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Plants and crops and methods used by farmers

  • DMH-11 Mustard - Dhara Mustard Hybrid-11 is a genetically modified mustard developed by a team of scientists at Delhi University under a government funded project.
  • Jorquette - the part of a cocoa tree where the chupon ( i.e., vertical/orthotropic growth of seedlings) terminates to produce fan branches
  • Cropio - farm management and crop health monitoring system [1]. Cropio helps farmers and agriculture companies to plan their field works, to forecast harvest, to manage vegetation index, etc. [2], [3], [4]. It has a good reputation among it's customers [5]. The biggest clients are PepsiCo, Monsanto, Bonduelle, DuPont and others.


  • Agrihood - emerging trend of planned communities where suburban homes are built next to working farms
  • Australian Grains Genebank - Australian national genebank storing 120,000 accessions of seed; officially opened March 2014; amalgamation of three smaller germplasm centres (Australian Temperate Field Crops Collection, Australian Winter Cereals Collection, Australian Tropical Corps and Forages Collection); to complement new article on leader Sally Norton; DEPI Homepage; Australian Seedbank Partnership; Wimmera Mail Times; GRDC Media
  • Bush bean and pole bean (currently an uninformative redirect) —It redirects to its scientific name— Gorthian (talk) 18:54, 11 May 2016 (UTC)
  • Ecocrop
  • List of foods that must be cooked - it would be interesting and educational to see what human food sources require cooking or other special preparation for either digestion or to neutralize any toxins/poisons; update: The WP:CATEGORY "Foods requiring detoxification" has been created, and a few items have been added
  • Fung Shui woodland - described at Lai Chi Wo#Fung Shui Woodland; zh:風水林
  • Manufactured Product for cultivating Pongamia
  • Microbulation - this seems to be used in medical references as well as horticultural; horticulturally, it seems to be a process used in creating a microbiota community for soil (specifically, it is referenced within the cannabis-growing agricultural space), but I don't find it defined well; it is also a term used in medical journals and microbiology / genetics as a descriptor of the surface of cells in some way, but again, not defined anywhere I can see; medical references at: Journal of Medical Society [6] and a Chalmers University of Technology publication [7] and the LSU Agricultural College [8] and [9]; horticultural references at: IC Magazine forums [10] and retailers [11] and [12]
  • Musk pig
  • Myrtle tree - Myrtaceae
  • Pinus x Schwerinii - a type of pine conifer in the Pinus subsection; [13]
  • Pollen sensitization]
  • SoluBor - a water-soluble fertilizer containing 20.5% boron; usually applied to crops as a foliar fertilizer to treat boron deficiency which is widespread globally; a rate for cabbages in South Africa is 500g in 600L water per ha, applied at 2, 4 and 6 weeks after planting
  • Suqakollo - a type of agriculture with water-filled trenches and raised crops in a pattern in Peru
  • Terraculture - a global perspective of sustainably utilizing organic farming practices and local food production in conjunction with the developments achieved through the green revolution and agricultural industrialization to conserve the environment while continuing to yield high outputs; [14]
  • Warabandi system
  • x Mangave - plant hybrids between Agave and Manfreda
  • Zghihara - grape variety (List of grape varieties)


Architects (people)

Architectural firms and organisations

  • Neri&Hu (Neri&Hu Design and Research Office)(Neri&Hu Design and Research Office is a multi-disciplinary architectural design practice based in Shanghai, China with a branch office in London, UK. It's founded by Lyndon Neri and Rossana Hu in 2014. Apart from architecture, they also do interior design, product design and graphic design.) (;;;;


regarding "The Breakers" Vanderbilt mansion; Re; "The Childrens Cottage" which exists on the grounds. There's needs to be added reference to and photo's and the like.

North America
South America

Codes, regulations, and standards

General concepts, styles


  • Alexander Kira – author of influential classic work on bathroom designs and ergonomics


Architecture of [country]

Urban studies and planning



  • GlobeChat - a multilingual translator that instantly translates messages sent in 41 different languages anywhere in the world; a free service available in 196 countries and available in the iOS, Android and Windows App stores as well as desktops and laptops; [146]; [147]; [148]; [149]


Companies and other organizations

  • BKLYNER - BKLYNER started as a network of neighborhood news sites published by Corner Media Inc., some established as far back as 2008, and grew to include the following: Bensonhurst Bean (2011), Ditmas Park Corner (2012), Fort Greene Focus (2009), KensingtonBK (2012), Sheepshead Bites (2008), South Slope News (2013), and Sunset Park Voice(2016). In January 2017 they were all consolidated in one site, Former publications, such as Ditmas Park Corner have been the recipient of the Ippies Award for Editorial content, and BKLYNER is regularly cited as a source in the New York Times, NY 1 and other media outlets.
  • BuFaTa of Lingusitics - a public meeting mainly in Germany for students of linguistic disciplines, especially for their representatives (Fachschaft); de:Bundesfachschaftentagung der Sprachwissenschaften
  • Clandestine Reporters Working Group - Alexandria, Virginia-based company providing security and intelligence training to journalists and human rights workers. The company specializes in non-digital tradecraft, such as handwritten encryption, counter-surveillance on foot and on public transport, setting up armor and modular vests, and planning missions for journalists operating in hostile environments. Curricula and schedule: [150] Review of Cryptography workshop: [151]
  • Corridor Communications, Inc. (or CCI Wireless -
  • Department of Homeland Security's SAFECOM initiative - an initiative that requires radio interoperability and P25 standards for public safety agencies.
  • Doogee - produces cost-effective smart phones and is quickly gaining popularity for cheap yet high-quality smart phones. (comment: easily the next LTG)
  • Elk Antennas - designs and builds compact Log Periodic Dipole Arrays (LPDA) for amateur radio, commercial and military use; founded in 1995;
  • The Future of Text Symposium - a yearly seminar featuring high profile guests who meet to discuss the importance and history of language and communication through codified text (
  • Inkspin1 - one of the first companies to produce custom Skype and SIP software set-top-boxes and media players
  • Integrics - a UK-based software engineering company providing telecommunications software worldwide
  • Liftable Media ( - a media umbrella company publishing some of the most popular conservative websites and whose brands rank as top publishers on Facebook, especially the Conservative Tribune
  • Milestone Communications - develops wireless towers in partnership with school and government landowners; milestonecommunications
  • North Electric - a telecommunications equipment manufacturer; sv:North Electric
  • NextG Networks - a company that puts up small, unobtrusive, low power, relatively general purpose base stations for cellphones (and other services, simultaneously mixing different technologies such as GSM, CDMA, wifi, wimax, etc.). They set up distributed antenna systems (DAS) where each node is effectively a remote antenna, the nodes are connected by a fiber optic loop to a local NextG facility. Cellphone providers can then pay to put base stations (BTSs) at this shared facility. Multiple cell providers, even using different technologies, can use a single system at once. They are selling this as a way to fill in holes in existing networks, though their product could alone serve a densely populated area;
  • Power Ledger - Blockchain-based company in Australia that plans to decentralize the creation and purchase of electricity.
  • Sound Publishing (Sound Publishing Inc.) - a subsidiary of Black Press based in Everett, Washington; the largest community news publisher by circulation in the state of Washington. The company's holdings include four daily newspapers: The Herald, Peninsula Daily News, The Daily World, and the Tacoma Daily Index, a government listings publication. Sound Publishing also owns over 40 other publications in Washington state. All of Sound Publishing's products are printed at a central press plant in Everett, Washington.; Black Press#Washington
  • South Polar Times - defunct newspaper published by the Shackleton and Scott Antarctic expeditions; newspaper is mentioned in several articles; the article on Louis Bernacchi has this reference:
  • The South polar times. London: Smith, Elder & co., 1907-1914. (Volume 2 editor.) An exact reproduction of the South polar times originally issued during the Antarctic expeditions of Robert F. Scott.
  • Telesis AS - 28-year old designer and manufacturer fCLor TDM and IP Telephony systems; assistance is requested for a neutral article; [152]
  • UTVS - St. Cloud state television station
* an e-mail provider
* Secure email provider


  • Joel Snyder - one of the world's first audio describers (c. 1981), a narrative technique for making visual images accessible to people who are blind or have low vision; author of The Visual Made Verbal: A Comprehensive Training Manual and Guide to the History and Applications of Audio Description (
  • Nola Taylor Redd - an American journalist specializing in space and physics. She's written many notable articles and is becoming one of the best in her field. She covers a wide range of topics, from planetary science to particle physics to SETI (the search for extraterrestrial life).



  • 2BESS switch - electrical telephone switch similar to 1AESS but smaller; also, setup a redirect for 2BESS pointing to 2BESS switch
  • airwave device - a device that uses high-speed Internet to broadcast a cellular signal; used by people who live outside their coverage area or for any other reason they would not normally have cell phone signal in their home
  • ANSI/TIA/EIA-617 - Inband DCE Control for Asynchronous DTE–DCE Interfaces, list of modem AT commands for (frequency) band management
  • Baofeng UV-B5 - a well-reviewed inexpensive hand held amateur radio transceiver in the 2m and 70cm bands
  • Black Channel (safety) - a communications channel used for safety-critical communications especially in industrial automation
  • carrier aggregation or channel aggregation - enables multiple LTE carriers to be used together to provide the high data rates required for 4G LTE Advanced; [153]
  • communication network technology - a discipline focused on the application and implementation of communication networks
  • communication network engineering - a discipline focused on the theory and conceptual design of communication networks
  • communications technology - a distinct discipline focused on the application and implementation of communication systems. It should not be redirected to Information and communications technology which is the current link provided for it.
  • computer network engineering - a discipline focused on the theory and conceptual design of computer networks
  • computer network technology - a discipline focused on the application and implementation of computer networks
  • copper line (copper lines) - possible redirect to twisted pair
  • editorial privilege - definition, the use of editorial privilege, supporting editorial privilege, critique of the use of editorial privilege
  • FERROCEPTOR (Ferroceptor) - Ferroceptor Adjustment in old valve radios; there is now a redirect to Ferrite core's section on Ferrite rod aerials that partially satisfies this request - most references make it clear the Ferroceptor is another name (especially from Philips in the mid 1950s and somewhere into the 1960s) for a ferrite rod, but sometimes the term seems to be used for a slug-tuned or inductance-tuned (i.e. fixed instead of variable capacitor) tuned circuit in radios?? That still needs to be sorted out.
  • Global Beam - a cover of the Earth's surface
  • Groundswell (business strategy) - a business strategy for building a conversation about a brand, company, or issue from the ground up by harnessing the social web and other user-generated content
  • H-antenna – a horizontal (H) or vertical (lazy H) antenna, usually center-fed, which is an extreme case of a capacitively end-loaded dipole.
  • Hyuckel(s) - a method of postal communications secured|obscured stenographically with diversion, nonsense and bad art
  • IZAR (processor) - Android 2.1 (will be upgraded to 2.2 at December) Smartphone produced by Pantech SKY. Has Qualcomm 600MHz processor. The cellular network provider is KT (Korean Telecom)
  • Shijian-13 - Chinese communications satellite [154] [155]


  • Konnekt Videophone - a videotelephony appliance designed specifically for the elderly and those with disabilities. References and draft (author conflict of interest noted): [156] and [157]
  • Language icon - an initiative to create an artificial globally recognizable icon, to be used not only web but for real life applications as well to signify "language";
  • LG Glimmer - greatly enhanced version of the LG Shine, by LG, featuring both a touchscreen on the ouside, instead of a joystick, and a keypad on the inside
  • Lumascape - very much talked about in all areas of online marketing, but it does ot have an article. I've not had a single conversation with anyone in online advertising where Lumascape has not come up, and everybody is using it to classify the different companies in the market. Please add this article.
  • Luxembourg effect (radio) – is a cross-modulation effect between radio transmitting stations described in a 1935 article available at [ C.W. Palmer (1935-02) The ‘Luxembourg effect’ in radio. Radio-Craft magazine.] It was apparently explained by physicists V. Bailey and D. Martyn (1934–1937) and V. L. Ginzburg (1948) as a side-effect of a high-power wave from a transmitter altering the conductivity of the ionosphere.
  • Mass Representative - do photons carry mass as suggested by the equation m = hf/c2 ?
  • Metastorm - BPM software
  • Microdiversity - selection of best signal from different sectors within a Cell of a Mobile network. This will be done by BSC in GSM and by RNC in UMTS
  • Mobile Nations - a group of mobile product review, news sites, and forums; includes sites for Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Apple's iOS, and webOS; In all, the group has 8.5 million unique users; [158]
  • Mobile Terminated Roaming Retry (MTRR) - [159]
  • Mosio - a simple, free service where members ask questions via text messages, and other members research and answer these questions from their computers;
  • MultiAX - a radio communications technology used similar to the MPT1327 trunking protocol
  • NBEMS - Narrow Band Emergency Messaging Software, open-source software that allows amateur radio operators to reliably send and receive data using a computer and radio pair; [160]
  • NEC Aspire hybrid small business phone system
  • Network Access Application - per ETSI 102 223, application residing in the UICC which holds a subscriber identity and an authentication algorithm and provides the access to a network
  • network coverage - is already used in 370 Wikipedia articles (see, but it is never defined. "Network coverage" means where the network is available, e.g., the cellphone network. An article should also describe the different kinds of coverage - e.g., percent of households, of landmass etc.
  • Packetbox - instant-messaging service provider using Wireless Village protocol
  • Panini Keypad - award-winning Intelligent Dynamic keypad for typing in all Indian languages on mobile phones
  • Parallel-sequence spread spectrum (PSSS)
  • Protected Spectrum - what is it? why can we not transmit on this spectrum?
  • Quik Call II (1+1 Fire Dispatch tone)


[176] [177] [178]

  • slydial - a free service that allows someone to skip the conversation and go directly to voicemail. 267-SLYDIAL. [179]
  • SMS class - types of technology used to deliver SMS to recipients; differentiates by storage and priority capabilities
  • SMS gateway for GSM Networks - its uses and configuration; advertising?
  • SNAP12 - a type of optical connector
  • Solid State Power Block (SSPB) - an electronic device used in satellite transmission systems. Similar to SSPA or Solid State Power Amplifier, not to be confused with BUC, or Block Up-Converters. These items all are generic names for satellite transmission hardware and not vendor specific. (
  • *SP - a code used on cell phones in many U.S. states to connect the caller to the state police
  • Speakers Bureau - people talking about issues and topics
  • Starkish - [180]; Chinese invented gunpowder and tp to wipe
  • Supplementary Services - describes the involvement of (amongst others) third parties, outside of a cellular user's direct communications (unknown to the user). This description has a lead in via explaining how the procedure is implemented by the MSC (Mobile switch centre). Prelude exists here:Network switching subsystem#Description
  • Telstra T-Hub - Telstra tablet device
  • Timing Transparent Transcoding (TTT)
  • Transferred Account Procedures - a collection of procedures used in GSM to send billing records of roaming subscribers from the visited mobile network (VPMN) to their respective home network operator (HPMN) [181] [182] [183]
  • tower dawg - the person that climbs broadcast and cell towers; often identified by stickers/tattoos stating "tie off or fly off" as well as "woop-woop"
  • Transmitting Thermal Identifier - individual identifying header all faxes have
  • Urbanisation and market driven forces - urban planning viewed from a market driven perspective
  • UP0E - digital interface for Siemens digital phones, such as optiPoint and optiSet
  • Wireless Intercept - intercept of pre-internet age wireless communications
  • ZTE F230 - ZTE F230 mobile phone
  • Data Refuge (Data Refuge DataRefuge is a public, collaborative project designed to address concerns about federal climate and environmental data being lost) (

Computer science, computing, Internet

Requests for articles about computing are on a separate page, and should be added there.



Companies and other organizations

  • Trig Innovation Industrial design firm based in Chapel Hill, NC. First fully virtual company to win an Industrial Design Excellence Award from the Industrial Designers Society of America. Founded in 2008. [2],[3],[4],[5],[6],[7]
  • Bernhardt Design - in 1983, Bernhardt Furniture added a line of commercial furniture, Bernhardt Design, manufacturing quality conservatively styled casegoods, conference and occasional tables, guest, lounge and wood guest chairs for the corporate and legal markets; gradually, the product line expanded stylistically, adding more contemporary products and multi-purpose tables and seating and conference chairs;; in order to encourage student designers to make their products suitable for mass markets, Bernhardt Design sponsors an interdisciplinary course with the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena; students who excel in the program have their products included in Bernhardt's standard product line
  • Immortal - Immortal the design station, - a brand engagement consultancy, established in 1990; integrated with ONG&ONG in July 2014 ([184]); the firm was awarded as one of Asia's Top Designers at the Singapore Design Awards 2015 ([185]); the firm bagged a Singapore Good Design SG Mark award for its work in branding The Apiary in 2016 ([186]); Immortal's Directors, Saxone Woon, Stanley Tan and Theresa Yong are Associates of The Design Alliance, Asia ([187])
  • Joseph Rodgers and Sons - cutlery company
  • Land Art Generator Initiative - international project to advance the proliferation of renewable energy infrastructure by engaging creative interdisciplinary teams in the design of site-specific utility-scale power plants that are integrated into the urban and rural environment; see renewable energy sculpture; after three successful design competitions and broad political support, the organization is constructing its first demonstration projects in 2015–2016;
  • R&Co Design - award winning ([188]; [189]) graphic design studio focused on web and brand identity; its work has been referenced in hundreds of online publications ([190]; [191]; [192]; [193]) related to design inspiration, minimalism and responsive web design; led by New York-based artist and designer Ryan Paonessa;; [194]
  • Design for America (DFA) - - Founded by Prof. Liz Gerber at Northwestern University, DFA has grown to a national network with 36 studios and over 1200 members at campuses across the US. From their website "DFA is an award-winning, nationwide network of university students using design innovation for social good, building community, and developing their capacity to take on any challenge." DFA has been written about in many news outlets, including: Huffington Post[8] and the Chicago Tribune[9].
  • C-Stick redirect to GameCube controller#Overview (talk) 16:53, 23 October 2017 (UTC)



  • Richard Ferlazzo - Holden design director; based in General Motors, Holden's Port Melbourne design studio; [201]; [202]; [203]; [204]; [205]; [206]; [207]; [208]; [209]
  • Ryan Hamrick - hand-lettering artist and designer; based in Austin, Texas; has independently built a design career in five short years, having worked with companies including lululemon athletica, Miller Lite, Target, Samsung, Hershey's, Capital One, Jameson Whiskey; [210]; [211]; [212]; [213]; [214]; [215]; [216]; [217]; [218]; [219]; [220]; [221]; [222]; [223]; [224]; [225]; [226]; [227]; [228]; [229]; [230]; [231]; [232]; [233]; [234]; [235]; [236]; [237]; [238]; [239]; [240]; [241]; [242]; [243]
  • Beci Orpin - Melbourne-based craft designer and illustrator
  • Bagio White - lead creative director and editor-in-chief of Dopeness Magazine; gained early recognition in the industry for his creative editorial designs for the magazine; signature style includes use of vibrant colors, props, and mood, as well as subversion, of traditional graphic pattern techniques which is most notable throughout the magazine's covers, editorials and online editorials;; [244])

Bernhardt Design designers

Internationally known designers joined the creative team, including:


  • ( is a site specialising in helping those learning or teaching English as a second or foreign language, established at the beginning of 2002. It has a significant amount of independently created and editorially reviewed reference material, articles and materials on the English language alongside online tools for both learners and teachers. It has been independently reviewed by key educational websites such as and the resources it provides have been cited in numerous respected print publications ( and as a source by various Wikipedia articles (

Italic text

  • Organic World Language (Organic World Language, also known as OWL and formerly known as Organic Language Acquisition or OLA, is a method of teaching foreign languages. The six goals of the OWL methodology are for students to use the target language 100% of the time, to not be afraid of the target language environment, to take risks and break down the affective filter, to be able to infer meaning and use circumlocution to communicate, to participate and be part of a community, to cultivate intrinsic motivation and student ownership. OWL methodology accomplishes this by doing community-building activities in class, using students and their life experiences as the content and curriculum, creating a second language learning environment that mimics that of the first language, redesigning classroom seating so that students are in a circle with no desks, and consistently integrating kinesthetic movement.) (,,,,

  • effects of gender differences in accounting education for high scholars-- (talk) 11:04, 7 December 2015 (UTC)

Schools, colleges, and universities

Please note: Elementary schools and middle schools are generally considered non-notable.


  • American University of Ras Al Khaimah (AURAK) (Founding,Growth,Education,Leadership,Photos,accreditation,student life,students,alumni,undergraduate,postgraduate) ( , ,

Shiv Ganga Vidya Mandir , Sector F Shantipuram , Phaphamau , Allahabad ,211013.(

I don't want to dissuade any non-COI editor from creating an article on this subject, but it should be noted that the text below is essentially a recreation of the article discussed in Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Case no. 16CV300. -- RoySmith (talk) 23:37, 30 December 2016 (UTC)

Section 34-8-196 concerns the eligibility of benefits for certain service workers. It is found under Title 34, which deals with Labor and Industrial Relations; Chapter 8 handles Employment Security with Article 7 focusing on Benefits.

The provisions define "educational service workers," "educational institutions," and "educational service contractors." These definitions are the main legislative changes from previous versions (2006, 2010, and 2013). 2014 legislation reflects the changes, but the law did not go into effect until 2015. Like past versions, it sets forth interpretations for "between terms" and "reasonable assurance," and attention is paid to services in professional sports and aliens.[25]


UI + RO Memo 2015-10

Educational Service Worker
This is anyone who works for an educational institution or educational service contractor (cafeteria worker, bus driver, librarian, cross-walk attendant, substitute, etc).

Educational Institution
This is any company in the education industry such as GSU

  • Australian Consortium for 'In-Country' Indonesian Studies, this is a consortium of 26 Australian and international universities that promotes study abroad in Indonesia and language study. Is mentioned on lots of pages on wikipedia but has no page of its own. Source:

Educational Service Contractor
This is any company that employs educational service workers to work for educational institutions, for example K-12 cafeteria workers and substitutes may get hired through Kelly Educational Staffing.

Between Terms
Educational service workers, professional sports workers, and aliens are "between terms" over holiday, between successive semesters, or otherwise a period of not getting paid, when they have a "reasonable assurance" of returning to work.

Reasonable Assurance
Educational service workers, professional sports workers, and aliens have "reasonable assurance" when they expect to go back to work after a period of not getting paid.

History In 2009, Georgia borrowed $721M from the federal government in order to provide benefits to nearly 500,000 unemployed.[26]

Commissioner Mark Butler considered modifications to the UI system as a way to repay the Feds.[27]

In 2012, UI rules changed[28] to restrict eligibility of benefits to educational service workers. This “action by Commissioner Mark Butler impact[ed] more than 32,000 hard- working Georgians and their families. Shockingly, his actions also have a very negative effect on the health of our state’s economy when families and local economies are denied these funds,” said Senator Emanuel Jones, Chairman of the Georgia Legislative Black Caucus.[29] Community organizing resulted federal attention, and the US DOL condemned the rule as having no statutory basis.[30]

In 2013, the call to bring UI rights back[31] resulted in the repayment of $8M to 32,000 people.[32]

In 2014, GDOL paid back the federal loan ahead of schedule. “A lot has to do with the recovery,” Labor Commissioner Mark Butler said. “We’ve seen jobs grow. Plus, some of the changes we made to the unemployment system also helped.”[33]

In 2015, the legislative change went into effect defining "educational service worker," educational institution," and "educational service contractor" based on this memo from 1987.[34] Rep. Dewey McClain expressed frustration that, "the burdens were placed on the ineligible employees, rather than on the employers, who were benefiting from the status quo."[35]

Rebekahalnablack (talk) 23:22, 30 December 2016 (UTC)


  • Amar Jyoti Institute of Physiotherapy -One of the known Physical therapy institute in New Delhi, India. It is affiliated to the esteemed Delhi University. It conducts bachelors and masters of physiotherapy programs. (SOURCES- College website , Delhi University website-, facebook page unoffical - , Google maps location - )
  • Altus Institute Network of Charter School - operates five charter schools and over thirty resource centers throughout Southern California; estimated 5,000 enrollment; [245]; [246]; [247]; [248]
  • American College of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine - Houston, Texas; founded 1991, one of the few acupuncture colleges that is regionally accredited (by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges); its cooperation with multiple clinics around the city allows acupuncture to be delivered to patients in need as a part of its community service program; its China hospital agreements allow students to study abroad;
  • American College of History & Legal Studies - Salem, New Hampshire; founded 2010 by the Massachusetts School of Law, originally proposed as the New Hampshire College of History & Law, unanimously state accredited by the New Hampshire Senate Bill 312(2010); the first completion college to offer early admission in to law school; offered an innovative teaching style based on the Harkness and Socratic Methods; graduated several notable alumni including State Representatives and Political Appointees; Closed in 2014 due to lack of
  • Annandale School - Tillsonburg, Ontario, Canada
  • ANU College of Arts and Social Sciences - other faculties of the university already have articles (see Template:Australian National University);
  • ANU College of Asia and the Pacific - other faculties of the university already have articles (see Template:Australian National University);
  • AOMA Graduate School of Integrative Medicine - Austin, Texas, United States; it mission is to transform lives and communities through graduate education in acupuncture and Oriental medicine; offers regionally accredited master's-level and doctoral-level graduate programs in acupuncture and Oriental medicine, preparing its students for careers as skilled, professional practitioners; since its founding in 1993, the school has grown rapidly in size and reputation, drawing students from around the nation and faculty from around the world; conducts approximately 20,000 patient visits annually in its student and professional clinics; collaborates with Western healthcare institutions including the Seton Family of Hospitals; gives back to the community through partnerships with nonprofit organizations and by providing free and reduced price treatments to people who cannot afford them;
  • Assisi International Animal Institute – Oakland, California, United States;
  • Aultman College of Nursing and Health Sciences - Canton, Ohio, United States;
  • Bay Area Public School (BAPS) - began in August 2012 in Oakland, California; part of an international network of free, learner-directed, community=supported schools; in addition to classes on many topics, BAPS hosts the HEARTS DESIRE Reading Series and has hosted the Oakland Youth Poetry Workshop; [249]; [250]; [251]; [252]; [253]; [254]
  • BCA Academy (also known as Building and Construction Authority Academy) - Singapore; established 1984; education and research arm of Building and Construction Authority, Singapore; comprises of three schools SBD (School of Building and Development), CCST (Centre for Construction Skills and Safety Training and SGM (School of Graduate Development and Management); moved to its current location at 18 May 1994; Official Website:
  • Bellin College (also known as Bellin College of Nursing) - Green Bay, Wisconsin, United States; established 1909; separately incorporated, not-for-profit, entity of Bellin Health System, Inc., a multi-faceted healthcare organization; the school's BSN program received accreditation in 1989 from the Council for Baccalaureate and Higher Degree Programs of the National League for Nursing and from the Commission on Institutions of Higher Education of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools; permission was received from HLC in 2004 for the school to offer the Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) in leadership with two specialty tracks, nursing education and nursing administration; in 2008, HLC granted permission for the school to offer a Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Science (BSRS) degree and the ability to offer general education courses; moved, in July 2009, from the downtown Green Bay location into the Village of Bellevue;
  • Beulah Heights University - Atlanta, Georgia, United States; founded 1918; offers students a Christian education; began offering, in 2012, a Doctorate of Ministry;
  • Birthwise Midwifery School - Birthwise Midwifery School is a three-year school founded in Bridgton, Maine in 1994. Built on the principles of female empowerment, natural birth, and skilled professionalism, it offers one of the first comprehensive training programs for direct-entry midwives in the United States. The program is accredited by the Midwifery Education Accreditation Council and licensed by the Maine Department of Education.;
  • Blessing-Rieman College of Nursing - Quincy, Illinois, United States; founded 1891; offers a four-year Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree through two joint programs with its partners, Culver-Stockton College and Quincy University; students take all nursing courses and clinicals at BRCN and general education courses at the partner college; the first nursing course is in the first semester of the sophomore year; most of the junior and senior years are spent on the BRCN campus; students who complete the program earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree and are eligible to take the state board of nursing examination for licensure as a registered urse (RN); also offers a Master of Science in Nursing degree program;
  • The Body Electric School - founded 1984; innovative leader in the fields of personal growth, eroticism and consciousness, offering programs for people of all genders and sexual orientations in the United States, Canada and Australia
  • Butler Technology and Career Development Schools (also known as Butler Tech) - Hamilton, Ohio, United States; includes three vocational schools that serve Butler County, Ohio, and ten of its public school districts; offer both adult- and teen-education programs including science, technology, education and business; one of the Ohio's largest vocational schools;
  • Caelum High School - Pune, Maharashtra, India; started with a purpose to groom children to be the future citizens of a developed nation;
  • California Institute of Advanced Management, Los Angeles, California - The California Institute of Advanced Management (CIAM) is a nonprofit graduate School that offers postgraduate education in Master's of Business Administration focused on Experiential learning. Students perform 12 consulting projects with various businesses through out their academic progress at CIAM, allowing them to immediately apply what they learn in the classroom out in real world business settings. Students are also encouraged to bring their own startup company idea for development while in school, providing professional support and guidance for their business plan. Visit for full details.
  • Catholic College Sale - Victoria, Australia
  • California Montessori Project - Northern California and Sacramento area; a group of kindergarten to 8th-grade schools in Northern California; models learning after the ideas of Maria Montessori; some involve preschool; students have high academic performance and the small, intimate learning environment is generally better than most school environments for all kids, including ones with learning disabilities, such as ADHD;
  • Central Magnet School - a 6–12 magnet school in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, United States; established 2010; school was only five years old when ranked fourth-best school in Tennessee by USNews; [255]
  • Chicago College of Chiropody and Pedic Surgery - Chicago, Illinois, United States; closed early 1960s; records and students absorbed by the Illinois College of Podiatry which later was named the Dr. Scholl College. (I can't find much online about it, but I was a student at Scholl and they had the old pictures of the CCC classes from the 1930s to the 1960s; alumni would occasionally request transcripts and such too, as Scholl had threcords)
  • Christ College of Nursing & Health Sciences - Cincinnati, Ohio, United States; school's predecessor, The Christ Hospital School of Nursing, established 1902; for over 105 years, The Christ Hospital School of Nursing grew in both size and sophistication to meet the changing healthcare needs within the greater Cincinnati and tri-state (Ohio-Indiana-Kentucky) region; has graduated over 6,000 registered nurses;
  • Coaching with NLP - Wayne Farrell, South Africa, 0749157633; They are a International training company, training coaches and therapists in subjects like NLP, coaching, body language, hypnosis and other personal development courses; Their courses are internationally recognized and they regularly provide free information to people in the field;
  • Colegio Americano del Pacífico S.C. - Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico; [256]; [257]
  • Colegio Universitario de San Juan - Puerto Rico; established January 10, 1972, in Saturce; vocational programs then offered included associate degrees and certificates in computer programming, electronics, secretarial science, architecture and building and nursing; in 1979, the building that houses the current physical facilities opened in Hato Rey; offers associate degrees and baccalaureate degrees; accredited since June 1978 by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools and the Commission on Higher Education; nursing program is accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (formerly National League of Nursing);
  • The College of Animal Welfare - established 1989; largest vocational training college of veterinary paraprofessionals in the United Kingdom; has four centres in the north, south, scotland, and central UK; OFSTED Report
  • Columbia Centro Universitario - Puerto Rico; established 1986; small for-profit business and health services school; has campuses in Yauco and Caguas;
  • Columbia Secondary School for STEM - selective, public, college preparatory school with a focus on science, math, and engineering; its program of study provides a challenging academic experience that prepares its students for selective colleges; for careers in science, math, and engineering; and for a life of civic engagement and ethical responsibility
  • The Cornerstone Seminary - seminary in Vallejo, California;
  • Counseling Center Village - a clearinghouse of information for and by professionals working at university and college mental health offices; sponsored by the American College Personnel Association and the University at Buffalo
  • Country Cousins Language School (An EFL school in North Devon, founded in 1951, teaches English to International Students aged 7-17. It is accredited by the British Council and EnglishUK. It provides the Trinity Exam, as well as a preparatory Course. It offers both EFL tuition and activity programmes.) (SOURCES - , , , ,, , , )
  • Dorset College (Vancouver) - Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
  • Digital Film Academy - New York City, New York, United States
  • D.K.T.E. Society's Textile & Engineering Institute - Ichalkaranji, Maharashtra, India; established 1982; classed as "A" grade by Maharashtra government; degree courses in textile technology, man-made textile technology, textile plant engineering, textile chemistry, electronics engineering, mechanical engineering and one diploma course (DTM) accredited by National Board of Accreditation (NBA AICTE) New Delhi; holds ISO 9001:2000 certification;
  • Career Institute Pakistan (Career Institute Pakistan is a CISCO Networking Academy (NetAcad).) (,
  • Edgecombe Community College - Tarboro, North Carolina, United States;
  • EDP University - Hato Rey, Puerto Rico;
  • Extended Modular Program EMP – Ain Shams Faculty of Medicine - part of the Faculty of Medicine in Ain Shams University; dedicated to improving medical education in Egypt; established 2014;
  • Fletcher Technical Community College - Schriever, Louisiana, United States;
  • Forreston High School - Forreston, Illinois, United States;
  • Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture - request for disambiguation page; FWSA can be either: (1) a type of architecture similar to that of architect Frank Lloyd Wright or (2) Taliesin: Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture (with campuses in Spring Green, Wisconsin, and Scottsdale, Arizona (
  • Global Justice Academy -; one of the four global academies at the University of Edinburgh, alongside the Global Health Academy (; the Global Development Academy (; and the Global Environment and Society Academy (
  • Good Samaritan College of Nursing & Health Science - Cincinnati, Ohio, United States; 340 students; single-focus institution that prepares students for a career in nursing or health sciences; located in teaching hospital (Good Samaritan Hospital); established 1896;
  • Gran Sasso Science Institute - GSSI (International School of Advanced Studies located in L'Aquila, Italy. Established in 2012. 120 PhD students. It provides 4 PhD courses: "Astroparticle Physics"; "Mathematics in Natural, Social and Life Sciences"; "Computer Science"; "Urban Studies and Regional Science". GSSI contributed with 8 coauthors to the first detection of Gravitational Waves) (,
  • Graduate School of Professional Psychology at the University of Denver (A school for post-graduate and graduate studies in clinical psychology, international disaster psychology, and many others. Also offers specific specialties catered to underrepresented populations) [258]; [259]; [260]; [261]; [262]; [263];
  • Grenadi School of Design - tertiary design school located in Australia, with campuses in Melbourne and Bairnsdale, Victoria, and Sydney, New South Wales; linked to Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre;
  • Haapavesi High School (fi:Haapaveden lukio) - located in northern Finland
  • Hailing Education Group . Requested 2017.08.11.
  • Harvard Center for Green Buildings and Cities - institute at Harvard University; aims to transform the building industry through a commitment to design-centric strategy that directly links research outcomes to the development of new processes, systems, and products;
  • Harvard Lions - unofficial mascot of Harvard University. Go lions!!!
  • Harvard Divinity School Horace de Y. Lentz Named Lectures - series of lectures at Harvard Divinity School given "every third year by some outstanding Christian priest, minister or layman upon the inspiring things he may discern in the words: 'Christo et Ecclesiae' which appear upon the Harvard Seal."; [Lentz Lectures]
  • Hawley Place School - (an independent nursery and school for boys and girls ages 2-16. Located on the border of Surrey and Hampshire, England) ; ( (,_Hampshire)
  • The Headwaters School - Red Star, Arkansas, United States; modern one-room school; offers supplemental education to home-schooled children in North West Arkansas; significant because of the community effort to create, build, and run the school; uses solar electricity and passive solar heating
  • Heichal Hatorah - Teaneck, New Jersey, United States; all-boys yeshiva; dedicated to providing a classic yeshiva education and a superior general studies program with excitement, warmth and a passion for growth;; established September 2013 at the Teaneck Jewish Center with an initial enrollment of 17 students
  • Helene Fuld College of Nursing - New York City, New York, United States; established 1945 as a training school for practical nurses; renamed the Helen Fuld School of Nursing in 1955, in 1964, started the first program in the country for licensed practical nurses to become registered nurses; in 1975 it became the first hospital-based school in the country to confer the Associate in Applied Science degree in nursing; renamed Helen Fund College of Nursing in 1996; in 2012, received approval from the New York State Department of Education to offer a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing;
  • Huertas College - Caguas, Puerto Rico; established 1945 as a secretarial school; formerly known as Huertas Junior College; began offering associate degrees in 1976; over the years, the school grew and diversified to offer degrees in health and many other fields; granted regional accreditation in 2006;
  • IFA Paris - international fashion design and luxury business school with campuses in Paris, Shanghai and Istanbul; offers undergraduate bachelor and postgraduate master/MBA degrees covering all of the fashion industry;
  • Indian School of Business Management and Administration - established 1992 by the NGO Aeren Foundation; ranks among the top-ten business schools that provide distance online management courses through correspondence with over 100 specializations and management courses for students to choose from with specially designed courses for working professionals; from diploma in management courses to the doctorate and laureate level;; [264]; [265]; [266]; [267]; [268]
  • Institute for Policy Research at Northwestern University - Evanston, Illinois, United States; produces and disseminates policy-relevant, rigorous research relating to public policy topics on a variety of subjects;
  • Instituto Comercial de Puerto Rico Junior College - Hato Rey, Puerto RIco; five campuses including Herd King, Mayaguez, Arecibo, Bayamon, and Manatee;Template:UL
  • ISA Lille - Graduate School of Agriculture and Bioengineering in Lille, France
  • Jackson Heart Study Community Outreach Center
  • Jackson Heart Study Daniel Hale Williams Scholars Program
  • Joseph Business School, Lake Park, Illinois, USA (requested 2017.04.17)
  • Kilian Community College - Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States; established 1977; offers a wide variety of two-year degree programs, as well as several four-year degree options and certificate programs;
  • Kingsworth - international school in Paris; offers education through the English education's system
  • Knowledge Systems Institute - Skokie, Illiois, United States; graduate school of computer and information sciences; established 1978; offers an MS degree in Computer and Information Sciences;
  • Leaden Hall School - 70 The Close, Salisbury, Wiltshire, United Kingdom
  • LSE Summer School - offers over 80 three-week courses taught by London School of Economics faculty; has the world's largest intake of international study abroad undergraduates compared with other summer schools across the globe; curriculum is drawn from across the university, with courses being offered in subjects as diverse as accounting, finance, economics, international relations, law, and business and management.
  • Louisiana Delta Community College - Louisiana, United States; open-admissions college; offers two-year degree programs, certificates, and courses for personal or professional growth; created by the Louisiana Legislature in 1997; managed by the Louisiana Community and Technical College System (LCTCS); Since it began offering classes in 2001, the school has consistently ranked among the best in the nation in student satisfaction; Summer 2009, accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools to award associate degrees; 2010 marked a growth spurt and expansion for the college; in June 2010, construction on school's new home finished; sitting just under 70 acres of land, the main building, the Louisiana Purchase Building, stands complete with 128,000 sq. ft.; in July 2010, Louisiana Delta Community College merged with Louisiana Technical College at Tallulah and Louisiana Technical College at Lake Providence; a second round of consolidations would come later in July 2012; at that time, LA Delta merged with the five campuses (Bastrop, Farmerville, Ruston, West Monroe, and Winnsboro) of Northeast Louisiana Technical College and LiteracyLINC, the adult-education program; name remained Louisiana Delta Community College with the city indicating specific campuses; LiteracyLINC came under the Workforce Development program and its name became DeltaLINC;
  • Louisiana Governor's Program for Gifted Children - Lake Charles, Louisiana, United States - the oldest school dedicated to gifted education in the state of Louisiana, and one of the oldest in the country, the Louisiana Governor's Program for Gifted Children (or GPGC) was founded in 1959 by Dr. George Middleton; one of the most notable alumni/teachers at the school was Tony Kushner, author of "Angels in America", among other works;
  • Luna Community College - Las Vegas, New Mexico, United States - only community college in northeastern New Mexico; located in the lower slopes of the Sangre de Cristo Mountain Range overlooking Las Vegas; in 1967, an act of the New Mexico Legislature authorized the establishment of a vocational training facility at Las Vegas; when LCC was founded in 1969, the new board of trustees honored Captain Maximiliano Luna by naming the school Luna Area Vocational Technical School. in 2000, the board of directors approved name change to Luna Community College, to signify that the college is a comprehensive community college; offers a broad range of vocational, technical, and professional education programs; has satellite centers in the northeasterner New Mexico towns of Mora, Springer and Santa Rosa;
  • Made Easy School Gurgaon - A co-educational school loacted in Bandhwari distt. of Gurgaon, Haryana is one of the emerging schools in Gurgaon and with esteem guidance of B. Singh and Jyoti Singh, it is destined to be one of the best schools in Delhi NCR.
  • Marbella International University Centre - International university in Marbella, spain, has agreements with UWL, MGIMO & Singidunum universities, offers double accreditation Bologna & UWL.
  • Martin Community College - Williamston, North Carolina, United States - the N.C. General Assembly initially authorized the school as Martin Technical Institute during the 1967 session; classes started in 1968; in June 1969, a favorable county-wide vote enabled the institute to apply for independent status; local and federal funds were secured to construct new facilities on a 65-acre tract just west of Williamston; school moved into its new home the week of May 24, 1971, and an open house and graduation exercises were held just days later on Sunday, May 30; the General Assembly granted Martin Technical Institute community college status on June 26, 1975, with funding for a two-year college transfer program appropriated five days later; the college's name was officially changed to Martin Community College on July 1, 1976;
  • McDowell Technical Community College - Marion, North Carolina, United States - part of the North Carolina Community College System;
  • Metro Delhi International School -
  • Metro Middle School (Metro Early College Middle School) - Columbus Ohio, United States; part of The Metro School; Ddrect lead to Metro Early College High School;; [269]
  • Mid-Plains Community College - McCook and North Platte, Nebraska, United States; consists of McCook Community College] (McCook, NE) and North Platte Community College (North Platte, NE; North Platte Community College has north and south campuses); extended campuses: Broken Bow (Broken Bow, NE), Imperial (Imperial, NE), Ogallala (Ogallala, NE) and Valentine (Valentine, NE);
  • Military School Belgaum - one of the five military schools in India (different from sainik schools); these military schools were established in 1945 by King George VI
  • Mitchell Technical Institute - Mitchell, South Dakota, United States - community college; founded 1968; has 30 on-campus academic programs and 7 online programs;
  • Mount Carmel College of Nursing - Columbus, Ohio, United States; founded 1903 by the Congregation of the Sisters of the Holy Cross; granted thousands of nursing diplomas before becoming Mount Carmel College of Nursing in 1990 with the introduction of a fully accredited Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program; in 2003, introduced a Master of Science program; ranks among the largest baccalaureate nursing programs in Ohio;
  • Myddelton College - Denbigh, North Wales, Unite Kingdom
  • National Graduate School of Quality Management - Falmouth, Massachusetts, United States; an accredited institution that delivers degree and certificate programs to adult professionals in the private and military sectors online, on-site, and a combination of the two called blended format;
  • National Judicial College - Reno, Nevada; founded in 1963; provides continuing education courses for judges at all levels from all 50 states and from many foreign countries; has trained more than 100,000 judges; college includes the National Tribal Judicial Center, which educates Native American judges and tribal court clerks and administrators; affiliated with the American Bar Association; overwhelming majority of courses are taught by volunteers (judges and retired judges) who have to apply for the position; course topics range from handling capital cases and judicial writing to the fundamentals of evidence and dealing with traffic offenders; In 2016, in response to the opioid crisis, a new course debuted, “What Judges Need to Know: Drugs in America Today”; alumni include former Supreme Court justices Sandra Day O'Connor (who has also taught at the college) and David Souter; guest speakers have included Stephen Breyer, Kenneth Starr, George H.W. Bush[36][37][38][39][40][41][42][43]
  • National Technical Schools - Los Angeles, California, United States; world-wide training since 1905; a lot of electronics projects made by this international school; many graduates worldwide; acquired by United Education and Software (UES), which went bankrupt in 1989; [270]
  • New Roads School - Santa Monica, California; independent Pre-k through 12th grade college-preparatory school;
  • NIIT University - Neemrana, India; private university; established 2009;; List of private universities in India#List of universities; Neemrana#Education; [271]; [272]; [273]; [274]; [275]; provides various degrees under UG, PG level of education
  • North East School of the Arts - four-year fine arts program at Robert E. Lee High School in San Antonio, Texas, United States
  • North Dakota State University at Sanford Health - Bismark, North Dakota, United States; small, upper division, college of nursing; formerly Sanford College of Nursing; co-educational; primarily a commuter campus; offers bachelor's degrees;
  • Ramona Alessandro Elementary School - San Bernardino, California, United States; students at the school are twice as likely to develop asthma per Loma Linda University study; school is approximately a quarter mile from a large railyard and the associated pollution
  • Renaissance Arts Academy - Eagle Rock, United States; implements a unique perspective into teaching, a perspective that transforms their students into scholars and opens up opportunities for all of them to go to college
  • Rockbridge Seminary - fully online seminary for practical theological education where students can learn where and while they serve in active ministry;
  • Royal Institute of Smart Technology (Royal Institute of Smart Technology (Rise))
  • Sri Venkateswara Bala Kuteer - [276]
  • Stansfield College - Singapore; Law School; Founded in 1993, Stansfield College is a long standing private higher education institution and a trusted provider of the University of London international programmes in Singapore. Its philosophy of recruiting only highly qualified and dedicated faculty and its unique learning system of small class sizes and focused attention providing its students with unrivalled learning opportunities. Over the years the College has continued to build on its strengths and today, its mission is a simple one – ‘to make learning enjoyable’. Stansfield College has over 20 years of experience as a specialist provider of University of London international programmes and is a Registered Centre of the University of London in Singapore. Its past recognitions include receiving the coveted Enterprise 50 award from 2002 to 2006 in recognition of its enterprising spirit and the Singapore Quality Class for PEOs in 2003. Stansfield College offers undergraduate degrees and diplomas in a range of academic disciplines which includes Law, Humanities and the EMFSS suite of programmes with specialisations in Economics, Management, Finance and the Social Sciences.;
  • Saginaw Chippewa Tribal College - Mount Pleasant, Michigan, United States; community college; in 1998, the Saginaw Chippewa Tribal Council adopted a resolution establishing a tribally controlled college and forming a governing board of regents; while the primary focus was to build a bridge between tribal members and higher education, the college was chartered as a public institution for all people in the community; in passing its resolution to establish the college, the council sought to increase access to higher education and to expand educational and career opportunities for the tribal community; the council also was taking responsibility to provide for the future of the tribe by investing in its most valuable resource, its members and employees; school's establishment was an important step in an educational empowerment process that seeks to preserve and maintain the Saginaw Chippewa tribal culture; school strives to provide a quality learning experience and environment designed to sustain the cultural continuity of the tribe from past to future generations; as a tribally controlled two-year college, the school offers Associate of Arts degrees; three degrees are offered: 1) Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts, 2) Associate of Arts in Native American Studies, and 3) Associate of Arts in Business. Each of these degree programs is intended for transfer to baccalaureate degree programs at local colleges and universities; chartered as a non-profit, public corporation of the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe of Michigan; school's primary geographic service area is the Isabella Reservation and greater Mount Pleasant area, which is the principal reservation of the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe; secondary service area is the Saganing Reservation, a subsidiary, smaller reservation of the tribe;
  • Saint Elizabeth College of Nursing - Utica, New York, United States; established 1904 as a single purpose three-year diploma program in nursing; registered by the New York State Education Department as St. Elizabeth Hospital School of Nursing and graduated its first class of seven in 1907; nursing program was a natural outgrowth of the tradition and mission of St. Elizabeth Medical Center (SEMC) which is to care for the sick and helpless. The college maintains a strong tie with its parent institution, SEMC, as well as other clinical agencies to provide superior clinical experiences for students in all clinical areas; offers a two-year associate in applied science (AAS) degree in nursing, fully integrating theoretical learning with clinical experiences within a caring environment; nursing courses include direct patient care that is planned and supervised by a faculty member with expertise in a particular nursing area; one of the strengths of the program at St. Elizabeth is its clinical component that combines the theory learned in class with actual nursing practice allowing for immediate transfer and application of knowledge; offers evening/weekend nursing program in addition to weekday program; In 2007–2008, St. Elizabeth College of Nursing and SUNYIT announced a unique partnership: 1+2+1 program is for high school students who possess excellent academic achievement and can meet the rigorous admission requirements for the program. During the freshmen year, the general education requirements are completed at SUNYIT. In years two and three, the student will earn an associates degree while completing the nursing program at St. Elizabeth College of Nursing leading to RN license. The fourth and final year of the program returns the student to SUNYIT where a BS degree is earned (BSN); opportunity to earn two nursing degrees in four years; has graduated over 3,000 men and women;
  • St. Francis Xavier College (Victoria) - one of the largest secondary schools located in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, with campuses in Berwick, Victoria, Officer, Victoria, and Beaconsfield, Victoria
  • Saint Gregory the Great Seminary - Seward, Nebraska, Unites States; established 1998; named in honor of Saint Gregory the Great, who was born in Rome about 540 and died on March 12, 604; accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and a member of the North Central Association; an approved institution of higher education in the State of Nebraska by the Coordinating Commission for Post-Secondary Education; member of the National Association of College Seminaries;
  • St. Louise de Marillac School - Arabi, Louisiana
  • Saint Luke's College - Sioux City, Iowa, United States; private two-year nursing and health sciences college;
  • Southeast Hospital College of Nursing and Health Sciences - Cape Girardeau, Missouri, United States; private not-for-profit institution of higher learning that specializes in the preparation of individuals for healthcare careers; the original Southeast Hospital School of Nursing opened in 1928; it focused on educating and training individuals for registered nursing; the school closed as a result of economic hardships during the Depression years; plans to re-open the hospital-based nursing program as an LPN to RN educational program began in 1990; in 1992, the Missouri State Board of Nursing awarded the school accreditation as a diploma program; the School of Nursing transitioned to the College of Nursing with approval being granted by the Missouri State Board of Nursing in 1995; in 2000, the name of the college was changed to Southeast Hospital College of Nursing & Health Sciences when a surgical technology program was opened;
  • State Technical College of Missouri - Linn, Missouri, United States; founded 1961 as a part of the local school district and transferred to the State of Missouri in 1996; in 2013, it was decided that the college will change its name to State Technical College of Missouri. The name change took effect July 1, 2014;
  • South Florida Bible College and Seminary - Deerfield, Florida, United States; established 1985; has national, but not the more prestigious regional, accreditation;
  • Southeast Technical Institute - Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States; vocational school;
  • Southwest Collegiate Institute for the Deaf - established by the Board of Trustees of the Howard County Junior College District (HCJCD) on November 6, 1979; part of Howard College;
  • Summerhill West - Los Angeles, California, United States; free school in the 1960s; modeled after Summerhill School
  • Sunrise Residential Treatment Center-A residential treatment and boarding school for girls 13-17 with emotional and behavioral issues; (
  • Saint Clement School- Chicago, Illinois, United States; Saint Clement School is a private, coeducational, Catholic school located in Downtown Chicago, Illinois. The first classes for the school were held in September 1906, and in 1977 the school combined with the Saint Clement Church;
  • The Community School (Decatur, Georgia) - a private school in Decatur, Georgia, located in the back of First Baptist Church of Decatur. It is dedicated to teaching students with autism and other developmental disabilities. It was founded in 2005 by Dave Nelson. [277] [278] [279] [280]
  • Topeka West High School - public high school in Topeka, Kansas; part of the Topeka Public Schools district; purportedly the first public high school in the United States to use an "open campus" design approah and the high school of several famous alumni in the arts, education and athletics
  • Trinity College of Nursing & Health Sciences - Rock Island, Illinois, United States; school's history can be traced back to 1898 when the Moline Public School of Nursing opened its doors with two students; 1899 when St. Anthony's Hospital School of Nursing opened its doors with four students; and 1916 when the Lutheran Hospital and its School for Nurses opened its doors to serve students interested in the field of nursing; as the affiliated schools grew and merged over the years, the nursing and allied health programs combined, formally creating Trinity College of Nursing & Health Sciences; awarded candidacy status from the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools in 1996; awarded full accreditation status in 1998; accredited by its professional accrediting organizations in nursing, radiology, and respiratory care; campus adjacent to Trinity Medical Center;
  • Universitas Castellae - located in Valladolid, Spain; private institution; specializes in teaching Castillian Spanish to foreign students;
  • University of Cincinnati College of Nursing - Cincinnati, Ohio, United States - founded in 1889 and established the first-ever baccalaureate nursing degree program in 1916; accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education; offers an RN to Bachelor of Science in Nursing, a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing; also offers Master of Science in Nursing and Doctor of Nursing Practice degrees in various specialties, as well as a research-based Ph.D.; programs offered on campus and online; has about 3,000 full- and part-time students across the U.S.; many programs are ranked in the top 5–10 percent in the U.S.;; [281]
  • UTS Faculty of Law - ranked sixth-top law school in Australia and 41st in the world in the 2016 release of the QS (Quacquarelli Symonds) World University Rankings by Subject)
  • Village School (Pacific Palisades, California) - independent, pre-K through 6th grade school;
  • Vinnytsia National Technical University - higher education institution in Vinnytsia, Ukraine
  • Vir Chandra Singh Garhwali Govt. Medical College - Srinagar, Uttarakhand
  • Wales Deanery - The Wales Deanery is a public institute that delivers postgraduate medical and dental education for nearly 3,000 training grade doctors and dentists based throughout Wales. Funded by the Welsh Government, the Wales Deanery works in partnership with local NHS health boards and trusts to offer educational support to these trainees, and to support improvements in delivery and safety of patient-centred healthcare. [282] [283] [284]
  • Wayne Central High School - Ontario, New York, United States; art of the Wayne Central School District; serves 800 students; offers the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program;
  • Western High School - Washington, DC, United States; the former Western High School currently redirects to the Duke Ellington School of the Arts; although located in the same building, these two schools operated consecutively; information about WHS is *not* addressed in the DESA article, other than perhaps a few alumni who may be inappropriately listed there; WHS information may be found on its alumni page at
  • Williamsburg Technical College - Kingstree, South Carolina, United States; co-educational community college; located in a rural setting and is primarily a commuter campus; offers certificate, diploma and associate degrees;
  • White Flint Children's House - An accredited member school with the American Montessori Society in Rockville, MD serving children 18 months to 6 years old.
  • World Mentoring Academy - MOOC 30,000 students estimated June 2010, "An Open Community for Successful Learning" Free World class mobile education, for experiential, design & project-based education; supporting credit-by-exam and challenging university courses;; [285]; [286]; [287]; [288]
  • WorldQuant University is licensed by the Board of Regents of the State of Louisiana. [289][290][291]. It is now offering a tuition-free, online master’s degree in financial engineering. [292]
  • Yale Interdisciplinary Center for Bioethics - institute for the study of bioethics at Yale University;
  • WEBNext Labs - An ISO 9001:2015 Certified organization providing professional web technology education to school students mostly for free. Kolkata, India; (Newspaper Source:

Amitkumarjha8 (talk) 14:16, 12 April 2017 (UTC)

  • Teachers' Reasource Centre - An non profit organization providing professional early childhood education to school students and terachers mostly for free. Karachi, Pakistan; (Newspaper Source:

Syed Muhammad Aftab (talk) 23:21, 17 May 2017 (UTC)


Research centers



  • BrainHoney - learning management system
  • Classical-African studies - as compared to African-American studies
  • community-based instruction (community based instruction) - research-based practice to facilitate the transition to adult life for students with disabilities, is sustained and repeated elementary and secondary instruction that takes place in the community rather than in a school building; [293]
  • Comparative Research Programme on Poverty (CROP) - established with a secretariat in Bergen in 1993 in order to promote social science research that theorises and provides understanding of poverty in a global context; wo institutional sponsors, the University of Bergen (UiB) and the International Social Science Council (ISSC); in 2009, the ISSC signed an agreement with UiB incorporating CROP into the university's academic and administrative environment; the CROP Secretariat has a scientific director and supporting scientific and administrative staff; responsibility for the general orientation of the scientific content of the programme falls primarily on the Scientific Committee (SC); [294]; [295]; [296]; [297]; [298]; [299]; Else Øyen; [300]; [301]; [302]; [303]; [304]; [305]; [306]; [307]; [308]; [309]; [310]; [311]; [312]; [313]; [314]; [315]; [316]; [317]; [318]; [319]
  • Cotutelle - Dual Ph.D. programs run through a French and a non-French tertiary institution?
  • CYBER KIDS - innovative kids curriculum. Replaces teacher-centered paradigm with the child- centered, encourages interactions between individual learners, combining structured methodologies, and a purpose.
  • DCCCD STEM Institute - organization founded by the Dallas County Community College District to support exceptional students pursuing STEM majors. Students are accepted to this organization after a rigorous and competitive application and reviewing process. The STEM Institute provides scholarships, faculty mentoring opportunities, and seminars to benefit its member students.) (
  • European Ph.D - offered by several universities throughout the EU



  • NASA SHARP - summer-hire program for young adults ages 16–17 through NASA
  • NETS Program at UPENN - Singh Program in Networked and Social Systems Engineering;
  • Newcastle Commission - responsible for Revised Code of 1862 that changed educational system in England
  • OCTA Innovation - EU-funded programme in co-ordination with 20 Caribbean, Pacific and Atlantic islands' governments to foster innovation at the EU Overseas Countries and Territories.
  • Open Learn Project - Open Courseware Initiative of the Open University UK
  • Portfolio Assessment - a collection of student work used to evaluate their progress
  • President's Educations Awards Program - Snuffles72 20:49, 2 April 2007 (UTC)
  • school laptop program - see Oak-Land Jr. High School and [324]
  • SpellRead - highest-ranked intervention program for ELL and spec ed learners according to US govt. study - though with caveats (
  • Stages of Learning - arts education program that existed between 1994 and 2010 with a geographical focus on New York City. (Disclosure: I am the founder). Information: "Reflection and Inquiry in Stages of Learning Practice," Teaching Artist Journal (Routledge), 11:4,, 224-233; ; “Boards of Education,” New York Post, July 11, 2004 at [325]; United States Patent and Trademark Office, Serial Numbers 78715890 (registration number 3150834) and 75459495 (registration number 2341842); Guidestar Reports including IRS 990 filings at [326]; "Committee Meeting Report - June 2010 Council Meeting Arts Education Program (AIE) - Panel Ratings and Recommendations", New York State Council on the Arts, p. 21 at [327]; "Blueprint for Teaching and Learning in Theater Grades PreK-12", NYC Department of Education, pii, at [328]; “Annual Arts in Schools Report 2008-2009,” NYC Department of Education at [329]; NYC Department of Education contract re: Serial No. #R0089 from the Office of the Arts and Special Programs, July 24, 2008 (copy of contract on file at NYC DOE; copy available from Floyd Rumohr ) ; “Learning that All The World’s A Stage” by Kathy Storfer, NYMetroParents at [330]; "Act of Learning", Go Brooklyn, June 24, 2002 (please note that the organization changed its legal name from “Chekhov Theatre Ensemble” to "Stages of Learning" in 2003 — please see "Certificate of Amendment" to Articles of Incorporation filed with the State of New York Department of State on November 26, 2003); Booth Ferris Foundation Awards $150,000 to Build Stages of Learning's Capacity" PR Newswire at [331]. Annual Reports and other archives published by the organization between 1994-2009 are available for review from Floyd Rumohr
  • Teach and Learn with Georgia - an EFL program similar to EPIK, JET, and other national EFL programs; [332]; [333]; [334]; [335]
  • Tuckwell Scholarships - undergraduate scholarship program worth up to AUS$100 000 and run by the Australian National University. It was founded in 2014 through the donation of $50 million by Graham and Louise Tuckwell, and in 2016 an additional $200 million was donated to the program. See the main website at <> and many online interviews and articles about it.
  • The Undergraduate Awards - international academic awards programme based in Ireland; undergraduate students' coursework is judged anonymously across a range of disciplines and successful entrants are brought to a summit in Dublin, Ireland and published in a journal;
  • Washington Workshops - a study-in-Washington, DC, program for high school students; competitor of Presidential Classroom
  • Washington Network for Innovative Careers (WaNIC) -
  • West Bengal State Council of Vocational Education & Training -
  • Wright Living - see Wright Year of Transformation ( ) and Wright Graduate University ([48]). Wright Living is an institute and high-cost program founded by married professional couple Dr. Bob Wright and Dr. Judith Wright, and is located at 445 E. Ohio Street in Downtown Chicago, IL. The aim of Wright's methodology is in the realm of the popular life coaching trend in the helping field. Judith Sewell Wright's education in psychology and advanced degrees in counseling and education have proven substantial for her work coining the term "Soft Additions" in 1991; Wright and her subsequent theory on soft addictions in our lives. The Wright Living as an institution, however, takes the power couple on a very different path than expected from two professionals in the helping field. Wright advertises weekend trainings that cost nearly $2,000. These weekends have had stirred controversy over their strict guidelines and push on students to stay longer than they feel comfortable; [336]

Other education topics

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Comment: possibly this is referring to conversion between logic families, see [353], but the requester has given no context.
  • turbolite - as mentioned at Texas Star, right before the marker for reference 8
  • VM "The Voice of Music" - old hi-fi/stereo; from Benton Harbor, Michigan; like Heathkit; old record players used in classrooms, etc.
  • VNITZ VEI - a high-voltage electric research centre near Moscow, Russia; it was thought to be abandoned, however, it is not and they actively set it off; [354]; [355] [356]


  • internal photoelectric effect - an extension to the current photoelectric effect article. The current article only discusses the external effect where electrons leave the material. The internal photoelectric effect follows a similar principal but electrons are free within the material creating the internally flowing photo current seen in image sensors and communications photo diodes. References to include: "High Performance Silicon Imaging: Fundamentals and Applications of CMOS and CCD Image Sensors", Durini, 2014 and references therein.
  • normally-on (normally on) - transistors are considered "normally-on" or "normally-off" depending on their compositional traits. Though this definition is simple to understand, a full explanation of how exactly this is accomplished requires some expert detail.
  • Surface Leakage Current in Diodes.

Signal processing

  • VFC (Voltage-to-Frequency Conversion)
  • Rayleigh Bandwidth


Other electronics topics

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Fishing, fisheries, and aquaculture

Flags, coat of arms, logos and trademarks


Requests for articles about law are on a separate page, and should be added there.

Library science

  • Badgerlink - tax-funded collection of databases for Wisconsinites
  • Canadian Abridgment - Canadian bibliography and indices of legal citations including statutes, regulations, case law, digests, etc.
  • Cardex (technology) - old-school storage technology :)
    • Is it not "Kardex", a record keeping system made by an American company; metal cabinets with cards lying down inside?
  • CLOCKSS - not-for-profit, sustainable and geographically distributed dark archive to ensure the long-term survival of web-based scholarly publications;; uses the LOCKSS ( technology
  • Cornell VIVO - research-focused discovery tool; enables collaboration among researchers across all disciplines; one can browse or search information on people, departments, courses, grants, and publications; started at Cornell University, it is spreading to many other institutions, sponsored by a $12.2 million in funding from the National Center for Research Resources of the National Institutes of Health to enable national networking with VIVO
  • CRAAP test - a test for evaluating the reliability of sources; see here for the original text of the test
  • Demco - library products company
  • Free Library Movement - a social movement in the early 20th century to provide free access to libraries source brief mention - not to be confused with the Little Free Library movement.
  • Insignia Software - library automation software company; provides various new generation library software;
  • Interinstitutional style guide - I guess this means Publications Office of the European Union (24 July 2008). "Interinstitutional Style Guide". Europa. European Union; It is briefly mentioned at style guide#International
  • KANAnswer - information service provided by Kansas libraries in a live-chat format
  • Library 3.0 - library science post-Web 2.0; with semantic-web considerations
(what about Libraries and the Semantic Web instead? There should be a little information for that, but this one would probably be WP:OR. Jodi.a.schneider (talk) 11:16, 5 December 2010 (UTC)


no category at October 2016 (perhaps deleted?)


  • Moore Crossey - former African Studies librarian at Northwestern University and Yale University
  • Vivian Davidson Hewitt - First African American President of the Special Libraries Association and noted collector of African American Art; [393]
  • Peter Kurilecz - archivist and certified records manager; writes on archives, photograph preservation, and local history ('Dallas then & now') known for his "Records and Archives In the News" (RAIN) weekly listserv series
  • James Douglas Pearson - librarian, School of Oriental and African Studies, London; [394]
  • Robert George C. Proctor (1868–1903) - pioneering bibliographer at the British Museum: edition of diaries; Proctor papers
  • Barrett Reid, artist and librarian. biography, scholarship


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Northfield Foundry and Machine Company -; virtually the only remaining original U.S. company still making heavy industrial classic (non-computerized) cast-iron woodworking machinery, of the many great companies that at one time were sought-after sources worldwide for woodworking machinery. As written in Vintage ([395]), "Northfield has been in business since 1920. They are one of the very few remaining makers of non-computerized, industrial-grade heavy iron. For example, their 8" jointer weighs 1150 lbs; their tablesaw weighs 1780 lbs."


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Technology and tools


  • Action Launcher – an Android launcher that has been on multiple "best Android launchers" lists: [396]; [397]; [398]; [399]; [400]
  • Adaptive Web Design: Crafting Rich Experiences with Progressive Enhancement - A web design book that has been widely praised for its framing of progressive enhancement; First Edition: Easy Readers, ISBN 978-0-9835895-1-8, Library of Congress Control Number: 2011929159; Second Edition: New Riders, ISBN-13: 978-0134216140, ISBN-10: 0134216148; First edition was voted the #1 web design book of 2011 (original missing, but referenced)[401]
  • Aerialtronics - Commercial drone manufacturer bringing deep learning, AI and cloud computing to drones with IBM and NVIDIA [402]; [403]; [404]; [405]; [406]
  • Akta Chromatography Tool - [407]
  • Amoeba (operating system) - online operating system;; currently an article that has been flagged for deletion Page exists and this article is not flagged for deletion
  • Apex Launcher – an Android launcher; has been on multiple "best Android launchers" lists: [408]; [409]; [410]; [411]; [412]; [413]; [414]
  • ApexSQL free tools - free SQL tools for SQL auto-complete, formatting, refactoring, text and object search [415]. These free tools (ApexSQL Complete, ApexSQL Refactor and ApexSQL Search) have been recognized by the SQL community all over the world. Some of the third-party sources that fully mention ApexSQL free tools are: [416]; [417]; [418]; [419]; [420]; [421]; ApexSQL Complete and ApexSQL Refactor have been awarded by the SQLMag (SQL Server Pro) community in 2013: [422]; [423]. All awards are listed at
  • AQuA (audio quality analyzer, Audio Quality Analyzer)
  • Arconium Carbide
  • aRED - excercise equipment on the International Space Station
  • Atmos International - a pipeline technology company;
  • Audio Video Coding Standard of China (AVS China) - a digital video coding standard
  • Auxetic Fibers - see Auxetics; perhaps add a section there such as Uses
  • Axode - spatial motions described by the motions of a moving axode on a fixed axode
  • Babbit bar - a (usually) trapezoidal tool made of soft metal for use in hammering an object that may be damaged by direct impact; [424]
  • Barienger brake (req. 2007-05-19) - [425]
  • Basis Technologies - A global software company that provides automation tools for companies using SAP. The company specializes in DevOps for SAP and are advocates of agile development continuous delivery. Forrester Review Gartner study Second Gartner study Third Gartner study Fourth Gartner study Fifth Gartner study Sixth Gartner study Second Forrester review SAP support Business Wire SAP APP center
  • BerkeleyLUG (Berkeley Linux User Group)
  • Bindows AJAX framework
  • bleach dispenser
  • Body Orifice Scanning System - device used to scan the inside of the human rectum, commonly used on prisoners to detect smuggled contraband.
  • Bluefin Payment Systems - provider of secure payment technology for enterprises and financial institutions; its proprietary PayConex Platform includes PCI-validated Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE), QuickSwipe mobile POS, Ecommerce, tokenization and international payments; headquartered in Atlanta, with offices in Melville (New York), Chicago (Illinois), Tulsa (Oklahoma), and Waterford, Ireland; [426]; [427]; [428]; [429]; [430]; [431]; [432]
  • bomb blanket
  • Burning fluid (req. 2007-12-30)
  • Buzz Launcher – an Android launcher that has been on multiple "best Android launchers" lists: [433]; [434]; [435]; [436]; [437]; [438]; [439]




  • Facenama - social networking site in Iran;
  • Facom - French manufacturer of innovative and ergonomic automotive tools, now part of Stanley Black & Decker; its tools are sold worldwide;; [460]; [461]
  • Facsimile Phasing Call - a single-ring call (from or to a fax machine?) that triggers a callback
  • Falcongaze-data leak prevention solutions - solutions for data leak prevention and employees networking activities control and monitoring
  • Feature Manipulation Engine - FME popular GIS software, a platform that streamlines the translation of spatial data between geometric and digital formats
  • Fickett-Jacobs cycle - thermodynamic cycle
  • Fitting (sailing) - the current article on coupling does not really address the use of these devices on sailing ships, though the concepts are very similar. At some point an article to make the distinction clearer would be very helpful.
  • - A web app for the fitness industry where you can find your way to fitness. Also has fitness specific scheduling tools, online payments, roster management, a social network, subbing tools, verified reviews and big data that meets the fitness industry.
  • FlashVOS - Virtualization technology innovator
  • Floor life - of a microchip
  • Flurry, Inc. - mobile application analytics provider
  • Flutter Shutter - hardware/software invention to decrease motion blur
  • FlyData Inc. - company focused on providing cloud-based integration solutions; official partner of Amazon Redshift;
  • Focusrite Audio Engineering Ltd. - UK company famous for its microphone pre-amps and consoles
  • Fomapan -Eastern European manufacturer of photographic films
  • FoodShootr - a new mobile community on the iPhone that lets you share your eats with the world
  • Freight+ - software, shipping manifest system, main product of Freight+ (company) formerly Carrera Computers; started 1986, certified with UPS, FedEx, USPS & Endicia integration, AESDirect, Sage partner, MS Dynamics partner, AccountMate partner, QuickBooks partner, works with AccuDart, SAP, Volusion, ALERE, and other ERP/accounting systems. Also rate shops and ships LTL carriers. Works Standalone or integrates w/accounting systems or custom systems, or connects via API or ODBC; [462]; [463]; [464]; [465]
  • Fusion Red - company that sells gaming desktop computers;
  • Future Technology Workshop Method - for the design of new technology
  • GaffGun - floor-tape applicator that gathers and centers cables and applies tape over them;
  • gamma-ray altimeter - measures the photon backscatter of a gamma source; developed to trigger reverse thrusters for the Soyuz reentry capsule; [466]; [467]
  • Garret Coil
  • Gifford-McMahon cycle - thermodynamic cycle
  • Glacier glass
  • GNU remotecontrol - software; a server program with a web-based interface for managing multiple IP-enabled HVAC thermostats;
  • GO Launcher – an Android launcher that has been on multiple "best Android launchers" lists: [468]; [469]; [470]; [471]
  • Goldberg wedge - Invented by Emanuel Goldberg. An intensity scale used in sensitometer or photography enlargers
  • Google Charts - replacement for Google Chart, an API for creating data visualizations
  • Google TTS (Google Text-to-Speech) - Google's free speech-synthesis software
  • Google Web Starter Kit - boilerplate an tooling for multi-device development; [472]
  • Gpsylon - open-source Java GPS map application/framework; [473]; [474]
  • GrafEq - software that produces 2D plots of equations f(x,y)
  • GrandCare Systems - digital home-health technology company
  • graphene water filter
  • graphene oxide water filter
  • Graphokote - graphite-based lubricant; produced by Dixon Graphite; sold by Asbury Carbons
  • grid defection - when an electric utility user disconnects from the power grid by using distributed generation sources such as photovoltaics, CHP and some form of electrical storage like batteries; [475]; [476]
  • grip length - related to bolts and bolt tightness



  • Jacobson Consulting Applications, Inc. - first and largest independent consulting firm dedicated solely to the technical and operational needs of nonprofits; [485]; [486]; [487]; [488]; [489]
  • Jason pistol - used to clean rust from corroded materials (Is this not a slang term/proprietary name for a needle gun?)
  • JIBO - (currently a redirect) a social interactive robot; development team headed by Cynthia Breazeal; due for release in 2016
  • jRipper and jTagger - [490]; [491]; jRipper is a CD ripper that uses LAME; jTagger is an id3 tag editor; both run on Java
  • Jungo, Inc. (customer relationship management (CRM) product) (; (; (; (;(; (; (; (; (; (
  • Kablink - collaboration software suite; former IceCore
  • Kawaii Codec Pack - a Windows freeware codec pack; competitor of Combined Community Codec Pack‎
  • - marketing automation software for self-published authors; [492]; [493]; [494]; [495]
  • keyboard map - software; tells operating system what character to input based on keyboard input
  • K-Jofol - an old audio player; about the same age as Sonique
  • KinKast - private video-sharing start-up company; based in Palo Alto, California;; has iPhone application and web-based interfaces
  • KiSSFLOW - workflow management software
  • Klean Kanteen - the original, eco-friendly, BPA-free, steel water bottle
  • Knowledge Base Software Comparison - similar to the layout of comparison of wiki software
  • Knowware
  • Kraftwerk Kennzeichen System (abbreviated KKS) - identification and classification system for equipment and components in process plan
  • Kurio - an Android tablet made for children
  • Laser Doppler Displacement Measurement (abbreviated LDDM); Optodyne, Inc.; Laser Doppler Sensor Brings New Performance to Machining; A Breakthrough in Submicrometer Positioning Technology
  • lawnmower engine (see lawnmower) and small engines) - including diagrams and some mechanical suggestions (maybe try that Wiki Howto?)
  • Template:LeakSmart Smart Home technology device. Detects leaks to save your home from thousands of dollars in flood damage. [496]
  • Learning Tower - a babycare/child safety/educational device for elevating toddler/preschoolers to counter height; [497]
  • Lifestream Aggregator - the aggregation of one's digital/Internet life
  • light distribution - polar diagram of a lamp
  • Lightmolen - seems to be a scientific device I have noticed here in Holland; cannot find any reference to it on the English Wikipedia although there is an article about it on the Dutch Wikipedia (nl:Lightmolen)
  • Linde-Hampson cycle (req. pre-2008-05-17) - thermodynamic cycle
  • line dubbed - often used in connection with pirated copies of films; dubbed or dubbing (English to dub, sync in German:) here means the replacement of the original sound in video footage; line represents an audio input (line in) or output (line out) for computers and other multimedia devices; the sound is dubbed in line directly tapped from the main line of the projector or Dolby - decoder; these are standard MP3 player with recording function, or professional line recorder used; however, the tone of the film distributors is often highlighted (marked), based on this marker can detect film distributors, which comes from the cinema of sound; many release groups but are able to filter out these markings; a line dubbed is in contrast to a mic dubbed (microphone recording, abbreviation: MD) quality, as noise accounts for the cinema; both line dubbed and mic dubbed mentioned in telesync
  • linear combustion engine
  • liquid carbon dioxide In the same vein as liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen or liquid hydrogen
  • List of extreme measurable physical values - extreme measurable physical value
  • location sensing
  • Lock Zipper Bags
  • locker service (req. 2012-01-20) – type of file-transfer service and/or web-storage service; term used in article about Megaupload. Source: Sisario, Ben (January 20, 2012). "7 Charged as F.B.I. Closes a Top File-Sharing Site". The New York Times. Retrieved January 20, 2012.-- (talk) 15:02, 20 January 2012 (UTC)
  • Locye - A social media platform that lets you interact with those that you are not already connected with, who are sharing a common experience at the same place as you. It lets you post content that's visible to people near your current physical location and lets you see posts made by others nearby. It also lets you observe social activity at real-time hotspots and places of interest worldwide. Users can post anonymously or with their identity; for a day or forever. [498]; [499]; [500]; [501]; [502]; [503]; [504]
  • Logitech Revolution series - merge and move of the Logitech MX revolution and Logitech VX revolution
  • low peak fuse (low-peak fuse)
  • Luminometer for HACCP
  • LVD induction lighting





comment: related to Ramsey interferometry?; October 2016




Vehicle/automotive technology

Military technology



Genetics: List of Hox clusters - a description of all Hox gene expressions and their gene name, functions, protein sequences and conditions due to mutation or absence; UniProt, MeSH, Wikipedia, European Journal of Endocrinology, 1000 Gnomes and others


See also: List of firearms


Requests for articles about transportation are on a separate page, and should be added there.


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