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Furniture design


Graphic design


  • Stefan Boublil (Graphic Designer, Musician, Writer and Traveller, founder of The Apartment)
  • Dsr Creation - Graphics Designer at Bhilwara
  • Dsr Deiv - Graphics Designer at Bhilwara
  • Petros Afshar - English graphic designer
  • Nicholas Blechman - art director, illustrator, designer; social Democrat; New York;
  • Philippe Boulet - French illuminated furniture designer
  • Jose Breaux - artist , pastelist, watercolorist; [5]
  • Guy Georget - French graphic designer and artist
  • Diego Greco - comic illustrator; illustrator of Bad Dog (comics) written by Joe Kelly; background illustrator for Una película de huevos; IMDb; [6]; [7]; [8]; [9]; [10]; [11]
  • Mike Kaye - Emmy Award-nominated graphic designer; [12], comic book creator; [13]; featured in news media sites and a radio show called The Collectors Show" with Harold Nicoll; [14], website designer; [15]
  • Zak Kyes - art director and graphic designer; [16]; [17]; (perhaps more German resources?)
  • Conor Merriman - illustrator and graphic designer; from Dublin, Ireland;
  • Florian Nicolle - digital artist and illustrator; blends layers of newsprint, watercolor, pencil, and digital painting to create rich, frenetic portraits that seem to fly off the canvas; from Caen, France; started design at the age of 15 after being heavily inspired by his teacher (who specializes in sketch); [18][19][20]
  • Erkan Nehir - Turkish graphic designer, artist and tattoo artist; lives in Marmaris, Turkey;
  • Dave Nodz (real name David Noddings) - record-sleeve and rave-flyer designer; responsible for many of the most famous record sleeves from the early 1990s hardcore-music scene (which later became drum & bass); notable for his work at Suburban Bass Records where his distinctive graphic style mixed comic book art with graffiti to create the distinctive graphics to a whole generations musical movement
  • Joseph Pierre Nuyttens (1885–1960) - Belgian-American artist; illustrated four books by L. Frank Baum in 1911 and 1912; was "one of Will Rossiter's regular commercial artists"; orn in Antwerp; educated at the Ecoles des Beaux-Arts in both Brussels and Paris, and the Art Institute of Chicago; made a Chevalier of the Order of Leopold II in 1918; worked in oils, watercolors, pastels, and etching; exhibited at the Art Institute of Chicago, and his work is in their permanent collection, as well as in the collections of the White House, the Royal Palace in Brussels, and the State House in Springfield, Illinois; died in a house fire that destroyed many of his works; considerable information on Find A Grave ([21]); some on WWOz; [22]; mentioned on Phoebe Daring, The Flying Girl and Annabel(novel)
  • William Paterson (designer) - English graphic designer; specialises within logo design and company identity
  • Todd Pierce - American graphic designer and artist; creator of pictogram signage which has been used in many cities, New York subway system; author of The International Pictograms Standard
  • Scott Stowell - graphic and web designer; [23]; [24]
  • Carol Stuart Watson - Washington, D.C. illustrator; [25]; [26]


  • - show and tell for designers; web designers, graphic designers, illustrators, icon artists, typographers, logo designers, and other creative types share up to 24 small screenshots (shots) per month that show their work, process, and current projects; also a place where designers and companies promote their work and products, find designers for hire, and receive work inquiries;
  • Graphic Designo - international design firm; based in India; winner of 2013 top design firm in Delhi;
  • Marushka - Michigan-based producer of affordable silk screen graphic prints that came stretched, framed and ready to be hung on the wall; popular in the 1970s and 1980s; [28]
  • Nice Digitals - Bountiful, Utah-based web design and WordPress development company; [29]; [30]; [31]; [32]
  • Pop Chart Lab - Brooklyn-born design studio transforming pop culture data into an array of infinitely-detailed charts that appeal to the culture junkie (and home decor obsessed) in all of us; [33]; [34]; [35]; [36] [37]
  • Rimmer Type Foundry - creator of over 190 digital and seven metal typefaces; [38]
  • Typetogether - type foundry; based in Rosario, Argentina;
  • Horizontal Integration - award-winning web design and staffing firm with offices in Minneapolis, Denver, Chicago, and India;
  • FootyGraphic - FootyGraphic is a in the Netherlands based, graphic designer. Focussing on football-related designs. FootyGraphic has worked for many professional football players and has been featured by clubs like Liverpool FC, FC Bayern Munchen and Willem II Tilburg. Information can ben found here [39] [40] [41]
  • 250 guilder note - designed by Ootje Oxenaar; should be a standalone article due to the amount of coverage in the graphic design community; could be similar in presentation to the 200 euro note; [42]
  • Cubify Touch - 3D mouse designed for Cubify Sculpt software; [43]; [44]; [45]
  • design culture
  • language icon - an initiative to create an artificial globally recognizable icon, to be used not only web but for real-life applications as well to signify "language";
  • List of stamp production houses by country
  • mounting board - in graphic design, this is a material used for modelling
  • mourning flag (ja:弔旗)
  • Pendulum Theory - the "Pendulum Effect": the continual acceptance and inevitable rejection of artistic movements throughout history, related specifically to graphic design but also the field of art as a whole. This term means as is described above. It refers to the trend throughout art history of artists adopting an art movement, then rejecting it by starting another art movement that is very different and often polar opposite. Ex: Victorian Era Graphics to Art Nouveau, the Old Typography to Tschicholds New Typography, the International Styler to Post-modernism, etc. This trend is seen through artistic movements in painting as well.
  • Pixel ID
  • straw animal - ornaments on the roof
  • Swiss Design - influential style; related to the creation of the Helvetica typeface ([46]; [47]) and International Typographic Style ([48])
  • comic foreground(ja)
  • Dark Patterns - designed by Spiral Scout; should be a standalone section due to the amount of coverage in the graphic design community and major news outlets. Exposes UI and UX design patterns that are deceptive and meant to trick users that are found on popular websites. The website shares dark patterns that are submitted by users in order to change deceptive design practices online; [49] [50] [51] [52] [53]

Metal crafts



Contemporary design


  • Tord Björklund - Swedish designer
  • Georges Glaenzer - interior designer; [62]; designed Vanderbilt Mansion National Historic Site
  • Colum McCartan - Irish furniture and lighting designer; trained in furniture and interior design at the Belfast College of Art and Design; after college, founded his first design company in Northern Ireland, focusing on interiors for restaurants, hotels, nightclubs and bars; in 1993, joined Sir Terence Conran's Design Partnership in London working on a diverse range of projects from the Conran Restaurants to cruise ship interiors; later, while still in London, became a founding member of United Designers (a breakaway group from Conran), focusing on interiors for an international clientele; in 1995, moved to San Francisco; by 1998, had established a reputation for creative and innovative work with the completion of the Hotel Metropolis (San Francisco) and the Le Parker Meridien (New York City); in 2003, opened an office in New York City; in recent years, has completed the new 'Avia' collection and the Hotel Eventi (NYC); after 53 hotels, has become one of the leading designers of boutique lifestyle hotels in the U.S.;
  • Thomas Pheasant - interior designer; [63]
  • Dorothy Rodgers - writer, inventor, decorative designer; [64]; [65]
  • Poul M. Volthere - Danish furniture and lighting designer; [66]; [67]
  • Leah Yerpe - American artist; mainly black-and-white drawings of people;


  • Pin-back Button Maker (A device that creates Pin-Back Buttons) (Pin-back buttons already has a page. This link displays pin-back button makers available for sale there are many others. )
  • Blik wall decal
  • contemporary design
  • French decorative styles - (there is already this: French Decorative styles during the Reign of Louis XVI (1774-1791))
  • Lembo-Bohn Design
  • Magisso - Finnish multi-awarded design company;
  • McCartan - award-winning design company; based in New York City with U.K offices based in Belfast, Northern Ireland; led by founder Colum McCartan, they have been creating diverse projects and unique environments across the U.S. since 1996; portfolio covers boutique properties, hi-rise developments, resorts, restaurants, and healthcare;
  • shade lamp
  • tensor lamp - small high-intensity desk lamp; popular in the 1960s and 1970s; invented and patented by Jay Monroe; [68]; [69][70][71]; [72]; [73]; [74]; [75]; [76]; as an ordinary household object, its design is significant enough for the Brooklyn Museum have one on display ([77]) and for the Metropolitan Museum Of Modern Art to have include it in its 2008 book American Design ([78])
  • - on-line retailer;
  • Zolo Inc. - toy company; founded by Sandra Higashi and Byron Glazerin 1986; [79]; [80]; [81]; specializes in designing free-form, gender-neutral constructio toys; [82]; [83]; toy designs have been featured in and honored at museums ([84], [85]) and spawned Pixar animated Nickelodeon shorts ([86]) as well as wining numerous awards ([87]); has partnered with several other companies ([88], [89]) and has expanded into books ([90]) and decor ([91]) items; has created phone apps ([92], [93]) and tech accessories ([94])

Set design

  • Mike Kaye - Emmy Award-nominated set designer; [95]; IMDb




Film, radio and television

Requests for articles about film, radio and television are on a separate page, and should be added there.

Food, drink, and nutrition


  • Ahmed Al Qaheri (طباخ بحريني) - Bahraini celebrity chef with many television shows, YouTube and articles; [98]
  • Dr. Josh Axe - certified nutrition specialist, radio show host, and author of several books on natural wellness, diet and exercise; [99]; [100]; [101]; [102]
  • Daniel Cohan - private events chef, London pop-up restaurants and one-offs; previously worked at Gordon Ramsay's Savoy Grill and the Bel and the Dragon, Godalming
  • Ivan Day - A specialist of the histric food of England. [103]
  • Kevin Diez (also known as Chef "KD") - award-winning Cajun French chef; known for his fried catfish, jambalaya, and gold-medal-winning gumbo; television host for outdoor show Chef KD's Outdoors and More; featured on the alligator-hunter edition of AMC's Gene Simmons Family Jewels
  • Daniel Green (chef) (req. 2009-8-28) - British chef, author, host of cooking and travel shows; [104]
  • Ai Hosokawa (chef) - Japanese chef; [105]
  • John Higgins (chef) - former chef de partie, Queen Elizabeth II; former chef, Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother; former executive chef, King Edward Hotel in Toronto; director, George Brown College's chef school; roux   19:33, 20 June 2009 (UTC) [106]
  • Jordan Kahn - chef director of Red Medicine, much-noted Vietnamese and neo-Nordic restaurant in Beverly Hills, California; [107]; [108]; [109][110]; [111]
  • Madeline Kamman - [112]
  • Grace Massa Langlois - author of Grace's Sweet Life: Homemade Italian Desserts published in May 2012 by Ulysses Press; food writer, blogger, and author & publisher of Grace's Sweet Life; Top Contributor in the Google Help Forums (Webmaster Central Help Forum) and specializes in structured data, [schema markup]
  • Robert Linxe - founder, La Maison du Chocolat
  • Maangchi - Emily Kim, a YouTube cooking star ([113], [114])
  • Alice Foote MacDougall (req. 2010-7-21) - restaurateur; built several restaurants by catering to women with an Italian–Spanish setting; opened her first eating place, The Little Coffee Shop, in Grand Central Terminal in New York City in December 1919; [115]
  • Matty Matheson - Canadian Chef and host of multiple shows for Vice Media with most being developed for VICELAND. He is the executive chef at Parts & Labour.;
  • Ben Milbourne currently Redirects to: Ben's Menu - restauranteur, chef, school teacher, 5 TV shows: MasterChef Australia (series 4) MasterChef Australia (series 7) Ben's Menu Tasting Tasmania Food Lab by Ben Milbourne - [116][117][118][119][120][121][122]
  • Jonathan Phang - television chef and author; [123]; [124]; [125]
  • Karen Portaleo (Cake and Chocolate Artist) [126] [127] [128] [129] [130] [131] [132] [133] [134] [135] [136] [137]
  • Stephen Reiss - wine educator, consultant, author, chef and entrepreneur; one of the earlier pioneers to use the Web as a tool for wine education, his site was first created in 1995; his book Juice Jargon - How to Talk About Wine was first published in 2004, and continues in print and electronic versions to be a popular text for wine schools; originally trained as a chef in Aspen, Colorado, his foray into wine was a natural extension of his love and skill for all things culinary; since 2008, has been traveling the world where his pop-up restaurant Cuvée has appeared hundreds of times on four continents, serving seven course, five wine meals; as well as authoring several other books on food and wine, Reiss is also the owner of a small software company, a wine forensics and consulting company, and before he took off for the world, a wine school and wine event planning company
  • Richard Sax - Prolific cooking writer and chef, author of Classic Home Deserts [138]
  • Lee Brian Schrager - Recognized for his creation of the South Beach [139] and New York City [140] Wine & Food Festivals. The South Beach edition has raised $24 million for the Chaplin School of Hospitality & Tourism Management at Florida International University [141], and the New York edition has raised more than $9 million for Food Bank For New York City and No Kid Hungry [142]. He is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America [143], and sits on the Board of Directors for Food Bank For New York City [144] and Board of Trustees for Perez Art Museum Miami [145].
  • Roger Souvereyns (nl:Roger Souvereyns) - Belgian chef; former owner and chef, restaurant Scholteshof; two Michelin stars and nineteen in Gault Millau; [146]
  • Tadateru Tokudaiji - American chef; [147]
  • Félix Urbain-Dubois - mid-19th-century French chef; [148]
  • Mark Wiens - [149]
  • Michael Wignall ( - two Michelin stars, five AA Rosettes; chef, Michael Wignall at The Latymer; [150]; creative consultant at Cafe Football; has made numerous television appearances, including MasterChef: The Professionals; worked on projects with supermarket Lidl, including Stockholm pop-up Dill ([151]).



(companies, restaurants, bars, websites, etc.)

A–B (and 0–9)
  • 440 Restaurant - banquets and restaurant; Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India;
  • 4Rivers - smoke-house restaurant chain; Central Florida;
  • 4 Hands Brewing Co. - brewery; Saint Louis Missouri;
  • Aasani - cashews; sold in British supermarkets, e.g. [152]
  • The All American Burger - regional American fast-food restaurant chain; founded in 1968 in Los Angeles, California, by Aaron Binder; made famous in the film Fast Times At Ridgemont High; [153]; [154]; [155]; [156]; [157]; [158]
  • Aloha (brand) - healthy lifestyle brand; based in New York, NY;; [159]
  • Astor Wines & Spirits - store; New York, NY;
  • Fine-dining restaurants in Australia - Australian full-service restaurants with specific dedicated meal courses; [160]
  • Autobar UK Ltd - part of the European Autobar Group; vending and coffee company; includes Cafe Bar UK;
  • Bajio Mexican Grill - Utah-based Mexican food franchise chain; was located in eleven states; [161]; [162]; [163]; [164]
  • Bareburger - organic burger franchise;
  • Batch Gin - English micro distillery; specialises in developing unique gins;
  • Beef-A-Roo - Northern Illinois;
  • Bellacino's - Michigan-based fast-food restaurant chain; specializes in pizzas and hot sandwiches known as grinders; founded by a relative of the founder of Mancino's;; [165]; [166]; [167]; [168]
  • Beto's - Mexican food restaurant; [169]
  • Between the Bread - catering company;
  • Black's Barbecue - family-run since 1932; one of the four restaurants born from "The Barbecue Capital of Texas", Lockhart, Texas; locations now open in San Marcos and Austin;; [170]; [171]; [172]; [173]; [174]
  • Blue Baker - sandwich chain in College Station, Texas;
  • Blue Chip Group - specializes in manufacturing food storage, outdoor foods, everyday soups; parent company for Augason Farms (food storage), Grizzly Ridge (food) (outdoor foods), and Crown Canyon (soup pouches);;;;,
  • Bob's Famous Ice Cream - ice cream shop; started about 1980 in the Capital Hill neighborhood of Washington, D.C.; [175][176]
  • The Booth Brewing Co. - Microbrewery headquartered in Seoul, Korea. Founded in May 2013 by former Korean medicine doctor Heeyoon Kim, former investment analyst Sunghoo Yang, and former Economist journalist Daniel Tudor. Currently operates seven pubs in Seoul, serving craft beers from The Booth Brewing Co. and imported beers along with two types of pizzas. Also owns one brewery in Pangyo Korea and one in Eureka California after acquiring facilities formerly owned by Lost Coast Brewery in November 2016. Notable for collaborating with Mikkeller to create Taedonggang Pale Ale in May 2015 and for creating label collaboration beers Kieuk IPA with Kiha & The Faces in September 2016 and Great God of Fun Red Ale with Noh Hong-chul in April 2017. Also notable for being joint-venture partners of Mikkeller Bar Seoul in June 2015, introducing cold-chain logistics to the Korea craft beer industry with its subsidiary company The Booth Cold-Chain, crowdfunding 1,000,000,000 Korean Won within 24 minutes in February 2017, starting The Beer Week Seoul, which attracts an audience of over 20,000 people, and having its co-founders Heeyoon and Sunghoo enlisted on Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia - Arts in April 2017. In May 2017, it will be the first Asian brewery to operate and sell beer from its own facility in the United States. [177] [178] [179] [180] [181] [182] [183] [184] [185] [186] [187] [188] [189] [190] [191] [192]
  • Boyd Coffee Company -
  • Briggs Original - Hard seltzer company based out of Boston, MA. Launched in 2017 by Neil Quigley and Michael Kurson, Briggs Original Boston Cranberry is the only hard seltzer made with 100% real fruit. They source cranberries locally in Massachusetts and package the product in Somerville, MA. The company hosts Briggs Fest, a hip-hop music festival in Boston. Briggs Fest 2017 was headlined by Sammy Adams, Waka Flocka Flame, and B.o.B. It was held at The Lawn on D in South Boston. Co-founder Neil Quigley is a Certified Cicerone and was recognized as the youngest in the world when he received his certification at age 20. -; [193] [194] [195] [196] [197] [198] [199] [200] [201]
  • Brownstones Coffee - breakfast and lunch restaurant; located in Amityville, New York; soon to be franchise chain;
  • Bryant's Cocktail Lounge - Historic cocktail lounge located in Milwaukee Wisconsin. Started by Bryant Sharp and his wife Edna Sharp in 1938, the lounge is still in business and historically accurate today. Bryant's has a unique system of ordering where customers order using descriptors and mood, rather than referencing a menu. Bryant's maintains a rolodex of over 450 unique historic cocktails; three famous cocktails were invented at Bryant's Cocktail Lounge by Bryant Sharp in the 1940s: the Pink Squirrel, the Banana Banshee, and the Blue Tail Fly. [1] [2][3]
  • The Bubble Lounge - chain of Champagne lounges; locations in TriBeCa, New York City, and North Beach, San Francisco; largest selection of Champagne and sparkling wine from around the world;
  • Bubblebase - first bubble-tea bar in Wales; established 2012; located in Cardiff;; [202]
  • The Bucket Brewery - nanobrewery; located in Pawtucket, Rhode Island;
  • Burger Continental - restaurant in Pasadena, California, specializes in burgers and Middle Eastern food; became famous for providing food to both Caltech students and also to jurors on the O. J. Simpson trial; [203];; [204]; [205]; [206]
  • Cafe Bar UK - beverage solutions company; specialising in coffee; part of European Autobar Group;
  • - informational resource on carbonated coffee
  • The Carving Board - sandwich restaurant in Tarzana, California; featured on the Travel Channel's Sandwich Paradise 2 series; has opened second restaurant in Hollywood;; [207]
  • Cassell’s Hamburgers - a highly rated Los Angeles hamburger diner that has been in business since 1948;; [208]; [209]; [210]; [211]; [212]; [213]; [214]; [215]; [216]; [217]; [218]; [219]
  • ClusterTruck Food Delivery - A delivery-only restaurant that uses technology to revolutionize how customers order food on demand [220]; [221]; [222]; [223]; [224]; [225]; [226]; [227]; [228]; [229]; [230]
  • Coca-Cola Beverages Pakistan Limited - Coca-Cola bottling partner in Pakistan; governed by Coca-Cola İçecek A.Ş., an anchor bottler and a part of the Coca-Cola system
  • The CoffeeCrave - high-caffeine coffee brand; based in Atlanta, Georgia;; [231]
  • Colton's Steakhouse - American regional franchise/chain in the Midsouth;
  • Colorado Steakhouse - defunct American national chain; closed a few years ago; [232]; [233]
  • Cook Flavoring Company - California-based company; manufactures various food flavorings;
  • Corti Brothers - supermarket in Sacrament, California;
  • Cosmopolitan Catering - corporate catering company; located in Sunnyvale, California;; [234]; [235]
  • Costa Vida - regional Mexican-food chain that is located primarily on the West Coast;; [236]
  • Creature Comforts Brewery - craft brewery; in Athens, Georgia; opened 2014; receiving many awards;; [237]; [238]
  • Cuckoo Restaurant - German / Bavarian-themed restaurant; Olinda, Melbourne, Australia;
  • Delicious Mexican Eatery - mexican restaurant; in El Paso, Texas; Founded 1978; Winner or many awards;;[239]
  • Di Bruno Bros. - founders, Italian Market in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; culinary pioneers since 1939;
  • Don Simon (company) - or; Spain's number-one fruit juice, wine and sangria brand
  • Dog Tag Brewing - profits from the sale of Dog Tag Legacy Lager go to support charities selected or created by Gold Star Families, those who have lost someone in the USA military service. Each can of Dog Tag Legacy Lager features the name of a fallen warrior whose family is a grant recipient from Dog Tag Foundation. Families choose how the money is spent to best create a legacy for their fallen family member. Founded and run by veterans, Dog Tag Brewing is dedicated to preserving the legacies of fallen warriors.
  • Drunken Goat Brewing Company
  • Duggal Greenhouse - venue in Brooklyn Navy Yard; hosted the April 14, 2016, Democratic Party presidential debate; [240]; [241]
  • D'usse (Cognac) – Cognac created by Shawn Carter Enterprise, Bacardi Limited and Château de Cognac. [242]
  • E. Greenfield and Sons – New York corporation; located on Lorimer Street in Brooklyn; largest candy manufacturer in the world in 1908; [243]
  • El Patio (restaurant) - Mexican restaurant; in Holland Village, Singapore;
  • Elgin Street Diner - landmark restaurant in Ottawa, Ontario;; [244]
  • Encona Sauces - British chili-sauce manufacturer; the UK's top-selling hot-pepper-sauce brand;; [245]
  • feedfeed - digital cooking publication and website;; social media cooking community; epicurian influencer network, and most common way for people to share their cooking on social media, i.e. #feedfeed [246][247] [248] [249]
  • Fish Tales - Dutch sustainable seafood brand; well-known for their view on sustainibility. ;; [250];
  • Flame Broiler (restaurant) - restaurant chain in the United States; 181 locations in five states; advertise themselves as "the healthy choice";; [251]; [252]; [253]
  • Flurys - tearoom on Park Street in Kolkata;
  • Flying Heart Brewing - first brewery in Bossier Parish, Louisiana; located in historic Central Fire Station 6; serves six flagship beers and rotating seasonals;; Grand Opening; [254]
  • Food Politic: Journal of Food News and Culture - online publication; focuses on food issues worldwide;
  • Food Timeline - Internet food history resource; maintained by culinary historian Lynne Olver;; [255]; [256]; [257]; [258]; [259]; [260]; [261]; [262]; [263]; [264]; [265]
  • Fosselman's Ice Cream Company - century-old family-owned ice cream company; located in Southern California; notable enough to be written about in the UK paper The Guardian; [266]; [267]; [268]; [269]; [270];
  • Friary Meaux - former British brewing company and pub chain owners
  • G.D. Ritzy's - regional fast-food chain; specializes in hamburgers, sandwiches, salads, and homemade ice cream; founded in 1980 by former Wendy's executive Graydon Webb in Columbus, Ohio; has a 1950s diner theme; [271]; [272]; [273]; [274]; [275]; [276]
  • Gandolfo's (Gandolfo's New York Delicatessen) - chain of sandwich restaurants; mostly located in the western U.S.;; [277]; [278]
  • Garcia's Pizza in a Pan - Illinois-based chain of pizza restaurants; sells pizza by the slice; founded in 1971 near the main campus of the University of Illinois; [279]; [280]; [281]; [282]
  • Glenny's - manufactures healthy snacks, including Soy Crisps, Fruit & Nut Bars and 100-Calorie Brownies;
  • Grace Pastries - defunct award-winning bakery chain; founded by George Izumi; operated in Los Angeles during the middle part of the 20th century; [283]; [284]; [285]; [286]; [287]; [288]; [289]; [290]; also see, back issues of the Los Angeles-based Rafu Shimpo newspaper
  • Gropp’s Famous Fish of Stroh - Fort Wayne, Indiana restaurant; First store was opened in 1955 and last one closed on March 25, 2016. The business served the northeast Indiana region for over 60 years. The last store closed due to the retirement of its owners, Fred and Stacia Andriano. [291]
  • Groundwork Coffee - chain of third wave coffee shops in Los Angeles, CA and Portland, OR; founded in the early 90s, first store was opened in Venice, CA. The company has expanded across LA and up to Portland. [292], [293], [294];
  • Güero Canelo - Tucson, Arizona, subcult taco stand; mentioned in Calexico band's lyrics;; [295]; [296]
  • Hale and Hearty - restaurant chain;
  • Hamburger Hamlet - a former nationwide chain (that once included Chicago and Washington DC) of moderate priced casual dining restaurants that was started on Hollywood’s famed Sunset Boulevard in 1950 and is currently reduced to a single location in Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles; the Hollywood location was a favorite of celebrities that included Dean Martin, Lucille Ball, Bette Davis, Diahann Carroll, Danny Thomas, Florence Henderson, Mel Brooks, Leonard Nimoy, Roger Ebert, Oprah Winfrey, Ronald Reagan, Sammy Davis Jr., Elizabeth Taylor, Frank Sinatra, and Tony Curtis; also served as a filming location for Entourage and many other productions;; [297]; [298]; [299]; [300]; [301]; [302]; [303]; [304]; [305]; [306]; [307]; [308]; [309]; [310]; [311]; [312]; [313]; [314]; [315]
  • Havmor Ice Cream - ice cream vendor; located in India;
  • The Healthy Butcher - Toronto butcher; specializes in 100% grass-fed and organic meats, and sourcing local, natural real food;
  • Hissho Sushi - foodservice and distribution company; [316]; [317]
  • Hobo Joe's - former restaurant chain; existed during the 1960s and 1970s; involved politicians, organized crime, and murder in Arizona during the 1960s; [318]; [319]
  • Hoot Owl - Restaurant and Bar in a historic rural location in New York's Hudson Valley; mostly finger food; originally built in 1856; known as the Hoot Owl since 1947; historically was a speakeasy, brothel, mafia hangout, and biker bar;
  • Hoppipola - Indian bar; mostly finger food; brand of Speciality Restaurants Limited;
  • Inwood Tavern The oldest continuously operating bar in Dallas [320]
  • Jancis Robinson's Wine Course - [321]
  • Janko's Little Zagreb - awarding-winning steakhouse in Indiana; [322]; [323];
  • Johnson's Popcorn - popcorn vendor known around the Jersey Shore area, particularly the boardwalk
  • June 20th Group - dining society; members include John Mortimer; based in Camden, London
  • Kelsen Group ([324])
  • Kendal Nutricare - British nutrition company based in Kendal, Cumbria. Factory bought from Heinz in 2015. The company specialises in the manufacture of health care products, baby formulas, cereals & nutrition shakes.;[325]; [326]; [327]; [328]
  • Knudsen Dairy (later known as Knudsen Foods and Knudsen Corp.) - at one time the largest dairy operation on the West Coast; bankrupt 1986; [329]; [330][331]
  • Korean Food Foundation - A non-profit organization launched in 2010 ([332])
  • - first crowd-butchering website in Switzerland; share a cow with others and get sustainable organic beef delivered at home;
  • La Bamba Burritos - Champaign, Illinois-based Mexican restaurant chain; stores usually located near large college campuses; [333];; [334]
  • Le Perigord - classic French restaurant in Manhattan (New York City); opened 1964; one of the last remaining restaurants from the days when haute French cuisine flourished in New York City;; [335]; [336]
  • Lion Coffee - coffee producer in Hawaii; claims to be the oldest continuously operating coffee producer in the United States;
  • Little Bay Restaurants - small group of modern European restaurants in London, Brighton and Belgrade; famous for the "Pay What You Think It's Worth" campaign;; Jimmyd91 (talk) 14:27, 28 August 2013 (UTC)
  • Looney's Pub - A Maryland sports-bar franchise ([337])
  • Luca Pizza di Roma - chain of pizza restaurants; mainly found in major shopping malls;; [338]; [339]
  • Luther's Bar-B-Q - chain of barbeque restaurants based in Houston; founded in 1975; later acquired by Pappas Restaurants; [340]; [341]; [342]; [343]
  • Major Food Group - New York-based restaurant and hospitality company
  • Mancino's Pizza & Grinders - Michigan-based fast food restaurant chain; founded late 1930s; specializesin pizzas and hot sandwiches known as grinders;; [344]; [345]; [346]; [347]; [348]; [349]; [350]
  • Marché - international restaurant chain; based in Switzerland; prepares European style foods right in front of the customer; company returned to Toronto in 2010, plans to expand throughout Canada, and eventually return to the United States;; [351]; [352]; [353]; [354]; [355]
  • Meers Store & Restaurant - historic dining establishment in Meers, Oklahoma; since 1901;
  • Meritage Alliance - overseer of Meritage wine
  • Mission Brewery - San Diego based craft brewery; founded in 2007;; [356]; [357]; [358]; [359]; [360]; [361]; [362];[363]; [364];[365]; [366]; [367]; [368]
  • Monte Creek Ranch Winery - ranch and winery in the newer wine region of Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada;; [369]; [370]; [371]; [372]; [373]; [374]
  • Moon Cheese - 100% dehydrated cheese snack;; [375]; [376]; [377]
  • Mother Bear's Pizza - award-winning pizza restaurant; located in Indiana; founded in 1973;; [378]; [379]; [380]
  • Naked Winery - Oregon and Washington premium winery; risqué labels;
  • Nello's - restaurant on the Upper East Side of Manhattan (New York City); run by Nello Balan; [381]
  • New Orleans Ice Cream Company; [382]
  • NORPAC Foods - Pacific Northwest's largest fruit and vegetable processor;
  • - website; offers tips for women, mostly dining;
  • Oregano's Pizza Bistro - pizza chain in Arizona;
  • OxyOse - appears to be a British liquor company; [383];
  • Pacific Dining Car - Opened in 1921 in Los Angeles, CA and has been family owned for four generations. Unique 24hr fine dining steakhouse serving breakfast, lunch, teatime, dinner, and late night meals.
  • Pantera's Pizza - defunct pizza chain; existed during the 1980s until it was forced to file for bankruptcy after expanding too fast, absorbing other chains, including Pizza Inn and some Godfather's Pizza locations; [384]; [385]; [386]
  • Phoenix Bakery - family-owned bakery in Los Angeles; [387]; [388]; [389]; [390];
  • Pieology - A 140-unit fast casual quick served restaurant chain (in United States, Guam, and Mexico) that can bake a customer-design pizza within 5 minutes;; [391]; [392]; [393]; [394]; [395]; [396]
  • Pizza Antica - California restaurant chain;
  • Pizza Boli's - American restaurant chain; founded 1985;
  • Porto's Bakery & Cafe - bakery; started by Rosa Porto in Cuba, 1960;
  • Portobello Vegan Trattoria - Italian-inspired vegan restaurant in Portland, Oregon;
  • Prego Della Piazza - one of the oldest fine-dining restaurants in Toronto; [397]; [398]
  • Rat Eatingi want an article about eating rats.2001:56A:71B5:6300:1CC6:445B:6012:2286 (talk) 22:01, 25 January 2017 (UTC)
  • Raw Nibbles Ltd - company; makes raw and free-from chocolate bars, brownies and other goodies;
  • Red Hot World Buffet - UK restaurant chain; serves food from all around the world;
  • Red Iguana - restaurant in Salt Lake City; specializes in southern Mexican food, such as moles; [399][400]; [401]; [402]
  • Red Medicine (restaurant) - Vietnamese and neo-Nordic restaurant in Beverly Hills, California (may have closed or moved in October 2014);; [403]; [404]; [405]; [406]; [407]
  • Road 13 Vineyards - British Columbia winery; produces high-quality blended wines;
  • Roaring Lion (company) - Los Angeles-based energy-drink company;
  • Rounds Burgers - regional burger chain; based in Southern California;; [408]
  • Rudy's Lakeside - eating establishment in Oswego, NY, near SUNY Oswego;
  • Taco Casa - Popular chain of Mexican style restaurants based in the DFW, Texas area, with restaurants located in Texas and Oklahoma.
  • Tastee Donuts - New Orleans, Louisiana, bakery chain;
  • The Texas Club - country-western club in Baton Rouge, Louisiana; established in 1981 by Mark and Mike Rogers and their father Ray Rogers; since 1981, entertainers, including George Jones, Hank Williams Jr., Willie Nelson, Bret Michaels, Foreigner, Styx, Garth Brooks, Kenny Chesney, Jason Aldean, have performed live on the club's stage;
  • Three Twins Ice Cream - organic ice cream manufacturer; based in Petaluma, Califoria; most comprehensive line of organic ice cream sold in the U.S.; sold in every U.S. state; also sold in Singapore, Korea, China, Thailand, on Japan Airlines and American Airlines;
  • Tivall - manufacturer of ready-made vegetarian food products; founded in 1985 by residents of Kibbutz Lohamei HaGeta'ot; [431][dead link]
  • Tom Thumb Doughnuts - carnival/fair chain; sells miniature doughnuts;
  • Tomatoes Apizza - Farmington Hills, Michigan, restaurant; specializes in New Haven, Connecticut, Neapolitan-style pizza;
  • Traeger Grills (Traeger Grills, LLC) - manufacturer of wood-fired grills;
  • Tryon Foothills Wine Region - Western North Carolina wine region that is home to historical grape growing and premium wine production; this region is situated in an isothermal belt, which is of great viticultural importance to the industry;
  • Turiya Wines - extremely limited production, one-person winery; owned and operated by Angela Soleno; allocation / invitation only purchases; collectible cult red wines;
  • Underage club - apparently many clubs that operate similarly to nightclubs exist, except they don't serve alcohol obviously. Some would then only permit kids under a certain age, like under 21 or under 18. ;[432];[433];[434];[435];[436]
  • Wedding Car Companies All UK Towns - comment at October 2016: as in a list of wedding car companies in the United Kingdom?
  • Well Seasoned - campaign for British seasonal food;
  • White Lotus Tea Club - a tea company; handcrafted loose-leaf teas and educational programs about tea and tea culture; [437]; [438] [439]
  • White Mountain Coffee - New Hampshire coffee company; has own blends;
  • Wine Portfolio TV (Wine Portfolio) - television program (on CNBC World); resource for wine, food and travel;
  • The Wine Wankers - group of three Australian wine writers (Conrad, Neal and Drew) that specialise in social media; trio ranked equal #3 in the world with a Klout ranking of 81 (subject: "wine" - Jancis Robinson #1 (84), Tim Atkin #2 (82) and James Goode equal #3 with a ranking of 81); group are listed as #16 in the US for its ability to influence wine drinking habits in the United States (Vinepair Wine Web Power Index, 7 January 2015); At time of launch, group included Ben, who has since left group; group states they are really the "anti wine wanker brigade", aiming to make wine more accessible by taking the pretentiousness (real or perceived) out of the wine fraternity. This "wine wanker" moniker is consistent with their Australian heritage, where nicknames often reference a person’s opposite appearance or character;; [440]; [441]; [442]; [443]; [444]; [445]; [446]; [447]; [448]; [449]; [450]
  • YOLO (Bar / Restaurant) - (Title can be changed if required, I see that YOLO is a Disambig page after all.) Bar / Restaurant thing based in Ponteland and opening another branch in Newcastle Upon Tyne: [451]; [452]
  • Zoenos Cellars (ZOEnos Cellars) - winery in Sonoma, California; specializes in making unique, food-friendly wines by blending imported indigenous Greek varietals with local Californian grapes;
  • ZuZu Handmade Mexican Food - chain of fast-casual Mexican restaurants; based in Dallas and locations in Texas and in the Midwest; [453]; [454]; [455]; [456]; [457]; [458]; [459]

Other (non-people and non-organization)

comment at October 2016: same as smoked meat?

Internet and tech culture

Requests for articles about Internet and tech culture are on a separate page, and should be added there.


Requests for articles about literature and writer are on a separate page, and should be added there.

Media networks and organizations

    • AMRIT SANDHU - Amrit Sandhu is the founder of the Mandala Moments Movement orginating in Melbourne Australia. Amrit Sandhu is also the founder and host of the Inspired Evolution Podcast. Lifestyle Philosopher. [5]===People===
  • ALBORZ FALLAH - Alborz Fallah is the founder and editor of Based in Brisbane, Australia, he is also the entrepreneur in residence at the University of Queensland and a regular speaker at Entrepreneurial events in Australia having sold his business to Nine_Entertainment_Co. for $35 million in September 2016 [568] [569] [570] [571] [572] [573]
  • GEORGE HOWELL - George Howell is a journalist & news anchor for CNN. Based at the network's headquarters in Atlanta, he anchors 'CNN Newsroom' Friday through Sunday, reaching viewers on both CNNI and CNN/US. Howell previously served as a national correspondent for CNN in the network's Chicago bureau. [574]
  • SETH KUGEL - Seth Kugel is a journalist and the former Frugal Traveler columnist for The New York Times. In 2018 W.W.Norton and Company will publish his book on travel. He is the host of the Brazilian YouTube channel Amigo Gringo. [575]
  • HEIDI PRZYBYLA - HEIDI is USA TODAY's SR. Political Reporter and an MSNBC political analyst. She is a frequent guest on several programs including "Morning Joe," "Hardball with Chris Matthews," and "The 11th Hour with Brian Williams." Most recently, she covered Hillary Clinton's campaign. Several Wiki imitation and entertainment sites have penned inaccurate pieces speculating on her personal life, including this: [576]
  • ANGELO CARUSONE - Angelo is the President of Media Matters. Before joining, he organized the successful Twitter based StopBeck effort. He holds a B.A. in American Studies from Fordham University and a law degree from the University of Wisconsin. [577]
  • Edward B. Kurpis - co-founder of cable television network CNBC, author and financial architect of its founding business plan; Founding Vice President of Finance and Administration for NBC's Cable and Business Development division; former member of the Board of Directors of A&E network, Court TV network (now TruTV); NBC-Cablevision Executive Partnership Board governing operations of American Movie Classics, Bravo, and 10 regional sports networks. [578]
  • Andrew M. Seaman - Ethics Committee Chairperson, Society of Professional Journalists; Senior Medical Journalist, Reuters; [579]
  • Tham Khai Meng - worldwide creative director, Ogilvy & Mather; first Asian to hold this type of position in the advertising industry; successor to Neil French; [580]
  • Larry Heath Founder and Director of Heath Media, parent company of The AU Review, Hello Asia!, The Iris and the National Live Music Awards. Journalist. Music Video Director. [581] [582] [583] [584] [585]
  • Fake Daniel Middleton - an impersonator of Daniel Middleton on Youtube while claiming to be the real Daniel Middleton
  • Lkgaming - An amazing youtuber who has extreme talent in creating fun, interesting and special videos on Youtube for those who love it, he creates in several different genres of videos, although mostly comedy and some gaming too!
    • Paul Joseph Watson - Youtuber and right wing activist whose videos on political correctness and social justice have garnered widespread attention [586] is fringe, does not meet our sourcing guidelines and should not be used
  • Swiftor, Joseph Alminawi (Joseph Alminawi (often known as Swiftor or Swift) is an interactive broadcaster on Swift is the co-founder of the GameOn Network that has been broadcasting on JTV for several years. As a result, he frequently gets at least 4,500 viewers bi-weekly.) (,,
  • Michaela Guzy - Michaela Guzy is an American media executive, entrepreneur, and on-air show host. She is the executive producer for two online television shows, Michaela’s Map [587] and OhThePeopleYouMeet [588] (an extended interview series). Based in New York City, she is also an adjunct professor at New York University School of Professional Studies [589], where she teaches a course called, "Travel Storytelling: Creating Video Content" [590] in 2018. Recently featured on BravoTV’s [591] Tour Group three-part talking head travel series, Michaela is often asked to appear as an industry expert [592], from curating conversations, moderating panels and conducting interactive workshops to giving inspiring keynote presentations for industry partners. She has appeared on multiple morning shows across the country sharing her sustainable and immersive travel tips, such as on Fox2Now St. Louis [593], PIX 11 New York [594], WJLA Good Morning Washington DC [595], WTNH Good Morning Connecticut [596], and KTNV The Morning Blend Las Vegas [597].



  • Icepeople (Icepeople is the world's northernmost alternative newspaper, based in Longyearbyen, Norway, about 750 miles from the North Pole. Founded in 2009, it is the only alternative weekly outside North America that is a full member of the Association of Alternative News Media.) ( and the newspaper is cited as a reliable source on numerous Wikipedia pages.)
  • [[Helix Studios (Pornography)}} (Helix Studios is a gay erotica studio.
  • The Beehive (Online Newspaper) (The Beehive is a non-profit online newspaper which gives voice to the youth. It offers an alternative view on topics including current affairs, political and ethical issues, science, and culture. It is based in [Manchester, UK] from which its name is derived. A Beehive represents the workforce, working together to achieve an aim. It offers opinion-based articles written by teenagers, offering a unique viewpoint.) (Sources: , , ).
  • The Bitter Southerner ( - The Bitter Southerner is a digital magazine covering the Southern United States founded in 2013[6]. Writers such as David Joy have contributed to it, and is used as a reference on the Clermont Lounge, Killer Mike, Waverly, Alabama, Standard Deluxe and Southern Airways Express pages, just to name a few. It's been mentioned in the Wall Street Journal[7], The Atlanta Journal-Constitution[8], and The New Yorker[9].
  • ComeSeeTv ( - ComeSeeTv is a brand new concept in online paid streaming video content, free sharing and publicity! is three things internationally.First it is a video delivery platform that allows anyone to use it to stream video content and earn revenue for their commnunity, cause or organization. Next, it is a website that pulls all platform members to one place to increase the visibility of their content by creating individual channels for each member and promoting them for free! Third, ComeSeeTv is an agent for cultural and community development and unity across the Caribbean and globally. ComeSeeTv has been endeared as the Community Channel Tv of the Caribbean! The ComeSeeTv Mission: To foster socio-cultural and economic community development, create viable avenues for the youth and to empower women!) ([598][599][600][601][602][603][604])
  • Blasting News Global Social News Magazine, Created by You, Curated by Professionals
  • Addiction Worldwide ( - advertising and branding agency; offices in London and New York; clients include Comet, B&Q and HarperCollins; CEO Jeremy Rainbird
  • Advertising & Design Club of Canada ( - its website states "non-profit, non-political group dedicated to encouraging excellence in Canadian advertising and design"; started in 1948; hosts annual awards program called Directions; there are about 18 WP articles (search with "and" and "&") that mention this organization or award, some with redlinks
  • Akilah Net ( - online news and career resource for young professionals in East Africa; affiliated with the Akilah Institute for Women (; featured in TechMoran ([605]) as an innovative tool for helping East Africans secure employment
  • American Ingenuity Awards ( An annual honor conferred by Smithsonian Magazine on distinguished scientists, scholars and artists in nine fields. Started in 2012. Featured in AdWeek and Washingtonian. [10] [11] The 2016 awards, held on December 8, received extra media coverage for including a letter from astronaut John Glenn, who died that day, to technology award winner Jeff Bezos, who created rocket company Blue Origin. [12] Numerous previous winners, including Caroline Hoxby[13] and John Rogers,[14] list the award on their Wikipedia pages.
  • Bliss & Hellfire ( - Portuguese online magazine; focuses on photography, equipment review and music photojournalism
  • CarAdvice ( - Australian automotive website covering the automotive industry, owned by Nine_Entertainment_Co.
  • Children's PressLine - youth media outlet
  • City Arts Magazine ( - 10-year-old Seattle arts and culture magazine; focuses on music, theatre and visual arts and the artists who create it in the Seattle area
  • Creamer Media (Creamer Media Proprietary Limited) ( - media-production company; publishes Engineering News (Creamer Media) ( and Mining Weekly; produces Research Channel Africa ( and (
  • DC Statesman ([[606]]) A Far Right Conservative political website offering clickbait headlines to opinion pieces purported to be news articles. They offer the tagline, "We seek to be a disruptive force in the news industry" and also claim to be "one of the fastest growing conservative news sites in the United States." They have associations with; The Lifelong Conservative email list, Mustard Seed Interactive, Prosper, Kurt Luidhardt, Prosper’s co-founder and vice president and his wife Kristen Luidhardt, Prosper’s president and Mustard Seed’s president. Mustard Seed is a Prosper client, Kurt Luidhardt said. Incorporation records show that the firm is headquartered in the same suite of the same Greenwood, Indiana, building as Prosper. according to: (Lachlan Markay 07.05.17 <>)
  • Deadheadland ( Deadheadland is a website and social media channel for Deadheads, Jamband Music, and Music Festival Fans; Grateful Dead Fan Site and Setlist Blog
  • Deadicated Fans ( - website for fans with an obsession for movies, television, games
  • Defend, Defy, Defeat. Evil Stops Here ( - non-profit blog about saving and protecting the innocent
  • EIN News ( - Internet news aggregation; precursor to Google News; first Internet news aggregator of English news from China ([607]); conflict with Russia over use of the name "Russia" in web URL ([608])
  • EverydayAfrica ( - group of photographers in Africa share snippets of ordinary life on an Instagram feed called Everyday Africa
  • EverydayMumbai (; [609]; [610]; [611]; visual chronicle of Mumbai; attempts at exploring the social landscape and daily lives of people of Mumbai
  • FactsCan ( - Canadian fact checker focused on fact checking Canadian federal politics. A signatory to the International Fact-Checking Network code of principles (
  • ( - online community for reading and writing young-adult fiction; references: Lewis, Jacob. "Teenage Thumb Tribes: Why Cell Phone Novels Are Part of Publishing's Future". Publishing Perspectives 1 June 2010 ([612]), Koblin, John. "The Great American Text". The New York Observer ([613])
  • Film Consortium San Diego ( - The Film Consortium San Diego LLC is a social venture that stimulates film and television production in the region and increases networking, employment, education, funding and distribution opportunities in film, television and new media.
  • GBTimes ( - Finland-based web newspaper whose goal is to be "a bridge between China and the rest of the world" and "first and best contact in Europe for cross-cultural communications with China". Wikipedia search for "gbtimes" brings up Global Times, which is a Chinese government newspaper; it seems important to know whether they are connected.
  • GoLocalProv ( - Local Rhode Island On-Line News Magazine
  • Huntley Film Archives ( - commercial archive; based in the U.K.; established in 1984 by film historian John Huntley and his daughter Amanda Huntley
  • Heath Media Media and Events company in Australia. Founded and runs websites The AU Review (, The Iris ( and Hello Asia! (, plus events the National Live Music Awards (, Captured Australia and the Courtyard Sessions. [614]]
  • - fake news website created and hosted by conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.
  • ISRAEL21c (ISRAEL21c is a non-partisan, nonprofit organization and the publisher of an English-language online news magazine recognized as the single most diverse and reliable source of news and information about 21st century Israel. ISRAEL21c offers a vast resource of more than 10,000 originally researched and produced articles, videos, images and blogs by some of Israel’s leading journalists, uncovering the country’s rich and diverse culture, innovative spirit, wide-ranging contributions to humanity, and democratic civil society. ISRAEL21c was founded in 2001, in the wake of the Second Intifada, to broaden public understanding of Israel beyond typical portrayals in the mainstream media. The organization’s founders – Israeli-American technology executives – understood the great power of the Internet and developed a first-of-its kind online product with global appeal and reach.) (
  • ( - award-winning community website about the Jane and Finch neighborhood of Toronto, Canada; [615]; [616]
  • jalopnik ( - online automotive website- needs its own article
  • Leonardo/ISAST ( - network for art, science, technology collaboration. Cited elsewhere; needs own article.
  • The Logical Indian ( - online news and media publishing organization from India; covers unconventional news and attempts at providing a logical perspective to issues and events
  • Lost Coast Outpost ( - online news and media organization from Northern California reporting for Humboldt County, California, and neighboring counties
  • Make Them Laugh Entertainment ( - talent agency; represents and manages stand-up comedians and other performers; run by Tony L; based in Atlanta, Georgia
  • Myndz Community, C.C. ( - multimedia community-based media production entity; based in Nairobi, Kenya, and Windhoek, Namibia; provides opportunities for youth, media practitioners, civic organizations and inhabitants of rural and indigenous communities to learn and engage in the production of media
  • ( - online community for downloading free display pictures for Blackberry Messager on all phones; has created a vast collection of high-quality and original DPs in over 15 different categories; new images are uploaded to the site weekly
  • Alhudood ( - An Arabic political satire website tackling regional and international issues from a pan-Arab perspective, publishes articles on a daily basis and has been running for four years.
  • ( - Irish Media Website and sister publication of the Irish Daily Star with over one million monthly unique users.


NationSwell finds inspiration in the people who are rolling up their sleeves and the things they are doing — to drive advancements in education and environmental sustainability; to make government work better for citizens; to engage more people in national service; to support our veterans and their families; to revitalize our economy and advance the American dream; and more. The CEO and Founder Greg M. Behrman [619] returned in the spring of 2012 from a one-year military deployment to Afghanistan where he was a Strategic Advisor first to Gen. David Petraeus and then to Gen. John Allen. NationSwell has been called a cure for "post election malaise" by The Atlantic's Eric Liu. [620].

  • Nogoom Masrya ( - Egyptian independent news website in Arabic language, established in September 2009. It is a notable website in Egypt and Arab world. Alexa Internet rank 866 world wide and 12th in Egypt. ([621], [URL|], [622]).
  • Norwood News - Bi-weekly newspaper in the Bronx.(}, (}.
  • Notebookcheck - running the biggest laptop review sites, e.g. and
  • Nurture Digital - creative digital agency; based in Los Angeles; works with brands and agencies to produce and distribute online video and broadcast commercial campaigns; founded in 2009; in 2014, the company's ad campaign for Pfister REACT, a household faucet brand, was featured in an article by The New York Times ([623]); the company's work with Kwikset ([624]) and Pfister Xtract ([625]) have been mentioned in Adweek
  • OhThePeopleYouMeet OhThePeopleYouMeet is a global collective of more than 100 international contributors who curate inspiring content for travelers, foodies and philanthropists seeking authentic local connection everywhere they journey. The website features two original editorial video series created by American media executive Michaela Guzy, Michaela’s Map and OhThePeopleYouMeet (an extended interview series). The shows speak to the wanderlust in us all and ignites a passion for global connections and sustainable and immersive travel, which are shaping the tourism industry worldwide now more than ever.([626])
  • Oscar Wilde Awards - this news article mentions the "10th annual Oscar Wilde Awards"; a handful of WP articles list people as being recipients of the award. Sam Peter Jackson "was nominated for the 2006 Oscar Wilde Award for Writing". Last Summer at Bluefish Cove "... and Oscar Wilde Awards ..." Colin Davidson (artist) citation title for "US/Ireland Alliance Honor, Los Angeles" is "US-Ireland Alliance's 10th annual Oscar Wilde Awards honors Colin Davidson, Carrie Fisher and Stephen Colbert". John Glines "Parents, Families, and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG) (Oscar Wilde Award)". Jim Brochu "the Oscar Wilde Award". Declan Kiberd "Oscar Wilde Award for Literary Achievement, 1996". Steve Schalchlin "PFLAG-LA Oscar Wilde Award, 1997 & 2003". Rikki Beadle-Blair "Greg Owen won the Oscar Wilde Award for New Writing". The awards seem to be put on by the though the site says very little about the award. [627] says "Annually, we host the Oscar Wilde Awards in Los Angeles."; Google searches for "US-Ireland Alliance" "Oscar Wilde Awards" return higher-quality results than just "Oscar Wilde Awards"
  • Pixel Crunch ( - Pixel Crunch is a global, multi-platform network, our network includes our website and mobile. We connect with our followers and provide content worth sharing with their family, friends and the people who matter in their lives. We operate in the UK but serve to provide our content globally. We serve a next generation, one that consumes different types of media across platforms, mostly on mobile. We expect our content to be relevant and connected to their lives, easily accessible and shareable.
  • ( - free online portfolio site for artists
  • Public News Service PNS describes itself as a "member-supported news service that advocates journalism in the public interest" that operates in 36 states and reaches "a combined national weekly audience of Over 40 Million." PNS is currently in the news because a PNS reporter, Dan Heyman, was arrested on 2017-05-09 for "aggressively" questioning HHS Secretary Tom Price. In an interview, Heyman said he was "yelling out questions" while holding out his phone toward Price.
  • SAPIENS ( - SAPIENS is an online magazine covering anthropology for a popular audience. It is an editorially-independent project of the Wenner-Gren Foundation for Anthropological Research, and has been syndicated in many online science publications, including Scientific American, Slate, and Aeon (digital magazine). [628]; [629]; [630]; [631]; [632]
  • Shoddycast (Shoddycast is an American production company founded in 2012 by brothers Josh and Kyle Yebba. The company produces animated machinima videos set in the video games franchises Fallout and Elder Scrolls, often using voice actors from the games. Shoddycast also produces video game podcasts, and lore series. Their machinima series include The Storyteller: FALLOUT, Psycho - A Fallout 4 Machinima, and The Storyteller: SKYRIM. Their Lore series cover The Witcher, Dragon Age and Dragon age. Popular game theory series include The Science and Hidden History. Their videos are distributed through Youtube and Amazon video.) ( )

  • Spor Repor ( - Founded in 2015, Spor Repor is a light-hearted/satirical sports news website that covers the states of Washington and Oregon as well as the province of British Columbia (a combined area referred to as Cascadia).
  • Sprout City Studios ( - Professional recording studio in Eugene, Oregon. established 1997. Recorded Frank Black of the Pixies, and Thomas Mapfumo
  • Society of Accredited Voice Over Artists ( - accreditation by SaVoa is recognition of a voice-over artist's ability to provide vocally and technically proficient broadcast-quality voice over services and to conduct business in a manner that enhances the profession as a whole; maintains an accreditation program for voice-over artists worldwide
  • Squawker Media ( - Founded in April 2017 as a fact checking website, Squawker Media is a right-wing media outlet that describes itself as a "platform for conservatives of all schools of thought to engage in thoughtful conversation with subjects that matter."
  • Syncmag ( - monthly magazine about South Asia; published in Canada; caters and gives coverage to South Asian communities in Canada, Malaysia, Dubai, Pakistan and India
  • Where's the Fair Use Movement - online movement regarding YouTubers' frustration with take-down abuse by companies that exploit the Digital Millennium Copyright Act to silence and even profit off of false copyright claims over videos under fair use; [633]; [634]; [635]; [636]
  • TechRasa ( is the leading tech & startup media and analysis platform in Iran and the bridge

connecting regional and international startup ecosystems together. TechRasa was founded by Mohammadreza Azali, Hamed Jafari and Alireza Jozi in 2015. Since its launch in June 2015, TechRasa has become the primary source for investors, entrepreneurs, startups and financial firms in research and strategy to enter Iran. TechRasa create data and research driven reports for our readers and clients to get the best insight on the newly opened and highly fertile market. Currently TechRasa is the only English source on the Iranian startup scene and one of the only companies that helps international companies on their market entry strategy and implementation. TechRasa is one of Iran’s fastest growing English media with a niche targeted audience outside of Iran and a strong media distribution power inside the country. TechRasa’s niche international audience consists of VCs, media, international entrepreneurs, financial institutes, startup and technology enthusiasts and regional ecosystem stakeholders. Their top readers come from Iran, USA, UK, Germany, India and the UAE.) (,,,,,

  • TEDxHannover ( - TEDxHannover is an independent organized TED conference.
  • The Hype Magazine ( - An award winning North-American based periodical that operates an online and newsstand platform, covering the entertainment mediums of music, film and theater, founded in 2003 under the media conglomerate of Hype Entertainment by CEO Jameelah "Just Jay" Wilkerson.
  • The Nutmeg News ( - A satirical soccer news website.
  • ValueWalk ( - ValueWalk LLC owns and operates an online platform that publishes financial industry news. Its platform provides value investing, hedge funds, large asset managers, technology industry, business, and political news. ValueWalk LLC was founded in 2010 and is headquartered in New York City, New York.
  • Vibescout ( Vibescout is an online location-based digital media events service owned by a new Cape Town, South African startup Grow Traction (Pty) Ltd (two brothers that are co-founders with diverse skills: development and marketing). The service allows users to find local things to do based on where they are (such as theatre, concerts, festivals, and music shows).
  • Wonkhe (UK news higher education policy news site, widely cited in Wikipedia articles on UK higher ed, frequently carries articles by UK politicians and university leaders) (

Riese Bernard, founder of Autostraddle

  • CDA - Casting Directors Association (The Casting Directors Association is an alliance of professional Casting Directors dedicated to upholding professional standards within the industry)




National or ethnic cultures



Performing arts

Requests for articles about performing arts are on a separate page, and should be added there.

Print media

Requests for articles about print media are on a separate page, and should be added there.

Recreation and hobbies




  • Arcknight ( - Tabletop RPG company producing maps, flat plastic miniatures, RPG Spell Effects, and many other products.
  • CharCon ( - gaming convention; held annually in Charleston, West Virginia; List of gaming conventions#South Atlantic
  • Chi-Fi ( - geek convention; held in downtown Chicago, Illinois;[722]; [723]; [724]
  • Clear Springs Recreation Area - [725]; [726]
  • Durham University Treasure Trap - LARP group based in Durham
  • Fat men's club - [727]
  • Festival of Lettuce - held every year in the village of Artas on the West Bank
  • Grand National Sheep Stakes - sheep race in England
  • Hammerschlagen ( - brand of nail-driving competition; originating in 1957 near Stillwater, Minnesota; ; [728]; [729]
  • Hard Rock Hotel and Casino (Tulsa) ( - [730]; [731]; [732]; [733]
  • The Homestead Resort (; - four-season destination resort; largest employer in Leelanau County, Michigan; located on the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore
  • International Mini Meeting - yearly get-together of Mini fans throughout the world; first event was hosted in 1978 in Germany; in 2016, it will be hosted in Belgium; [734]
  • IT'Z - party place
  • Kraken Con - relatively small convention; meets twice a year in the Spring and Fall; first convention held October 8, 2013, at South San Francisco Conference Center with 988 attendees
  • LRC (Hong Kong) ( - 125-year-old sporting club in Hong Kong
  • ModelersGuild (
  • Myths and Legends Convention (often shortened to MALCon) ( - annual fandom convention held in Denver, Colorado; first held in September 2013; 2014 and 2015 held in August; 2016 scheduled for August; events generally include larger gatherings such as dances (Yule Ball, Shindig) and entertainment (Second Breakfast, Mad Hatter Tea), interactive programming (chain mail, costume piece making), gaming (including tabletop boardgames and RPGs), and discussions and panels; programming focuses on specific fandoms year to year; [735]; [736][737]
  • Rainbow Slides Leisure Centre - defunct; based in Stirling, Scotland; "Rainbow Slides Farewell" on YouTube includes old pictures of the inside and outside of the building; has famous mural
  • Red Flannel Festival ( - always on the first Saturday in October in Cedar Springs, Michigan; fiftheen-oldest festival in the Michigan
  • Richmond Folk Festival ( - annual festival (usually in October) in Richmond, Virginia; showcases art, music, dance, and other cultural interests; sponsored by Venture Richmond
  • RuffleCon ( - alternative-fashion convention in Connecticut; [738]
  • Sciots or Ancient Egyptian Order of Sciots, a.k.a. A.E.O.S. ( - appendant body within Freemasonry; [739]
  • Shikenso (Information about gaming streams and tournaments with Calendars and unique gaming filter with artificial intelligence) (
  • Shenandoah Acres Family Campground (previously knownn as Shenandoah Acres ( - recently reopened
  • Showbox SoDo - converted-warehouse-turned-concert venue; located just south of the sports stadiums in the SoDo district at 1700 1st Ave. South Seattle, Washington 98134; has hosted events featuring Kid Rock, Heart, The Pogues, M.I.A., The Hives, Dropkick Murphys
  • Universal Autograph Collectors Club
  • WaterMarc Banyule ( - recreational centre; located in Greensborough, Victoria, Australia
  • Wired Productions ( Video Games publisher formed in 2008, releasing games on Steam, Windows PC, Xbox and PS4 - who launched Super Dungeon Bros (, The Town of Light (, Victor Vran (, Tiny Troopers Joint Ops(, Let's Fish! (!_Hooked_On) Also producer of We Sing and various other game ( ( Also supporter of mental health charity Take This Org. (
  • Where's Waldo Championship
  • Woodenfrog State Campground - campground in Voyageurs National Park; dedicated to the Chippewa chief Wooden Frog
  • The Wrecking Crew (motorcycle club) ( - European Harley Davidson club; copy of article from Hog Magazine Issue #1: ([740])
  • Wurstfest ( - annual festival in New Braunfels, Texas; celebrates German culture
  • Zanzlanz (Zanzlanz LLC) ( - game developer

Games and toys


  • Analog Empire ( - game company; founded 2011
  • Appletters ( - brand of word game; similar to Bananagrams; made by Bananagrams Inc.
  • Ark: Aberration ( - action-adventure survival video game
  • Band of Maniacal Brothers - California-based gaming organization; since 2002; [741]; [742]; [743]
  • Big Jay's Workshop - custom resin molding and casting, inventor of the 'Artisan Dice' line of giant D20s with various items embedded within the dice
  • Bilofix - strange to find no mentions of this brand even in Lego history
  • Black Sheep Games - Game Development studio located in Greece and run by Spyro Merianos. Notable for "Angry Chicken: Egg Madness!" (2,500,000 downloads), winner of a category in Intel Level Up 2015 contest with "Galactic Missile Defense" and participating in Humble GameMaker Bundle in September of 2016 that raised over $2,830,000. [744] [745] [746] [747] [748] [749]
  • Bricklink - the second-largest online Lego marketplace
  • Brinkmate - a shogi concept that usually precedes checkmate and inevitable loss
  • Columbus Area Boardgaming Society (CABS) ( - one of the largest board gaming clubs in the United States ([750]); more than 400 members ([751], [752]); library includes over 1,000 games dedicated to "bringing the gamers of Central Ohio together" ([753]); sponsors board gaming convention Buckeye Game Fest every Fall ([754], [755], [756]); runs the Board Room at Origins Game Fair ([757], [758]); has local food trucks at weekly meetings ([759])
  • Cuboro - Cuboro Marble track system; Swiss made, over 25 years old, many elements; [760]
  • Dread Pirate - table-top pirate game
  • Dreamlets ( - company; makes designer plush toys also called Dreamlets
  • Eat Poop You Cat
  • El Greco (company) - defunct Greek toy company; produced original toys as well as licensed Hasbro toys
  • Father Geek ( - website; dedicated to reviewing card, board, and dice games from the perspective of child, parent, and gamer geeks
  • Fellowsfilm Network ( - website; a transport enthusiast hobbies site, with a specific focus on virtual simulations
  • Fuck Marry Kill - common game; one party suggests three people to a second party, and they must decide which of the three they would hypothetically have sex with, marry, or kill, provided they needed to do one to each of the people named
  • FunNode ( - modern gaming website; hosts some popular board games and card games
  • Furuta (toy company) - Japanese toy company
  • Gabby Bear - reading teddy bear from the late 1980s, generic version of Teddy Ruxpin; [761]
  • Gamer's University - gaming news and game designer's site
  • Gaming Pool (, old site: - website; offers gaming reviews, forums, videos and guides
  • Glamour Gals - line of tiny fashion dolls made by Kenner in the 1980s
  • Geektropolis - small company; sells anime merchandise and exclusive seller of Big Jay's Workshop products
  • Groove It - game; similar to Bop It; created by Hasbro
  • Heroes and Capitols - expansion pack to Settlers of Catan; [762]; [763]; [764]; [765]
  • HomeMadeBacklinks ( - search engine optimization company
  • Horwitz Defence - variant of the Queen's Pawn Game, consisting of the moves 1. d4 e6
  • Indoor Play Centre - A commonplace type of business which lacks a Wikipedia page. I did try to create one a few years ago but because one single sentence out of the whole article was uncited, the whole page was rejected. Kaid100 (talk) 17:20, 13 November 2016 (UTC)
  • Kozmic Kiddles - Mattel
  • Kajabe Kan Kan - type of game; uses trash cans; [766]
  • klikko - plastic educational construction toy
  • LEGO Life (LEGO has created it's first social network for kids under 13. Cited from article: "From far enough away, Lego Life looks a bit like a brick-themed Instagram. It has all the standard social network elements: a newsfeed, profiles, and the ability to like and comment. A closer look, though, reveals a careful crafted ecosystem designed with safety at the top of mind.") (
  • Merfle! Munchies ( - original series of fictional dessert dragon whelp character creatures; featured as collectible figurines and novelty items
  • Micropul - free-to-download abstract tile strategy game; playable pvp or as a solitaire; [767]; fans have taken the basic download and created their own wooden sets, made software and web versions
  • mini cannon - small collectible toy cannon that on most occasions can be filled with gunpowder and ignited
  • SkyDoesMinecraft ( ( ( - SkyDoesMinecraft (Real name is Adam Dahlberg) is best known for his Youtube videos about Minecraft (His Minecraft username is SkythekidRS). He is well-known for hating squids, and because of him, the ingot, gold, is well-known for being called "budder". SkyDoesMinecraft is one of the most well-known Minecraft players, and currently has over 11 million Youtube subscribers.
  • Dan Klistner - American toy designer; known for creating handheld games like Bop It, Preplexus and Simon
  • Redzonezzz - fairly new YouTuber
  • TheBackyardScientist - a popular youtuber that does cool science videos.
  • Triforce Johnson - Founder of the top competitive gaming group, Empire Arcadia. A dedicated Nintendo gamer, first in line for many hardware and software.

Board games

  • Biribissi - board game involving a lottery developed during the Italian Renaissance in the 14th century
  • Commands & Colors: Napoleonics - board game; designed by Richard Borg; part of the 'Commands & Colors' series of games; esigned to simulate warfare during the Napoleonic wars; [775]
  • Da Ma ("Driving the horses") - Chinese board game played with special coins; [776]
  • Defenders of the Realm - strategy game, board game; for one to four players; by Eagle Games; [777]
  • Fraidy Cats - board game; from late 1980s/early 1990s
  • Klask - Board game in which each player tries to score a ball in the other's goal using their magnetic game pieces. Developed in 2013, Klask has quickly become popular around the world, winning a variety of awards, including best board game of 2015. [778]
  • Lie Cheat & Steal (board game) - 1971 board game; created by Contact Games; distributed by Dynamic Design Industries
  • Microscope (board game) ( - board game; by Lame Mage Productions
  • Quelf ( - board game where anything can happen
  • Rap Rat: The Video Board Game ( 1993 VHS board game; by A Couple A' Cowboys and Roadshow Home Video
  • Sheng Guan Tu (Promotion Official Chart) ( - Chinese board game; [779]
  • Smess - board game; kind of like chess; each square has arrows pointing in the directions that one can move off of that square; object of game is to capture the "Brain"; [780]
  • Starmada - generic universal space combat board game
  • The Thing: Infection at Outpost 31 - board game based on John Carpenters classic movie from 1982. [781]; [782]
  • Totally Gross: The Game of Science - board game; [783]; [784]; [785]; [786]; [787]
  • Tripples - strategy board game; first released in 1972; latest release in German, 1994; [788]
  • Whatzit? (game) - board game; for three to six players; by the Milton Bradley Company; involves figuring out what an image on a card is supposed to mean (in the form of a visual pun)

Card games

Charles Roberts Award winners


Game design (non-video-games only)

Radio-controlled models

Model cars

Role-playing games (tabletop, paper & dice, and LARP)


Video games



Jorge Luis Lopez Galvan - Contemporary Mexican surrealist painter



  • performance, participation - a postmodern literary theory championed by Ihab Hassan. It has to do with how postmodern texts demand a certain reaction or level of interaction from the reader. The main thing that has it is Hassan's work Pluralism in Postmodern Perspective.


  • Uniguide ( - A touring app covering most of the United States of America
  • La Chartreuse du Sord ( - Arise in the Morning
  • Blanket folding (ja:飾り毛布) - A kind of decorative folding applied to blanket. It's often seens in the room on the cruise ship and ocean liner.
  • Cortes Day - an unofficial holiday on Cortes island that is a big part of its community and tourism.
  • Typhoon Texas ( - an outdoor water park located near Houston, Texas.
  • Wyldwood Sojourn - Retreat Centre and Womb Wisdom School in Lonsdale, Ontario near Tyendinaga. (req. Nov. 15, 2017)
  • Goreme National Park ( - a volcanic landscape sculpted by erosion in Turkey.
  • Hato bus(ja:はとバス - The regularly tour bus in Tokyo.
  • Laboracay (LaBoracay is a summer party event celebrated in the island of Boracay in the Philippines. An event that is becoming a cultural celebration of the place where famous local and international artists flock what is dubbed as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.) (

Visual arts

Requests for articles about visual arts are on a separate page, and should be added there.


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