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For other basic information for readers of Wikipedia, see Wikipedia:About, Wikipedia:FAQ/Readers, and the Reader's guide to Wikipedia. For a topic-based index to Wikipedia articles, see Portal:Contents.

(Note: This index is for readers of Wikipedia. For editors, see the Editor's index to Wikipedia. For other useful directories and indexes, see Wikipedia:Directory.)





  • Dictionary:
  • Downloading all of Wikipedia: (see also Mobile access; for downloading individual pages, see Exporting (a page))
    • Pre-packaged:
      • June 2006 ("official" version)
      • Wikipedia:TomeRaider database
        • Most recent version – £3.00 requested payment; includes £1 donation to the Wikipedia Foundation [sic]
        • Slightly older English version (free)
      • Wikipedia-iphone – complete download for iPhone or iPod Touch
      • Infodisiac downloads (for Windows Mobile/Pocket PC, regular Windows O/S, and Palm)
      • Webaroo – download of all Wikipedia articles as a set of web pages, for off-line reading (horribly out-of-date)




  • Geocoding:
    • GeoPedia – provides iPhone owners with a Wikipedia feed customized to their current location
    • mw:Beta Features/Nearby Pages - Adds a button to the top right corner of pages that contain geographical information, to get the reader to "nearby" pages
    • Showing existing Wikipedia articles on a map:
      • Wikimapia
      • Google:
        • Google Maps has an option, under "More", to place markers showing Wikipedia articles
        • About the Google Earth Geographic Web Layer
  • Good articles: (see also Featured articles)
  • Google:
  • Guestbooks: see User pages






  • Merchandise:
  • Missing articles:
  • Mirrors:
  • Mobile access:
    • Wikipanion - for iPad and iPhone
    • "iPhone Gems: Wikipedia Apps" – review of 16 apps for the iPhone or iPod touch (November 2008)
    • Real-time version of Wikipedia:
      • Help:Mobile access
      • mw:Mobile Beta - experimental staging area for new features that may eventually be added to the official mobile site
      • "Accessing Wikipedia via mobile devices", Signpost article, January 2009
      • Semi-experimental mobile portal (as of February 2008)
      • Wapedia
      • m:Mobile subdomain
      • Wikipanion – Free iPhone/iPod app; searches using a fast, native interface; includes autosuggest, landscape mode, and large, readable text.
    • Downloaded version of Wikipedia:
      • Pocket Wikipedia – 24,000 images and 14 million words (for PocketPC, Windows and Linux machines)
      • Encyclopodia – complete download, for Apple iPod
      • Wikipedia-iphone – complete download for iPhone or iPod Touch
      • WikiPock
      • Screencast: "How to install Wikipedia on your iPod Touch or iPhone!", February 8, 2008
    • Other:
      • GeoPedia – provides iPhone owners with a Wikipedia feed customized to their current location
      • "Kiwi" client – for iPhone and iPod




  • Page views: (see also Counts)
    • Most viewed (English Wikipedia):
      • Wikipedia:Popular pages
      • Most accessed pages per day (Wikistics)
      • Wikipedia article traffic statistics – the 1000 pages with the most views (for April 2013) [last checked: November 2013]
    • For any specific article or other page:
      • Monthly chart for any specified page ("Wikipedia article traffic statistics") (for pages that are not articles, include the namespace as a prefix) ("Hendrik's tool")
      • tools:~emw/wikistats/ - Wikipedia article traffic statistics (alpha, as of November 2013)
      • Raw counts – beginning (24 hourly snapshots per day) December 10, 2007 (announcement)
  • Password: see Logging in
  • Portals:
  • Preview of a link: Navigation popups [NEED LINK]
  • Printing: Help:Printable
  • Privacy:





  • Table of contents:
  • Tables:
  • Translations:
    • Wikipedia in different languages – overview:
    • Information about languages, and translation aids:
    • Moving information from other language Wikipedias to the English Wikipedia
      • Wikipedia:Translation
      • Wikipedia Bilingual – side-by-side display of an article in any two languages in which it is available (Firefox browser extension)




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