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Art and culture

Anime and manga

See: /Anime and Manga








Cultural Practices, Customs and Folkways


Films, TV and video




See /Seiyū

Fictional characters


Games and toys


Computer and video games





Theatre and stage

  • Ichikawa Danjūrō III (November 1735 - February 1742) - Adopted son of Danjūrō II, previously known as Ichikawa Masugorō. Died young.
  • Ichikawa Danjūrō IV (November 1754 - October 1770) - Adopted son of Danjūrō II, possibly biological son. Previously known as Matsumoto Kōshirō II and Ichikawa Ebizō III.
  • Ichikawa Danjūrō VI (November 1791 - May 1799) - Son of Danjūrō V, previously known as Ichikawa Ebizō VI. Died young.
  • Ichikawa Danjūrō X (posthumous 1962) - Son-in-law of Danjūrō IX; previously known as Horikoshi Fukusaburō and Ichikawa Sanshō V. Played only minor roles, but revived many plays of the Kabuki Jūhachiban.






Food and drink


Requests about current or recent politicians: /Government




Law and politics


If you're looking for a city, town, or village, you might find a link to it from the article on the prefecture.

Train related







Religion and philosophy

The 88 Temples

Note: This list is duplicated at Shikoku Pilgrimage.

No. Temple City/Town/Village Prefecture
1 Ryōzen-ji (Naruto) keep till list is completed
2 Gokuraku-ji (Naruto) keep till list is completed
3 Konsen-ji (Itano) keep till list is completed
4 Dainichi-ji (Itano) keep till list is completed
5 Jizō-ji (Itano) keep till list is completed
6 Anraku-ji (Kamiita) keep till list is completed
7 Jūraku-ji (Awa) keep till list is completed
8 Kumadani-ji (Awa) keep till list is completed
9 Hōrin-ji (Awa) keep till list is completed
10 Kirihata-ji (Awa) keep till list is completed
11 Fujii-dera (藤井寺)
12 Shōzanji (焼山寺) Kamiyama Tokushima
13 Dainichiji (大日寺) Tokushima Tokushima
14 Jōrakuji (常楽寺) Tokushima Tokushima
17 Idoji (井戸寺) Tokushima Tokushima
18 Onzanji (恩山寺) Komatsushima Tokushima
19 Tatsueji (立江寺) Komatsushima Tokushima
20 Kakurin-ji (Kakogawa) keep till list is completed
21 Tairyūji (太竜寺) Anan Tokushima
22 Byōdōji (平等寺) Anan Tokushima
23 Yakuōji (薬王寺) Minami Tokushima
24 Hotsumisakiji (最御崎寺) Muroto Kōchi
25 Shinshōji (津照寺) Muroto Kōchi
26 Kongōchōji (金剛頂寺) Muroto Kōchi
27 Kōnomineji (神峰寺) Yasuda Kōchi
28 Dainichiji (大日寺) Konan Kōchi
30 Zenrakuji (善楽寺) Kōchi Kōchi
31 Chikurin-ji keep till list is completed
32 Zenjibuji (禅師峰寺) Nankoku Kōchi
33 Sekkeiji (雪蹊寺) Kōchi Kōchi
34 Tanemaji (種間寺) Haruno Kōchi
35 Kiyotakiji (清滝寺) Tosa Kōchi
36 Shōryūji (青竜寺) Tosa Kōchi
37 Iwamotoji (岩本寺) Shimanto Kōchi
38 Kongōfukuji (金剛福寺) Tosashimizu Kōchi
39 Enkōji (延光寺) Sukumo Kōchi
40 Kanjizai-ji keep till list is completed
41 Ryūkō-ji (Uwajima)
42 Butsumokuji (佛木寺) Uwajima Ehime
43 Meisekiji (明石寺) Seiyo Ehime
44 Daihōji (大宝寺) Kumakōgen Ehime
45 Iwaya-ji (岩屋寺) Kumakōgen Ehime
46 Jōruriji (浄瑠璃寺) Matsuyama Ehime
47 Yasakaji (八坂寺) Matsuyama Ehime
48 Sairinji (西林寺) Matsuyama Ehime
49 Jōdo-ji (Matsuyama) keep till list is completed
50 Hantaji (繁多寺) Matsuyama Ehime
51 Ishite-ji keep till list is completed
52 Taisan-ji (Matsuyama) keep till list is completed
53 Enmyō-ji (Matsuyama) keep till list is completed
54 Enmeiji (延命寺) Imabari Ehime
55 Nankōbō (南光坊) Imabari Ehime
56 Taisanji (泰山寺) Imabari Ehime
57 Eifukuji (栄福寺) Imabari Ehime
58 Sennyū-ji keep till list is completed
60 Yokomineji (横峰寺) Saijō Ehime
61 Kōonji (香園寺) Saijō Ehime
62 Hōjuji (宝寿寺) Saijō Ehime
64 Maegamiji (前神寺) Saijō Ehime
65 Sankakuji (三角寺) Shikokuchūō Ehime
66 Unpenji (雲辺寺) Miyoshi Tokushima
67 Daikōji (大興寺) Mitoyo Kagawa
68 Jinnein (神恵院) Kan'onji Kagawa
69 Iyadaniji (弥谷寺) Kagawa
70 Motoyama-ji keep till list is completed
71 Iyadani-ji (弥谷寺)
72 Mandaraji (曼荼羅寺) Zentsūji Kagawa
73 Shusshakaji (出釈迦寺) Zentsūji Kagawa
74 Kōyamaji (甲山寺) Zentsūji Kagawa
75 Zentsū-ji keep till list is completed
76 Konzōji (金倉寺) Zentsūji Kagawa
77 Dōryūji (道隆寺) Tadotsu Kagawa
78 Gōshōji (郷照寺) Utazu Kagawa
79 Tennōji (天皇寺) Sakaide Kagawa
81 Sanuki Kokubun-ji keep till list is completed
81 Shiromineji (白峯寺) Sakaide Kagawa
83 Ichinomiyaji (一宮寺) Takamatsu Kagawa
84 Yashimaji (屋島寺) Takamatsu Kagawa
85 Yakuriji (八栗寺) Takamatsu Kagawa
86 Shidoji (志度寺) Sanuki Kagawa
87 Nagaoji (長尾寺) Sanuki Kagawa
88 Ōkubo-ji keep till list is completed


Anthropology, Sociology, Psychology, Class Structure



Japan Football Museum (ja:日本サッカーミュージアム)



  • Masahiro Katana (redirect to: Masahiro#Blademakers); either a brand of cutlery manufacturers including Masahiro Co., Ltd. with romanized signature as in image of "Masahiro" (正広作); by another brand Maruoku Co., Ltd. as in image of Masahiro bessaku (正弘別作). Could be a very low priced Chinese imitation sword imported to North America with blades attached. (It's printed on the package as "Masahiro" 正広, at times the simplified Chinese as Chinese: 正广 on the brand's website: "Justice" is also mentioned).
  • Yanone (Japanese arrowheads ja:矢#鏃(矢尻=やじり))


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