Creator of holofractographic theory
  • Xu Liu – neuroscientist [149]
  • Genrikh Mavrikiyevich Ludvig - philosopher , a scholar of ancient languages, [150] and [151]
  • Paul Manger – neuroscientist
  • Ninian Marshall  – Scientist that tried to explain the biologic interation of the natural move of the matter to their next resonating state and the Clairvoyance of people who has the power to see the future.
  • Mala Murthy - Neuroscientist at Princeton University. Auditory communication in flies. [14] Pioneer in developing automated methods for measuring animal behavior[15]. HHMI Scholar. [16][17] National Institutes of Health Director's New Innovator Awardee [18]
  • Kong Derick Njikeh (Physician,Philosopher,Author) ([152] [153] [154])
  • Katsuyuki Ooyama - (1929-2006) Japanese American meteorologist [155]
  • Matthew Fontaine Maury Osborne, econophysicist. Performed studies in salmon and rediscovered Louis Bachelier idea of using brownian motion to theorize stock prices using log-normal distributions (instead of normal). MaoGo (talk) 15:02, 23 November 2017 (UTC)
  • Sandro Percario - [Graduated in Biological Sciences - Medical Modality by Escola Paulista de Medicina (1989), masters in Morphology from the Federal University of São Paulo - Brazil (1995), developed the experimental part of the study at Saint Michael's Hospital of the University of Toronto - Canada. Has a PhD in Sciences from the Federal University of São Paulo (2000). Obtained the title of Full Professor of Sciences (DSc) from the Faculty of Medicine of São José do Rio Preto - Brazil (2009). Currently performs Post-Doctoral training at the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Atlanta-USA), studying oxidative changes in vectors of malaria. Former Associate Professor of Vascular Surgery at the Federal University of São Paulo from 2000 to 2004. Currently Full Professor of the Institute of Biological Sciences- ICB of the Federal University of Para – UFPA, Brazil. Advisor of Masters and Theses in the Post-Graduation Program of Biology of Infectious and Parasitic Agents of ICB/UFPA, which he is a former Coordinator. Coordinates the Oxidative Stress Research Lab of ICB/UFPA. Experienced in Biochemistry, with emphasis on Oxidative Biochemistry, working mainly on the following topics: free radicals, oxidative stress, antioxidants, malondialdehyde, nitric oxide, atherosclerosis and malaria. Published more than 60 full-text articles in scientific journals and more than 130 communications in annals of scientific events, so far.]
  • Steven Phillipson - licensed clinical psychologist (Ph.D.) in New York City, world renowned for his treatment of OCD, especially Pure-O
  • Dr. Jules Richard (1863-1945), un scientifique français, directeur du Musée océanographique de Monaco de 1900 à 1945.
  • Dr. Eri Saikawa - Environmental Science [156]
  • Phillip W. Signor - Co-proposer of the Signor–Lipps effect and former professor at UC Davis. Works by or about Phillip W. Signor in libraries (WorldCat catalog)
  • Jose Roberto Trujillo  – PhD in neurology and molecular virology from Harvard. Founder and CEO of Trubios LLC, a US-based biotechnology services company focused on the Latin American region offering customized clinical research, commercialization, and venture capital solutions. Also, president and founder of The Medical Sciences Foundation on behalf of the Americas, a young non-profit organization created to promote medical sciences and general health education in Latin America and the Caribbean Basin. [157] [158] [159]
  • Dr. Muhammad Moghaddam Vahed - Iranian scientist in Plant Breeding
  • John Warltire - 1725-1810[19] Lecturer in Natural Philosophy. Member of Lunar Society.[20] Author of numerous books on Natural and Experimental philosophy.[21] Subject of Painting - "Experiment on a bird in the air pump".[22] Colleague of Erasmus Darwin and Benjamin Franklin.
  • Bernard Wood (paleoanthropologist) - Bernard Wood is article on British geophysicist
  • Floris Wuyts (PhD Physiology And Biophysics, Neuroscience Floris Wuyts is a well-respected authority on the effects that space has on the brain, He and his team conducted MRI-Scans on Astronauts to quantify changes in the brain. Floris is attributed for accurately quantifying changes in the brain's volume for the first time.) ([160], [161])


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