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This page and its 10 subpages are designed to supplement Wikipedia:Reference desk and its seven subpages. These 11 pages can have a number of uses.

  • They provide a list of alternative places for Wikipedia visitors to ask questions.
  • They provide a list of resources to help Wikipedia respondents to find answers to questions.
  • They provide a means to assist Wikipedians and others in comparing the quality of reference service provided in different places.

The following points are useful to anyone consulting this list.



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(Questions can sometimes be given specialized attention by individual Wikipedians, or by groups of members of specific WikiProjects, especially if the questions pertain to improving Wikipedia. An editor can visit a relevant talk page to post a question, or to link to a discussion in progress on one of the subpages of Wikipedia:Reference desk.)

Additional resources

Articles about online reference desks

  • Wikipedia Reference Desk
  • The Future of Question and Answer Sites - TNW United States (by: The Next Web)
  • 20 years before Google existed, N.Y. Public Library offered a human GoogleMother Nature Network (October 25, 2016)

Change detection and notification

(See also: Change detection and notification, Category:Change detection and notification.)
  • ChangeDetection - Know when any web page changes
  • ChangeDetect - Web Page Monitoring - Free Online Service
  • dasPing: start
  • WatchThatPage - Monitor web pages extract new information

Copyright and plagiarism

(See also: Copyright, Category:Copyright law, Plagiarism, Category:Plagiarism.)
  • Stanford Copyright & Fair Use Center (by: Stanford University, Stanford, CA)
  • 10 Big Myths about copyright explained (by: Brad Templeton)
  • Public Domain Sherpa - your guide to finding copyright-free works
  • Plagiarism Today
  • Is it Plagiarism or Copyright Violation - Coaching in Writing for Internet

Digital libraries

(See also: List of digital library projects, Category:Digital libraries.)

Digital libraries of websites by Dewey Decimal number

  • Dewey Browse
  • DeweyDigger
  • MGPL Webrary® - Webrary Links Menu (by: Morton Grove Public Library, Morton Grove, IL)
  • KidsClick! Web Search
  • Ready Reference - A selection of Web resources (by: Lakewood Public Library, Lakewood, Ohio)
  • A Research Guide for Students with Virtual Library arranged by Dewey
  • Websites by Dewey number | The Foote School Perrine Library (by: Foote School, New Haven, CT)
  • Websites by Dewey Classification
  • Reference Sites (by: Rainbow City Public Library, Rainbow City, Alabama)

Digital library categories in general web directories

Directories not in English

  • Le guide des meilleurs sites
  • Annuaire francophone NEToo, le top 10.000 du web francophone
  • SegnaWeb: risorse Internet selezionate dai bibliotecari italiani - Home

Directories of alternative media

(See also: Category:Alternative media.)
  • - Best Alternative News Links
  • a directory of non-corporate journalism
  • Citizen journalism directory
  • Alltop - Top Citizen Journalism News
  • Directory -

Directories of blogs

(See also: List of blogs, Category:Blogs.)
  • Blogarama - The Blog Directory - Blogs And Blog Resources
  • Blogs Directory -
  • Blog Directory

Directories of books

(See also: Lists of books, Category:Books, Category:Lists of books, Category:Book websites, Category:E-book suppliers.)
  • Directory of FREE Online Books and FREE eBooks
  • The Online Books Page (See: Online Books Page, by John Mark Ockerbloom, University of Pennsylvania Libraries, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA.)
  • The Used and Rare Books Directory
  • E-Books Directory - Categorized Books, Short Reviews, Free Downloads
  • Project Gutenberg - free ebooks (See: Project Gutenberg.)
  • - A Free Book Directory. Discover The Best Books Today.

Directories of conferences

(See also: Category:Conferences.)
  • AllConferences.Com Conventions Events Meetings
  • Academic conferences worldwide - Conference Alerts

Directories of dictionaries and glossaries

(See also: Lists of dictionaries, Category:Dictionaries, Portal:Contents/Glossaries, Category:Glossaries, Category:Wikipedia glossaries.)
  • Glossary Directory - Glossaries & Dictionaries Directory
  • ObjectGraph LLC (several dictionaries)
  • Dictionary, Encyclopedia and Thesaurus - The Free Dictionary (several dictionaries and encyclopedias) (See:

Directories of dissertations

(See also: Thesis.)
  • OATD – Open Access Theses and Dissertations
  • Introduction - Theses Canada - Library and Archives Canada (by: Library and Archives Canada)
  • - Academic Dissertation Book & Media Publishers
  • Education: Free Dissertations/Theses - Alcove 9: An Annotated List of Reference Websites (Main Reading Room, Library of Congress) (by: Library of Congress)
  • ndltd (NDLTD = Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations)
  • Thesis Abstract | Dissertation Abstracts Thesis Library - Thesis Abstracts Online

Directories of documentary films

(See also: List of documentary films, Category:Documentary films.)
  • Top Documentary Films - Watch Free Documentaries Online
  • Main Page - Documentary Pedia

Directories of educational videos

(See also: List of educational video websites, Category:Educational video websites.)
  • -
  • Educational Videos – The Best Educational Videos Online | Educational Videos Directory
  • WatchKnowLearn - Free Educational Videos for K-12 Students (See: WatchKnowLearn.)
  • EduTube Educational Videos | Learn something new every day
  • Teach With Movies, Lesson Plans in History, English, Science for High School, Middle School and Elementary

Directories of forums

(See also: List of Internet forums, Category:Internet forums.)
  • Directory of FORUMS
  • Online web forums directory - Forum directory
  • Forums Directory :: Forums Directory ForumsInfo.Com

Directories of libraries

(See also: List of libraries, Category:Libraries.)
  • Libweb - Library WWW Servers - World Libraries Online
  • Libdex – Worldwide index of library catalogues, libraries & books
  • lib-web-cats: an International Directory of Libraries
  • Public Libraries (United States)
  • Directory of Special Libraries and Information Centers (by: Cengage Learning, Stamford, CT)

Directories of magazines

(See also: Lists of magazines, Category:Magazines.)
  • Magazine Directory - Magazines Online
  • Magazine Directory - A National Directory of Magazines. (United States)

Directories of mobile websites

(See also: Category:Mobile Web.)
  • Mobile Websites -
  • idibidi mobile website directory
  • Mobile Directory and Mobile Website Design
  • Mobile Directory
  • Great Mobile Websites

Directories of museums

(See also: List of museums, Category:Museums, .museum.)
  • Museums: Virtual Library museums pages (VLmp)
  • MuseumRegister | an international directory of museums in all categories
  • Search result in the .museum Registry (See: Museum Domain Management Association.)
  • 1000s Of Museums Online : (United States)

Directories of newspapers

(See also: Lists of newspapers, Category:Newspapers.)
  • Thousands of newspapers on the Net
  • Sur le web: Presse en ligne
  • Newspapers - Newspaper & News Media Guide ABYZ News Links
  • 4 International Media & Newspapers - world newspapers online
  • Newseum | Today's Front Pages | Map View (See: Newseum.)
  • Newseum | Today's Front Pages | Gallery View (See: Newseum.)
  • Newspapers of the World - Newslink
  • United States Newspapers
  • Google News Archive Search (See: Google News Archive.)

Directories of open-access journals

(See also: Academic journal, Open access journal, Category:Academic journals, Category:Lists of academic journals.)

Directories of OpenCourseWare

(See also: Category:OpenCourseWare.)

Directories of photo-sharing websites

(See also: List of photo sharing websites, Category:Photo sharing.)
  • Photography Sites - Photography Websites - Photography Directory
  • FreePhotoGallery : Photography Directory and Photography Search Engine

Directories of podcasts

(See also: List of podcatchers, Category:Podcasting.)
  • | The big directory for you
  • Podcast Directory :
  • -- The place to find Podcasts

Directories of radio stations

(See also: List of radio stations, Category:Radio stations, Category:Radio spectrum.)
  • Radio-Locator
  • (See: Public Radio Fan.)
  • RadioStationWorld - Radio Broadcast Directory and Listing of Radio Stations on the Web
  • Radio Stations Streaming on the Internet (United States)
  • HamDepot - Ham Radio Clubs | Amateur Radio Clubs (United States) (See: Amateur radio.)
  • Shortwave Radio Stations and International Broadcasters (See: Shortwave radio.)
  • - The superlist of shortwave radio stations!

Directories of repositories

(See also: Repository (publishing), Category:Archival science.)
  • OpenDOAR - Home Page - Directory of Open Access Repositories
  • Welcome to the Registry of Open Access Repositories - Registry of Open Access Repositories (See: Registry of Open Access Repositories.)
  • Repositories of Primary Sources (by: University of Idaho Library, University of Idaho, Moscow, ID)

Directories of search engines

(See also: List of search engines, Category:Internet search engines.)
  • Find search engines from across the world with Search Engine Colossus
  • Search Engines Directory,Search Engine of Web Directories,Search Engines List and Web directories List
  • Comprehensive list of Search Engines - The Search Engine List

Directories of telephone numbers

(See also: Category:Telephone numbers.)
  • Free White Pages - People Search - International Phone Books
  • Country codes & international area codes -
  • Pay Phone Directory (United States, Canada, and some other places)
  • The Telephone EXchange Name Project
  • Internet 800 Directory - Directory of free toll free (tollfree), 800,866,877 and 888 listings of businesses by company, number and type of industry, regardless of long distance carrier.
  • Toll Free Directory | 800 Directory | National Tollfree Directory - Find a Toll Free Number
  • Toll Free Phone Numbers Directory 800 888 Reverse Lookup
  • Home - ("a wikified yellow pages")
  • Categories:
  • Phone Numbers, Shortcuts, Reviews & Customer Tips - Companies Worldwide -
  • Cell Phone Number |
  • Free Cell Phone Directory | Cell Phone Lookup & Reverse Cell Phone Lookup
  • Mobile Phone Directory
  • Yellow Pages Goes Green: Yellow Pages Directory Inc. (United States)

Directories of web directories

(See also: List of web directories, Category:Web directories.)
  • Web Directories List - 20,000 Up-to-date Directory Listings (free & paid).
  • Best Web Directories - Free & Paid Directory Submission Rankings
  • Web Directory List - Directory of Directories

Directories of web feeds

(See also: Web feed, RSS.)
  • Rss Feeds Directory
  • RSS feed Directory -
  • Free Feeds Directory
  • RS Feeds Directory - FREE listing -

Directories of wikis

(See also: List of wikis, Category:Wikis.)
  • Wikimedia Foundation (See: Wikimedia Foundation, Wikimedia wikis.)
  • WikiIndex
  • Wiki Directory - Wiki Spot
  • Wiki Hosting Directory - Find the Best Wiki Hosting providers here
  • Wiki Farms (See: Wiki hosting service.)

Directories of wireless access points

(See also: Hotspot (Wi-Fi), Category:Wireless access points.)
  • Fon - Find Fon Hotspots Worldwide
  • JiWire Global Wi-Fi Finder
  • Wi-Fi ZONE™ Finder
  • Wi-Fi Hotspot Directory | WLAN Hotspots - WiFi Hot Spots - Free Locations - Public Wireless Lan Internet Access
  • free wi-fi hotspots wifi cafes coffee shops hotels airports RV Parks

Directories of world records

(See also: Category:Superlatives, World record, Category:World records.)
  • Guinness World Records - Home of the Longest, Shortest, Fastest, Tallest facts and feats (See: Guinness World Records.)
  • World Records Academy: fastest world record registration services, latest world records from around the world, Book of World Records, Record Breakers Club!
  • The book of alternative records | weird, crazy, incredible and unusual world records!

Directories, miscellaneous (one of each type)

  • useAssociations | International Directory of Professional Associations
  • - Worldwide Webcam Directory
  • Social Media Websites | Social Media Directory
  • World Government Data | (See:
  • [See: Richard Nelson Bolles, What Color Is Your Parachute? (book).]
  • Main Page - Wikidweb ("the Wiki Directory of the Web")
  • International Zip Codes, Reverse Search, Fax Search, Email Search, Outlet Stores, White Pages, Area Codes, Toll-Free Search, People Finder at
  • - webinar directory. Find and Promote webinars.
  • ASL Vlog & Video Directory (See: American Sign Language, Video blogging.)
  • The largest Message Boards and Forums on the web!
  • Listorious: Twitter people search and lists directory
  • Pictures
  • AllTheUsenet.Com- Newsgroups, Usenet Provider Directory, Usenet Portal, Usenet Resources Guide, NewsGroups Servers, Newsgroups NewsReader software (See: Usenet newsgroup, Category:Newsgroups.)
  • Melissa DATA: Free Lookups
  • Newsletters - Newsletter Directory Covering Every Topic and Specializing in Investment News. (See: Category:Newsletters.)
  • How to Find Old Newspaper Articles and Magazines Online
  • CataList, the official catalog of LISTSERV lists (See: LISTSERV.)
  • Nupedia Links (compiled by Nupedia and archived by the Wayback Machine)
  • Google Public Data Explorer (See: Google Public Data Explorer.)

Distraction online

(See also: Attention, Distraction, Human multitasking.)
  • TELECOM Digest OnLine - Sorted: Aimless Workers 'Wilfing' Through Cyberspace
  • BBC NEWS | Technology | Multitaskers bad at multitasking
  • Unable to focus? Welcome to our distracted society's attention deficit
  • Review - Distracted - Anxiety & Panic

Evaluating information and sources

(See also: List of fallacies, Category:Logical fallacies, List of hoaxes, Category:Hoaxes, List of common misconceptions, Category:Error, List of cognitive biases, Category:Cognitive biases, List of memory biases, Wikipedia:Identifying reliable sources.)
  • Helpful Hints to Help You Evaluate the Credibility of Web Resources
  • Evaluating Internet Research Sources
  • The Infography ("An Expert Will Guide You to the Best Information")
  • (See: Robert H. Thouless, Straight and Crooked Thinking.)
  • Verification Handbook: homepage


(See also: List of Google products, Category:Google.)
  • Google Scholar
  • Simply Google
  • Interactive online Google tutorial and references - Google Guide
  • 101 Google tips, tricks and hacks | News | TechRadar UK (by: TechRadar)
  • Search Features
  • FGA: Google result counts are a meaningless metric. (See: Wikipedia:Search engine test.)

Internet facts

(See also: Internet, Category:Internet, World Wide Web, Category:World Wide Web.)
  • The Internet
  • About-the-web Internet Guide
  • Internet 101 » The world’s most popular guide to the Internet
  • LEARN THE NET: Your Online Guide
  • 18 Fun Interesting Facts You Never Knew About The Internet | MakeUseOf (by: MakeUseOf)
  • Eight things you didn't know about the internet - New Scientist
  • Is Google Making Us Stupid? - Magazine - The Atlantic (See: Is Google Making Us Stupid?.)

Internet statistics

(See also: Global Internet usage, Category:Internet by country, Domain Name System, Category:Domain name system.)
  • Internet World Stats - Usage and Population Statistics
  • Domain Counts & Internet Statistics
  • Network Overview /// Internet Traffic Report (See: Internet traffic.)
  • Data Tools | Pew Research Center's Internet & American Life Project (by: Pew Research Center)
  • Domain Counts provided by Domain Worldwide
  • Norid: Domain name registries around the world (See: Top-level domain.)

Lists of web resources

(See also: Lists of websites, Category:Websites.)
  • Full List - 50 Best Websites 2009 - TIME [by: Time (magazine)]
  • Lose Your Wikipedia Crutch: 100 Places to Go for Good Answers Online | Distance
  • cooltoolsforschools - Research Tools (hosted by: Wikispaces)
  • Online College Blog and School Reviews | 100 Useful Tips and Tools to Research the Deep Web
  • When Wikipedia Won't Cut It: 25 Online Sources for Reliable, Researched Facts - College
  • Research Beyond Google: 119 Authoritative, Invisible, and Comprehensive Resources | OEDb

Mirrors and forks of Wikipedia

(These links represent a brief selection of languages. Additional languages are listed in the left column on each of these pages.)
  • English: Wikipedia:Mirrors and forks
  • French: fr:Wikipédia:Sites utilisant Wikipédia
  • German: de:Wikipedia:Weiternutzung
  • Italian: it:Wikipedia:Cloni
  • Portuguese: pt:Wikipédia:Clones da Wikipédia
  • Spanish: es:Wikipedia:Espejos de Wikipedia

Miscellaneous links (one of each type)

(See also: Wikipedia:List of free online resources.)
  • Librarianchick
  • WikiPapers (a wiki about resources about wikis)
  • Internet Accuracy Project
  • Audio Books, Podcasts, Videos, and Free Downloads to Learn From
  • Library Link of the Day
  • Interval Signals Online (See: Interval signal.)

Morse code

(See also: Category:Morse code.)
  • learn morse code (See: Morse code.)
  • Just Learn Morse Code
  • Morse Code Translator
  • Morse Code: MIDI & Text Generator
  • Morse Telegraph Club
  • K6DBG streaming cw server ["CNN Breaking News in Morse (25/21/18/13 wpm)"] (Opening the web page, port 8080, downloads a file to a computer's media player, and play begins automatically.)

Praise and criticism

(See also: Corrective feedback, Category:Educational assessment and evaluation.)
  • Productive praise and constructive criticism — Faculty Development
  • Social and Cultural Foundations of American Education/Feedback/Feedback Skills - Wikibooks, open books for an open world(by: Wikibooks)
  • Giving Feedback in Medical Education

Researching online

(See also: Internet research, Category:World Wide Web.)
  • Finding Information on the Internet: Table of Contents (by: University of California, Berkeley Libraries)
  • Searching and Researching on the Internet and the World Wide Web
  • Association of Internet Researchers (See: Association of Internet Researchers.)
  • Phil Bradley:Internet search, Librarians, search engines, web search
  • How to Find Anything Online: Become an Internet Research Expert | Webdesigner Depot

Researching with Wikipedia

(See also: Reliability of Wikipedia, Wikipedia:Researching with Wikipedia, Wikipedia:Citing Wikipedia, Category:Wikipedia.)
  • How to Use Wikipedia For Research Papers
  • News: A Stand Against Wikipedia - Inside Higher Ed
  • Digital Literacy Resource - A Guide To Doing Research Online - Using Wikipedia (hosted by: Cornell University, Ithaca, NY)
  • Teaching Central Newsletter :: FaCIT News for Faculty – Using Wikipedia to Teach Critical Thinking Skills (hosted by: Central Michigan University)
  • Wikipedia as Participatory Journalism: Reliable Sources? Metrics for evaluating collaborative media as a news source (hosted by: University of Texas at Austin)
  • The Wikipedia Review (See: Wikipedia Review.)
  • Wikipediocracy (splinter group from Wikipedia Review, with a blog and a forum)
  • Offwiki (for discussion about Wikipedia and her sister projects)
  • 2008/9 Wikipedia Selection for schools (See: Wikipedia CD Selection.)
  • Google Maps meets Wikipedia
  • QRpedia - Language-detecting & mobile-friendly Wikipedia QR codes (See: QRpedia.)

Search engines (academic)

(See also: List of academic databases and search engines.)
  • RefSeek - Academic Search Engine
  • BASE (Bielefeld Academic Search Engine): Basic Search [See: BASE (search engine).]

Search engines for books

  • The Online Books Page: Search (See: Online Books Page, by John Mark Ockerbloom, University of Pennsylvania Libraries, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA.)
  • 140,000 Free eBooks: SEARCH OPTIONS (165,000+ eBooks, eTexts, On-Line Books, eDocuments)
  • Just Free Books - A search engine to find only free ebooks.

Search engines for PDF files

(See also: Portable Document Format.)
  • PDF Search - Search for PDF files
  • PDF Search Engine -
  • Millions of Free PDF eBooks! Free PDF Search Engine
  • PDF Search Engine, View Download PDF Book, Search eBooks Document
  • PDF Search Engine, free search, PDF download

Search engines for similar websites

  • - The Best Place To Find Similar Websites
  • moreofit - Website Similarity Search Engine

Search engines for Twitter feeds

(See also: Twitter, Category:Twitter.)
  • Twitter Advanced Search
  • Twinitor: twitter search and monitoring.
  • monitter : real time, live twitter search and monitoring
  • Snap Bird - search twitter's history
  • Twazzup: Realtime News
  • TweetFeel Twitter Sentiment - Twitter Search with Feelings about anything popular.

Search engines for Twitter users

  • Top Twitter User Rankings & Stats |
  • Twitter Stats by Twitter Counter
  • Twitter Directory and Search, Find Twitter Followers : WeFollow
  • First Issue Blog » Blog Archive » A Directory of Book Trade People on Twitter
  • Localtweeps :: Help localize your Twittersphere! :: Home
  • My Twitter Directory :: Twitter Search, Yellow Pages : Find Followers
  • TweetFind Twitter Account Directory - TweetFind

Search engines, miscellaneous (one of each type)

(See also: List of search engines, Category:Internet search engines.)
  • Search for New & Used Books, Textbooks, Out-of-Print and Rare Books (See:
  • FindHow - The How-To Search Engine
  • TinEye Reverse Image Search (See: TinEye.)
  • Princeton 3D Model Search Engine
  • Global FTP Search Engine: Global File Search Engine (See: File Transfer Protocol.)
  • XPASE - e(X)perimental (P)assive (A)ggressive (S)earch (E)ngine (diversified)
  • Real Time Search - Social Mention (search engine for social network messages)
  • VIAF (See: Virtual International Authority File.)
  • InfoRapid Knowledge Portal
  • Infotopia--A Google Alternative Safe Search Engine for Students

Tweet analytics

  • a world of tweets

Web analytics

(See also: Web analytics, List of web analytics software, Category:Web analytics.)

Web archives

(See also: List of Web archiving initiatives, Category:Web archiving initiatives.)

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